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Six Week Snail Mail Swap #5

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Six Week Snail Mail Swap #5
Swap Coordinator:tamtamlee (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:56
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:December 8, 2012
Date items must be sent by:January 26, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

I had a very good turn out for my last FOUR "Six Week Snail Mail Swap" Even though it's the holidays, I hope to get a good turn out this time to!! I enjoyed and had fun with it. So we have the same partner for all six weeks I had to make it with all one swap.

Now before anyone brings it to my attention I know I skipped a week. I skipped Monday Dec. 24!

If you like send out to your partner that you recieve thats fun, but is up to you!

You will rate your partner at the end of the six weeks. Your rating will be the over all of the six weeks,You might even get a heart!

Due to postage it's only USA

This "SNAIL MAIL SWAP" will run for SIX weeks. There will be a "theme" for each week. We will send out our letters each MONDAY of the new week.

Please post in the comment space each time you send a week out. Maybe even send a message to let your partner know.

Please don't flake!! If you think you can't do all six weeks don't join the swap.

I have given swappers a chance in the past, I'm sorry to say NO MORE!!

If by some chance you do not meet the requirements YOU WILL BE BANNED!!

No recent 1's or 3's in the past three months....Rating of 4.9......No unrated swappers {sorry}. No newbies aloud. Must have a well filled out profile. If you do not meet the requirements & sign up anyway I will ban you from the swap.


December 10 {week 1}---- Write your partner and introduce yourself. {tell about life, hobbies, job....stuff like that}

Decmber 17 {week 2}--- Send a card {Senders Choice Funny,Thinking of you, Christmas--ect.}..Bought, Homemade

December 31 {week 3}--- Write your partner a letter include your favorite recipe or instructions for a quick craft project

January 7 {week 4} --- Send a post card from your state / hometown. If you CAN"T find a postcard {like me} then write a bit about your state / hometown.

January 14 {week 5} --- Send a letter to your partner --- Include something in the envelope --- Something Small, like a magnet, bookmarker, anything--- homemade or bought. Senders choice.

January 21 {week 6}--- Last week is a free for all whatever {senders choice} you want to send.

Any questions please message me! If this swap has a good turn out I will host another one...

Have Fun!!


ButterflyQueenBee 11/ 6/2012 #

Yeah I love these!!! Can't wait!

tamtamlee 11/ 6/2012 #

Thanks ButterflyQueenBee

kirstyenarno 11/ 6/2012 #

I hope there will be an International one too soon, loved it last time and found a great penpal :-)

kellogg 11/ 7/2012 #

I truly enjoyed the last one!! I was hoping for a little change in themes but I am still in!!! yay!

tamtamlee 11/ 7/2012 #

@kellogg I was thinking the same my next one I'm hoping to have a little change! Thanks for joing.

Lila84 11/15/2012 #

This looks neat! :)

renmagpie 11/19/2012 #

Just double checking since you say we'll send our letters out each week - in week 2, it looks like the requirement is only for a card. Will there be an expectation of a letter enclosed as well, or simply the card? Week 4 just says to send a PC - is this naked or is it, too, to be sent with a letter?

I'd like to do this but I want to be sure of what the actual requirements are before I sign up. Thanks!

ladydy5 11/20/2012 #

What happens if you get the same person you got before and she already has been introduced in letter week one.? Can happen. There has got to be plan B for that. That is why other themes would be better.

tamtamlee 11/20/2012 #

@bombardiette you can just send a card if you want...Some sends letters with them, Myself I write a note in the card. Just write on the post card or you can send a letter it's what ever you would like to do.

@ladydy5 Write a letter telling them you was already her partner (which she would already know), Tell the a few things that they might not know about you. You could even write up one of those "About Me" surveys. Even if I come up with different themes the first week will always be and introduction letter incase there is someone new that joined.

ladydy5 11/21/2012 #

It was really a fun thing to do last time.

