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Date Joined: January 11, 2014
Last Online: August 17, 2014
Birthday: October 5, 1978
Country: United States
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About Me

I love to hang out with my dogs in mt craft room. I usually paint canvas. But I have really been getting into the Card making. I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl Lockets, and I've been designing Locket Gift Cards using Stamp in up treat cups. I absolutely Love working with paper. I learn something new every single day. I am excited to be here. My first Swap =)

I am a huge animal person. 2 dobermans and a grey hound. I recently just lost my 18 year old and 19 year old kitty's =( I had them 2 with me since I was a teenager. Now in my mid thirty's I feel a little lost without them. But my puppies keep me on my toes =)

About Me

Hello, I just joined the Swap-bot this morning. I have never been involved in any Swap groups (Probably because i have always been a Canvas Painter) and my paintings would sometimes take me years to finish. About 6-7 months ago I watched this tutorial from Stampin Up and they made these beautiful gift cards with these little plastic treat cups and filled them up with Candy. It was at that moment I knew I was in-trouble LOL (You know how they say Crafting can be addicting) I have spent the past 6 months learning and reading and watching videos and tutorials, and talking to my stampin up rep, and trying to learn everything that I can [so that I can make the Best Piece of Art that my hands could possibly make out of pieces of paper. I am most interested in Designing and making Gift Cards because i am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl Living Lockets and the Lockets and the Charms fit inside of those Treat Cups. I did so much research to try and make sure I wasn't taking another designers Idea before I really stuck my nose to the book and got lost in training for a few months their. I have not sold any of my Cards, to tell you the truth I'm a little caught up on making the secret slide door on the inside of the card. I have been trying many different techniques and some work and some do not. But I want to Create these Cards as a Keepsake for everyone, Family Friends, other designers. and I am going to make them Perfect. On this journey to teach myself the in's and outs of card making, I stumbled into Groups and websites and tutorials that taught me many other techniques and crafts also. So, I am not limited to only Gift Cards. I Draw, I paint, I was once a apprentice Tattoo Artist. And now I am building, Designing and Creating things out of paper that don't even look like paper. (My current project is the Exploding Card Box)

I think being a Member of a Swap is such a very cool thing. I watched many of my Internet teachers post videos on YouTube receiving their Swap items and they looked so very Happy and the Swap received was always WOW,,, I want to be apart of that. I want someone to receive my package and 'WOW".... and maybe one day it will be me receiving one of those "Wow, I cannot believe how much effort and detail went into this for Me"

So, if I could ask. Can you guide me in the right direction in this group. I am going to sit down this week and really read the fine print to make sure I understand exactly how the swap works. And earn my way into the group. I understand there have been problems with Flakes. I am not one of those kind. I actually like to Give gifts more than anything. Who else in the world would appreciate your Hard work and dedication to detail other than another crafter. Well I really look forward to being apart of your Group. and hopefully in due time I will make some friends here and continue teaching myself and learning from you. God Bless this Group.

UPDATE~ Ive been with swap-bot for a few months now and I absolutely love it. Thank you to all my new friends and swappers for all the smiles and great packages.

Favorite Crafts

Things I like:
(I am a girly girl, every shade of Pink,, however I am a little too old for Hello Kitty thank you) ~OWLS... I love Owls ~Paper Designer or Cardstock ~Stamps and Ink ~did I mention Owls ;-) ~Antique looking items ~Milk Chocolate ~Blue Pens ~Colored Markers ~Journals {I love Journaling} ~Washi Tape ~any and all adheisives ~Drawing sets ~Painting Sets ~Books on Scrapbooking ~Cards ideas ~New techniques ~Jewelry, beads, and gems ~Religious items, faith, God, Christian ~Anything to do with Pets I have 2 dobermans and a grey hound. ~Card embellishments ~ Refills for my tape runner (It's one of those small, hand held ones.)

