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Thrifting for....a bird

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Thrifting for....a bird
Swap Coordinator:art3osb (contact)
Swap categories: Thrift Store 
Number of people in swap:85
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.95
Last day to signup/drop:May 5, 2012
Date items must be sent by:May 26, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

This is like an I spy and scavenger hunt but in one swap. You will go to a thrift store or garage sale and hunt for a bird for your partner. It can be anything as long as it has a bird on it. There is no price set on this find. If you would like you could find two bird items but not a requirement. You might want to let them know your shirt size just in case they might spot a cool shirt. Spring isn't too far away so finding a bird should be easy. You can shop now or wait to see who you get. I'm hoping this is a popular swap so i can create more thrifting for swaps.

SENDERS CHOICE-please do not list wants

4.95 rate with no recent 3's or 1's. Newbies need to have three type 2 or two type 3. Sorry so strict but I don't want to have to angel since it is a type 3.

Some examples:






-tote bag

-change purse



Any questions please ask.


Wingy 03/ 7/2012 #

Neat idea... If my partner gets me a shirt i would like a 3T as in 3 toddler ... Both my granddaughter and grandson wear 3T...... Toddler

Biff 03/ 7/2012 #

sounds fun.

Wingy 03/ 8/2012 #

I will take anything ;) but if you can only find a toddler shirt that would be fine with me... I dont mind anything... The fun is in the surprise :D

ladydy5 03/ 8/2012 #

The fun is the surprise!

Afemshoe2 03/10/2012 #

3T for my son just in case

mcovey 03/12/2012 #

shirt sizes just in case ---2x , 6-8 (boys ) ,medium womans

surprise me I love surprises !!

bywhitney 03/12/2012 #

I'd so love an international version of this awesome swap! What great great fun!

art3osb 03/14/2012 #

Thank you @bywhitney If this swap goes well I'll probably do one every month or bi-monthly.

StarGazer63 03/15/2012 #

Husband raises turkeys, chickens, pheasant and quail so a shirt for him size 2X would be great or for me a size small-medium.

pinokeeo 03/30/2012 #

No clothing for me, but anything else goes. I am a total birdwatcher.

pinokeeo 03/30/2012 #

Also, please please don't send anything with a scent. I am totally allergic.

whytewillow 04/ 1/2012 #

does framed art count?

candigirl 04/ 2/2012 #

2x, if you decide on a shirt...thanks!

Lady 04/ 2/2012 #

Medium or Large iff you chose a shirt. This is not meant to encourage you in that direction.

art3osb 04/ 3/2012 #

Wow, 40 joined and 53 watching so far. That is great!

I'll be checking profiles soon. Remember, no recent 1's or 3's and newbies have to have some rated swaps in before my signup deadline. Any I feel will flake will be deleted also.

art3osb 04/ 4/2012 #

@whytewillow ...yes it does as long as it has a bird.

Gofeen 04/ 6/2012 #

Would love to see an international version.

Rocktopus 04/ 9/2012 #

I wear a women's large/mens medium. iwould like to say that if I find a shirt while I am shopping that's what my partner is getting.

porpie5 04/11/2012 #

Surprise me!

FabricsandFlowers 04/12/2012 #

I'm watching for now, though will join later on. I wear a Large, or a 18 to 24 months for my daughter, or a 4T for my son. Anything is acceptable though. And thanks.

isabellasnow 04/13/2012 #

Please no clothing for me, but anything else goes! This is a great swap and I hope you'll host further thrfting for.... swaps.

art3osb 04/15/2012 #

Not putting shirt size is fine. Wanting a shirt is your choice but anything else is a surprise so please no posting wants.

@isabellasnow If this one goes well you will see more Thrifting for swaps:)

I'm changing my size to a L please, if my partner looks for a shirt but totally up to you.

nothinbutgravy 04/15/2012 #

This seems to be a sender's choice, so whatever you choose to send me, I will be perfectly pleased with :)

strawberrymilkmade 04/16/2012 #

This looks potentially hilarious/fun/sweet!!! I just attended a "Put a Bird on It" (wear something with a bird on it) themed birthday party, inspired by Portlandia a few weeks ago, too.

I'd love anything! If it's clothing, my daughter would be a 2T-3T. I wear size small (zero or 1) in women's.

institches 04/18/2012 #

What a fun idea! I'm not really into birds, so I'll be watching for other swaps.

katiewoo 04/19/2012 #

Oh how I wish this was international - it sounds just my kind of swap!

debferguson 04/19/2012 #

Another international dreamer! Pretty please can we have an international version?

twobluecrows 04/21/2012 #

I was looking forward to this one, but for now I have to drop out--too many jobs is not something I ever thought I'd complain about...but, well, there it is! See you next time!

strawberrymilkmade 04/21/2012 #

I had to drop after going thrift shopping... & being unable to find a nice bird item! :( I found a mug, but I didn't want to mail something so fragile. Wishing everyone much better luck!

