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Updated May 3, 2021

My greatest regret over the last year is that I can't go anywhere. In March I traveled 30 miles to Wyoming, MN, to be vaccinated, the first time I'd been more than ten miles from home. Rates of infection need to go way down before we visit my in-laws in central Wisconsin.

I'd planned several trips before the lockdown: Glacier and Yellowstone in last May, Botswanna in the summer with my niece who's a primary school art teacher, and Amsterdam or maybe Japan with another niece. Of course those trips never happened. That trip to Africa may never happen, and Amsterdam is a long shot. I hear the less popular national parks are not so busy. The CDC says Australia, China, Greenland and Nigeria have low risk of infection. Maybe... eventually.

My husband, a university math professor, is working from home. He teaches remote classes and works hard on getting it right. Students are doing pretty well, though mental health is a big concern and counseling services are overwhelmed. And I'm quiet until 3pm each day so it's quiet for him to work. Cleaning and cooking and baking begin at 3.

Swap-bot is a blessing now. There's practically no one in our postoffice on Thursday afternoons and that's when I mail swaps with tracking because it's quick in and quick out. I purchase postage stamps online for a better selection and one less trip to the postoffice.

Now that spring is finally here in Minnesota and by the end of May we'll be free of the danger of frost, I'm spending more times outdoors in the garden. I'll manage my swaps by pulling swaps of interest from my watchlist when the weather forecast means I'll be inside more.


I swap for blank postcards in envelopes and written, naked postcards. I send the blank postcards I receive to family and friends and people on Postcrossing; I set them aside so I won't send them for Swap-bot swaps. I don't mind gently bent corners; I lop them off with a corner rounder. Please send nice postcards that you'd happily send your family and friends.

If you're sending me a naked postcard, please send one that's a favorite of yours, sender's choice or for a swap with a theme.

No, thank you. Sorry, no hearts. Postcards to color, postcards for Christian holidays and legends, and Zazzle postcards. Those cheap sepia 32-pcs Vintage Travel Sights Landscape Retro Postcards. I have many Pomegranate postcards because I buy their remaindered postcard books at Half Price Books for $3. (Lucky you if there's a Half Price Books near you.)

manders loves kawaii


My favorite kawaii has a face. I love food with faces and anchovies with legs and animals in an unlikely milieu like cat servers at faux Starbucks.

I'd appreciate stickers and memos for mail art: faux postage, letters, writing implements, and stationery.

I enjoy most characters, especially San-X. My favorite characters at the moment are Corocoro Coronya, gudetama lazy (or depressed or fatigued?) egg yolk, Kogepan Burnt Bread, and pastel Sentimental Circus.

I'm looking for kawaii books with faces. And puffins. How could all the kawaii artists have never thought to draw puffins?

No, thanks. Poo and bottoms aren't kawaii to me. 3D stickers from sheets and sticker flakes, especially PVC and puffy. Real photos made cute aren't so cute to me. Unicorns are too sweet for me.

Books I Recommend

  • Louise Penny's binge-worthy mysteries featuring Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.
  • Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.
  • I raced through the first two books in the Gunnie Rose series by Charlaine Harris and look forward to the third book, expected in February.
  • Book club books: Nemesis by Philip Roth, a novel about the polio epidemic; When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi; Pulitzer Prize winner The Overstory by Richard Powers
  • Snow in August by Pete Hamill
  • A Promised Land. Barack Obama's memoir, read by Barack Obama
  • The Return of the Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. I read and loved the first three books in the series The Queen's Thief ages ago and will backtrack to 4 and 5 in the series.
  • The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell. It's like meeting many new people while we aren't just now.
  • I'm learning Talmud with a Daf Yomi group.

