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About Me

Hello! I'm not sure how I found this site, but I am wishing I found it sooner! laugh! I've been crafting for a very long time, and like learning new crafts, too! I'm a stay-at-home type, so have plenty of time for making things (when my cats let me!). I'm a silly, easy-going sort, love to be silly, make puns, and hug. :D

Favorite Music

I like lots of different kinds of music! I especially like silly stuff (bonus points if you have heard of the FuMP or Dementia Radio!), alternative 80s, ska, goth, rockabilly, classical, show tunes, swing, bagpipes, Celtic, Thomas Dolby, progressive, and more. Led Zeppelin, Yes, Rush, and Pink Floyd rank at my favourite bands. The only music I really dislike is rap, country, pop-fluff, the Beatles (and Lennon), and easy listening. :)

Favorite Books

I think most of my preferred reading lies in the 'young adult' fantasy (but not the Twilight saga!). To give an idea, I have read many by Rick Riordan (The Percy Jackson chronicles, and as much as I can of the New Olympians series)...I am currently starting his Kane series. I read nearly all of the Warrior series, loved Fablehaven (Brandon Mull), and read Pegasus and the Flame (Kate O'Hearn--first book in a series, and I will read more!). In rather stark contrast, I have also have read most of H. P. Lovecraft, and much of E. A. Poe. Neil Gaiman is just amazing, and I have read nearly all his stuff that I can get a hold of! That brings me to my next category--I love well-written graphic novels! :D Sandman, Fables, The Watchmen, and more...so many good ones out there! :)

Favorite Movies

I love animation!! Oh do I love animation! I am a Disney-phile, and eagerly await their new animated releases! As for non-Disney, a quick list is: Legend of the Guardians. Rise of the Guardians, the Shrek movies, Forbidden Planet, any Miyazaki movie, and others! I like non-animated as well, usually sci-fi/fantasy movies, and super hero ones. :D I am also a fan of a good action flick, like xXx, the Transformers, and Elysium.

Favorite Television

I actually don't watch a whole lot of TV. We love our Netflix! giggle I've been watching Doc Martin! I am also a HUGE My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fan! giggle! I like animated series, such as Batman or Superman, but really don't seek them out. Most of the series I enjoy(ed) aren't on anymore. :) I like Disney's Gargoyles and Gummi Bears, The Thundercats, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Trigun, and Cowboy BeBop.

Favorite Crafts

My two favourite crafts are scrapbooking and card making. I also like colouring, plaster figurine painting, learning to do things with duct tape, basic jewelry, and some sewing. I also like learning new crafting skills!


I think for this category, a simple list is the easiest. :)

Likes: --CATS! Oh gosh do I love cats! Big ones, little cats, cartoon cats, serious cats, silly cats, Grumpy cats, Jellicle cats, Hello Kitty cats, scaredy cats, cuddling cats...okay, I guess you get the idea! giggle!!

--Fantasy/Mythology: I love mythological/fantasy beings, anything from the Fey, Unicorns, Pegasus, Dragons, Gargoyles, winged critters, the mystical and magical intrigue and sing to me often. I suppose here I can also include celestial imagery (like silvery Moons or Stars, or golden Suns, and the Zodiac, be it Western or Oriental). Any of these can be from the most detailed/realistic to the cute! Which brings me to...

--Kawaii--Yes! I love cute! What better way to brighten your mood, or the mood of another, than with something irresistibly cute? From fruits/veggies with faces on them to frolicking or snuggling critters (real or not!) Cute! Bring it on! :D

--My Little Pony Friendship is Magic--Ohhhh my yes! I am a Brony/Pegasister (depending who you ask!) Regardless, the show is just pure magic, as the name suggests! :D My fave characters are Pinky Pie and Derpy Hooves!

--Disney--I love their animation, be it their shorts (featuring their 'core' characters), or their full-length movies. I also love Disney World!

--Colours--Certainly all are wonderful, and all are needed, but currently my faves are purples, blues, and silver. Please don't let that limit your creations for the swaps, though! :D

--Silly!--I love being silly! How that can translate into the crafting, I'm not sure, but I thought it should be noted! :D

Well, these are great for a start. :D Now, onto the flipside:

--Bugs--I'm using the generic term here. This pretty much means anything with more than 4 legs. chuckle Not a fan of them! This is especially true for spiders. UGH! >. .< Is 'you' really so hard to type/write that it has to be truncated to 'u', for example?

Just a Note :)

Well, I am very much new to this site, so I am likely missing some important information to add to the profile. :D I shall have to see what other profiles look like, and join a swap or two, and likely add more later! I look forward to sharing and seeing other creative works of art!