Solid Colored Cardstock / Paper
Rubber / Acrylic Stamps / Ink Pads
Pendants for Jewelry Making
Note Cards w/ Envies
Decorative Storage Containers
Copic Markers
Goodie Bags / Grab Bags
Any type of supplies for magnetic and pin back bottle caps
Eyeshadow, Mascara

Things I do not enjoy: ~dark chocolate ~Stickers `Hello Kitty ~dollar store stuff (I can get most of that stuff at my dollar store) I do not send dollar store items so I would appreciate the same courtesy -used or dirty items (I have a bad allergy to mold please keep this in mind if we are partners on swapping older items or fabric)

That's about it. If you are sending me a swap I will appreciate your effort and I do not forget to rate. Feel free to message me, I am here to make new friends not just swap items =) Nice to meet you. Thanks for reading my Profile.

Favorite Books

The Bible

About Me

I recently took part in a Swap that asked questions about who I am. I thought I would share my answers on my profile. Really explains who I am and why I am the way I am.

Hello fello Swapper, I hope you enjoy reading a it about me. Im happy to be here and excited to Swap with you =) Thank you for taking your time.

1) Do you have any children? Sadly I do not. I have always wanted children, but at the age of 15 the doctors found a medical issue with my ovaries. Despite the doctors opinion to have my ovaries removed I suffer through some extreme pain to hold out for the chance of a miracle pregnancy one day. I just turned 35,, still waiting for that miracle =) In the mean time I have adopted and rescued many animals. My cat Boots of 18 years recently past away and I am still grieving. But My 2 dobermans and Mini grey hound keep me on my toes.

2) What is your relationship status?

I am in a committed relationship with a guy I met when I was only 7 years old. We grew up together as friends, and reunited in my late 20's and have been together for the past ten years.

3) What are some fun things to do in your area? I live within an hour of Chicago Illinois and about an hour away from Wisconsin. I don't get to travel as much as I would like. But at least once a year I go down town Chicago to one of their many Museums {My favorite is the Art Museum} and I also Love their Broadway shows. And Wisconsin is always great in the Winter for snowmobiling and in the summer a group of friends plans a trip to go White Water rafting.

4) What's the last book you read? Did you like it? Why or why not. The Bible. And Yes of course I like it. It is a long book that I can never seem to finish and always discover something new.

5) What is/are your favorite animal(s)? I love all animals with a passion. I have spent many many years devoting my life to animals.

6) What are your favorite crafts/hobbies? Paper crafts, Card making, making things out of cardboard boxes, Painting anything I can get my hands on, stamping is my new hobby.

7) What are your favorite kind of swaps on Swap-Bot? I am very new to swap-bot, but I look forward to swapping cards and gifts and ideas and hearing about other people from other Countries and people through-out the USA

8) Do you collect anything? Craft supplies. Paper, stamps, markers, and I also LOVE LOVE Owls. If you ever get a swap from me. It will most likely have an Owl or a few somewhere in there. I also live anything Vintage or Antique looking.

9) Where were you born? Do you still live there? I was born in the city of Chicago. I am still in Illinois, but no longer in the main City. (to much noise)

10) Describe the best vacation you've ever been on. I visited Miami Florida and had the time of my life. To see the Ocean for the first time was like a gift from God.

11) List some of your favorite tv shows. What are they about? I am currently watching 2 TV shows that have me drawn to their story lines. The first one is 'REVENGE' it's about a girl who was witness to her Father being Framed, sent to jail and murdered by some High Social lights in the Hampton s. The main Character 'Emily" returns as an adult (using a fake name) to seek her Revenge on everyone involved in her Fathers Death. http://youtu.be/E7Yf2S4TSQw

The second show I am Really Loving is called 'REIGN' about the Queen Mary of Scottsdale going to live in the Castle and marry the next King of France. It has a great story line and the credits at the start of the show have this song that plays and it really draws you in =) If you have a moment listen to this song from the Reign sound track and tell me this doesn't make you want to watch the show to see what happens. Lol http://youtu.be/8dZgTdVt4TU

12) Do you have a good relationship with your parents? I lost my Father to Suicide when I was just 8 years old. My Mother and I struggled to get along for many years when I was in my teens. Now as an adult I have to admit she is my best friend and I love her, flaws and all.

