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About Me

Expressing myself through art has been something I felt like I never fully fleshed out, so here I am! I graduated with a degree in psychology so I have always enjoyed different perspectives. Hopefully I can create and share with others what is on my mind through the form of art. Vintage style has always been of interest to me aesthetically, but I tend to make things that are more eclectic and draws influence from pop art. (I still style with the former aesthetic though!) Sometimes I take pictures and heavily edit them to create a whole new image (my avi was originally just a picture of branches). Although, I do not tend to create digitally and prefer crafting with paper and miscellaneous materials. I usually have multiple projects going on, but I always try to make time for creativity.

I am looking forward to expanding to more crafts such as tags and zines. I'm still in the process of organizing my paper craft stuff so I hope once all the stuff are neat, I'll be able to create more efficiently.


I am a proud supporter of Postcrossing and have been exchanging postcards for years now. In the past years, I've accumulated various themes including art exhibit collections, vintage style illustrations, dogs, cats, coloring pages, and many more. When it comes to receiving them, I love vintage (or styled) and handmade postcards. Specifically with the vintage ones, I like vacation remembrances, holiday themed, and advertisements. I'm not a fan of receiving multi-view, cityscapes, and insects or arachnids.


Along with a variety of postcards, I also enjoy having different kinds of washi tape, stickers, and paper ephemera. I love the vintage inspired holiday themes (Christmas and Halloween) anytime of the year. I love sharing them as much as I do buying them!

Things I love getting from swaps:

washi tape samples

vintage (style) postcards and paper ephemera

address label stickers

unused US stamps

decorated envelopes

bandaids with a unique design

Regarding edible goodies, I have a sweet tooth for chocolate. I'm picky though, so here are some of my preferences:

milk/dark chocolate (not a fan of white)

love honeycomb! wafer, biscuit, toffee

nuts (almond, peanut, pistachio, or macadamia ONLY (allergic to walnuts and pecans)

don’t like fruit or alcohol flavored

Most days, I start off my day with coffee, but I also drink tea every now and then. I'm always interested in trying novelty snacks, but I am allergic to walnuts and pecans so please steer clear from sending anything with those in it.

I've been getting more into tea to subside nausea so I'd love some mint tea! Green tea has been working too, but I don't like the flavor as much. Thanks y'all for the mint tea -- keep them coming!

Favorite Music

When I like something, I tend to share it with others. So I often make playlists. I like to think that I listen to a variety of music, but Spotify only recognizes my top genres as "Alternative" and Rock. When I'm driving, I listen to radio stations that broadcast classic rock and hip hop/rap. My favorites are Tame Impala, the Arctic Monkeys, Fleetwood Mac, and the Cranberries. I have so much fun dancing to disco too! It feels as though my music taste expands every year and the exploration of good music won't ever cease. Always open to receiving playlists that have a theme (and a title).


There are a couple of things that I collect:

candles (floral, earthy (pine, tea tree, rosemary, mint), fresh laundry)

pins & patches

Furbies (and other niche 90s memorabilia)

Troll dolls (Russ)

Kewpies merch

vintage Campbell's Kids merch

Smiski & Sonny Angel figurines

vintage psychology & philosophy books

Favorite Television

I am definitely more of a tv watcher than a film enthusiast (though I'm working on the latter). It would be too much trouble to type up an exhausted list of all that I have watched, so genres should suffice! TV shows typically check off at least one of these categories: crime drama, fantasy, comedy, and/or romance. If I had to pick one favorite tv show, it would be The Magicians. When it comes to movies, I actually watch a lot of horror (though I don't want any sentiment of that for incoming swaps). Next up would be thriller/action. I am open to recommendations for very niche films that leave me questioning what I just watched, or even question things in the real world...

I have a subscription to Shudder so if anyone has any recommendations please send them my way (even films that aren't provided via that service). I care more for supernatural and psychological thrillers (not so into gore and zombies).

I've been watching more animated content lately. Just finished Akame no Kill and the Dragon Prince. If you would like to recommend a show to me, I prefer fantasy and adventure shows. Storylines like Avatar: The Last Airbender where they have powers and travel to all sorts of magical places with a team are my favorite! (I'm finishing up Demon Slayer right now). I am a bit picky about art styles and prefer "pretty" character designs. Incompetent main characters irk me (ie. Sailor Moon, but I enjoy the aesthetic and the culture still). I like the magical girl trope and have watched a bunch of those since childhood. The first anime I watched was Fushigi Yuugi, which is still similar to the content that I am interested in these days.


