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About Me

June 2016
Happy summer! :-) I'm taking a break from Swap-bot to focus on family that needs some extra support right now . Sending you all best wishes and hoping to be back some day soon!

Domesticated Edibles

Please don't let my lengthy profile scare you, I just want to give a lot of options to make shopping for/sending to me easy and fun rather than a guessing game! :-)

To tell you a little about myself, I'm a mom of 2 elementary-aged children, married for 18 years to one of my best friends from high school. We met in a karate class...but that's another story! I turned 40 this summer, what what?! I'm just happy for every year I have--truly a gift!

I have a Master's in Education and was formerly a Spanish teacher and a talented & gifted education specialist. If you are Spanish-speaking, I am "Spanish reading"! ;-) Just go easy on me; my Spanish is getting very rusty! I am now enjoying staying home with my 2 kiddos (girl 10, boy 8 years). I keep busy with lots of volunteering: at my children's school, as a gifted children's advocate, and running my own nonprofit organization that provides grants to build sensory gardens for children with autism and similar disorders. It's an exciting and rewarding endeavor!!!

My home is non-smoking, but we do love animals! We have an ancient cockatiel (20 years!) who named himself Birdie and a rescued Labradoodle named Tofu Loki. My daughter is lobbying to get a fish, rat, bird, or puppy. We'll see! We really believe in giving animals another chance for a happy home; if you're looking to add a pet to your family, please consider adopting a homeless animal from a rescue group, humane society, etc. There are some great animals out there needing loving homes!

Important info: Grapes, raisins, onions, chocolate, and Xylitol sweetener are toxic to DOGS. Be very careful around your pet. My pup spent 3 perilous days under a vet's care due to a raisin-eating episode in April 2010 and again for a day in 2013 after discovering yogurt-covered raisins! THAT DOG!!!!! ;-)

Pup at park

Favorite Crafts

I pretty much stick to sewing, fabric, and needle arts crafting. I'm a huge fan of embroidery and enjoy making things like embroidered flour sack towels. I sew SIMPLE things like reusable tote bags (like Morsbags) and have been a quilter for 11 or 12 years. I started out piecing and quilting by hand but bought a machine to speed things up! I still love to quilt when I can find the time (machine piece & hand quilt). For now, I'm sticking to smaller projects that I actually have a hope of completing! I also have an interest in felting sweet little things.

I truly enjoy learning new things. If you assemble a kit to teach me something new, I will undoubtedly love it and give it a try! I could make an embroidery kit for you if you're interested. :-)

Fabrics: I usually quilt-shop quality fabrics. I prefer small amounts of quality fabric to larger amounts of fabric that doesn't wear as well. These are some examples of my "fabric style". I love bright, modern fabrics, but I also love vintage reproduction fabrics (especially 1930s).

Fabric Style

I don't do paper crafts, scrapbooking, crochet, or knitting. It's not that I don't like the idea, just that I'm out of space and time. But I'm VERY interested in seeing what you make in these areas.

Favorite Books


Prior to having children, I was an avid reader. Now it's difficult to find time to fit in anything of length. These days you're more likely to find me reading cookbooks, crafty books, and magazines for a quick fix. My favorite magazines are Country Living, Clean Eating, and Hobby Farm Home. I prefer mostly cooking and science-related magazines with an occasional quilting/sewing magazine thrown in for good measure. :-)

I also collect:

  • children's books in other languages with simple words and lots of pictures
  • books of quotes and sayings, especially bilingual ones with English translations
  • cool vintage classics and vintage cookbooks
  • copies of Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST (sentimental reasons for my daughter!) in any language.
  • copies of Sherlock Holmes for my son (vintage or in languages other than English)

Favorite Foods


As the founder of the Edibles Group, I'm sure you'll believe that I adore receiving international foods. I will love:

  • Something typical of where you live or locally made

  • Something edible that you have good memories of. Tell me a little about it!

  • Sweets~I'm trying to not eat as many of these, but I do enjoy trying new sweets. I haven't given them up but am trying to savor a smaller amount. I especially like fruit-flavored candies, gummy candies, toffees, malted candies, white chocolate, nutty sweets, and marzipan. But I'm NOT picky! ;-)

  • I especially enjoy citrus flavors (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit).

  • We like spicy foods and spices in general.

  • Things I REALLY LIKE that many people don't: coconut, nuts, peanuts, white chocolate, marzipan, dates, figs, mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes, spinach, & vegetarian meals.

