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Country: Germany
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About Me

Hi! I'm an American living in Berlin, Germany...I'm a formerly avid synchronized swimmer (can't find the time now!) and love things such as learning new languages, traveling, writing, collecting stickers, reading, etc. etc.

I'm a mom to two children - my beautiful little girl that was born on July 2010 and my precious baby boy who was born on November 2013. Since becoming a mom, I've learned how much effort it takes to be one! I guess you don't understand how much your mom did for you until you become a mother yourself :o)

  • I reuse packaging and envelopes when I mail items out.

  • I also use notecards only to protect the swap, I never write in them because I figure that you can then use them again, either for another swap or for a letter :) When sending me a swap, if you could do the same, that would be awesome!

I pledge to rate the day I receive a swap!

I also pledge to not send you any CRAP! I always really carefully read my partners' profiles and try to only send items I think they would like and use. If I'm having trouble getting a swap together, I ASK my partner what they might also like. I would really appreciate it if my swap partners would do the same, thanks!

If you have any questions or problems, please just send me a message and will get back to you as soon as I can. I'm a very honest person and do make sure that I send out each swap on time. In the case where I am late, I also inform my swap partner beforehand. I send all of my swaps and would never cheat someone out of their share. Please take into consideration that I am 6 - 9 hours ahead of people in the US and 7 - 10 hours behind people who are in Australia / New Zealand, but I will respond to you as soon as I can! I'm usually only logging on when my kids are asleep, if I haven't passed out with them.

Favorite Music

Most everything! I love being exposed to new music, I'm a very open person!

Favorite Books

I enjoy reading all sorts of books. Book recommendations are always appreciated.

Favorite Movies

I appreciate independent sorts of films but also enjoy blockbusters. I have a tendency to really like films that put other people (and past boyfriends) to sleep...for example: 1. Harold and Maude....2. Watership Down...3. Somewhere in Time....4. Birth...etc. etc. etc...

My recent favorite movie genres:

  • Generation X

  • Dystopian

  • Steampunk

  • Paranormal love stories - for example, the Twilight series, Let Me In, Warm Bodies...

Favorite Television

I enjoy and miss American television! Reality t.v. (Survivor, The Amazing Race), documentaries, comedies, anything. I also like British t.v. as well. With German television, I usually like to watch their comedy skit shows and their documentaries are pretty good. Other than that though, I really don't enjoy German television. :o(

Favorite Crafts

At the moment, I'm not doing any crafts...hardly any time for it with my little ones! However, I first started creating crafty sorts of things when I was 7 (sewed my first felt Christmas ornament), my grandma taught me to use the sewing machine when I was 11. Since that time though, I really didn't do much with sewing, besides the occasional clothing tear repair, sewing a button that fell off or creating a synchro headpiece for my competitions. With Swap-Bot, I've been able to get back into creating for fun and have sewed stuffies, my first Dotee and made Whimsey Jars.

Other things I enjoy sewing / creating are things such as handmade bracelets, bookstrings and hair accessories. Hope to finish a t-shirt quilt which I have put off for years!

Shipping information

Since sending larger packages from Germany takes too long (a birthday present to a friend in the US once took 3 months to arrive!!! :o( ). I'm only interested in trading items overseas that can be sent at the "Letter Rate", which means any size letter or padded envelope (up to 500g, which is about 1 lb.). Within Europe, sending packages is fine with me. The German Post is surprising, some items sent internationally can arrive in 5 working days, some items take a few weeks, please be patient because I send all my swaps. In the case where an item has not been received, please contact me before rating so we can work something out, thanks! :o)


Shipping from the US to Germany can be very expensive! Please ship "International First Class" and NOT Priority...you can save about 1/3 of the price. Also, it seems that every pound costs around 10 dollars, so please keep that in mind in terms of what sort of items you send. Also, to reduce the weight, you can do things like....remove packaging & use lighter envelopes. If you send me a DVD or CD for example, you can just send the DVD and paper without the plastic container...just make sure the DVD / CD is protected with harder paper.


I’ll like anything you can send that doesn’t cost you much to ship! For example...

  • Cute stickers (modules - from those sticker strips like Sandylion or Mrs.Grossman) or sticker sheets

  • Vintage 80's stickers

  • Kawaii memo sheets (loose, any size, shape, character or brand - I don't use them, just like collecting them!)