Even though I love nature, I would prefer to not get real leaves/petals/flowers nor feathers in the mail (seed packets are OK).

I am very particular about what I consider "cute" so it might be best to stay away from choosing goodies that might be considered that (unless it's what I explicitly mentioned (see "Collections")). I don't really care for Sanrio unless it's Kuromi or Gudetama.

I also have no use for erasers. I think a lot of people don't like these, but I also don't like reward, kiddie, or alphabet stickers. I would also prefer mail to not be scented, especially by smoke (unfortunately, I will just throw it out). I love candles, but I don't like the overtly sweet smells like cinnamon rolls or hot chocolate. Please keep these in mind. Thank you!


Please let me know before you rate me if you have not received a swap from me within a reasonable time frame. I will resend a new one as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding!


A: animals, art nouveau

B: bread, bats,

C: cats, canines, caffeine

D: dreams, drawings,

E: ephemera, envelopes, environment

F: flowers, films, frogs

G: growth, ghost stories, gothic

H: holidays, horticulture

I: iridescent,

J: jasmine (Arabian)

K: Kewpie, kitschy,

L: luminescent,

M: monochrome,


O: opal

P: postcards, patches, pins,


R: roses, raccoons, renaissance art

S: stickers, stamps, sunsets/sunrises

T: trees,


V: vintage,

W: washi tape,


Y: yellow,



Comment: Hello and thanks for the Jane Austen postcard. I like your idea of creating a playlist cover as a collage. I made a collaged bookmark on an old envelope recently. I have a hard time parting with scraps of paper because I see a “story” behind them! Smiles and Happy Crafting!
Comment: thank you very much for the swap. love the postcard you chose :) i don't like watered down iced coffee either!
TeaNi rated for CPG July 2021 Senders Choice PC - US on Jul 19, 2021
Comment: thanks for the bookstore pc- maybe someday you'll have a chance to visit them all! :)
Comment: Thank you! I love the card!
Comment: Thanks for the Japan Town postcard. Wish I had more local places to find postcards.
Comment: Thank you so much!
Comment: Happy Christmas in July for me! Loved the coloring book, and can't wait to enjoy coloring it to relax after a hard day! You rock! Thank you so much!
Swan rated for CPG Hand Colored PC #5 - Global on Jul 9, 2021
Comment: You colored this card so beautifully, thank you, I love it!
Comment: Thank you for the nice washi samples!! Love em - the fireworks one is really cute!!
Comment: Thank you for the card! I think this is the second one you sent, the ghost picture is really cool! Bingo is fun, but have you ever played on a cruise ship? You can buy laptops which run dozen of cards at once, I think it takes some fun out of it. :-) I hope you're doing well and staying safe!
simcoe54 rated for PH: J Is For (Blank or Naked) #2 on Jul 6, 2021
Comment: The postcard, stamps and stickers arrived today. Thanks so much for resending.
karli rated for Museum Art PC swap on Jul 3, 2021
Comment: Love the postcard! karolina
kendall rated for Museum Art PC swap on Jul 2, 2021
Comment: This p/c is gorgeous. I love that's it's from a Scottish museum. I enjoyed your observation about it. I looked again and got a new perspective. Thank you.
pintis rated for Space Postcard Swap- International on Jul 2, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! Very interesting faux postage stamp of Taurus - did you make it?!
ellie rated for Quick Handmade PC! #4 on Jul 1, 2021
Comment: Thank you
bf0932 rated for Space Postcard Swap- International on Jun 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the neat space postcard you sent me!
CaseyErin rated for Mental Health Letter on Jun 25, 2021
Comment: Thank you for your honesty, Eros. I appreciated your letter very much. I relate to your relationship dynamics with people you spoke of in the letter a lot. I wish you all the best and send you big, big love. Keep at it!
Comment: Thank you for the letter and the little extras. I really enjoyed the card, that’s what I feel like all the time lol😊❤️
lefroggy rated for Ghosts! pt 2 on Jun 21, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for your letter, i got it Saturday but took me a bit to read, cursive tends to be difficult to read with my bad Eyesite. The letter was really amazing, and the story gave me chills, I can only imagine what that felt like. I like to believe that Dreams should be considered in the same category as paranormal, when it come to lucid dreaming, nightmares, and sleep paralysis. take care!
Response: So sorry, I wrote the letter without checking your profile. I was going for a vintage theme (hence the paper and par avion envelope) to make it a bit spooky. Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!
Comment: Thank you for the tags! I love your penwork and design eye!

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