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About Me

I am a stay at home mom (my son is 12), artist (not professional), and was an occasional movie extra before the pandemic set in. For much of my life I have dealt with anxiety, though when I was younger I didn't know this. Lately I have been trying new skincare and beauty products from various subscription boxes (you can ask me about them if you want), walking for exercise while playing Pokemon GO, gardening, and cleaning/organizing at home. I haven't been that motivated to create art for the past couple months, something that I really need to get back into on a regular basis. If you like you can check out my Instagram (link at top of profile) to see some of my work. The most creative work I've done recently was a small piece of art for a private swap and before that, three hand-sewn face masks. Updated May 22, 2020.

I'll include a quick few sentences on various media since Swap-bot has those listed as drop-down options for section titles. For music lately I've been listening to pop (e.g. Taylor Swift, covers by various artists). . I don't have a favorite movie(s). TV: Jeopardy! and I’ve seen all of Game of Thrones. I don't currently watch anything else really aside from YouTube videos of Seth Meyers A Closer Look with my husband. A few podcasts I like, but do not listen to regularly include NPR's Hidden Brain, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, and Ask Me Another. For books please see the section below. Last updated 4/21/2020.

Favorite Books

I read mostly fiction, usually fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian. For non-fiction I tend to like art technique books, cooking, gardening, sometimes memoir and self-help. Some of my favorite books are:

  • Madeline Miller - Circe
  • Madeline Miller - Song of Achilles
  • Hugh Howey - Wool
  • Blake Crouch - Dark Matter

I wish I was a faster reader. On Goodreads the past few years I've only been setting a goal of 12 books per year; last year I didn't even manage to complete my challenge with only 11 books. So far this year I have read (in chronological order):

  1. The Testaments by Margaret Atwood
  2. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
  3. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick
  4. Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

I am currently reading Mythology by Edith Hamilton.

In addition to books I am a fan of a web comic called Lore Olympus; new “episodes” are posted online each week. Last updated May 8, 2020.

Favorite Crafts

A fair amount of the art I've created falls under collage or mixed media (usually a combination of collage with another medium or media, most of the time acrylic paint). Most of my work is done on wood panels. Sometimes I have works on paper custom framed.

Some other media and techniques I like include: acrylic monoprinting, ATCs (do not collect them though), colored pencil, cyanotype, drawing, embroidery, graphite, mail art (envelopes and postcards), pen, pyrography (wood burning), rubber stamping, sewing by hand, zentangle.

Things I've dabbled in or with (perhaps taken one class or tried a handful of times... still consider myself a beginner): acrylic pouring, Asian ink painting, beading/jewelry making, bookbinding, calligraphy and lettering, charcoal, Copic markers, encaustic painting, gilding, oil painting, pastels, photo transfers, printmaking (linocut), punch needle, resin topcoats, water marbling, watercolor.

Would like to learn: crochet, cross stitch, knitting, macrame, machine sewing, metalworking, weaving. Updated May 24, 2020.

A to Z and Wishlist

A to Z (just about done now, but may add things as I think of them)

A - acrylic, air mail labels, Allure Beauty Box, anemone (flower), Anthropologie, antique, applique, architecture, art, Asian American, asparagus

B - baking, Birchbox, blue, Boden, bookmarks, books, botanical, brass, bubbles, buttons (sew-on)

C - calligraphy, camping, carrots, cats, caves, citrus, charcoal, cherries, chocolate, classic novels, clementines, collecting, collage, collard greens, colored pencils, colorful, constellations, contemporary art, cookies, cooking, Copic, coral, corn on the cob, crocus, cyanotype

D - daffodils, dancing, dill, doors, dresses, dried flowers, dystopian books

E - Earth, eBay, embroidery, envelopes, environmentally friendly, ephemera

F - Fabfitfun, fabric, fantasy, farmers' markets, fashion, feathers, ferns, fiber art, fiction, floral, folk art, fruits

G - galaxies, gardening, garlic, geometric, gift wrap, gold, granola, grapefruit, graphite

