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About Me

Dec 6, 2013: DH and I have both been hit hard by the flu, and it's rough to even sit up and type. I hope to be over it in a few days and get to everyone's PMs and such. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

DH is wildly allergic to scents, including smoke, perfume, and even scented stickers. Please don't include any such things in your swap. Thank you very much!

August 10, 2013: My husband will be taking a short trip to Chile in December or so, and we might get the chance for an extended stay there within the next year. I'd would LOVE to hear from anyone who lives or has lived in Chile, or who has visited there. We've done a lot of reading and research, but that doesn't match talking to a "real" person about it ;)

Hi, I'm Kimberly. I live in gorgeous, green Oregon, USA, with five cuddly cats and my cuddly husband. I love animals, books, art, science, and philosophy. I have osteoarthritis and bipolar disorder; art and swapping help give some relief from assorted kinds of pain.

What I Love to Swap

I LOVE interesting stamps, so I would love it if you could put some on whatever you send me. I also collect and swap used stamps.
Postcards (either naked or in an envelope; more about my postcard likes below), including handmade art postcards
stationery and sheets from memo pads
collage & paper arts supplies
yarn and ribbon (a couple yards at a time, not whole skeins/spools)
beads of all sorts
I LOVE to swap slams; all kinds of bags like sticker, label, goodie, postcard, used stamps, memo, stationery, kawaii; lyrix; quotz; FBs; FSs. In any swap you send me, you can always send me those kinds of booklets and/or bags in addition if you'd like to.

More details are below; this profile is a work in progress.

Things I Like to Do

I journal, online, handwritten, and visual / art / junk journaling. I like making, trading, and collecting art postcards, ATCs, and zines. I enjoy collage and mixed media with paint, markers, decorative papers, images from magazines, book pages, whatever. Sometimes I crochet whilst watching movies or TV. I read a lot and never thought I'd get a Kindle, but I did in July 2011 and I love knowing exactly where each book is, not having to search for it (though it is a dream of mine to have my all my books on shelves someday and organized). I spend a lot of time playing with my cats or just plain watching them play together, because they make me happy.

Favorite Books

Historical romance, especially 19th century England; authors like Mary Jo Putney, Julia Quinn, and Lisa Kleypas. Science fiction, especially with great characters and world building -- what I often think of as "anthropological fiction" that introduces the reader to a whole new culture; authors like Robert Alan Gardner, Robert A. Heinlein, and Orson Scott Card's Ender series. Gone with the Wind, The Stand (uncut), The Clan of the Bear series. Gay romance.

Favorite TV & Movies

House, Sherlock (BBC), Firefly. Star Wars (mostly episodes IV-VI), Star Trek (esp The Original Series and the 2009 and 2013 movies), Indiana Jones, Serenity, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, (500) Days of Summer, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian, A Room with a View

Favorite Music

Classic rock, old 70s & early 80s punk rock, classical & opera -- The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, The Sex Pistols, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, KISS, Journey, Fear, Black Flag, Black Lab, Adam Lambert, William Beckett, early Madonna

Things I Love To Receive

my favorite colors are violet, especially combined with greens and blues; magenta; and pink with orange. I tend to like bright jewel tones, but I enjoy expanding my color palette, and there aren't really any colors I don't like.

None of these are in any particular order, just as I thought of them:

Any kind of ephemera: fancy papers including mulberry, rice, leaf, colored or patterned; scrapbooking/smashbooking type papers with designs or images; pages from dictionaries, poetry, languages other than English, sheet music; washi/deco tape strips; stickers; stationery; memo sheets (if there's a choice between sending me a whole memo pad and loose pages from different pads, I'd much rather have pages from different pads); post-it notes; pictures from magazines, catalogs, brochures, whatever of things I love; anything to do with travel both in and out of the USA, including maps, travel brochures; every day bits of paper like ticket stubs, transportation stubs/used passes, interesting wrappers (clean please) or labels. Paper pockets or small envelopes of any sort. Things with the number 13 on them. Beads. I don't mind at all receiving cool little pieces that were free for you; your trash might be my treasure :)

