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About me


I would like to say: I keep seeing swappers being marked down because their recipient thinks that they mailed the swap late. Although this hasn’t happened to me, Please please please do not rate late based on the date stamp, unless the date stamp is wildly out sync with the “mail by” date. The requirement on Swap-bot for the “mail by“ date is that the swap has been placed in the mailbox by your home, or dropped off at the post office, or put in a mailbox somewhere. Consider this: I put my swap in my mailbox this afternoon (Friday), after my mail’s been delivered. The mail carrier picks it up Saturday and returns it to the post office, but it’s not processed because Saturday’s hours are 9-noon, or because of other new rules our current Postmaster General imposed (items are no longer required to b processed the same day as arrived at PO. Dejoy also dismantled many automatic processing machines at post offices across the nation). It won’t be processed on Sunday because the PO is always closed on Sunday. Independence Day is observed on Monday, so my letter won’t be processed then either. By Tuesday, my letter is in a bin on the bottom of everything else that came in to the post office (Saturday & )Sunday & Monday. But even if it is processed on Tuesday, the date stamp will be five days after I put it in my mailbox! There is nothing on Swap-bot that says the date stamp must match the “mail by” date!! Also if you’re trading in an international swap, many countries have no mail service on the weekends, and they could have holidays we know nothing about. Some European swappers say it takes a month to get a swap, so I suppose it takes a long time to get to the states. A swapper from Russia said it takes months in the winter to get a swap! Now, I have seen date stamps literally two whole entire weeks or more after the “mail by” date. In that case, it appears that the swap was mailed late. But, it could’ve gotten lost somewhere at the post office and then discovered later. Or, something happened with the swapper that a human with a big heart might forgive (once). I would probably look at that swapper’s profile Page & ratings. Do they have constant reasons by why swaps are late on their profile page? Red flag! If that swapper has almost all fives and a ton of hearts, I would blame it on the PO before I would mark the swapper down. Or I might communicate with them. Swap-bot is about having fun. I see no reason to mark somebody down unless it’s abundantly clear they flaked. Please don’t be a mail-date soup-making Nazi (“NO SOUP FOR YOU!” ). Thanks for reading & thinking about this.

Also, while I adore a sticker chosen just for me, or one such something similar, I have accumulated an abundance of odds & ends pieces of paper, whole sticker sheets, notecards, washi samples, etc that I have no real use for. So, I hate to sound unappreciative, but I am..😀 One item that you think might appeal to me is nice. Thanks for (hopefully) understanding.

======================================= 🌸 🧁 💐 🌳 🍣 💕 🐈 🍟 👩‍🏫 🪴 🐝 🖼 🐛

I’m a former 6th grade teacher, but now work for a non-profit, mostly from home. I have an independent 😀 & bright (but sometimes moody) teen and a kind, smart, & funny husband. He and I met in the local scuba diving club, and our kid is also certified. There’s an other world under the water and it’s so peaceful and beautiful!

Although I’ve lived in the South my entire life, I dream of living in a cool climate (menopause has greatly increased this desire 😓) and of snow falling on Christmas Day ❄️ . I fantasize about living in Colorado. I love snow! ‘Round here, 6” or more means school & appointments are called off and most people get an unexpected free day, which I LOVE! (Favs for snow day: a roaring, crackling 🔥 , baking, crafting, shoveling (yes, I enjoy making a path to get the car out), napping, shooting pics of snow)

I read a newspaper daily and particularly enjoy Miss Manners, Jumble, and advice columns (Carolyn Hax is so wise). I miss Dave Barry’s weekly column, Farside, and Calvin & Hobbs, but now laugh at Zits, Dilbert and Pluggers.

What I like to do

  • gardening, (growing mostly flowers)
  • visiting state & national parks
  • looking at gardens
  • walking wooded trails,
  • reading (novels & news)
  • cooking
  • crafting
  • traveling
  • going to art museums

We live on a few acres so I enjoy seeing the wildlife, in particular the birds. I typically have a bluebird family in the spring & it’s exciting watching the full progression! I love trees and find bugs 🐛 🐜 🕷 & snakes 🐍 interesting. They’re around here all the time, so we get along just fine.

I make an effort to live environmentally-friendly (e.g., I recycle, reduce, reuse & compost, try to reduce my use of single-use plastics)

🐈 I have 2 orange tabby cat boys whom I adore, Owen & Charley 🐈

Particular ** favorite** things: are


coffee flavored candy & desserts, lattes, espresso, coffee cups, quotes about coffee, chocolate covered espresso beans, demitasse cups, think the Bubba Gump shrimp guy talking about shrimp...that’s me with coffee

I also like

comical items! To get an idea of my sense of humor, I find very funny:

  • David Sedaris
  • Andy Griffith & Barney
  • Dave Barry
  • Mike & Molly
  • Atypical
  • Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Key & Peel *Bob ❤️ Abishola
  • Brooklyn 99



——————- even odd things like a tiny screw, tiny piece of satin ribbon, or an itty bitty feather. Doll house things like a tiny Kleenex box or a miniature book make me lose my mind!

I like tiny things, & sparkles that aren’t too overdone .