H - hedgehogs, hiking, hippos, houseplants

I - illustrations, images accompanied by non-English text, ink

J - jam, jogging

K -

L - landscapes, learning, leaves, lemons, letter writing, lettering, libraries, limes, lip balm/gloss, lychee

M - magazines, mail, mail art, mailboxes from different countries, manatees, maple syrup, maps, mixed media art, monoprinting, murals, museums, mythology

N - nature, nectarines, notecards

O - okra, onion, oranges, otters, owls

P - painting, paper, paper punches, parks, passion fruit, pastels, pen, peppers, peppermint, photography, pickles, Pittsburgh, planets, playing cards, plums, Pokemon GO, Poshmark, postage stamps, postcards, postmarks, pressed flowers, pretzels, produce, public art, public transit, puzzles

Q - quilts (appreciate but do not create them myself)

R - reading, recipes, retro, reuse, road signs from other countries, rock climbing, rocks and minerals, rose gold, rubber stamps (wood mounted)

S - science fiction, Scilla siberica (blue squill), sculpture, sea shells, secondhand, sedums, seed packets, sewing, singing, skincare, sloths, snacks, snowdrops, Soko Glam, Spotify, spring, stationery, street art, stuffed grape leaves, succulents, summer, sunrise/sunset, Swap-bot

T - tabbouleh, tacos, thrift shopping, traveling, trees, tulips, typography

U - umbrellas, used postage stamps

V - vegetables, vintage

W - waffles, walking, wallpaper, washi tape, water soluble art crayons and pencils, watercolor, windows

X - x-rays

Y - yard sales

Z - zentangle, zines (do not make, but would read), zodiac (Chinese and Western)

Wishlist with specific items:

  • All sorts of [true] vintage paper
    • Playing cards, especially ones with floral designs.
    • Postcards, mainly looking for ones with flowers/leaves/plants and ones of Pittsburgh, PA.
    • Gift wrap, wallpaper, maps, empty seed packets, stationery, greeting cards, and just about any other ephemera/paper/cardboard that is vintage.
  • Newer paper
    • Original images or illustrations (not copied or printed out) for collage/mixed media art. Vintage would be a plus, but not necessary.
    • Non-scrapbook paper that has a pattern or print.
    • Grocery store circulars or food catalogs from other countries with pictures of fruits/vegetables/food. (Bonus if the pictures are next to text in a language other than English!)
    • Used postage stamps, especially from other countries. I'd also appreciate it if you used an interesting stamp(s) on your swap to me! I prefer newer, colorful ones that do not feature people.
    • Used or new air mail labels, especially vintage ones and from other countries.
    • Circular date stamp cancels from your mail, packages, or old Delivery Confirmation receipts. (Please leave space around it for me to cut it out myself.)
    • bookmarks
  • Crafty/swap supplies
    • Wood mounted rubber stamps with a realistic image. (If you send me clear stamps I will probably pass them on to someone else or list them in my album for private trades.)
    • Stamped images (black archival ink preferred) on white cardstock or other white thicker paper. Different colored inks and light colored paper may be interesting as well. I mainly just don't want images on plain white printer paper, thanks.
    • Ranger archival ink pads
    • stencils/templates for making handmade envelopes
    • standard size hole punch
    • labels (mainly to use on envelopes to write addresses if the envelope is a darker color or handmade)
  • Books
    • Bulfinch's Mythology: The Age of Fable by Thomas Bulfinch
    • Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold by Stephen Fry
    • The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
    • Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
    • The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
    • Wake, Siren: Ovid Resung by Nina MacLaughlin
    • On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong
    • Sharks in the Time of Saviors by Kawai Strong Washburn
    • How Much of These Hills is Gold by C Pam Zhang
    • White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo
    • Born a Crime by Trevor Noah
    • Math with Bad Drawings by Ben Orlin
    • Educated by Tara Westover
    • Dear Girls by Ali Wong
    • newer (published 2010 or later) books on embroidery, Chinese brush/ink/sumi-e painting, macrame, weaving, punch needle, or metalworking
    • vintage illustrated children’s word picture books
    • vintage illustrated children’s nature/science-related books
  • Miscellaneous objects, art supplies, and other items
    • vintage and newer decorative tins to cut up for art
    • cyanotype supplies and original cyanotypes
    • Vintage alphabet blocks and Color Cubes blocks. (They're red, white, blue, yellow, maybe also gray... solid color on some sides and some have two colors divided diagonally.)
    • Clean food packaging that has fruits or vegetables on it (e.g. empty bag of fruit candies). Would love to receive these from other countries or ones that have text in a non-English language.
    • metal letter/envelope seal and sealing wax
    • Back pockets from jeans/jeggings (they don’t have to be blue) that you or someone else in your home no longer wants. Please leave about 3/4” of fabric around it.
    • Wooden rulers (all wood no metal straight edge). I'd also take longer pieces of a wooden yardstick if you happen to have a broken one.
    • I recently subscribed to Birchbox and am interested in trying similar subscription box samples (ones that are not more than a few months old). Mainly interested in skincare and lip balm/gloss. Not at all interested in nail polish, perfume/body mist, brow items, blush, lip liner.
    • white pots with drainage holes for houseplants
    • citrus juicer
  • Low priority (Items I can use, but already have a stash of so don't really need. If you have something you think I'd really like please go ahead and send it though (especially true for fabric since I want to make some more masks and may start experimenting with applique).)
    • blank notecards with envelopes
    • Washi tape rolls. (I prefer rolls to samples because I've tried using some samples I’ve received on cards and they were hard to unstick/unravel without tearing.)
    • Vintage and newer fabric. Especially prints that are colorful, bold/funky, floral, or feature fruits/vegetables. Also plain white 100% cotton for dyeing and creating cyanotypes.
    • vintage and newer sew-on buttons
    • embroidery floss and wooden or bamboo hoops