Images/representations of animals, both wildlife and pets, nature, flowers, landscapes, etc, including pictures from magazines, catalogs, brochures, whatever.
I especially love "weird" or unusual animals (realistic preferred, but non realistic is fine), like:
pugs, bulldogs (aka English bulldogs), greyhounds & other sighthounds
American opossums
octopi & squids
rays (the sea creatures)
lizards, frogs & toads, especially chameleons
wart hogs
African animals
Australia & New Zealand animals
anything about the Galapagos Islands and/or Charles Darwin

kawaii, especially animals including Oyasumi Bakura (the light blue & white Dream Spirit Tapir); Toromi (white French Bulldog); Nyanpuki (white cat); Mamegoma (seal) -- all from San-x -- Badtz Maru (black penguin) and Purin (tan dog with cap) both from Sanrio; photorealistic; any animals reading or writing; and food with faces. I love the inserts of sticker flake bags and rolls of tape that come in a package, as well as the white back from sticker flakes, and I'd love being sent those. Weird, I know!
I'd rather NOT receive poo, and I'm not really into people or dolls (especially the big eyed ones).

House Mouse and Vera the Mouse
anything vintage or retro, whether original or quality reproductions, including grundge/tattered like Tim Holtz or irreverent styles like Anne Taintor and someecards
items with medication names on them, like assorted paper goods from drug reps, or anything from drug reps for psychotropic drugs
eastern religion, especially Ganesh(a) [the Hindu elephant-headed god], anything Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu
anything Asian or Persian/Arabian (just not overtly Muslim)
curvy women, fat acceptance
anything from or representing New Zealand, San Francisco, or Chicago
magazine articles/pictures of Karl Urban, Chris Pine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
science & scientists
philosophy & philosophers
intriguing quotations
LGBTQ and gender themes (I am pansexual)
anatomical brains
anatomical hearts
intrigued by Zentangles, though I haven't tried doing any yet
nudes / erotica (of any gender) are fine, as are swear words, bizarre humor and unPC stuff
rubber / acrylic stamps and ink pads. used is fine.
images stamped onto paper or cardstock
UNused US postage stamps, especially ones that match my interests
anything geeky, especially Star Wars and Star Trek
anything about Edgar Allan Poe (I'm distantly related to him)
outer space
ballpoint pens with PURPLE or PINK or TEAL ink (I have plenty of ballpoint pens in other colors)
paper punchouts (the paper, not the metal punches themselves)
spirals of any sort or on anything
triangles of any sort or on anything
anything to do with things I've mentioned that I like elsewhere in my profile

for my DH, if you'd like to include him (which would be awesome and get you a heart for sure!)
anything pirate-y, including cartoony. a single cool pirate sticker can make him happy
pin-up girls, including vintage, erotic, and cosplay. he loves Bettie Page
old 50s & 60s B movies, especially horror movies
women from burlesque shows, past or present
geeky stuff, including comics, LOTR/Hobbit, science fiction, computer stuff
things related to philosophy
he HATES sports

Things I'd Rather NOT Receive

Please try to keep smoke & perfume -- any scents, really -- to a minimum as hubby is allergic and they kick his asthma into high gear. This includes scented stickers.

CLOWNS. I'm terrified of them.
depictions of hunting, fishing, bull fighting, cock fighting, dog fighting, dog racing
bath & body
edibles, unless specifically for a swap, then tea, hot cocoa, or flavored low or no calorie drink mixes like crystal light; milk chocolate, or fruit-flavored candies are fine.
holidays, unless it's specifically for a holiday swap