  • Sticker flakes

  • Cute plastic / cellophane gift bags that I can use to send out flat memos

  • Plain clear cellophane bags that I can use to send out my stickers in

My favorite Kawaii character is Gotochi Kitty, otherwise known as Regional / Local Hello Kitty.

I like pretty much all Japanese Kawaii and love being introduced to new styles / characters

  • Jewelry making supplies like lobster clasps, wire for making beaded bracelets, earring hooks (silver-toned), earring head pins (silver or gold-toned), or those small silver crimp beads for the ends of bracelets / necklaces

  • Embroidery thread, any color at all

  • Postage stamps from your country on the envelope you send me :)

  • Decorated envelopes - I love seeing your creativity! It's all going in my Swap-Bot smashbook :o)


I'm the Group Founder for "Free Postcards 'R' Us' which is a postcard group for people who enjoy sending and receiving free postcards (handmade, freebie / ad, upcycled notecards & greeting cards, cardboard packaging, etc.)

I love receiving naked (written on, not in envie postcards). If at all possible, please use different stamps, rather than the standard Global Forever stamp. I love US stamps and would love to see more of the variety that is out there!

If anyone wants to send me any interesting blank freebie / ad postcards, I'd be happy to take them. Either for myself or to use in swaps!

Topics you could write to me about (just ideas off the top of my head here....)

  • Your favorite movie
  • Describe the view from your window at home
  • Tell me about a funny / nice / interesting / sad / frustrating thing that happened to you recently
  • Tell me about a typical day in your life
  • Where have you traveled to and what are some of your favorite places in the world
  • Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, what do you think you were in a past life?
  • If not, what historical figure or past culture do you feel a strong interest in and why?
  • Have you ever seen synchronized swimming and if so, what do you think of it?


  • Snoopy

  • Pegasus / Unicorns

  • Matryoshkas

  • Kokeshi dolls

  • Synchronized swimming, for example, vintage books, or magazine clippings, or postcards, sometimes you even see synchro stamps from different countries. I also collect synchronized swimming pins.


  • Kool-Aid (I can’t find it in Germany)


blues, greens, magenta, burgandy, royal purple


Things I don't mind receiving if you are having trouble figuring out what in the world to send me:

  • Handmade envies

  • Cute Band-Aids

  • Loose Stickers (cute)

  • Stretchy cord / leather cord for making bracelets

  • Girl Scout Badges / Fun Patches


I'm not interested in receiving the following things...

  • Scrapbooking items...I don't do scrapbooking so don't have much use for this.

  • Embellishments - I don't need them, please don't send them to me!

  • Sewing supplies (like fabric, thread, etc.) because I have no time for this.

  • Stickers of this sort....cars or boyish themes, Panini, advertisements, handmade, stickers from trading card packages.

  • Bad quality stickers (meaning...don't send me dirty, bent, previously used stickers or stickers from various sources that are just all stuck together on a sheet, please...).

  • Please no Scrapbooking / 3D Stickers!!! (You know...Jolie's brand, or any sort of cardboard sticker with a little foam sticky circle on the back...). I just like flat stickers that I can put in my photo album. (Stickos brand is perfectly fine, as long as the design doesn't look like scrapbooking stickers.)

  • Teas (I have plenty at home and find that the best teas I've had are from here)

  • Rubber stamps - I don't use these, better to send stuff like this to someone else.

  • Book pages...I have absolutely no use for these.

  • Recipe cards

  • Chocolates with chili flavor, raisins or marzipan, white chocolate

  • Make-up

  • Jewelry - it's not that I don't like it, but since my daughter's birth, I don't wear it.

  • Diddl stuff....I've been surrounded by it since I've been living in Germany all this time. It's o.k. but not my thing.

  • ATCs - I'm not really interested in them unless you make pretty amazing ones :o)

  • Anything broken, junky or in crappy condition

  • Cat hairs! (I like cats, but don't appreciate their hair on my stuff)

  • Things that smell musty or like they come from a smoker's home (one time, I bought some stickers from ebay that smelled like they'd been sitting in a damp basement for 20 years....gross).

Just for reference...