If we're doing a private swap I'd be glad to consider anything else you think might interest me... let me know what the item(s) are. If I'm your partner for a public swap and there's something you'd like to send me that you're not sure if I'd like/can use you're more than welcome to message me first before sending. Updated May 26, 2020.

Please do not send:

If you send me the following items they will most likely be given/sent to someone else, donated, recycled, or thrown away so please save them for someone who can use them:

  • religious, racist, hateful, or political items
  • glitter, glittery things
  • coffee, tea, drink mixes
  • items with a lot of fragrance because I get headaches
  • jewelry
  • Disney or cartoon items, angels/cherubs, clowns, mushroom motif items, stuff for kids
  • ATCs (I occasionally make them, but do not collect them myself.)
  • scrapbook embellishments, brads
  • scrapbook paper (I realize this may be unavoidable if a swap calls for paper and this is all you have. If so by all means send it.)
  • images that are not genuine (photocopies, printed out)

Thank you! Updated May 23, 2020.

Referral links/codes

If you like shopping for secondhand clothes, shoes, and/or accessories online check out this site called thredUP. I have ordered many times from them; they sell both gently used and new items for women and kids. I also like Poshmark (have been browsing there on the app more often actually) and if you haven't joined yet I'd appreciate it if you use my invite code: PANDOORA.

If you purchase things online and aren't already a member of a cash back rewards site, check out Mr. Rebates! There are a lot of sites listed with varying percentages cash back. Once you have $10 available you can request a check or PayPal. I also use ibotta; it's an app which I think now may have a browser extension as well. I compare the cash back rate between ibotta and Mr. Rebates before making a purchase... my referral code there is pkkhkvp. You have to reach $20 to withdraw your cash, but ibotta also has what are essentially coupons for items that you buy in store in addition to cash back online at a variety of websites.

Keeping Track

Note: This section has not been updated in a long time and I don't intend to add to it, but would happily delete anyone after whatever is owed has been taken care of.