Postcards I Really Like

It doesn't matter to me whether postcards are sent naked or in an envelope. If you send naked, I'd love a little note written on, about the card or about you. Like with any package, I love interesting stamps. Postcards I especially like are:

touristy viewcards
animals (see "Things I Love To Receive" for favorites)
weather like storms, lightning, fog, sunrises & sunsets, Northern Lights
flowers and plants
beautiful scenery (preferably without people) including beaches/ocean, deserts, forests, mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, the moon, everything
historical buildings or places of interest
Eastern religions, including temples and shrines, especially pictures of or shrines to Ganesh(a)
things special to and specific about your culture, including clothing and food
things that you love
reproductions of art, whether from art masters or cool cards from Etsy artists
artsy postcards that you made, including photographs
zazzle (as long as they are good quality, not blurry or pixelated), homemade, and vintage (as long as they don't smell too smoky or musty, a lot of old ones do) are all fine

Things I have lots of to swap

funky textural yarns, like eyelash and fun fur, which I like to swap a few yards at a time. Fun for tags, bookmarks, ATCs, art journals, whatever

Star Wars Moleskine brand hardcover 2013 planners. They are lined, and I have different sizes, some two pages per day, some two pages per week. Obviously the dates can be ignored and they can be used for whatever.

If you're interested in trading for any of these, please PM me!


Elanah rated for Pinterest - Quotes on Jan 5, 2014
StrictlyRudeGirl rated for Last.fm account swap on Jan 4, 2014
Comment: Reached out to you twice via PM to tell you there was an issue. 1st time was Dec 9th, 2nd time was Dec 23rd. I have heard no reply. Hate to give bad ratings but you have made no effort to correct this matter. Am willing to change rating once the issue is corrected as I know you are generally a good swapper. It isn't the lack of a swap item that is bothersome it is the lack of response to either PM.
Comment: Thanks for your board, and thanks for joining the swap. My husband is a Joe Hill and Christopher Moore fan as well. Awesome that you got to meet him! I think my husband has read all his books to date.
Comment: Thank you for the extra postcards! They're beautiful.
Comment: I didn't realize I hadn't rated; I'm so sorry for the delay. Thanks for sharing your board. Quite a few books on there are ones I've read and loved, a few are on my list as well, and several I've read and didn't like at all. I hope you will like them all when you get to reading them!
Ktbug77 rated for MEGA WASHI TAPE SAMPLER - USA only on Dec 8, 2013
Comment: So many to choose from! Great patterns!!
Comment: I am sorry for the late rating but I just found out that my brother placed a lot of my mail somewhere where I usually don't look. Sorry for that. I loved the stickers. Thanks a lot.
VaGrammy66 rated for Pinterest - Quotes on Dec 3, 2013
Comment: Great selection! I already had a couple of these on my etsy wishlist, and am going to have to track down and add a couple more of them too. Thank you!
gmasusie rated for Stormy Skies / Lightning PC Swap #7 on Nov 24, 2013
Comment: WOW That is some lightning. Thank you
thecolorofinfinity rated for Last.fm account swap on Nov 24, 2013
HoosierRain rated for Pinterest A-Z: E on Nov 23, 2013
Comment: Thanks for sharing.
Comment: Thanks for the extra PC. Hummingbirds are amazing creatures!
tinari01 rated for Pinterest A-Z: E on Nov 21, 2013
Comment: Adorable and amazing viewpoint on Elephants. Thank you for sharing.
Comment: Love your board!
journeyofhope rated for Pinterest - Quotes on Nov 21, 2013
Comment: Nice board you've got ^_^ I repinned Leave Of Grass from yours.
florenceantonette rated for Pinterest - Quotes on Nov 21, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the pinterest quotes!

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Hope you are feeling better!!!

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Cauti92 on Feb 10, 2014:

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Just a quick reminder for when you log back on - I did not receive a mini memo pad from you for the KSU WTA that I won. Thanks!

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Hello, can you please rate me for the Adventures of the Traveling PC R18 swap? Thanks!

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Miss ya! I pray you and your family are feeling better soon!

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Thanks for ALL the postcards that you sent me in the Postcard Trading Group's Sept. WTA! Loved them all...including the trading card that you enclosed. It was very generous of you.

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