Also! I will only be able to send to people in the continental US. Thanks! :)

And Another Thing! :)

Just as a thought, if there are those of you that wish to stay in contact beyond the swap that I 'meet' you in, let me know! :D


Rocktopus rated for Kawaii Letter! ^^ USA on May 21, 2016
Comment: Great letter! I think the best part was the jokes. :)
Response: I like dumb jokes and I cannot lie!! Hope to hear back from you! :)
irishp rated for Penpal Swap #01 (USA) on May 10, 2016
Comment: Never received anything. I assumed that it just got lost in the mail, but then I noticed that you didn't receive a rating from your other partner either. I can re-rate if I receive something.
BeadDiva rated for Envelope Flip Book on Apr 29, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the flip book. I enjoyed the bird theme and all the goodies inside.
CariahCreates rated for ~Profile Based Booty Box~ on Apr 24, 2016
Comment: Thank you for all of the goodies! The doggy box you made is adorable, the soap smells lovely and the miniatures are so cute.
Response: You are most welcome! Glad you like it all! :)
Shellyrio rated for Let's Stuff It 2.0 - US on Jun 3, 2015
Comment: Thank you for my disney goodies!! Those disney tapes are awesome!!
Response: Glad you liked 'em! :) They were bought at Disney World, actually, and I never really found a good use for 'em! I'm glad they have a good home! :)
CarolWestcamp rated for Cat Pocket Letter on May 26, 2015
Comment: What an awesome Pocket Letter! I love how you decorated it and filled it with cat related goodies. I'll be mailing back a letter with the mail tag soon. :)
Response: Yayy! I hope you do! :D
sassafrass rated for Window Pane Letter Swap on Apr 23, 2015
Comment: What an amazing swap! So creative! I love how you made a theme out of it, and how you put everything together like a story :) Love all the wonderful little goodies you included; the cute flowers, washi, tea, jewelry supplies, paint chips, and your letter. Thank you so much for a thoughtful and creative swap!
Response: You are most welcome! I'd love to hear back from you! :)
TrishaLouise rated for Itty Bitty Book on Mar 22, 2015
Comment: Thank a bunch for the awesome mini book.
Response: you are most welcome! :D
PookiePie1307 rated for G4 My Little Pony ATC Swap on Mar 20, 2015
Comment: I love them! Is that nail polish?!
Response: Yayy! Glad you do! No, not nail poslish--never use the stuff! They're a product called 'Stickles', essentially acrylic paints in narrow-nozzled bottles. :)
Comment: Nanananananananana Batman! Awesome swap, thanks so much!
Response: Yayy!! :D
JypsyJenifer rated for Geeky Flat Surprise #1-Edited on Mar 7, 2015
Comment: FANTASTIC! ;) Thank you so much for the bookmark!
Response: You are quite welcome! :D Glad you enjoyed it!
KrackerJaxx rated for Itty Bitty Book on Mar 6, 2015
Comment: I love that you made the book gardening style! Thank you!
Response: thought you would like that!! :)
Druidha rated for Creative Pen Pal Swap #2 on Mar 6, 2015
Comment: Thanks for your letter and the extra stuff. How cute is that bird clip?? I loved it. I'll be replying soon.
Response: Yayy! Glad you liked it! I look forward to hearing from you! :)
freyja3120 rated for Pocket Letter on Mar 5, 2015
Comment: I love everything! The brads, the washi, the stickers, the tags, the patch, and oh my goodness the paper clips! Thanks so much!
Response: You are very welcome! :D It was fun to find the stuffs! :D
saturner rated for Itty Bitty Book on Mar 2, 2015
Comment: Thank you for a very cute itty bitty book
Response: Thank you! And thank you for the heart! :D
MCGalaxy rated for Private Paper Swap on Mar 1, 2015
Comment: Thank you for doing this personal swap with me
Response: A pleasure! Would do so again! :)
Comment: Oh my goodness, so many cuties! The tuxedo tabbys really gave me a thrill, as did the washi! And the birthday card was the icing on the kitty cake! Thanks so much!
Response: You are most welcome!! :D I like to read the profiles of my 'victims'! :D
Comment: Thank you so much! You have an awesome collection.
Response: I do? it' not much of one, but a little while back, I had some money, found a decent site, and just bought a bunch. :) Glad you liked it! :)
jaceslave rated for Halloween ATC Swap - USA Only on Oct 17, 2014
Comment: Thank you
Comment: I love these books. They are amazing. Thank you so much for putting so much time into them.
Response: Yayy! You got then!! I was beginning to get worried! :D They were fun to do, especially the Halloween one! Thanks for the heart!

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Pinkie Power!

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Thank you for the beautiful card! You are so sweet and I'm looking forward to swapping with you, too :) I hope you have a lovely Christmas!!

Omi on Oct 3, 2014:

Hey- just wanted to check in on the package. The tracking said it arrived safely Thursday but that doesn't always mean safe-safe, you know? Just making sure you got it! (And hopefully liked it.) I'll try to remember to get you a picture of the shawl I'm working on with the yarn.

Omi on Sep 12, 2014:

Just popping in to say hello! I'm heading out on vacation next week, but once I get back I'm going to put together your package and get it out in the mail!

teli on Aug 26, 2014:

I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for your super sweet comment on my swap. :)

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yay for more MLP fans out there!

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