No, thank you

  • Artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners
  • Candles. My husband worries that we'll burn the house down.
  • Christian holidays, etc. I'm Jewish.
  • Coffee. I never started drinking it.
  • Extras. I have plenty of kawaii, stickers and washi.
  • Glitter, sequins and other tiny metallic bits
  • Plastic, if possible. Reuse all those bubble mailers!
  • Please, not those cheap sepia 32-pcs Vintage Travel Sights Landscape Scenery Cartoons Retro Postcards.
  • Tobacco smoke residue aka thirdhand smoke. See also thirdhandsmoke.org: People can be exposed to thirdhand smoke by touching contaminated surfaces (absorption through the skin).
  • Unicorns, unless they are images of the Unicorn Tapestries dating from the late Middle Ages.


grammypammy rated for UHM: Odd Holiday Postcards May on May 8, 2021
Comment: Thank you for such a fun swap! I love all the postcards and thanks for explaining each one.
Response: You're welcome. I'm glad you like all the postcards. Thanks for joining my swap.
Comment: Thank you, Meredith! ❀️
Response: Thank you for the rating. Is your new address in Swap-bot now?
Comment: Thank you so much!! Take Care always!
Response: You're welcome. When do you think Canada will be open to visitors for whom travel is optional? I'd like the circumnavigate Lake Superior.
Vickyen rated for CPG Things w/Wings PC - US Only on May 1, 2021
Comment: Hi Meredith! Love the pc and please thank your nephew for his service! Our oldest son went to college through the ROTC program and did his explosive ordnance training in Virginia - we loved attending his graduation there! Thankfully he never had to go into combat and I can only imagine the things your nephew has seen/had to do with three tours in Afghanistan! Again my thanks to him for his service to our country! Wishing you and yours all the best and please stay safe! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: I'm glad you like the postcard. In his first tour, as 2LT, he had patrols where he'd read because he couldn't socialize. I sent him a Kindle after asking a question on Amazon about how it'd work in those conditions. Lots of ex mil said great! Tom was thrilled because he was running out of reading material. Now he always has an iPad at hand.
rhinoluvr rated for Send 3 From the List #17 on May 1, 2021
Comment: Hi Meredith! πŸ‘‹ Thank you so much for this great packet of happy mail. I love everything in it, especially the Rhino postcard. πŸ’ŸπŸ¦ Thanks again, and for your messages. You have a way with words. So I hope you’ve written down your experiences, perspective & firsthand accounts, if not in op-ed pieces, then in a journal or similar. Take care πŸ€—
Response: You're welcome! I'm happy when what I send is your happy mail. I started journals that languish, probably because I think no one will read them and people do read my letters and postcards.
Comment: Meredith, thank you for the kitty goodies. It's so fun to go through. Sumikko Garushi characters look like blobs to me that I forget some of them are animals, lol.
Response: You're welcome. Animals and a pork cutlet?!!
Comment: Happy 24th!! Even happier Indian take out! I could go for some of that...
Response: Thank you! There aren't too many places with good vegetarian takeout here. Pizza is best eaten straight from the oven and I'm making it in our oven now!
Comment: I just saw there are two postcards.. so far I have only received card 1 :) how neat !! thank you!!!
Response: You're welcome! Of course they wouldn't travel together even though they were mailed together!
Comment: Thank you for the cute bird PC! How funny that your brother lives, here too! Small world :)
Response: You're welcome! He worked at the UNT health center for several years - you might have run into him!
Comment: The tapes on the envelope are so fun! Thank you for the goodies inside. Always a pleasure to receive happy mail from you!
Response: You're welcome. You could be like Pattie and several other partners who peel off the tape and save it!
raniheartspaper rated for KSU: Join now, mail Monday! on Apr 25, 2021
Comment: Those pocket folders are so handy! Thank you so much for the goodies! I'm saving the letter to read when I have time this week. Can't wait!
Response: You're welcome. When I received a pocket letter as a RAK I realized they are the perfect size for sending mini memos and perfect for this swap plus an extra!
susieq11 rated for Transportation Postcard on Apr 25, 2021
Comment: Great choice - it’s a beautiful postcard! Thank you so much. I love anything space and rockets!! : ) Thank you for joining my swap!
Response: You're welcome! I love space and would love to travel through space though, sadly, it won't happen in our lifetimes.
AmyMarie rated for Three Postcards in an Envelope #8H on Apr 24, 2021
Comment: Thank you for all the postcards - interesting illustrations and all in my interests. I hope the verdict has released the tensions in your community. Take care.
Response: You're welcome. Anxiety about the imminent announcement affected my husband's students who were taking an exam that evening. After the announcement of the verdict there was a huge collective sigh of relief and the exam went forward without a hitch.
Comment: Thank you for a great swap. The washi is very pretty and the postcards are my favorite kind! πŸ’–
Response: You're welcome. I'm glad you like it! I really appreciate the prompt rating - I've had to chase more than a few lately.
ayahsantos rated for Non-Tourist Postcards #26 on Apr 19, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much Meredith! I love when I get you as a partner :) Take Care always!
Response: You're so welcome! There's one more swap headed your way, yet more postcards.
marclively rated for 5 Postcards to 2 Partners #212 on Apr 18, 2021
Comment: great cards!
Response: I'm so glad you like them! Thanks for the heart.
Comment: LOVE love love the strawberry memos!! You can send me all this produce all over again for the met me swap [hint hint] XOXO
Response: You're welcome. Corcoro Coronya πŸ“ ?
ccmmsu rated for KSU: 5 LARGE flake stickers on Apr 16, 2021
Comment: As usual you've spoiled me! It's very sweet of you to match stickers to my random likes. :) I have a magnet board next to my desk where I display my favorite cards/postcards/drawings I get in swaps, and your contributions are taking up a good percentage of it now. :) I adore this weird little postcard! Also, french toast from homemade bread?!! That needs to happen here. I see baking in my future.
Response: No drawings from me! I learned years ago that I can't draw and then recently that hand/eye coordination - like catching a ball and drawing - never developed because I didn't get glasses until I was 9 and hand/eye coordination and peripheral vision develop before age 5. I'm glad you like the big sticker flakes.
Basilika rated for MAIL ART - Botanical on Apr 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely mailart, I really like the warm colours and sense of exuberance!
Response: You're welcome! I am *so* glad it finally arrived! I was all set to make another one. I made yours from my favorite catalog for perennial plants and bulbs and would make a resend from the new catalog that arrived recently.
Comment: Food and honey washi...[stroking them].... sooooooooo happy!!! (And I like how you finish off the sample. Classy. I'll have to remember that!) And a too cute Spirited Away postcard! Thank you for all the goodies. I love them all. XOXO
Response: You're welcome. I'm glad you're HAPPY!!!