So for my own personal reference, my tag lists:

Tags where I've posted with no response yet:

Tag - Freecard Group

Tags / RAKs / Angels / Wishlists / Rewards to be sent:

Tags / RAKs / Wishlists I'm waiting for:

Tags / Wishlists / RAKs sent and waiting for confirmation from receiver:

TAGS NEVER RECEIVED (possibly due to stupid postal system losing it or due to the person being a flaker):






Calling someone a "flake" or a "flaker" is just a nice way of saying you are a thief and a liar. If you sign up for a swap, and do not follow through on your commitment, yet receive something out of it, that's just like stealing. We ALL have lives here on Swap-Bot and have to learn to balance all of our commitments in life. If you cannot handle being fair and playing your part, then don't sign up!!!!


PerArduaAdAlta rated for Easy Swap - Cute Animals on Mar 31, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cute hedgehog! Yes, for the last year all performing has primarily been outside.
Response: Thanks so much for the rating! :)
Response: Thanks for rating! :)
clavriene rated for 15 pcs of Kawaii Swap on Jun 29, 2016
Comment: hi! i got your swap this morning! thank you so much!! I never got any hello kitty memos before so it was such a delight to receive some!!
Response: Thanks for rating! :)
snailmailkitten rated for 15 pcs of Kawaii Swap on Jun 20, 2016
Response: Thanks for rating! :)
loveKawaii rated for ILK Easy Peasy 6-16-2016 swap on Jun 20, 2016
Comment: I received the swap today! :D Thank you so much for all the amazing memo sheets (some very, very cute designs in there!), and for the super cute sticker flakes as well! I would give you more than one heart if I could, so thank you so very much, Christine, for sending me such a wonderful swap! :O)
Response: Thanks for rating! :)
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard, I love it. Sorry for the late rating.
Response: No problem, thanks for the rating and heart! :)
Comment: Love it, thank you!
Response: You're welcome, happy you liked it and thank you for the heart! :)
Comment: That. Was. AWESOME!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAAA! Paris here I come, Bear is Looking said so!
Response: So happy you liked it! This was a really fun swap and let me have a little writing outlet, which I don't get to do much of nowadays, so thank you! :)
DeidreArt rated for ILK: August 8-8-8 Swap on Sep 20, 2015
Comment: sorry for late rating ! thanks for participating !
Response: Thanks for rating and the heart! :)
Comment: Thanks Christine! :)
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the heart :)
Comment: Thank you Christine! Everything was great.
Response: Very happy to hear that! Thank you for the heart :)
marles rated for Anything Goes Postcard Swap # 7 on Jul 18, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the interesting card! Looked up Mt Nemru. Very cool artifacts! I lived in Adana, Turkey back in 1975. Yes, I'm old :) Going on a cruise in Sep. Will be seeing Ephesus! It was beautiful back then and now I'll have a better camera!
Response: Wow! You lived in Turkey? Very cool! Hope you have a wonderful trip :) Thank you for the heart! :)
Comment: It came today. Loved it all. Thank you :)
Response: Happy it arrived ok and that you liked it! Thank you for the heart :)
Comment: What a wonderful swap! :O) I loves the memo sheets you sent me, and the flakes are all wonderful as well! Couldn't be happier with everything, so thank you so very much! :o) Big hug, Silje xo
Response: Hi there, I'm super happy you liked what I sent! Thank you for the heart! :o)
EricB rated for Free Advertising Postcard Swap # 7 on Jul 1, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful card! I'd love to see Berlin someday.
Response: You're welcome! Hope you are able to visit Berlin someday, it's well worth a visit! Thank you for the heart! :o)
YooperHill rated for Anything Goes Postcard Swap # 7 on Jun 30, 2015
Comment: Thank you! Love the PC.
Response: You're very welcome! Thank you for the heart :o)
Clstew rated for Free Advertising Postcard Swap # 7 on Jun 29, 2015
Comment: Very cool PC! Loved it. Thanks for hosting!! Happy Mails!
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the heart! :o)
taeniura rated for send an ad/free card #11 on Jun 27, 2015
Comment: Thanks for die Maus! This card makes my heart sing! Have a nice trip to the US :-) Hugs
Response: Happy to hear you liked it! Thanks for your kind wishes! :o)
scrappermama rated for ad/free card #5 on Jun 21, 2015
Comment: So, so kewl & unusual! Thank you so much for sharing! Lol! Daughter thought it was creepy! Even better!!😁 Happy summer!!
Response: Lol! :) I'm happy you enjoyed the postcard ;) thanks so much for the heart! :)
Comment: Thank you! Love the stickers you chose! I could smell them as soon as I opened the envelope!
Response: I'm really happy you liked the stickers :) thanks for the heart!

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