  • I cherish receiving tried and true family recipes and keep them in two recipe boxes to fit cards that are 3 x 5 inches/76 x 127 mm or 4 x 6 inches/102 by 152 mm. Bonus if you put your Swap-bot name on it so I remember where the recipe came from. :-)

  • Local and vintage cookbooks are prized. I read them as if reading a "regular" book. :-)

  • I'm not so fond of: artificial sweeteners and Stevia/Rebiana (I get headaches; Splenda is OK.). I also don't enjoy fish-flavored snacks (though I eat fish), strong black licorice, tea bags, chewing gum, or red meat (beef, pork, etc. I stopped eating about 20 years ago).

  • I like chocolate, but it arrives as a melted puddle between April-October. It's HOT where I live!

If you live in one of these places, I love these things that I can't buy here:

  • Chicago & Milwaukee~ The Spice House spices, especially Back of the Yards seasoning rub
  • Canada ~ Montreal Schwartz's steak seasoning for my husband; I'd be interested in trying the poultry spice too.
  • Europe ~ mini Haribo packs of candies; we can get the gold-pack gummy bears in the mini packs and other varieties in larger bags. But I most like the individual-sized bags that I can't get here! :-) My son LOVES Dragibus. Star Mix is my favorite.
  • France ~ caramel, thin, crunchy orange chocolate cookies (I seem to have lost the name of them!). Dragibus by Haribo and crepes.
  • Germany ~ mini Haribo packs (Star Mix, etc.) and any local brand of gummies, vegetarian foods and mixes. @Mello sends the neatest crafty things from Germany too--love them!
  • Italy ~ Goleador gummy candies (cola and fruit), i Gelatini candies--YUM!
  • Midwest, USA ~ Ken Davis or Roscoe's barbecue sauce
  • Peru~ Sacha Inchi nuts, La Iberica caramels (especially castaña and coco). The native crafts here are AWESOME!
  • Spain ~ chocolate bar with cornflakes & peanuts together (I think it was a Ritter Sport?), paella spices, Carmencita salad seasoning
  • Sweden ~ fruit soup mixes
  • UK ~ Horlicks Malt & Caramel flavors, Marmite cashews, peanut puffs
  • USA ~ Anything regional or locally made,
    Fanny May's Trinidads
    (I used to list See's and Trader Joe's, but the next city over got these stores this year. Yay!)


YES, please!


  • Reusable cloth shopping bags that I wouldn't find here in Texas: international, non-English, or farmer's market ones especially. I adore handmade bags (shopping-size or for produce) too. Just something different to spice up a trip to the grocery store! ;-)

  • Locally-made items and handmade things

  • Anything "cultural" really~I love stuff from other places, in other languages, etc.

  • Mexican items~i.e. Dia de los Muertos, La Virgen de Guadalupe, Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera (Hey, I liked them before they were so cool! ;-) I took 150 8th graders on buses to see the Diego Rivera exhibit when it was in Houston, Texas in 1999. Wow!!!)

  • Anything orange-themed (the fruit, not the color)

  • Anything songbird-themed--especially swallows and sparrows, love the retro-styled ones like for vintage tattoos. Cardinals remind me of my Grandma, and robins remind me of a dear great-great aunt who made a game of spotting spring's first robin.

  • Fruit (especially citrus), vanilla, coconut, and nutty scents & tastes (if it's an "edible" scent, I generally like it)

  • Old black & white photos--my favorites have old cars, dogs, candid children, bicycles, or holiday themes, but I like any old photos, really! I make copies for artwork and never destroy the original.

  • Dragons (my son's name means "dragon")

  • Astronomy ~ Both of my children have a star/constellation-related name.

  • Fabric~cotton fabric, especially vintage or ethnic fabrics, 1930s/40s reproduction prints, Japanese juvenile prints, fabric representing where you live (cotton preferred)

  • Colors~ I'm very eclectic about color choices and there's very little I don't like. I usually choose bold, vivid colors over pastels, but yet I like the faded, vintage, shabby chic colors and style too. I adore Jadeite green and really love robin's egg blue too. I probably gravitate more towards blues, purples, and greens. I don't dislike yellow, orange, pink, and red, but I use them sparingly.

  • Vintage embroidery/applique/quilting books, iron on transfers for embroidery, and vintage buttons

  • Handmade kitchen accessories (dishcloths, towels, etc.)

  • Recipe cards with your handwritten recipes on them!

  • Private swaps~Is there something you want from the US or from Texas in particular? Is there an American edible you'd like to try? How about an exchange for something I've hand-embroidered? Send me a note~if my calendar's not too busy and you are an established SB member, I'd be glad to swap with you!

No, thank you!


  • Artificial sweeteners and Stevia often give me bad headaches and dizziness, though Splenda is alright

  • Smoky, perfumey, or floral scents or tastes (migraines). If someone in your household smokes, please make an effort to send a swap that doesn't smell smoky. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Metallic jewelry made with metals other than sterling silver, stainless steel, or 14k gold (metal allergies-boo!). Plastic, wood, or fabric/thread/yarn is great, though!