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sebastian122 on May 8, 2021:

Thank you (from us both) for the Bosch-modern postcard. It's pretty awesome. =D

HippieChick on May 7, 2021:

Thank you for the adorable sticker flakes and lovely letter! I will have to look up the Gudetama Youtube page now, thanks. ;)

Bhindblueeyes on May 6, 2021:

Meredith, my informed delivery has shown me a PC in my box for my Dad and one for me! Thank you so, so much! The pile of mail for him is growing (YAY!), and I always appreciate the surprises in either of my mailboxes :) Thank you for so often thinking of me, you are an absolute doll!

xninolax on May 5, 2021:

Thank you so much for the amazing postcard from James Jean fantasy artist. I can see why you like t buy his book os postcards! Lovely style. Thanks fr sharing <3 MAW April 2021

anicka22 on May 4, 2021:

Thank you so much for the beautiful washi samples. They are sooooo pretty, especially the one from William Morris. Thank you for your letter as well! You really made me happy.

kiddomerriweather on Apr 29, 2021:

Thank you for the lodging PC you sent me for my April WW!

Bhindblueeyes on Apr 29, 2021:

Thank you for the winter PC! You have a knack of reminding me I am thought of when I need it the most. The weather in ME is crazy right now. It was close to 80 last Saturday and then dipped to winter temps again the next few days! This PC looks how it feels, even though our snow is gone. lol. xoxoxox

LadyJo on Apr 28, 2021:

Thank you for the April WW of washi and the nice note. The fields sound so pretty! Thanks again!

sebastian122 on Apr 28, 2021:

Well don't let me stop you from hosting. ;-P~~~

Mimosagirl on Apr 22, 2021:

Thank you so much for the extra send ! These are all new to me! I’m adding these to my cherished collection πŸ˜€πŸ’– I am always curious how other kawaii stationary fans store their collections. Any suggestions appreciated. I’m debating on investing in binders and pocket pages. Thank you for your generosity and sharing! 5*

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