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composition journal fun-random theme

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composition journal fun-random theme
Swap Coordinator:art3osb (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing  Journals 
Number of people in swap:59
Location:Regional - USA only
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.95
Last day to signup/drop:August 31, 2012
Date items must be sent by:December 1, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

This will be my first journal swap (but not my first time hosting swaps) and thought it would be fun.

You will have 1 partner. Go out and buy a composition book (like the one above-regular size) and put random stuff in it. I'll list some ideas I came up with after I list the rules and requirements to join this swap.

You will fill the book up at least 50 pages-total entries 50 (but can be more) and you will have 3 months to do it. 3 months gives everyone plenty of time to work on their book and not just throwing it together without any thought. Have fun with it. It doesn't have to be all fancy. So, you can start Sept. 1st and have it sent by Dec.1st.


You have to have some type 3 swaps in to join since it is time consuming. 4.95 rate and no recent ones or threes. USA only due to international shipping cost.

Make sure to check partners profile so you can add stuff in the book that your partner will like

Write the date on each entry so we know when you wrote in it.

•recipes (you might want to check profile to see if they have allergies because you don't want to send a recipe with eggs in it if they are allergic to them. They will have no use for that recipe)

• poems

• drawing/doodle made by you or your child(ren)

• photo and tell about it

• book recomendations

• music recomendations

• interesting newspaper clipping (about your town maybe)

•glue an envelope on a page and stick a flat surprise inside (coupons, stickers, ribbon pieces, post cards...etc)

  • interesting newspaper clippings about your town or whatever you would like

  • recipes (make sure partner doesn't have allergies. You wouldn't want to give them a recipe that has peanut butter in it if they are allergic to peanut butter.)

  • Story about something fun you did over the summer. Maybe you went camping, trip to Disney World, visited the zoo, event that your town had (like a balloon fest or fair)

  • song lyrics

  • magazine clippings

  • your favorite websites, restaurants, places to shop, tv shows and why

  • day-to-day activities-what you are doing

  • thoughts-thinking/feeling

If you have anymore ideas please comment below or send me a message and I can edit my swap and add the list to what I already have. I could use more ideas.


thisphoenixrises 08/ 3/2012 #

Also, day to day entries/thoughts are so fun to read. :) I love hearing about what other people do/think!

angelaearley0787 08/ 6/2012 #

Hello! I am new to the site and am interested in joining the swap. =)

art3osb 08/ 7/2012 #

Sorry @angelaearly0787 but I ask that everyone has some type 3's in due to people flaking on journal swaps. I'm not sure you could get enough in by the sign-up deadline but if this one goes well I'll host another in the future.

Happygirl 08/12/2012 #

Wow! What a great idea:) I'm a little nervous, but I know it will be such fun!

art3osb 08/12/2012 #

Thank you @Happygirl It will be fun.

art3osb 08/12/2012 #

I just want to add to make sure everyone understands.

  • There should be a total of 50 entries but one entry could take more than one page.

I'm using front page mostly on mine and I'm using double sided tape to add my printed pages and clippings just because I'm afraid if I use glue it will soak through and make the pages stick and I definitely don't want that happening.

  • Can be written by hand or printed out by computer.

I'm doing both.

thebragal 08/16/2012 #

@art3osb you should get a good tape runner! So much faster than double stick tape and available cheaply at Walmart and office supply stores. Even at Target and some $ stores.

Dragon68 08/16/2012 #

While getting another swap ready I came across something interesting that I'd like to share with my partner. I have my book already and want to know if I can start filling it up now or do I nees to wait until sept 1st.

Dragon68 08/16/2012 #

Oops ! I can't type today (lol).

art3osb 08/16/2012 #

@thebragal Thanks! I'll have to shop fo some.

@Dragon68 I've started mine with a few things I think anyone would like so if you find it interesting I'm sure many people would. I'd wait on recipes in case of allergies, religous stuff because some people don't like it, stuff like that. I've only done 3 pages and I'm holding the rest off until we are assigned because I want to make sure I put stuff in it that I know they will like or stuff I'm pretty sure will find interesting. It would probably be best to wait on most of it.

Dragon68 08/16/2012 #

I understand and agree. I do think that anybody would enjoy what I have recently come across so I guess one entry down 49 to go.