  • Wool due to allergies--I don't mind something like an ornament made with wool felt. I just get itchy, rashy, & sneezy if I wear anything with wool in it.

  • Commercial characters (Disney, Winnie the Pooh, Barbie, and other popular cartoony characters)

  • I have a very eclectic style (world travel, vintage, kitschy), but I just don't care for old-fashioned, country-styled things (apples, geese/ducks in bonnets, roosters, teddy bears, floral 1980s couch-fabric prints...)

  • Religious propaganda (stickers, music, and other items meant to promote a particular religion), though I do like religious items if they have cultural significance. And I do have an affinity for the religious iconography of the Catholic church. I am respectful of others' religious choices, and I hope for the same in return.

  • Chocolate doesn't do too well in the Texas heat from about April-October. If you do send something chocolate during this time, please wrap it separately. White "chocolate" withstands warm temperatures better.

  • Bubble gum/chewing gum, but my kids will thank you for it in the cooler months when it doesn't melt too

  • Tea bags, unless it's really special--I have my own stash and don't drink it too often. Teabags without individual wrappers seem unsanitary and will never be used.

  • Supplies for crafts I don't do (such as scrapbooking and other paper crafts, knitting/crochet, polymer clay, cross stitch, etc.)

  • I eat chicken/turkey/seafood but no red meat (beef, pork, lamb)...but I can't imagine you'd be thinking of sending me that! :-)

  • Please save destashed items for someone who would appreciate it more (unless it's cool & vintage, you know!). I freshly make or buy each item I send for a swap with my partner in mind. I appreciate the same consideration. :-)

My Kids


Here's a little information about my children in case the swap pertains to them.

My 10-year-old daughter "L" wants to be a chef or work in the medical or veterinary field and is into:
* Favorite color=light & medium blues, medium/dark purples, and pinks
* Recipes, cook books, and cooking magazines
* Anything "science-y"; she doesn't get grossed out and likes anatomy-related stuff, insects, etc.
* Arts & Crafts projects, painting, clay, coloring, stickers, and anything related to keeping a journal
* Copies of Shakespeare's The Tempest in any language (sentimental)
* MERMAIDS, shells, and anything ocean-related
* Trivia~ She has an obsession with things like the Guinness Book of World Records and remembers quirky facts.
* ANY mail for her, including postcards--she is always interested in where things come from and asks questions to learn more about the different places. A recipe on a postcard would be awesome!

My 8-year-old son "D" is into:
* Anything that flies or has wheels
* Puzzles & Legos
* Science and mechanical things (loves electrical circuits, construction things)
* Sherlock Holmes books in any language or a vintage copy
* The colors blue and yellow

Method to My Madness ;-)

SENDING: I am completely reliable with a good moral compass, and I ALWAYS send out my swaps. I usually send in the last couple of days; I'm always adding to the package and fine tuning up until the very end. I like to include a note in the package to make the swap more personal. If you are expecting something from me and it doesn't arrive, please PM me and we'll get it worked out! Please also note that the post office I use most frequently is an annex and swaps may not be postmarked until the following mail day if the larger post office has already collected the mail from their facility for the day. Rest assured, I sent on the day I marked the swap as sent.

RATING: Please know that I check my mailbox only a couple times/week. DC indicating "delivered" means that it went out on the truck to my mailbox (which is not in front of my house), but I may not have actually received it yet. If I've missed rating you, please never hesitate to send me a PM so I can hop to it! I appreciate those who remember to rate me as well. Regarding hearts: I give them out liberally when I can see that my partner has made an effort to personalize the swap, go above the minimum requirement in some way (not random extras), and/or include a longer note. I always appreciate receiving hearts, as it means to me that you have really enjoyed what I have sent to you. My goal is to always bring a smile to my partner's face. :-)

SENDING ON TIME: I also appreciate swaps that are sent on time. It puts me in an awkward position when I receive swaps that were sent significantly later than marked as sent or more than a couple days past the send date, as I feel that merits a 3. If you PM me before the swap due date to ask for more time, then I'm happy to work with you. Thank you for your thoughtfulness on this matter.


