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....With love to all my swappers and kiddo swappers. I will be taking a break from swaps for a while until I am healthy and my Crohn’s Disease stops kicking my butt. I thank you all for the amazing cards and sentiments over the past month. 💗 I have all of them in my room here.

I am a stay at home mom of a daughter who is in Kindergarten this year. I have been on swap-bot for 6+ years and have found the most amazing community here. I am a Gold Award Girl Scout so I have just started the first Daisy troop in my area. The family tradition has continued...My daughter is a 4th generation Girl Scout! I started a group for kids to swap along with us adults. Group name: “Kids Swappers” I love items with the theme/or the items themselves.....play/book Wicked, wacky/quack medical equipment, Elves, my Swedish culture, The Dahlia Horse, Gingerbread Men/Women, University of Connecticut, anthropology, archeology & bones of all sorts, military, law enforcement, old keys and PEZ machines. Law enforcement patches. All things girl scouts.(GirlScout Patches, pins, books, and anything that you can think of. Someone took the time to earn those and I feel that they should be with people who like to display them and love them! Also, old daisy leaders since we are a brand new troop if you have patches bought in bulk and never used please pass them along and when we get funds we can send out something..( Once cookie sales start I am hoping to have more than $18 in our acct. 😂 Part of starting a new troop) I am an old soul and find great spiritual connections with items with true heritage.


Flaked on (Dec 2018) -Christmas Time is Here.card swap Int. By TINANG 😡(Angel by gatzcat❤️) -WIYM: Winter and/or Christmas Package by BABYBEE78 🤬 -Margo’s PB Stocking Stuffer USA by BABYBEE78 (again)😡

-Getting started postcard swap #13x2 by XTINA4ALWAYS😡

Flaked on (September 2018)/ status update —-Swappers Dream by ALISHA98119. 😡(Med. flat rate 📦) Sent junk to me December 22, 2018.

Flaked on (September 2018)——Falling for fall-newbie friendly swap by AVA78. The coordinator did check the participants scores as stated and refuse to angel RAMYA 😤😡

What I do in my day

Mostly paper crafting these days. Smash Journals, junk journals Started a planner again with a friend (We love inspiring and religious items to help us together get through our treatment days). Our newest adventure has been a bullet journal. Junk journals are still my favorite thing to play with. Paper punching and die cutting just to keep my hands busy. I love doodling on envelopes and coloring postcards. Small things I can take with me on the go.

If you want to extreme coupon and then earn rebate cash I have an amazing team of “stay at home couponers” Our Coupon group also has a team on ibotta. You just get the app (use this link below for an extra $10 start up and you will start earning cash from your grocery shopping, clothing stores even amazon. When working as a team we reach “goals” (Ex. Buy milk (not even a certain brand) once you upload your receipt you get .25 cents, but if your team has 5 people buy milk you will all earn an extra $1. Strawberries were bogo today so it was .50 per package I could earn when I took a picture of my receipt. I had two (store sale gave me one free and then I had a $5 off produce coupon-so you can coupon stack and bogo and still get two rebates). So I earned $1 for the two strawberries since I had two on my receipt, got the two strawberries I needed and still had left over money towards my premade salad (any brand) which earned me an ibotta rebate of an additional $1. So if you are a couponer and don’t use double stacking techniques I can help you learn. If you are a master and do not have Ibotta but want another way to earn rebates for buying everything. Literally, I go somewhere and like Payless , Macy’s, Kohls, in store and online. (Currently, Payless has a clearance $5/$10 shoe sale and then I orderthem Online through Ibotta and get another 3% rebate. Or go to the store and order and you get a 2% rebate. My teammate got a new Refridgerator at Best Buy on sale. Samsung had a rebate and then his ibotta rebate was over $30 because he received his percentage off what he purchased in store and then will eventually get a rebate from Samsung. I am not paid or anything from this company. I just love the thrill of getting what I need and maybe something new that wanted to try but felt guilty about and then making money back in rebates. Best part Payment:::: Directly to your PayPal account which is in turn cash (well safer than cash!) or you can use it to buy gift cards...I They always have a gift cards bonus. Today was if I got a Starbucks gift card for $20 Or up I would get an extra $3. No brained since I was going there. Gift cards are immediately sent to you via email and I literally used it 5 minutes later. They scanned it right off my phone. You can also print them out or gift them. So I am OCD about many things, coupon lists, coupon stacking and I am added this app to my list. To join my group: remember the more. Of us the more group cash earned. I am at $347 cashews out this month and have not bought something I wasn’t already planning to buy. Copy and paste the link below and put in your internet browser or use the link at the top of my profile if it shows. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 https://ibotta.com/r/blscwwg