Nekozet 04/22/2012 #

Tshirt size 2x - but doesn't have to be a shirt of course! :)

Peaches91011 04/23/2012 #

Found my bird...just waiting for partner to be assigned...just might find other bird related things...whomever I get will probably get more than one item...just how I am..generous and this is fun!! ^_^

Moominbrooke 04/23/2012 #

Ha! I did the same as well! Such a wealth of bird items there were that day at the Pasadena "Out Of The Closet" ! (oh yeah: my shirt size is Medium).

punkydoodle 04/23/2012 #

shirt size large. :) already found my bird.

art3osb 04/25/2012 #

I went through some of the list and had to ban a couple people. Will do more on another day.

babynavyblue 04/25/2012 #

My shirt size is large!!

art3osb 04/27/2012 #

Banned a few more people. Sorry, but any recent 1's or 3's are banned. I don't ask why you have a bad rating---I just ban. ALSO, Don't try to sneek in my swap if your from the UK. Shipping would cost too much. If you would like to volunteer for angeling if I need any , I would appreciate that. Hopefully there won't be any since my swap is strict.

I never thought thrifting for birds would be so hard but I found some. Shipping will cost a bit but I think my partner will like what they get:)

Thanks everyone for putting my swap on the top swap list.

duckduckgoose 04/28/2012 #

For Tees or Sweatshirts/Blouses etc I wear Large or XL or bigger.... I don't mind baggy.

I love anything for the birds! All BIRDS! all the time!

melrohner 04/30/2012 #

I will likely not wear a shirt but use it to make something else instead so any size will be fine:) Can't wait to start thrifting!

scooter63 05/ 2/2012 #

why can't I get into this swap? Just wondering. Sounds like fun.....Scooter63

Eeyorerocks80 05/ 2/2012 #

@Scooter63 - The minimum rating needed is a 4.95 .. you have a 4.86

art3osb 05/ 3/2012 #

LOL @charlottenc

Eeyorerocks80 is correct @scooter63 4.95 or higher

art3osb 05/ 3/2012 #

I just hope everyone rates fair. Give your partner a 5 when they get their bird and the heart (<3) is up to you. DON'T give a 3 because you don't like your bird. If you get something and it doesn't have a bird then that would be a 3. I justed wanted to point that out.

Only two more days and partners are assigned...WOOHOO:)

blessedtwox 05/ 4/2012 #

If I was @art3osb I would probably go and delete all comments that list wants, or even delete all comments and then tell people if they want to list their clothes sizes (or maybe allergies) fine, but absolutely nothing else. I was thinking about joining but I'm worried about being rated down because I didn't get something they listed here as a want. I was just going to shop and find a bird. Its way too difficult to ask people to shop for specifics on a swap like this.

charlottenc 05/ 4/2012 #

I think that's an excellent suggestion.

art3osb 05/ 4/2012 #

I read your comment @blessedtwox and deleted anyone that named specifics. If you want you can list a shirt size but that is it. NO SPECIFICS. Suppose to be a fun swap. Looking for a specific bird for partner would take the fun out of thrifting.

Anyone that wants to relist their shirt size are allowed.


Nekozet 05/ 5/2012 #

already looking forward to another swap like this one! :)

art3osb 05/ 5/2012 #

Any suggestions for the next Thrifting for....?

I'm thinking patriotic for the end of July.

Littleone68 05/ 5/2012 #

Sounds like a lot of fun. Newbie here so I won't be joining in on this one. Have fun!

moosemama 05/ 5/2012 #

Thanks @art3osb - I have rejoined because I LOVE birds! ;o)

moonfayri 05/ 5/2012 #

sounds fun. My shirt size is XL or 3T for my son or daughter. ;-)

blessedtwox 05/ 6/2012 #

Dang poo on a freakin stick! This is what I get for working late, I miss out on this swap! If you need any help with angeling, let me know and I will be happy to!

art3osb 05/ 6/2012 #

Thanks @blessedtwox I'll host another. I'm going for July...same date days.

moosemama 05/ 6/2012 #

Have you thrifted for a TURTLE yet? I found a cool turtle surprise! ;o)

art3osb 05/ 6/2012 #

I haven't @moosemama This is my first thrifting for...idea. I could set up a water creature swap.

art3osb 05/ 6/2012 #

Should I set it up for a specific thing? thrifting for...a turtle OR thrifting for...a water creature?

debhous 05/ 7/2012 #

I am isze xl if you find a shirt. Can't wait to see what I find. Have stArted looking, but want to add to package!

debhous 05/ 7/2012 #

Oh, I really like the patriotic theme.

art3osb 05/ 9/2012 #

@debhous Great. I love the 4th of July. That is why I was thinking patriotic.

clutterfree 05/ 9/2012 #

I love patriotic also but wouldn't you want to receive those items before the 4th instead of the end of the month??? Just my thoughts.

art3osb 05/10/2012 #

@clutterfree Probably but I'm thinking maybe if there are leftovers after the 4th they will mark them down lower plus I like to show off my patriotism all year round. It doesn't have to say Happy 4th Of July. Something that is patriotic and shows freedom. EX...American flag, eagle, Statue Of Liberty or anything red, white & blue.

art3osb 05/13/2012 #

Another Thrifting swap is set up.

mcovey 06/ 1/2012 #

mine was said sent on May 25th but haven;t seen it yet I hope I don;t get flaked on :(

art3osb 06/ 2/2012 #

Hey Mary, working on getting this taken care of.

pajaronegro 06/ 3/2012 #

mine was also marked sent and I never received anything also hope I don't get flaked on.

pajaronegro 06/ 4/2012 #

found mine! dropped off at wrong house.

mcovey 06/26/2012 #

I got mine today!! thanks

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