Noisy 11/21/2012 #

Oh, that sounds funny! If it was international I would join. I am too new to this site, so please please can someone create this swap for international???

nikki8386 11/21/2012 #

Just found out about this site today. Wish I wasn't a newbie so I could join. Maybe next time! Have fun everyone!

mcovey 11/22/2012 #

I would be interested in seting one up for international , if it would be ok for the last 2 weeks to be flat packages so the postage wouldn;t be expensive whick would be around 2 to 3 dollars I am thinking -- we could open it up to international and USA what do you all think . I would love to do for the kids too , is anyone interested in the children doing one like this .

Noisy 11/23/2012 #

@mccovey I would be in, in both: for the big children (me) and the little ones :-) I think my boy,11, would be very interested!

GrannysNamesake 11/23/2012 #

I really enjoyed the last swap and I appreciate it being USA, international is loads of fun but the price of postage is out of my swapping budget.

tamtamlee 11/23/2012 #

mcovey you can do an international and one for the kids. I just keep it USA cause of the postage

mcovey 11/23/2012 #

ok I will set up an international and a kids one tweeted

international one


children's one


Lilli62 11/29/2012 #

This looks like fun! Just joined!

maranda222 12/ 9/2012 #

Week 1 letter sent : )

Lila84 12/ 9/2012 #

Yay, looking forward to this! I just noticed this sentence in the description: If you like send out to your partner that you recieve thats fun, but is up to you! What does this mean? I can't wait; I'm glad this swap has started! :)

tamtamlee 12/10/2012 #

@ Lila84 it means like you recieve from kelseyellen and if you wanted to send back to her

tamtamlee 12/10/2012 #

Week one was sent out

Lila84 12/10/2012 #

Thanks Tamtamlee

sweets 12/10/2012 #

week one is sent

sherwoodm 12/10/2012 #

Hey kitturah my intro letter is on its way.

Vagirl 12/10/2012 #

I sent my letter for week #1 today!

jzzyblu 12/10/2012 #

week one sent

Lizzycat7 12/10/2012 #

week one letter is going into the mail tomorrow morning

sammalmquist 12/10/2012 #

week one sent!

snoozelight 12/10/2012 #

I sent my letter yesterday even though it probably didn't move until today.

Lila84 12/10/2012 #

Will be sending my letter out tomorrow.

morgainegeiser 12/10/2012 #

Letter will be in the mailbox first thing tomorrow morning.

kitturah 12/11/2012 #

Letter for week #1 going out in the mail today..

mcovey 12/11/2012 #

Sent out letter to Alishab (week 1)

beadqueene 12/11/2012 #

Week 1 is in the mailbox :)

Zoebolt 12/11/2012 #

Week one sent yesterday :)

rmrascal 12/11/2012 #

week one sent!

BusyB 12/11/2012 #

Week one sent out last night on my way home.

faye411 12/11/2012 #

sent letter 1 out on monday

faye411 12/11/2012 #

sent letter 1 out on monday

faye411 12/11/2012 #

sent letter 1 out on monday

soyprincesa2 12/11/2012 #

I sent letter 1 out today.

nanc6124 12/12/2012 #

sent week 1 today

redteacup 12/12/2012 #

sent letter 1 out today :)

doodlebugdezines 12/12/2012 #

Do I click the sent button for my letter or just report it here since we send every week???

sweets 12/12/2012 #

you report it here.. when you send out the last week, week six then you click on sent

knitterofhats 12/12/2012 #

Week one mailed!

sweets 12/13/2012 #

week one received

doodlebugdezines 12/13/2012 #

OK. Week one is sent. =D

lattejust4me 12/13/2012 #

One sent - better late than never :)

Lila84 12/13/2012 #

Sent 2nd letter out today :)

imbrycesmum 12/14/2012 #

sorry im a few days late...sent my 1st today. will diffently be on it for next weeks.

BagyJen 12/14/2012 #

Week One sent!