I am reviewing another stay at home and earn cash app starting this week. A SB friend asked to review and see if the time to take surveys was worth the money earned. I will report back soon🤑

Favorite Television

Bobs Burgers is a family favorite. The goldbergs, Fresh off the boat, Brooklyn 99, Super Store, Snapped. Netflix-Unbreakable, Schitts Creek, Stranger Things, all the documentaries.

Rating system

I always try to spoil my partners. I know any of you like myself, have limited access to go to the stores or mail box...So I try to go once a week and stock up on items that will always try to make your day a little happier. If I fail to do so please message me me !! I strive for HEARTS...But really I strive to make you you smile. I will always try to be profile based if possible I’ve only had to give ones to people who never sent their swap. I give out fives & mostly hearts if effort is put forth. If I do not write a comment it’s because I haven’t got a chance or a bad connection, I will try to come back and give you one. If for some reason you get a five and a heart with no message just assume I love it. If your letter is sent out a day late I will never need an explanation. I live in Florida where my retired hippie postman goes by when he wants to. 😃

What makes me 😃

  • I like surprises! I put many things in my what about me section...so this may be some of the same items...I write letters, PC and RAKS almost everyday. I spend more on postage than groceries sometimes :) I am not offended by anything. -Box tops for education. (My daughters school need these!) -Any items of motivation!!! Spiritual Guidance -mini board game pieces,flattened travel coins -poodle or labradoodle items-Anything Poodle -Anything paratrooper related. Army, law enforcement... patches, anything that comes as extras from the gun range or a freebies with new firearm-stickers, Glock anything. -Coupons for free items, laundry pods or really great coupons. (Especially the ones you walk by at the grocery store that have a 3 month expiration date-on the items or that pop out of the machines). I am in a MOPS group that has a blessing box and its a mini food and necessities pantry. It has been used daily!! Follow the story and hopefully the legacy on Instagram @theboxesatpathway -STICKERS! My favorites Brands of stickers are "The paper studio" @Hobby Lobby), Stickos, and Jolees. I just joined pipsticks which is a surprise sticker subscription.so if interested I can email you a link for a half price month. (It is also at the top of the page) It’s been a fun surprise. I’d love to try others if your a member of a similar craft subscriptions and recommend I would love to broaden my horizons. ****I love poodles, positive messages, cancer ribbons (yellow and purple), religious items (all are welcome except u recognized religions in the USA...if this applies to you...you will know)...donuts, cactus, Swirls, flowers ,palm trees,religious sayings, Crosses, Connecticut, flamingo, kawaii, Pixar's Toy story, Wizard of OZ, Alligators, Crowns, flourishes, Beaches, Sharks, Fish, Seashells, Family words, Love words, Religious words, wood land creatures,fairies, ... {No teacher reward, letters or dollar store stickers please. The dollar store ones just don’t stick for me. I will not rate down maybe it is the heat in Florida.} Truth bomb! I do many sticker swaps...Please,don’t sign up for a sticker swap to trade old garbage. If they are discolored, smell, a whole sheet of the same exact sticker etc. I will always send you new sheets of stickers because that what people can actually use. Unless asked for retro. Then I have to go back into the stash... (Disney and kiddie stickers if sending extras for my daughter is nice and she will enjoy but please mark this down for and label for Sophia please). She is so kind and will not use mine bc they were part of my swaps. Just as I ask to use hers if needed from the kid swapping group we have. -larger paper punches or Sizzix cut outs. -Sizzix bigz cartridges -Starbucks anything.
  • I love tickets, play tickets, taxi tickets, train tickets international movie or tickets of any kind. If it’s on a thick paper. I love it.
  • Thick and neatly cut out from thicker magazines, pictures, posters, cards, anything that can be double-sided tape down or glue stick down to a journal. -markers or nice pens- pens/markers of all sorts and widths. Love and live with a sharpie in my pocket! -“wicked” the musical, “UConn” or Connecticut themed items. -Socks (foot size 8.5). In Florida socks are a commodity 😃 -Girly things- new makeup /make up samples. I am in every blind box company possible. So I always end up with samples of things that I have duplicates of, or just won’t use. The makeup swaps used to be really popular. But don’t seem to see them much anymore. We could always start our own group or have a private spot. -LuLaRoe OS—-private swaps for TC or dress, tops in larger sizes—-I bought a new closet full of cloths when I was 16-22. Then when I auto-immune flair up I lost 50lbs and two” in 6 months...so I am back to no clothes. I am willing to trade for other things as well. Message me. I am on eBay with some items but I can not deal with people who want to spend less than I have to pay in postage. eBay name : Disneymom1 -Vera Bradley small pieces. No perticular designs. At the outlets you can get the small ID holders for less than $5. -We Love the golden girls...my daughter was named after Sophia and tells everyone!
  • I do enjoy the Japanese cutesy paper that is thick enough to write on and stickers. My daughter love them even more. Please no more at this time... *No fibers,strings, fabrics,ribbon needed *No wearable jewelry, I have very sensitive skin to metals *No Food items *No Dollar store items *Never send crystals...They will be buried. They carry energy from every touch so if don’t bury in the solid for at least 24 hours then you are bringing all that energy into your home...good, bad, ugly hearted, saddened.