13) Do you have any siblings? If so, do you get along with them? I come from a Family of Boys. We are both Italian and Irish, and as you could imagine are tempers are very high. One of my brothers was taken from my family due to Malpractice when he was only 5 years old. We hold his memory very close to all of us. and we live knowing how very short life really is. So with my 3 surviving Brothers we are very involved in each others lives. Despite the fact that we are a very loud family. We always forgive each others misfaults and support each other through hard times. We are all we got..

14) Do you believe in God? Why or why not? Very much so.. God to me is my only purpose in life. Everything I do, say, or experience is an expression of God. I have been tested and I have failed, I have sinned and I have been forgiven. I was lost and I was homeless. God always finds me and lights my way. I am here today only by the grace of God.

15) How do you think you'll die? This is a scary question.. I fear death. Most of my experience with Death had been severe Tradgitys, and I fear my death with end in the same way.

16) Describe the last dream/nightmare you had. This one should be easy, for every time I lay my head to rest I wake up with nothing but the feeling of exhaustion because that is all I have is nightmares. Last night I dreamt of the men that broke into my home many years ago and zip tied my arms and legs and then smashed in my boyfriends head and he fell over the stair railing. as i lay there on the floor the slight tilt in our floor boards allowed his blood to spill all over me. I apologize for such groosum details. But, these nightmares haunt me constant.

17) Would you prefer to be rich with not many friends, or middle class with a lot of friends? Honestly I HATE money. I have lived a wealthy life and I have lived a very poor life through out my 35 years of exsistance. I would prefer to have real friends that do not care about who designed my shoes or the purse that I carry.

18) If you were able to go back in time, would you change anything about your past? YES... I would have stopped my parents from taking my brother to the Hospital that ultimately caused his death and in 1987 I would have taken the gun out of my fathers hand before he ended his life.

19) Tell us something random about yourself or something that not many people know! I do not think of myself as different from anyone else, we are all human. We have all suffered from something in our lives. Its how you appreciate life in the after events that really matters. Life is to short to be angry or hold grudges. I make an absolute effort to help others NO MATTER WHAT. Even when I was homeless I volunteered at a Local Nursing home and also at a Animal Rescue where I ended up living for about a year and got back on my feet. I am so very blessed to have a roof over my head and to have all 3 of my dogs still with me. There may be times when I cannot afford to eat. But in the past 8 years my dogs have never gone a day without a meal. I have a deep passion for Art. When all of my friend went off to Collage. I was working 3 jobs and trying to survive. I regret not having the opportunity to attend Art School as I wanted to. But in exchange I spent many years studying books from the library on how to draw, how to paint, taught myself new techniques from books and watching tutorials on youtube. When I work on my arts or my crafts I never feel as good about my project as I think I would if I could have just gotten that education. But I spend much time working to make each piece of work the Best it could possibly be.. That is for certain.

So if you ever receive a Swap from me, please know that it is from my heart and I put much effort into a nice gift for you.

Thank you all for taking the time to rad a bit about me. I am so happy to be apart of Swap-Bot. I love each day the mail lady brings me something that someone else had made or put together just for me. I know and appreciate every effort big or small. God Bless and I look forward to our Swap.