Sylvia4647 12/14/2012 #

Week one sent out two days ago.

tamtamlee 12/14/2012 #

I have noticed that a few marked sent. You wont mark sent until the last week. Write here that the week was sent or send your partner a message it was sent.

tamtamlee 12/15/2012 #

Week 2 was put in the my today..... Remember I had skipped Dec 24

Lila84 12/15/2012 #

Received my first letter.

morgainegeiser 12/15/2012 #

Week one received.

soyprincesa2 12/16/2012 #

week 1 received

kelseyellen 12/16/2012 #

ah, total fail. i marked it as sent - either way, sent out my first one on the 10th, dropped week 2 in the post today!

imbrycesmum 12/16/2012 #

yay i receive my 1st letter :) gonna write back tomorrow...when i actually have time lol

doodlebugdezines 12/16/2012 #

Week one received. Week two sent. =D

knitterofhats 12/17/2012 #

Week two sent

Sylvia4647 12/17/2012 #

Week two is on its way!

lattejust4me 12/17/2012 #

Week 2 - out!

rmrascal 12/17/2012 #

week #2 sent

Alishab 12/17/2012 #

Week 1 was sent out last week, sorry I just realized I was supposed to put it on the comments, week 2 went out today. :)

mcovey 12/17/2012 #

week 2 is on its way to Alishab !! :)

mcovey 12/17/2012 #

also recieved week one!! thanks @doodlebugdezines !!

Lilli62 12/17/2012 #

Week 2 Card sent out to Glenda today!

morgainegeiser 12/17/2012 #

week 2 is on its way.

sweets 12/17/2012 #

week 2 sent

Lizzycat7 12/18/2012 #

week 2 sent

imbrycesmum 12/18/2012 #

week 2 sent

snoozelight 12/18/2012 #

I sent Week 2 yesterday. I received my week one letter today. I already like all the things we have in common.

soyprincesa2 12/19/2012 #

week 2 recieved, week 2 off in the post office tomorrow!

redteacup 12/20/2012 #

for week two, am i supposed to send a blank card or a filled card? (sorry, i'm still a little new to swap-bot, so i'm not sure what is regular)

tamtamlee 12/21/2012 #

@redteacup ~~Sign the card

honeyspur 12/22/2012 #

Sorry I am so late :( My week one and 2 have been sent.

Lila84 12/22/2012 #

second letter received.

redteacup 12/23/2012 #

week 2 sent

Lila84 12/27/2012 #

Week 3 sent out

RachiiChu 12/28/2012 #

I have sent both weeks 1 and 2. I only received week 2 from my partner, but that must have been a mistake on the part of the post office. So it's certainly not my partner's fault! She mentioned sending it in the card and I believe her.

doodlebugdezines 12/28/2012 #

Card from beadqueene week#2 received... cute card & I like the glitter!

morgainegeiser 12/29/2012 #

Week 2 arrived - thanks

tamtamlee 12/29/2012 #

Week 3 sent out today

knitterofhats 12/29/2012 #

Week 3 mailed.

tamtamlee 12/30/2012 #

Hi Everyone! I sent everyone an email~A few was sent back saying failure to send Wanted to let everyone know that I posted a new swap "Six Week Snail Mail" #6 I like to skip a month or two in between butI thought with Valentins Day coming up in February it would be nice talking about the one that you love! Check it out! Hope to see you all join. Tammy {tamtamlee}

imbrycesmum 12/30/2012 #

week 3...mailed.

sammalmquist 12/31/2012 #

Just letting my partner know, week 1 and 2 were sent out in time and week 3 is going out tomorrow :)

KarlaKC 12/31/2012 #

Here's a clicky link to the new swap:

Six Week Snail Mail Swap #6

I look forward to joining!

KarlaKC 12/31/2012 #

BTW, Sent Weeks 1 and 2 at their respective times and Week 3 will be mailed today!

I've received Weeks 1 and 2 from my partner. Thank you!