JuliasAlteredArt 08/17/2012 #

Is it okay if we make out partners journal as long as it is the same size as a composition book? It will have the 50+ pages and have a sturdy front and back cover and good binding. Thx Julia

JuliasAlteredArt 08/17/2012 #

*OOPSIE! I meant make OUR, NOT make out LOL! I guess Dragon66 isn't the only one with slippery fingers today :) Thc again, Julia

occasiongb6557 08/17/2012 #

watching for now because the time frame is so long,

art3osb 08/17/2012 #

@Dragon68 I'm glad you joined! I know, I'm excited to start. This will be fun. 3 whole months to work on it.

@JuliasAlteredArt I'm ok with a hand made one as long it is the same size and sturdy like a compostion one. I think it would be fun to get a handmade one:)

@occasiongb6557 I thought since it is more profile based it was best and it is my 1st journal. Some, probably most, won't take 3 months to do.

kari7997 08/18/2012 #

Hello- I'm new to this site and would LOVE to be part of this swap. Any chance you'd make an exception for a newbie?

LINBUR0100 08/18/2012 #

So it sounds like from the comments that you actually want this to be profile based. Is that the case? Is this more a journal about our lives that we then send to someone else, or is this actually supposed to be created with them in mind?

thisphoenixrises 08/19/2012 #

I'm a bit curious about what @LINBUR0100 is asking also. I was under the impression that'd we be filling it with things that we like/represent us/etc.

Deeno1105 08/19/2012 #

Same thoughts as @thisphoenixrises

Jjean 08/19/2012 #

Same thoughts as @thisphoenixrises

honeyblossom 08/19/2012 #


art3osb 08/20/2012 #

I ask that you look at profiles for certain things. As noted in description "Make sure to check partners profile so you can add stuff in the book that your partner will like".

You can list things you like, maybe your partner will like. Some examples: 1. If you share recipes make sure your partner isn't allergic to anything. You don't want to send them a recipe with an ingredient in it that they are allergic to, like nuts, but maybe they like cupcakes so you could include a delicious cupcake recipe. If they are a diabetic or on a diet then you wouldn't want to send them a dessert recipe. What if they hate coconut and you sent them a recipe that calls for coconut. 2. If you draw a picture make sure it isn't something they don't like. If they aren't into gothic then you don't want to draw a picture of gothic. 3. Sharing a list of your favorite movies, tv shows, music, etc would be fine. If they like certain types of music maybe they wouldn't mind trying something new. 4. Cut out magazine clippings of their favorite things. 5. I know I would like to hear about any family vacations over the summer. 6. Photos that you took that you want to show off to your partner. 7. Interesting newspaper clippings of whatever.8. Maybe tell about a dream vacation.

I don't mean to confuse anyone. The rules and examples are in the description. Just simple and fun! So, not completely profiled based if that makes sense. Their profile could help you get ideas. If there are anymore questions please ask. Only 11 more days to sign up.

art3osb 08/20/2012 #

Sorry @kari7997 Need some type 3's to join.

BerlinGeorgia 08/21/2012 #

Great idea :) I was wondering, if the decoration of the cover is/could be a requirement? :)

art3osb 08/21/2012 #

@BerlinGeorgia There are no requirements for decorating the cover. Only filling it with 50 entries. If you would like you can though. That is totally up to you.

FiWebster 08/22/2012 #

I just want to agree with @thisphoenixrises that day-to-day entries about what you are up to, what you're thinking/feeling about, would be most welcome. But no recipes for me: I don't cook. =smile=

kiaurakaylee 08/23/2012 #

I am new here and hope this great idea goes well because I look forward to the next one!

Ivonne 08/23/2012 #

How can one get ratings to be able to participate? I havent been here in a while due to surgery and a move. I am back .

luckygurl13 08/25/2012 #

oh fun idea! i love random things....

mermaidery 08/25/2012 #

If you get me, please don't include recipes. I have a medical condition that doesnt allow me to eat.... pretty much everything, it feels like. lol. I fear the time and effort you put into recipes may go to waste if there is even one thing in it I cant eat (and listing everything I cant eat would take up most of my profile.)

art3osb 08/27/2012 #


Here is a link for info about swap-bot. IYou can copy and paste into your browser. I don't know how to link it.


art3osb 08/27/2012 #

Wow, thanks for making this #4 on the top list. It might take me an extra day or two to go through everyones profile. If you join make sure you meet requirements or I will ban you.

