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Country: Indonesia
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About Me

Private matter, I just join e-swap and regular swap that I've joined


For you who have sent your swap for me, no need to re-send but please be patient for rating. I still believe they just need more time on traveling T_T *shed tear*


I'm a girl (girl on her twenties, haha) who like to try a new hobby.

According to blood type I decided that I'm an A + O type, hihi (my blood type is O, with mother A and father O).

I have a symptom of obsession --- organizing things (according category, according color, according whatever that not so important for other people), if not, I get my things in a mess --- MUST have ALL for series items

easy come easy go little high little low~ #eh moody, I mean

I'm muslim...that's mean I'm not join "religious-things" swap except it's for muslim :)

I like to send my hometown postcards or anything that I able to deliver around the world, of course I'll be happy to receive response from other ^^

Favorite Crafts

Origami, crochet, knitting, papercraft

movie, TV show, and more

J-Movie, J-Drama, anime

my favorite Japanese actors and actresses are Shida Mirai, Yagi Yuki, Ashida Manna, Yamada Yuu, Kamenashi Kazuya..ah, so many >,<

animation from Ghibli is my favorite too: Ponyo, Totoro, From Up on Poppy Hills, Ariety, Mononoke, etc

Japanese/Korea drama I like Bara no Nai Hanaya (Flower Shop Without Roses) and Kaze no Garden (Garden's Wind) both show much flowers...other drama with flowers/flower shop are Summer Scent, Ending Planner, Yasuko to Kenji

others favorite drama with genre detective or school or family/slice of life

Variety Show ----- Family Outing (end), Running Man (ongoing), Appa Eodiga (ongoing) from S.Korea, Arashi no Bangumi(s) from Japan: Mago Mago Arashi (end), Himitsu no Arashichan (end), VS Arashi (ongoing), SMAPxSMAP

Favorite Books

Harry Potter --- J.K. Rowling

Totochan, the Little Girl at the Window --- Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

(translated) children novel, with detective story or school -- Enid Blyton is the best.. (so sad I don't have them..my sister's collection of Enid Blyton are missing) -- and more (can't explain one by one, hihi)

local books from local author:

  • almost of Asma Nadia's books,

  • and Laskar Pelangi Saga (author: Andrea Hirata)

Favorite Music

Sherina Munaf

IJ-pop: Arashi + KAT-TUN + NEWS + SMAP (Jhonny's), Monkey Majik, etc | K-pop: Bigbang, Super Junior, and more. Recently I watch EXO, like to watch their silly-ness :p

instrumentalia, Depapepe

easy listening music

nasheed (Zain Bhika, Maher Zain, Sami Yusuf, Yusuf Islam, Dawud W.), local: Snada, Raihan, Debu, Shoutul Harokah, Izzatul Islam, more

Favorite Things and Wishlist

Cute Bear: rilakkuma, winnie the pooh, gloomy, teddy bear

sorry, bernard isn't cute, but I do like real baby polar bear

Cherry Blossom, sakura sakura

Ice Cream

Orange or lemon flavored drink


potato croquette, and most of potato based cooking


fantasy novel

animation movie from Ghibli, Disney Pixar, and more~


kawaii item (ehm...not such a brand, but if you and I think it's kawaii-cute-it make me happy)

japanese pattern origami paper

bento tools (rarely made though)

daiso items

haha, almost about Japanese right? >_<

and this is my new wish: Japan Map (english version better but Japanese version is okay too--I'll study) that can be hanged in my room's wall or easily carried on my bag.