  • postage stamps x miniature art!
  • hippos, 🦛 especially baby hippos
  • pastels, especially periwinkle
  • flowers; my favorite is a bluet; not a fan of roses
  • cute baby animals. What baby isn’t cute?
  • birds, real or drawn
  • trees 🌲
  • anything having to with Thomas Jefferson
  • anything with a bicycle 🚲
  • clocks & watches ⏰


  • photos of all sorts, especially close ups

Robert Llewellen’s photographs amaze me! robertllewellyn

## I also really like

  • early photos of famous people
  • Quaint churches ⛪ with simple steeples
  • colored or shaped paper clips & cute binder clips
  • origami
  • cute sticky notes (all sizes)
  • small matchbox crafts
  • tiny bottles (like old perfume bottles)
  • magazine ads with odd photos
  • interesting ideas about life in the future

  • natural items found outside. I usually have a bowl which I fill with natural finds I like: a feather, a tiny pine cone, a colorful stone or one in a particular shape, some interesting seeds, a pretty leaf, etc.

Books I’ve particularly enjoyed:

  • All the Light We Cannot See
  • Dress Your Children in Corduroy & Denim
  • Gone Girl
  • Angela’s Ashes
    • A Gentleman in Moscow*
  • Prince of Tides
  • The Poisonwood Bible
  • Go Ask Alice
    • The Book Thief*
  • Americanah
    • Middlesex*
    • The Corrections*
    • A Mother’s Reckoning*

TV Shows/series that have been favorites include: -——————————————————— * Atypical * The Kids are Alright * Frasier * Six Feet Under * Breaking Bad * Mr Mercedes * Seinfeld * Stranger Things * Mrs. Maisel (those outfits! Wow!) * America’s Test Kitchen * Brooklyn 99 * Barefoot Contessa * and,....dare I admit it?.... The Pimple Popper

Movies I’ve loved

  • The Wife
  • Fargo
  • the Sound of Music
  • Harold & Maude
  • We Need to Talk about Kevin
  • A Christmas Story
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Elf
  • The Usual Suspects
  • Shawshank Redemption

Inserts I’d like

I’m delighted with tiny stickers or cute postage stamps or little cute pictures cut from magazines.


  • Goth
  • mustard yellow
  • religious stuff (but do like holiday icons like bunnies & holly & gingerbread houses.
  • “Dislike” lists that are longer than the “like” list

postcard favorites

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Princess Margaret (**The Crown* has piqued my interest in lesser known royals)
  • Photos of old cars, rustic homes, antiques,
  • outdoor clocks
  • churches,
  • mailboxes,
  • streetcars,
  • maps,
  • trees,
  • musicians,
  • iron fences,
  • steam trains,
  • art photos,
  • black & white photos,
  • postcards of famous people in their early days
  • old maps

Homemade postcard favorites: * funny, weird or unusual magazine pics *a comic from the newspaper


annim rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! #17 on Jul 29, 2021
Comment: thanks for the flowers! it's beautiful!
Clstew rated for Round Robin Traveling PC Swap #25 on Jul 26, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the corgi!! And so happy to have one to send home. Happy mails
Art90world rated for Picture, If You Will… Flowers on Jul 25, 2021
Comment: Lovely flowers! And love the pink flower gif <3
lrm1980 rated for Picture, If You Will… Flowers on Jul 25, 2021
Comment: I loved looking at your pretty photos and reading all you shared. The stuff about TJ's flowers was very interesting, and your crepe myrtle story reminds me of my neighbor's tree that I caught showering the yard with beautiful pink "rain"! Thank you for sharing.
Angeliamb rated for Picture, If You Will… Flowers on Jul 24, 2021
hammondeggs rated for Picture, If You Will… Flowers on Jul 24, 2021
Comment: Nancy, I have never heard of crepe myrtles. They are gorgeous!!! I can just picture what you described with the pink petals flying all around you and your husband. What cool history about the gardens at Monticello! It's sad that they were not cared for to keep them beautiful. Forget-me-nots sure are delicate. Very nice blue. Thank you for sharing your photos.
Kts6girl rated for Virtual Photo Journal (June) on Jul 22, 2021
NRGordon rated for Photo Scavenger Hunt 4 on Jul 21, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the swap. sorry the rating is so late, I just discovered all three of the emails for this swap in my spam folder. That is something that hasn't happened before so I don't tend to check it often.
Cellolady rated for Round Robin Traveling PC Swap #23 on Jul 21, 2021
Comment: Thank you! Loved the extra PC!
Comment: Thankyou:)))
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Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard an extra!
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pixiegirlanna rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! #17 on Jul 11, 2021
Fabriqueen rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! #17 on Jul 11, 2021
Comment: I have always loved the Flintstones whether the movies or cartoon! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane
leynaaaa rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! #17 on Jul 11, 2021
rohana rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! #17 on Jul 11, 2021
Comment: I grew up watching The Flintstones (cartoon) and loved the movie! I thought the casting was perfect! Some time last year, there was an outdoor movie night at the theme park in Brunei. Brought my daughter too. The movie they played was The Flintstones and my 4 yr old daughter absolutely loved it. :)
dcp0112 rated for HEARTS! HEARTS! #17 on Jul 11, 2021
Comment: Haven't watched Flinstones in a long time, Great one!

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Have a wonder spring & have fun planting those beautiful flowers!!

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