You have to be from USA, 6 or more type 3, no recent ones or threes and a 4.95 rate. Please, Make sure your profile is filled out good.

thisphoenixrises 08/27/2012 #

6 or more type 3s? In the description it says "some type 3s". :( Right now I only have 3, though I have 3 type 3s that have send by dates between the 31-7 and will all be sent on time.

wokeupmissing 08/27/2012 #

Just got back from my little break and while going through some of my stuff just happened to find a composition book I really have no use for, so I'm going to take a leap of faith on this one and hopefully it won't make me want to run away, again. Sounds amazingly fun. I'm stoked to get started!

art3osb 08/27/2012 #

@thisphoenixrises I did put "some type 3's", wasn't sure on how many I wanted to go with. How many should I say? Any suggestions? I'll look at eveyones profile and decide from there. The book shouldn't cost that much to ship, just time to put entries in it.

thisphoenixrises 08/27/2012 #

@art3osb Hopefully I didn't come off as rude! I just know personally I'd be super bummed to not be able to participate if the amount of type 3s is a specific amount that's above what I have. I've been looking forward to starting this journal since I signed up. :) Journals aren't too bad to mail within the US, I usually just use the flat rate priority envelope, so it's...I think 5 something with dc and then there's no worry about weight. :)

KaliTracer 08/28/2012 #

Same as @thisphoenixrises I've started mine and will only have 3 (mailing out another type 3 2moro). I swear I'm not a flaker! Well if I stay in this I also want to mention to whoever might get me that I'm a vegetarian and recipes w/o meat would be preferable! Thanks!!!

grandmaroro 08/28/2012 #

WOW. I do love journal swaps. BUT - as I read the requirements and then all the comments, I don't see how this can be called "random". With that in mind, I am withdrawing from this swap. So sorry.

wikkedlilgrrl 08/29/2012 #

Wow ... I've already started this swap project (falling well within the rating requirements) and have received a message indicating that I've been dropped ... ??? ... due to having a recent 1 rating ... ??? ... I have NEVER flaked on a swap and do NOT have a single 1 rating. Thanks. -_-

art3osb 08/29/2012 #

@wikkedlilgrrl Sorry-mistype-You have a recent 3 (July 2012) for sending late. My swap says no recent 1 or 3's.

Honestly, why do people start swaps before they are approved by the cordinater when they don't meet the requirements. I ban anyone with any recent 1's or 3's. Sorry, but that is my rule. Please do not start swap if you until I approve. I'm asking everyone to have some type 3 swaps in. I know I didn't say how many but that is because I wasn't sure. I just want to make sure this is a success (I know it is misspelled...lol...I think) and there are no flakers. I know some of the journal groups you have to have so many type 3 swaps in and rated before they approve your invite since people tend to flake on journals.

Zuzu 08/29/2012 #

I'm joining & hope I'll be allowed to participate. (Only a few Type 3s under my belt.)

latentsmile 08/30/2012 #

I see a recurring question in this thread about how to obtain Type 3 swaps. My suggestion to anyone who doesn't have enough Type 3's for swaps they want to join in the future: ATC swaps! They are not time consuming, typically the send dates are quick, and they should all be Type 3's. <3

Looking forward to starting this one!

Countrymom 08/31/2012 #

This sounds fun. I have done 2 journal swaps, but not very good at them. I am kind of a beginner at these. Maybe doing this will cheer me up.

crochetsoldier 09/ 1/2012 #

aww, I love crochet, maybe if someone gets me, they could stick some patterns on the pages, and if there are any recipies to be put in there I do not eat any red meat or pork, we are on a low sodium diet due to my son having a medical condition....also I would like to say I absolutely love frogs and purple and blue are my favorite colors....I like romantic poetry....oh I am going to have so much fun with this project...I wonder who I have...I'm going to check my messages right now...oh and feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all....woo hoo! ;o)

FiWebster 09/ 1/2012 #

Oooo...I'm so eager to find out who my partner for this swap will be, eager to inscribe my journal to her (although it might be a him—that would be nice) and get it started. It's September 1st, and I'm impatient for partners to be assigned! (hint hint)

art3osb 09/ 1/2012 #


crochetsoldier 09/ 1/2012 #

yaaaaayyyy!!! I havent started yet because I didnt want to make a frilly lacy book of recipies and then find out that I have a guy partner...lol... that would be so odd...but hey it could happen...take your time dear...this is soo exciting.