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Comment: WOW~!!!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful variety of vintage ephemera! I love the playing cards with all my favorites on the back, cats and butterflies, gardening, the map, wrapping paper, stationary. . . all of it!!! THANK YOU!!!
ZoëNina rated for A Happy Surprise #4 on Jun 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you! I did really like the goodies, especially the vintage card. And your letter was so nice to read!!
vick302000 rated for Magical Bits Envie INTL #1 on Jun 15, 2020
Comment: Sorry I didn't but thank you.
tonat80 rated for Fabric/Fiber Bits and Bobs! on Jun 14, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful package of goodies!! Definitely all items that I can use...
Comment: Oh, dear. I am so sorry for taking so long to rate you! I received what you sent, and I am so thankful for all the goodies you sent. Thank you!
MikiJoyce rated for A Happy Surprise #4 on May 28, 2020
Comment: Thank you 🙏
meeltje57 rated for meeltje57 and jaz1yn on May 26, 2020
Comment: Got a wonderful envelope today. Thank you so much for sending me all these wonderful items. The mannequin board is great. And I absolutely love your flower drawing, excellent choice. I am working on your resend as we speak. Will be ready end of the week.
MSKcat rated for Ephemera Swap on May 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you for all the cool little ephemera. It was fun discovering what you put inside. I especially liked the vintage postcard and the stamps/ decorations on the envelope. I liked the local card and all the cute things you included too. Thank you!
carrotkate rated for A Happy Surprise #4 on May 14, 2020
Comment: Thank you! The seed envelope is a great find. I hope your garden is off to a good start!
Comment: I loved loved loved everything you sent me! You took such great care to tape things down to ensure it remained flat. Your stamp collection is also very impressive! Thank you so much for the lovely swap :)
fortannam rated for Send stuff from the list #1 on Apr 25, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great items! I loved the postcards and die cuts! And I’ll checkout the music suggestions!
Comment: I feel the EXACT same way you do—- about not prioritizing swaps, and not being motivated to do art projects (which is my passion). Yes, MD is on lockdown too, which even makes it difficult to get to the post office. It also gives me an excuse to stay indoors, so if it weren’t for my doggie, my mental heath would find a chance to deteriorate! Anyway, keep swapping, and the little things you send me inspired me to make a whole bunch of similar ones, from my mom’s old clip art books, so thank you for that!! Loved them! —Harley
kgomez101 rated for First Class Destash! 💌 #1 on Apr 8, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the postcards, I love every one of them!
Onehotmess rated for Thrifted and gifted #2 on Apr 4, 2020
Comment: I loved it all! Ty!
carrotkate rated for Put spring on! #2020 on Mar 31, 2020
Comment: The stamped envie was nice. Thank you!
Soapboxgirl rated for Rubber Stamp Swap #1 on Mar 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful stamps! I love the socks! They were such a sweet thing to send! Thank you for all the wonderful goodies! I cant wait to use the stamps!! <3<3<3
arystotle rated for Paper Scraps Destash on Mar 21, 2020
Comment: Love all the papers so much, thank you
smmarrty rated for Private swap - stamped images on Mar 19, 2020
Comment: Lots of good stuff - love the owls, the postage stuff and the pencil sharpener. Thanks.
Chebaby1 rated for Ephemera swap! USA ONLY!!! on Mar 18, 2020
Comment: I loved everything in the swap
ddoherty6138 rated for Stamped Images x 2 on Mar 4, 2020
Comment: Patty thank you for the package. Lovely set of stamps.

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meeltje57 on May 23, 2020:

The lost postcard

SoCarla on Dec 9, 2019:

THANKS for joining the destash swap, and for a detailed, well filled out profile.

CurlyTea on Dec 18, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

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Handmade Postcard Club

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PookiePie1307 on Jan 22, 2015:

I'm at work but think I might be able to assist you in some of the books you're looking for! I buy, read, and sell like new condition books all the time (I sell them very, very cheap to encourage more folks to read, it's a calling of mine) so generally have a pretty good stash. Maybe we can arrange a private swap! If I don't have them now I will definitely in the future. I just sold the entire MI series a few days ago for $1 a book, wish I still had it so I could send the ones you need! Comment on my profile if you don't mind so I can find your profile again when I get home. I love love love that you guys are such avid readers!!!

Sakubik on Dec 10, 2014:

Glad you like the idea, and this time we have even twice the participants!

I recall you have contacted your partner about it and since this includes no physical sending I am not too strict on this one :D But please still try to finish some time soon ;) Would love to see the old and new one

Mugsie on Nov 27, 2014:

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Blessings, cc

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