Something 'raw' that need to be build like paper fold/craft, lego like things, etc

4 seasons changing color - I live in tropical island and haven't known how it feel to live in 4 seasons country

the smell of soil after rain, the smell of grass after being cut

rainbow...aurora borealis - the natural color from the heaven

walking on the falling leaves


traveler wanna be

I enjoy watching magnet from all over the world in my lecturer's office, and I wanna have too

no smoke no alcohol no pork



I'm collecting postcard from around the world... because I've never been able to travel.. (but, hope will able...even I have passport)

I'll be very happy to receive written and stamped postcards about:

  • wild animals,

  • wildflowers, I once had a dream to be a florist (the view of flower shop in the city also welcome)

  • typical food from your country

  • beautiful nature: sea, beach, mountain, forest~

  • building or interesting places,

  • houses, tree house

  • culture,

  • people,

  • artsy,

  • and most most of my obbession is Cherry Blossom! (hope I'll see it in real, someday or maybe someone can send me the real thing? haha just wonder :p) ah.. I found about oshibana, hope I receive oshibana creation of sakura

about rating

I join this swap-bot just because I want to have fun...sharing to others is so much fun. Although you must rating for everything you've got from others.

Please contact me if you don't get the swap from me, I definitely press SENT if I really already sent it :) since I live overseas and most the swap-bot members are from US (and I often get the US addresses) and Europe, I try to send mine as soon as partner(s) assigned. Thank you for your patient-ness. And sometimes I got problem with email swap too (twice so far, that my partners can't receive my email, so I thank you for inform me if you haven't receive my swap :)

I'll rating you fairly..just sent with your whole-hearted. I do not give rating if I haven't get my thing/swap. I know that snail mail is so slow like a snail... I'll be waiting :)

I thank all my partners who let me know if my mail/package haven't arrive although the sent date is quite long time ago :) it's more easy to check from who we haven't receive the swap than who haven't receive our swap...I also try to notify my partner, so I'm sorry if I like cheeky or something...I just want that we all get fair rating :)

optional---for my lovely niece

I have 5 years old niece who just able to read and write (in Bahasa Indonesia), and she reaaaaaaally~love ANGRY BIRD

recently she told that she also like hello kitty, cat, rabbit, princess, tinker bell

If you don't mind, while swap with me...you can add item for my niece..just as an option ^^




Comment: Thank you so much for a great swap! I like the lovely postcard & all the stamps you used! And your return-adress-label made me laugh so hard: I can't read it :) I seem to need a magnifying glass :D
Response: OMG, I've gone for a while, I'll resent right away, sorry for the inconvenient, hope it can make it this time >_<
Comment: Thanks for the great pcs!!
Comment: Thank you for the resend! :)
Comment: Thank you for the bookmarks too. Very cute.
Comment: Thanks for the great extra postcard and thank you for being a great and dedicated swapper! I will pass on Bev's postcard and will add the Borobudur Temple postcard to my UNESCO collection! Thank you!!!!
Comment: Thank you for passing on this postcard and thank you for the tea and stickers too! Happy Swapping :)
niariel rated for AR - 1 Euro Profile Swap Challenge on Mar 31, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much! I've finished making all the paper stars. Making them was extremely nostalgic. It also came at a bad time and made things so much better. Thank you! <3
Response: You're welcome. Glad you like it, honestly I never tried to make the stars for myself, I just help my friend's star to get the shape, not folding it, gee gee >_<
Comment: I finally received your swap. Thanks.
Response: Glad it reached you. I've afraid it got lost, because the R22 arrived though was sent to Africa
Comment: Thank you for the postcards.
crustiestmermaid rated for What's on my plate! #1 on Mar 6, 2014
Comment: Wow everything looks so good!!
RooBaRoo rated for What's on my plate! #1 on Mar 4, 2014
Comment: I really enjoyed looking through your foods & it was the first time I came across so many of them like Soto & Siomay! Thank You!
Response: You're welcome :)
mslighthearted rated for What's on my plate! #1 on Mar 2, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for your pictures. Everything looks so interesting (and delicious!)
Response: thank you <3
inskydiamonds rated for What's on my plate! #1 on Feb 26, 2014
Comment: I loved seeing all the foods from your country!
Response: Thank you
JNeNe13 rated for What's on my plate! #1 on Feb 26, 2014
invinoveritas rated for What's on my plate! #1 on Feb 25, 2014
Comment: Thank you for your email. All meals was so strange for me because it is completely different cuisine from mine so it was interesting to look photos and read about it :)
Response: The pictures were the food I've made at home because I tried to eat healthy food, but if I eat outside usually I order chicken and chicken and fish sometimes :D
KSENiA rated for What's on my plate! #1 on Feb 25, 2014
Comment: Thank you foe sharing your yummu pics with me. All the food looks amazingly delisious! I would love to taste those dishes :) (Sadly I never tried Indonesian food... I should look for some recipies on-line, I think)
Response: You're welcome. There are plenty Indonesian recipies on internet, but I'll send you if you want some :)
PokerHontaz rated for What's on my plate! #1 on Feb 25, 2014
Comment: I loved looking at all the photos! Nice looking meals, thank you for sharing! :)
Response: Thanks, I tried to eat healthy food :)
abbyaguas rated for AR - Profile Comment on Feb 6, 2014
Comment: Thank you Ate Ima :D :D
niariel rated for AR - Profile Comment on Feb 6, 2014
Comment: Thank you! :D <3
Comment: It arrived! What a lovely postcard, I'll make to pass it along carefully :)
Response: Thank you <3