Wingy 09/ 1/2012 #


art3osb 09/ 1/2012 #

It is now 7:10p.m. my time (Ohio) and partners are now assigned. Have fun everyone!

papercaper 10/11/2012 #

I read every single comment and occasional gripe and confusion and "but wait a minute!" and I still wish I could have joined this swap. If you ever decide to make an international swap along these lines, please put me on a list of people to notify about it because this is right up my alley! (I do have one bad rating which I'm hoping to have expunged this Christmas. It was a very unfair one, iirc.) Postage overseas is a bit more money but not a lot more. It's still pretty affordable for most if there's only one partner. OK, have fun you (lucky) guys! :)

art3osb 11/ 3/2012 #

How is everyones journal coming along?

Hi @papercaper your bad rate isn't recent. It is from 09. I'm not hosting an international version but if anyone else wants to that is fine with me.

Denise 11/14/2012 #

My journal is coming along fine, The outside is looking a little ruff as I have been carrying it around with me. I will have to decorate the front so its all nice and pretty when it is completed.

vixen 11/15/2012 #

It's coming along nicely. I'm trying to find things to add to some of my pages to go with what I wrote. Hope my partner likes a kindof diary type..It's VERY random. I even remembered a poem I wrote when I was in high school. Long,long ago.

crochetsoldier 12/ 2/2012 #

I was stoked to send off my journal and I'm excited anticipating the one that I will receive, my journal was a composition notebook but it got pretty think during the process.....this was an awesome experience for me...I often keep my thoughts bottled up....this was such a freeing project. Thank you!

art3osb 12/ 2/2012 #

Thanks for joining everyone. Mine got thick during the process too but it was fun.

vixen 12/ 3/2012 #

Mine didn't get thick. And so I have a disappointed partner :( Guess I don't know the meaning of random journaling. I did a diary type, added a few things and some magazine pics. Don't know what else I could of done. :(

crochetsoldier 12/ 5/2012 #

I got the most awesome journal from thisphoenixrises ....awesome and I haven't even gotten through the whole thing yet....love it!

sdowner 12/ 6/2012 #

@vixen yes you did do a journal --- with 53 pages of a daily type entry .... and you added a few cut out small pictures on random pages (bag of chips, ice cream cone, pizza) .... Your journal was disappoionting because I felt you did not spend the entire allotted time working on it. It looks to me like you sat down one evening and jotted down 53 pages of random thoughts. It was suppose to be a FUN RANDOM THEMED journal .... When you say you didn't know what else you could have done, before you started this swap, it may have been helpful to google "JOURNALS" and see what was being made. I know a swap-bot partner has an Etsy page and documents all her fabulous journals ... so there was information out there for you to find, if you had wanted to. I think I have a right to be disappointed considering the work that went into the journal I sent out as well as all the comments above about the wonderful journals everyone is receiving.

crochetsoldier 12/ 8/2012 #

I just want to add that, sometimes you won't get the type of journal that you sent out because no two crafters are the same. And just some ideas, my journal was quite thick, I had to tie it closed....have fun with it, I did write diary type pages, but I also added some sticker pages, some envelopes glued to the pages with ribbon, some flavored tea bags, the little powdered crystal light single use pack, some guiradelli dark chocolates, some glitter letters (her initials) some word circle pages, some magazine clippings of recipes, hot cocoa packets, coffee, crochet patterns. It won't ever feel perfect, but just read the partners page and write about yourself and add little things they might've stated that they liked in their page...send out a creation you wouldve liked to recieve....just remember swap-bot should be fun, relaxing, and rewarding.

art3osb 12/ 8/2012 #

Well said @crochetsoldier I had to tie mine shut to. Some things I put in mine were envelopes with surprises, my book and movie recomendations, drawings from my boys, their Christmas list, my Christmas wishlist, a couple letters, photos, our town balloon fest shedule, I livened up some pages with stickers, stamping and stenciling, magazine clippings, song lyric, poem. It should of been a variety of things. As long as the journal is at least 50 entries and a variety of random things then they deserve a 5. The heart is up to you. I did have some examples listed in the swap. Everyone had 3 months to do it to make it fun and think about what to put in it. Checking profiles to see what they like and you could put things in it that you like because you never know they make like it. My sister looked in mine while I was doing it and she liked it so I was hoping my partner did too.

sdowner 12/10/2012 #

@crochetsoldier ... I agree 100% that this is a great site and we should be having fun and making new friends! I'm disappointed because the journal I received would have been a perfect journal for any other journal swap except this one. I wouldn't have cared, if like you said a few tea bags or stickers to use or envelopes were glued to some pages ..... Anything to show that my partner was trying to meet the guidelines of the swap --There was absolutely nothing in this journal except pages of 2-3 random sentences on a page. I understand that we all have different ideas of what these swaps are and what we have to do, but when I had to tie mine closed and spent $11 to mail it ... I think I have a right to be a bit upset.