******Private swaps always available for pretty much anything****** I also have hundreds of paper punches most really rare Martha Stewart ones,so if you ever want to trade fun stuff or are in need of a certain theme-let me know. I have come to terms with the fact that I’m a hoarder of really nice things. If you ever want to do a private trade of adults craft items I do have my daughter doing swaps. Great lessons come along with swapping. If you ever want to do a private trade of kids or adults LuLaRoe clothing items I do you have a closet full with tags as stated. (Not a consultant!) 🙂 all large trades or expensive trades. We will make sure that we use a tracking number. Every ($30+) expensive trade that I have signed up for in the past six years, I have been flaked on. I still sign up, in hope that people will have enough respect for each other to stop this type of practice. I also believe in karma.

Swaps for Children

I saw a few swaps for children recently...then I was unable to find them again.See below the new swap group created. So join our new “Kids Swappers” group!!!

So I wanted to include some of Sophia’s likes (5 with an old soul): Obsessed with angels, the Bible and all Christian knowledge. She loves Bobs Burgers,-My little ponys, Shopkins, hair bows, Claire’s little kids collection items. Necklaces. All the girl "Blind Bags”. Has a generic American girl doll.(18 Inch). so hand made clothing is amazing or used. She has started a junk journal and enjoys writing in it (as best as 5 year old can) adding sticker and paper punches. Poodles. Unicorns. Fairies (has a fairy garden outside and a door to the fairy realm on the wall of her bedroom. So “Pixie” can fly in and out. Loves Mermaids. She is a new Girl Scout Daisy. School colors are bright blue and orange. She can not read yet but likes me to read her the American girl doll books and fancy Nancy books. (Sometimes you can find them at the thrift store for 25 cents. Used). Her name is Sophia and she is 5. Her favorite stores are Claires, 5 Below, and Sweet frog frozen yogurt. She writes weekly so stationary and postcards are awesome. Her PCs that she loves are 1950s ladies, military, castles and animals. She is 5 so anything will do!

She has many allergies so please refrain from sending food treats, candy, anything smoky and stuffed animals. I wouldn’t want you to waste them. Also,nothing with lose sparkles! I hate sparkles....really I just hate to clean them up and they never disappear.