Comment: Fantastic! Thank you
Comment: Thank you so much. The teapot is adorable. I have it hanging on my oven door.You do lovely work. Glad you had a great trip, and a good time.
Comment: The towels have arrived. Thank you for being the an angel. Thank you again.
Comment: Michele, what a super cute pattern you chose, and how beautifully you embroidered it! Thanks so much for the great "Monday" towel, and for your sweet letter...I'm hoping to join your Wednesday swap, soon as I get another project finished!
Comment: Loved my Monday Dish towel, color was great, I keep my coffee filters in an old tea pot, I remember it as enamelware, cream with a blue top, I liked your color better, looking forward to Tuesday swap.
Comment: I LOVE the little duckie bag - so cute! I'm going to give it to my little Zaya for her bathtub toys, or maybe her mommy will use it to hold her toys on the plane. I also love the little container and the charms. I want to make some of those cool containers! Thank you!
Obstminkerl rated for April Holiday Madness on May 3, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful things you sent me! I love them all ♥ I'm a big fan of Land O Lakes drinks and I love all things Wonka. I cannot get them here but I can buy them online :o)
Comment: Thank you, Michele! I love the Mexican influenced embroidery towel you made me - so pretty in my kitchen. Your card was awesome as well. Yes, I'm counting down the days until May 21st (our last day of school). I'm looking forward to a couple of months of Azalea time!! =)
DebR rated for March Scavenger Madness on Apr 21, 2015
Comment: Thank you, I loved everything. I have already eaten the orange sweets,
Comment: Thank you for such a cute and sweet package! I love the sugar egg, that is so neat. I haven't seen those here. It's getting hot over here too! I missed the deadline to start my garden. I started it this time last year and they looked great but then they died when it got too hot in June :( Maybe next year! Happy Easter & Spring!
Comment: Wow! I love that white choco with the strawberries! And everything is better with sea salt- thank you so much, I am totally spoiled because you are my swap partner so often. The choco bugs are adorable..
Comment: I love my heart garland -- thank you so much for making it for me! And thank you for the healthy treats -- can't wait to try them!
Response: I'm happy you like the garland. I had fun making it and think I might make one for myself next! Your hearty swap arrived here this morning, and I love it too. Thanks!
Comment: I can only say that I hope you like your box of treats as much as I like mine! That would mean you are very happy :- } My fav are the Lamme's gummies- so good! Thank you so much
Response: It's always fun to send something your way. The next one should arrive today. Enjoy!
Tatsu rated for Country Treats on Dec 26, 2014
Comment: Yayness! I saw the photo on gmail right after I opened the package. THe chili has given me a hankering for something spicy. THere's no good chilli over here, so I'm definitely trying this one out with ground turkey (and following your advice with the recipe) The nights are still cold on this side of the planet, so tea's a great (and cold tea on hot days is even better!) treat. Thank you so much for the resend, I love this package- you take so much time picking out everything. <3
Response: Glad this arrived along with the other swap! I hope the mail service between our two locations is kinder in 2015! :-) Looking forward to swapping with you again.
Tatsu rated for Edibles: Around the World #2 on Dec 26, 2014
Comment: AHAHAHA! It ARRIVED!! And I love every bit of it. It got here on 23rd in the afternoon and i just opened it. I love every bit of it, especially the nori. I want to try to make guacamole next week- with a couple of tortilla chips! Those chocolate cornflakes remind me of my childhood; I used to make a similar dessert using cocoa and cereal (we didn't get chocolate cereal at the time). The salad dressing will be a great addition for tomorrow's salad with grilled shrimp. THANK you so MUCH for these treats.
Comment: Thank you for the Howdie-Mail from Texas - my guys where both swooning over the Cowboy Stamps! Although I was a bit dissapointed that the reward for me was only 25 $...... :o)
Comment: such a sweet swap!! Thank you so very much!!!! love everything!!
Welshgirlie rated for October Colors swap on Oct 24, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for the adorable package, can't wait to try everything :) love love love getting American candy :) xx
tanjch rated for Edibles: Back-to-School Snacks #2 on Oct 20, 2014
Comment: You intentionaly spoil me! :P Every swap i get from you just blows me away and this one did to (i really have to get you for a send to partner someday, because i have a lot of catching up to do). I tried sweet popcorn once and didn't like it, but the snack you sent me changed my mind. And the fruity snacks... they should be gone by friday, as i want to hold on to at least one for my birthday (i was hoping for something like this :D). the brownie brittle is gone... i admit that it was gone just as i opened the package, as my cousin loves brownie anything and i couldn't say no to her as she was leaving for portugal. The packet of that interesting spread? i'm holding on to untill the weekend so i have something new to try :) Thank you thank you thank you again and again :) You always pick the best edibles to send :) :) :)
Stepht rated for Edibles: Halloween Sweet Swap on Oct 17, 2014
Comment: Thank you for a wonderful package Michele! I already broke into the Pumpkin Pie ones. Russell Stoffers is perfect because I haven't tried these yet! And I'm excited about the starbursts candy corn flavor!! We have handed out candy in the past but it's pretty slow on our street where we live now. I dressed Zoey up as Cinderella last year. I'm sure we'll find something cute for her this year! Guess I should be looking LOL! ;) Thanks again <3 <3 <3

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