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weatherwax on Nov 17, 2014:

Please check out your inbox. Thank you :)

HelloCindi on Jul 28, 2014:

I received my Traveling Postcard in the mail today! I just want to say THANK YOU for signing & passing along my postcard! ♥

niariel on Feb 6, 2014:


Hi Ima! The pleasure is all mine :D I am from the Philippines. :)

I love Harry Potter with a passion and it's always wonderful to meet someone who shares it with me. My favorite book is the 5th Book, because it made me feel the most - or at least had the most that I can relate to.

I haven't read Cuckoo's Calling, would you recommend it? I had mixed feelings with Casual Vacancy because it wasn't the genre I enjoyed, but it was still written very nicely.

I imagine the scary incidents happening to me too much, so I really can be quite a kill joy when asked to watch scary movies/shows. I really don't enjoy them D:

I appreciate nice-done films though, and those where you need to think. But there's a limit to the amount of violence and blood and scare factor that I can tolerate. :P I love movies that make me feel, make me cry and movies that make me laugh. I also enjoy inspirational movies. :D

I have never been to Indonesia, but I would love to visit someday. :) I hope you're having a wonderful day! :)

xx Din

abbyaguas on Feb 4, 2014:

Helllooo Ate Ima :D

How are you doing? :> I hope you are doing well. Thank you by the way for joining this swap (AR-Profile Comment). Hihi.. I enjoy surprise comments, as well as giving them.

Like you, I also enjoy listening to Depapepe. I have first heard them from Animax, when I was in high school, and I got hooked!

I rarely see pretty postcards from my country. Most of them are very touristic. If there were, I would probably send one to you. Hihi..

Well anyway, I see a lot of things that I also enjoy as well... including this bear: CHOW!

rilakkumasensei on Feb 1, 2014:

AR-profile comment 2 feb 2014

Wow your profile has some amazing pics on it! I'm rather jealous!

I lived in Japan for four years, I love it there. I want to live there again.

I love Rilakkuma! That's why my user name is rilakkumasensei.

I'm not a huge arashi fan, but they're ok.

Have you ever been to Japan?

Can you speak any japanese? If you can speak the language, then when you go there, you'll be able to do so much more.

Have a good day.


Jane123 on Nov 1, 2013:

Ulang tahun kamu deket banget sama gw punya!!!! Gw lahir cuma 2 hari setelah kamu! :D Nice to see another Indo here ^_^

carebear100888 on Aug 27, 2013:

Ooops and one more!'

Decorate my profile with balloons #82

carebear100888 on Aug 27, 2013:

Hello there!

I found blue balloons and a Harry Potter balloon for you...enjoy!

swap4fun on Aug 24, 2013:

Decorate my profile with... #82 ~ Balloons

Hope you enjoy!

paraxparaxnoia on Aug 24, 2013:

Decorate my profile with... #82 ~ Balloons



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