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Stuffed Envelope Swap

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Swap Coordinator:craftybarrell (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items 
Number of people in swap:100
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.97 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:January 22, 2015
Date items must be sent by:February 5, 2015
Number of swap partners:1

I really enjoy the surprise of a stuffed Envelope Swap so here are the rules;

No size limit on the envelope but must weigh at least 40g (around 1.5 oz). Send anything nice but do take a look at partners profile and try not to send something they will not enjoy. Item ideas - washi tape, postcards, stickers, sweets, embellishments, key chains, pens, tea, chocolate (although be aware of where they live as no one would like melted chocolate as a gift). Be imaginative :) don't forget to include a little note or letter to your partner. minimum spend £3 ($4.56 / 3.83 euro)

Unrated newbies are welcome with a well filled out profile, but I will check over all profiles before assigning partners for potential flakers. I am being strict on this please fill out profiles well otherwise I will remove from swap as I would like to reduce flake potential.

Minimum rating 4.97 with no recent 1s or 3s. Any unexplained I will be checking.

Any profiles that look like they haven't been logged into within 2 days of the sign up deadline I will also remove. Sorry if this disappoints anyone.

Christmas blues will be hitting everyone around this point so let's make this cheerful :)


Laural0uise 12/10/2014 #

5 pounds = $7.86 right? hope I calculated that right haha.

craftybarrell 12/11/2014 #

Yeah I think that's about right according to Google :)

Housefulof 12/18/2014 #

I'm joining this as my first swap! I don't know what admins look for as a "well filled out" profile so if someone wants to take a peek, or let me know. I'm Housefulofgrls on Instagram and feel like that would be most helpful to those wanting to know a little about me.

hazelwitch3 12/29/2014 #

I'm interested in this swap but 4.97 seems a bit low for a £5 swap. Would you consider putting it at 4.98 or 4.99?

hazelwitch3 12/29/2014 #

Housefulof -- your profile looks fine to me.

Utahgirl30 01/ 1/2015 #

Im excited this will be fun

Utahgirl30 01/ 1/2015 #

This is my first swap as wellbi am so excited

Bella98 01/ 2/2015 #

This is my first swap, so I hope my profile is good enough :)

nduffy12345 01/ 4/2015 #

This is my first. So excited

stlouisphile 01/ 4/2015 #

Quite a few people in this swap do not have a profile filled out, which is a concern.

drangonfly1971 01/ 4/2015 #

For Canadians: I was just at the postal today Because I am so excited about my first swap. They told me to hawaii from canada it is a Month to get their Approx two to three weeks to other countries And to U.S.A from Canada takes up to two weeks. I had a great day shopping for my envelope swap. Have a great day!

craftybarrell 01/ 5/2015 #

I will check profiles before assigning partners and any people with profiles not filled out will be deleted from the swap. It will be done before I click assign. Hope this is okay, I will take the time out to do this closer to the deadline date @stlouisphile

craftybarrell 01/ 5/2015 #

@hazelwitch sorry for the late reply...For now I am leaving it at 4.97 but I will be taking a good look through profiles that are rated less than 5s or not filled out a few days before I assign partners. I will delete anyone that seems unreliable or has a badly filled out profile. I hope this is okay as I promise to take my time to hunt through all profiles and ratings.

starhiker 01/ 5/2015 #

Isn't 3 days a bit short for a time to send in?

Lizard 01/ 5/2015 #

@starhiker I agree. I'm in Australia and we are a day ahead, so for me to wait for partner, is an extra day. Only gives me 2 days to send - and that is only IF the host assigns at first opportunity to do so.

craftybarrell 01/ 6/2015 #

@starhiker @lizard fair enough I didn't take this into consideration. The date has been extended.

craftybarrell 01/ 6/2015 #

I have already updated a few rules as this seems to have attracted a lot of swappers I want to take the time out to ensure no one gets flaked on so I am currently looking and re - looking at profiles.

Lizard 01/ 6/2015 #

Thank you. The extended send date will help me choose items that are more profile specific if possible.

Congrats on being The top swap! Woohoo!

WickedRo 01/ 7/2015 #

Would love to join this swap but I am a newbie and not sure what I have to do..

angelat 01/ 8/2015 #

This will be my first swap. SO EXCITED!!!!!

DreamingAries 01/ 8/2015 #

I am very excited to participate in this swap! Hopefully my profile is filled out enough, seeing that I am a newbie haha! :D

IbeeCrazie 01/ 8/2015 #

Like many others, this is also my first swap. I just double checked my profile to make sure things were filled out, but if I need to do more, please let me know and I'll do so. Thank you... I'm excited and nervous (What if I don't do this right???). :)

craftybarrell 01/ 9/2015 #

If anyone would like to ask me questions for guidance on this swap feel free to drop me a private message :) I will help as best I can @IbeeCrazie @WickedRo

lettergirl 01/10/2015 #

I have a question about this kind of thing when it is international..how do you fill out customs forms when there are so many varied items?

craftybarrell 01/10/2015 #

I don't know about US but in UK when I take mine to the post office I just have to declare it like "stationery" and "confectionery/sweets" I never have to say exactly what it is. I can just group the items. Depends what you are sending but usually my items only fall under 2 or 3 categories.

melissa143 01/10/2015 #

Hi! This is my first swap on here but I have done swaps with other people before! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know :)

greenhotdogs 01/11/2015 #

I am interested in doing this swap but considering this is a larger package, I really dont know if this would be worth the pay to ship out of the country. I think Ill just watch and enjoy you all having fun.