Kids private swaps would be great as she learns to write I feel it is important for her to make the package, write the note and use her allowance to make the purchase. *With my guidance of course! Kids group= “Kids Swappers”


TakenByChance rated for Weird Quote on a Postcard on Oct 4, 2019
Comment: I bet the Golden Girls are full of so many great forgotten quotes. This was a good one. Thanks for the swap!
aspens rated for MEGA Touristy Postcard Swap USA #14 on Mar 24, 2019
Comment: Hello Kelly! I apologize it has taken so long for me to rate. Thank you for your postcard of Florida shells (& the nice quotes you put) & Happy Swapping!
arimails rated for Mermaid Postcard Swap #3-USA on Mar 11, 2019
Comment: thank you for the great PC !
Comment: Thank you for the envelope of goodies! I had to open them LOL I can't wait to try the lip balm!
trapster rated for Postcrossing Obsessed?! 85!!! on Feb 24, 2019
Comment: Omg, my husband just found your card frozen on our porch! It’s bewn awful here. The postman must have had it blown out of his hands or the box or whatever....thank you and sorry for rating so late❤️
user4532 rated for Little "Classroom" Valentines Swap on Feb 14, 2019
Comment: 👍🏻😊🌺🌷🤗😍😚😊🌷🌺❤️🌞😊👍🏻🌺🌺❤️🌷
BellaLynn rated for Kids Feb. blind bag swap on Feb 14, 2019
Comment: You did not disappoint! My daughter loved the package with all the goodies!! You went above and beyond on this one! She says thank you!!!
Comment: Thanks for joining my swap & for the great Valentine's Day card & goodies. Happy Valentine's Day!
Camiliann rated for Postcrossing Obsessed?! 85!!! on Feb 13, 2019
Comment: thank you!!....love the Peanuts stickers!...cheers...
Comment: Thank you for being my Valentine!
Comment: Sienna loved the card and the extras! She says thank you!
christy102194 rated for Postcrossing Obsessed?! 85!!! on Feb 10, 2019
ArtsyEm rated for Little "Classroom" Valentines Swap on Feb 10, 2019
Comment: TY!! <3<3<3
Comment: Thank you!
SeleneW rated for Postcrossing Obsessed?! 85!!! on Feb 9, 2019
Comment: I sure hope you let Grandma in! Hehe Thank you for the PC!
wendrfl rated for Little "Classroom" Valentines Swap on Feb 8, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the Friendasaurus card and I love the stickers!
Comment: Thank you for the card and goodies!
Comment: Thank! Happy ❤️ Day
annielou rated for Little "Classroom" Valentines Swap on Feb 7, 2019
Comment: Thanks so much!!!

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Mimosagirl on Apr 27, 2019:

Hope you’re doing better and life’s going well.

Bhindblueeyes on Mar 18, 2019:

Hey hey! Did Sophia get the copy of Charlotte's Web my Mum sent down?

myancey on Mar 17, 2019:

Thanks for ur letter and we will get one off soon.

myancey on Jan 22, 2019:

So glad Sophia loves Micah mail. Glad it makes her happy. Thank u so much for allowing her to participate in penpaling. Hope she feels better soon

myancey on Jan 5, 2019:

Thanks Sophia! from MIcah! we love the RAK and the stickers. Thanks for the card! we love it. watch the mail , micah has thrown a postcard in the mail to ya!

Bhindblueeyes on Dec 28, 2018:

Kelly and Sophia,

I have no idea how to thank you for your lovely parcel! I opened it last night and was simply overjoyed. I can tell so much thought and so much care was put into this package. I do love EVERYthing in it, but I have a special fondness for the little troll doll - I used to have quite a troll collection as a kid! I can't wait to sit and sort through everything again as I put it in its proper place. I thank you both so very much. I will be trying my tea this weekend, I've already eaten most of the candy, and I'm pretty excited to send lovely, glittery notes with my swaps :)

P.S. Grammy Maine was absolutely thrilled with her package as well. When I saw there was a bundle for her, I took it right over. She loves pins and is very excited to try the cocoa and tea :)

myancey on Dec 26, 2018:

Thanks Sophia! Micah loved his note. We will send u one back soon

ContraryHousewife on Nov 20, 2018:


Fabriqueen on Nov 11, 2018:

Newbie Friendly - Profile Bible Verse #10

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good deeds and moral excellence and [recognize and honor and] glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matt 5:16 AMP

Have a blessed day! Hugs, Diane

ellecamino on Nov 11, 2018:

Newbie Friendly Profile Bible Verse #10 Morning,

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

Wishing you all the best👣 Catina (ellecamino)

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