kgeslab rated for Hand Made Prayer Cards on Jun 14, 2015
Elliepatterson rated for Hand Made Prayer Cards on Oct 18, 2014
Comment: I am so sorry, I never received this swap. Once I do I will re-rate.
Comment: I'm sorry to rate down and willing to re-rate if you are able to send something anytime in the future. Thank you for the contact. Get well soon.
oldincisions rated for WIYM: Owl Swap on Aug 25, 2014
Comment: I received the message from your mother and completely understand why the swap wasn't sent. However, I rate all swaps because that's just fair. If you ever get the chance to send, I will gladly rerate.
Comment: Thank you for the stuffed envelope!!
peachynook rated for Craft paper and paper "scraps" on Jul 20, 2014
Comment: thamkyou Tammy for your lovely package especially the quilling papers I have not had a lot of prcctive doing quilling but it does nlook lovely when done sorry it's taken me so long to rate you but I had a nasty fall on 1st of July and I've only been out of hospt 4 days ... so I'll have another go at quillng take care .... Audrey ......
JoAn rated for Fill Up My Mailbox 2014 on Jul 18, 2014
Comment: I love the way you colored the postcards. Thanks!
madhatter76 rated for Fill Up My Mailbox 2014 on Jul 17, 2014
Comment: Thank u for the fun envie of neat stuff! I love it all!
entirelyashley rated for Fill Up My Mailbox 2014 on Jul 15, 2014
Comment: Thank you!
ponderang rated for Pick 3 Swap - June on Jul 15, 2014
Comment: Thanks for all the goodies!
Amyteacake rated for Fill Up My Mailbox 2014 on Jul 14, 2014
Comment: Thank you Tammy Marie for the cute postcards! My daughter got to the one to colour in before I could!! I love the colours you used for two you created!
yanacolors rated for Fill Up My Mailbox 2014 on Jul 14, 2014
Comment: Lovely post cards, thank you!
A127 rated for WASHI TAPE 5 USA on Jul 13, 2014
Comment: Love the washi tape! Great colors! Thanks,
dartha rated for Owl Lover's ATC on Jul 7, 2014
Comment: Tammy, Your ATC is amazing. I would be so proud if I could make one as wonderful as that. Thank you so much!!! You should join all the ATCs! Thank you so much, darla
Sarahbobera rated for Fill My Stocking - June on Jul 2, 2014
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Thanks for the goodies. Love the stamps :)
Comment: Tiny? Not in MY book! Wow!!! And I am SO excited - this is my very first smash book/items ever! I've always wanted to try one but never got around to it - this is perfect for all my professions of gratitude. Thanks so much! <3
Response: Im so glad you liked it. That was the first time I put a smash book together. I really enjoyed doing it. I keep my own prayer journal. But I thought of the smash journal for prayers as I worked on this gift for you =)
Comment: Thanks!
rwidgeon rated for Crafty Supply Surprise! USA on May 27, 2014
Comment: Oh my goodness! What a fantastic package! Thank you! I can use it all! I LOVE the animal cards, bag and everything you sent! Thank you so much!
Response: Yeah, Im so glad you liked it. I have animals myself so when I read your profile I tried to include that in =)

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Mugsie on Oct 5, 2014:

Happy Birthday!

From all of us at "WIYM!"

bb2 on Aug 11, 2014:

The ♥Paper Punches/Cut Outs and Tags♥ swap is late. Please contact me.

wolfeagle on Aug 11, 2014:

Have you mailed your Big Fat Stuffed Envelope Swap-you are very late?

hollycm6 on May 1, 2014:

If you'd like we can do the cleaning accountability swap without the rating... We can email each other pictures of our before and after craft areas... You'll be excited to see how much more you get done when you have to take PICTURES of it!!

starhiker on Apr 12, 2014:

Thanks so much for the wonderful swap I'll put it to good use. ; )

Ancalime on Feb 18, 2014:

You did great, don´t worry, everyhing came unharmed and made my day :). I think you understood perfectly.

Linda52156 on Feb 13, 2014:

I love the lockets you sell.

snailmailer1 on Jan 12, 2014:

Usually the swap co-ordinator will write the criteria for their swap. Some require that you have completed a certain numbers of swaps etc. Look out for those swaps that welcome newbies to build up your reputation here.

Your swap partner should give you a '5' rating if they receive a swap from you, even if they don't like it. You may get a '3' if your swap does not meet the criteria. A '1' rating is assigned to people who do not send their swap.

When I look at partners' profiles, I find it easier when I see a list of likes and dislikes alongside the other blurb.

I hope you enjoy swapping here as much as I do.

Hope this helps.

TammyMarie on Jan 11, 2014:

I just joined to a day. and yes I will fill in my profile. I had a show today so I will be placing orders tonight. I was so excited to find this site. I think I need to look around a bit more. I only had time to glance oat a few profiles, so yes I really need to put some time aside to do that. I do have a question, when we join the swap (any swap) are there occasions that a person doesn't get picked for that Swap? and in that case, what if that person went above and beyond to make this gift for someone? I'm so sound so out of the loop, but I have been reading all of these posts from Artists, Crafters and Designers I watch and learn from and they are always on YouTube opening gifts from the Swap... I have been curious about this for some time now.

snailmailer1 on Jan 11, 2014:

Hi. Thanks for joining Blind Surprise swap. Please could you fill out your profile more first x

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