Catladyeri 01/12/2015 #

I want to join... But I'm uncertain... Especially since I am really active on this site, but sometimes don't log in for a few days. It's not because I forget about it, but rather, have no current swaps. I have a well filled out profile and have never flaked...

craftybarrell 01/13/2015 #

@catladyeri the not logging in rule is more for people who have recent flakes or no rating etc...people who could potentially let their partners down. I see you have good ratings I would not block you

ZzMonstruozZ 01/15/2015 #


Rifga 01/15/2015 #

Is my profile filled enough to join this swap? I love stuffed envelopes..full of surprise!

drangonfly1971 01/15/2015 #

Wow, 100 so far in this swap that is amazing

KButera 01/16/2015 #

I cant wait to get my partner so I can start stuffing her envelope. :) So excited!

AllyZoldos 01/16/2015 #

This is one of my first swaps, I've already been putting fun goodies together! Can't wait!

aleksundra 01/17/2015 #

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only newbie here, nor am I the only excited one! I can't wait to assigned my partner so I can go shopping for lots of personal things to buy her!!

craftybarrell 01/17/2015 #

@rifga yeah your profile is okay im sure you will find you will build and add onto that the more swap you do.

Aleax 01/18/2015 #

Hope my profile is decent! Look forward to participating in this swap :)

HicUpAppleNod 01/19/2015 #

Hi there,

This is probably a silly question, but I'm not really sure and I therefore decided to ask you lovely people: the 40 gr are with or without the envelope? I'm fairly sure it's without, but I just wanted to check. Thanks!! :D

Lucine 01/19/2015 #

I am not here to spoil the joy, but it is very remarkable that these kinds of swaps attrack a lot of swappers ... especially newbies ...lol Happy swapping:)

Jubula 01/20/2015 #

For your recipients: try to have postcards and such protected from bumpy items so the postcards do not arrive damaged from other things in the package

craftybarrell 01/21/2015 #

Um I didn't really think about that ...40 grams without envelope I think :)

thenderson 01/21/2015 #

I am new to this swap and I'm not sure if my profile is "well filled out" if someone can take a look at let me know if I need to edit/add anything! I'm excited to do this swap!

Acecandy 01/22/2015 #

When are the partners being assigned

Acecandy 01/22/2015 #

I thought it was today

Acecandy 01/22/2015 #

I thought it was today

ferossi 01/22/2015 #

Newbie here too (though I'm not new tro swaps). I hope my profile is ok as I'm pretty excited!

LillyCalliope 01/22/2015 #

@Acecandy Last day to sign up is today. After the host checks 125 profiles gasp then she will assign partners. It could be a couple of days before that happens... It's a big job on a swap this huge.

Discobrownie 01/23/2015 #

This sounds like a fun swap and a very heartfelt idea!!

hazelwitch3 01/24/2015 #

Yes -- with so many swappers, it will take the host time to check them all properly -- but it's important that she does that because it helps keep the swap safe for all of us.

Acecandy 01/24/2015 #

Ok thx.

craftybarrell 01/25/2015 #

Hi apologies for not assigning partners should be done by tonight or tomorrow morning as I got called into work and couldn't give the full attention I have begun checking through and I have a final few profiles to look into

Thanks to everyone for being patient

craftybarrell 01/25/2015 #

I will also extend sending deadline to give plenty of time to collect items to send :)

renate 01/26/2015 #

=bumb= partner that needs to send to me is suspended @giastemat Hope it will turn out okay.

craftybarrell 01/26/2015 #

Just awaiting a reply from another participant then hopefully I can pass your address onto them :)

singing171 01/27/2015 #

HI -- just checking that the deadline was changed to Feb. 5. :)

craftybarrell 01/28/2015 #

@singing171 yes it was as it took me while to work through some profiles.

AnaVerduzco 01/29/2015 #

This doesn't''t relate to this swap but its a general question: How do you rate someone after you have received a letter??

craftybarrell 01/29/2015 #

If you go to the swap on the right hand side it says "rate partner and co ordinator" @AnaVerduzco

AllyZoldos 01/31/2015 #

How do you view which partner is sending to you? I have my package all set for my partner, but I was just curious about that.

ladydy5 02/ 1/2015 #

Come join Thriftstore Find group if you have an USA address. Too!

craftybarrell 02/ 2/2015 #

If you go to rate your Co ordinator and partner it will say :) @AllyZoldos

craftybarrell 02/ 4/2015 #

A reminder tomorrow is swap deadline :) I will Co tact anyone who hasn't sent on the 6th (allowing for time differences)

Hope everyone has had fun swapping :)

AllyZoldos 02/17/2015 #

I still have not received anything from my partner. She sent me a message over a week ago, yet nothing has arrived yet. I'm new and pretty disappointed this has happened to me, do I rate a 1 now? Is there a deadline on how long I have to rate?

craftybarrell 02/18/2015 #

@AllyZoldos if the package is international it can take longer than a week to arrive sometimes it can take 2 or 3. Please allow a little longer and keep in contact with your partner. Please message me privately if you have more problems as I check my messages nearly every day but I Don't check this page as much any more as the swap deadline has gone

Thanks :)

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