vixen 12/17/2012 #

@sdowner ..The tea on the 2nd page IS factory package sealed and you are able to take it off and enjoy it. It happens to be my favorite tea.If you don't like the journal I will be EXTREMELY happy to have it back and send you the money to ship it to me. As those are my children's and my memories. I took time out of each day to share random things about my day. And would love to add to it. IF it would of been classified as a junk journal or a smash journal that I understand. The host herself pm'd me and stated filled envies weren't required. The journal you received is how I perceived this swap. Sorry it wasn't to your standards and again if you can think of how I can fix it, I will. To me simply glueing pictures on a piece of paper isn't exciting or shows a person took time with it, just cut dab and slap on..I made a collage, a zentangle, my favorite songs, books,movies. I shared myself and my days with you. Sorry you can't appreciate THAT..

vixen 12/17/2012 #

@sdowner .. Write the date on each entry so we know when you wrote in it. This is from the above description. Mine isn't dated..

Robinarie 12/21/2012 #

mine was loved by my partner! i had so much fun creating the journal! so sad to say, i have not received one. anyone want to do another one? I will join again.

art3osb 12/26/2012 #

I hope everyone reads this. If you got flaked comment here with your flakers name so I can add them to swap-bot flakers.

Babytreese 12/26/2012 #

I worked really hard on the journal I sent to my partner @apakahoney I sent her two messages asking her if she received it and if so, if she liked it. I never got a response...I invested time, money and love in that journal. A response would be appreciated...

mejulia 12/27/2012 #

Interesting people weren't happy with what they received. I would have just been happy had @reneeinpittsburgh sent me a journal.

BennysMumma 12/27/2012 #

@colorsinchords flaked on me! I've already posted her in the swap-bot flakers group

This may have turned me off from journal swaps ever again :(

schin 12/27/2012 #

My partner loved my journal and even gave me a heart. I spent a lot of time on it and made every page different and was looking forward to receiving a beautiful journal from my partner.

Unfortunately @HeidiBrooks flaked on me.

kraftykj 12/27/2012 #

I am working on a journal for @mejulia So far I have 18 entries done. I hated that she got flaked on her first ever journal swap.

@schin I did enjoy your journal very much. Loved your handwriting! Sorry you got flaked on. At the moment I have 3 journals I am working on...or I would help you out...sending a pm your way.

art3osb 12/27/2012 #

It looks as if the flakers haven't been logged in since Nov. I appogize if you haven't received a journal. This was my first time hosting a journal swap and the first time making a journal swap. I'll be sure they are added to the swap-bot flakers group. I thought I was being careful on who I let join.

art3osb 12/27/2012 #

Thank you @kraftykj for being an angel for @mejulia That is so sweet of you.

Wingy 12/28/2012 #

i recvd a wonderful journal from my partner (FiWebster) and i truly hope that the partner i sent to enjoyed the one that i sent her...(VIXEN)...i hate when people flake for no reason at alll.......

madcrazy 12/29/2012 #

My journal from homekeepingheather was so great that I almost forgot to rate her. I just got so caught up in reading her entries. I LOVED this swap. Unfortunately, Reneeinpittsburgh has not been on the site since 11/14, so I doubt that mine will get rated. Kathy

drgngirl 12/30/2012 #

The partner that I sent to hasn't been online since Nov. 2, but I do know she received it. I had delivery confirmation on it and checked to see if it had been delivered. It has and I'm hoping that she liked it and will be online soon to let me know if she did or not. I was a little disappointed with the one I received, but at least I DID receive one....

ariestess 12/31/2012 #

I know that my partner @shortmommy23 had some RL issues that she communicated with me at the beginning of the month, asking for a week extension, but I haven't heard anything from her since and haven't received the journal. I'm guessing this puts her into the flake category?

art3osb 01/ 2/2013 #

Hi @ariestess I've sent her a message on an update on how she is doing and how the journal is coming along and I haven't heard back from her. I'll keep trying.

Robinarie 01/ 3/2013 #

my partner @denise said she would "make it right by me".
My fingers are crossed and i am looking for the good...

Robinarie 01/28/2013 #

My fingers are still crossed, it gets harder everyday to continue typing with my fingers crossed

Robinarie 02/24/2013 #

Fingers uncrossed, disappointed. Nothing received. Rated a one.

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