KarlaKC 12/31/2012 #

Did you know that if you have already mistakenly clicked "Sent", you can reverse that by looking in the gray swap description box above and clicking on "Not Sent" (I think that's what it'll say). Just an FYI in case you didn't know that you can mark it back to Not Sent. I noticed our hostess @tamtamlee made a comment here on 12/14 about not marking sent until the last week of the swap. So if you wanted to know how to mark it back to Not Sent, or didn't know you actually could, there you go! :)

Lizzycat7 12/31/2012 #

week three going out today :)

JournalJunkie84 12/31/2012 #

I forgot to post that i have sent weeks one and two and week three is going out today.

doodlebugdezines 12/31/2012 #

3 sent!

rmrascal 01/ 1/2013 #

weeK #3 sent

Lilli62 01/ 2/2013 #

Week 3 Sent.... to glenda!

mcovey 01/ 2/2013 #

week 3 out today!!

redteacup 01/ 3/2013 #

week 3 out, a little late!

sweets 01/ 3/2013 #

Week three sent just forgoth to post

knitterofhats 01/ 4/2013 #

Week 4 going out today

tamtamlee 01/ 5/2013 #

Week 4 was sent out today!

sweets 01/ 5/2013 #

Week 411 going out today

Lila84 01/ 7/2013 #

week 4 went out today!

Lila84 01/ 7/2013 #

week 3 received

doodlebugdezines 01/ 7/2013 #

Week 4 out

rmrascal 01/ 7/2013 #

week4 sent out 2 days ago

mcovey 01/ 8/2013 #

recieved week 3 form doodlebugdezines , thanks for great letter !!

week 4 went out yesterday!!

morgainegeiser 01/ 9/2013 #

Week 4 went out yesterday.

doodlebugdezines 01/ 9/2013 #

Received recipe (yummm) from beadqueene!

Lila84 01/11/2013 #

week 5 sent out

morgainegeiser 01/11/2013 #

Wk 4 arrived.

knitterofhats 01/12/2013 #

Week five sent. Have received weeks 1-4.

tamtamlee 01/12/2013 #

Week five sent out today

Lilli62 01/14/2013 #

Week 5 sent out today!

beadqueene 01/14/2013 #

I've been sending my weeks, but the comments were getting so long that I haven't posted. Composing my week 5 letter for @doodlebugdesigns now :)

morgainegeiser 01/14/2013 #

Week 5 is on its way.

leilx 01/14/2013 #

I didn't realize I was supposed to comment when I sent out...anyway, I am sending week 5 today; the rest have all been sent prior. I don't usually come back to comment on swaps after they've started.

tamtamlee 01/14/2013 #

Posting here is just to let your partner know that you sent . If you want you can send your partner a message that you sent out.

lattejust4me 01/14/2013 #

I just sent out weeks 5 and 6 - I hope everything made its way to @worldtraveler - she had not received one or two of my snail mails.

faye411 01/14/2013 #

ive received everything up to week 4, sending out my week 6 tomorrow....

soyprincesa2 01/15/2013 #

I just received a letter and suprises from Jill. I mailed a postcard to my partner Rachel.

doodlebugdezines 01/15/2013 #

Sent week 5 and received week 4 yesterday. =)

rmrascal 01/15/2013 #

Been gone.

morgainegeiser 01/17/2013 #

Sent week 6 today, going on a business trip on Sunday

mcovey 01/19/2013 #

recieved week 5 today thanks @doodlebugdezines

tamtamlee 01/19/2013 #

Week 6 was sent out today~~ Thanks everyone for joining:) ! Don't forgot to rate when it's time!!

rmrascal 01/22/2013 #

mailed week 6 .!! Im excited. Some people saved the best for last .

doodlebugdezines 01/22/2013 #

Received #5 and sent #6 =D

Zoebolt 01/23/2013 #

YAY! All weeks successfully sent out! final week a day late (today... guess that's two days late but the mail didn't run on Monday due to MLK day). I had a blast sending to my partner-- she seems like such an awesome person, I hope that I hear back from her. I look forward to starting the next one!

kelseyellen 01/24/2013 #

All sent! This was a blast!

morgainegeiser 01/27/2013 #

Week 5 arrived, thanks

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