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100 Words

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Swap Coordinator:PostMuse (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Letters & Writing  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:97
Last day to signup/drop:August 31, 2007
Date items must be sent by:September 18, 2007
Number of swap partners:3

This is an international swap

Inspired by the 100 Words Project, this swap is for a letter, or postcard, with exactly 100 words of your own, not including address, swap name and your name. That's exactly 100 words. Count 'em. 100 words. It can be prose or poetry or just plain prattle. But it has to be 100 words. Use your word processor's word count to make sure.

This is a mail swap, so no sending 100 words through email or URL. Write, or type, it out and put it on a postcard or in a letter, stick on postage and send it off.

100 words to three (3) partners. Are you up to the challenge?

Edited to add...if your first language is not English and your 100 words are best expressed in your own language, please feel free to join. If your partners do not speak your language (and it is always fine to ask if it is not clear), a little note in English with the gist of the 100 words would be lovingly appreciated. No need for exact translation as some words just refuse to translate.


kkdoow 07/27/2007 #

I have a possibly stupid question (which I'm hoping you will be so kind as to excuse as I am quite the newbie, having registered here— oh— about thirty minutes ago): If I sign up for this swap, am I to write three different hundred word messages or send the same one hundred to the three people? I suppose no one would be the wiser, either way, but I just wondered what the intent was, as I would hate to disappoint so early in my swapping career.

And this, my (hopefully soon to be) friends, shall end one hundred words. :)

PostMuse 07/27/2007 #

It is totally up to you whether you want to send the same or different 100 words to each of your three partners. Sometimes we put our words on paper and they only seem right for one person's eyes. But other times our words are so convivial, they like lots of eyes to see them.

Welcome to the site (lia). I am sure there will be many friends ahead. As long as you have an open heart and the joy is in the sending you will never be disappointed.

100 words, no more, no less. A challenge for the taking.

junemoon 07/28/2007 #

Post Muse - the 'SIGN UP FOR THIS SWAP" line is not on my screen at the bottom as on others. I can't sign up! It sounds like a neat challenge. What do I do?

aNewFancy 08/16/2007 #

Are we considering 1 and 2 letter "words" words? I don't want to type it, just sit and write, but I'd hate to do too little or too much by counting/not counting the "a"s and "the"s...

YarnAddict 08/16/2007 #

WOW! (lia) and PostMuse each put exactly 100 words in their comments. I am extremely impressed!!!

YarnAddict 08/16/2007 #

I counted them ...

Magpieandluna 08/16/2007 #

what about words of curse? lol evil eye

PostMuse 08/18/2007 #

My word processor (NeoOffice) counts 1 and 2 letter words as words, so I am going with that all words count. It also counts hyphenated words as two words, not one.

user10300 08/21/2007 #

I'm very excited, this will be my first swap and I love to send and receive mail!

LoddieDa 08/21/2007 #

I'm In For The Game.

But Can They Be Poems Or A Short Story & Are They To Be Hand Written Or Typed?

Or Doesn't It Matter?

moowee 08/21/2007 #

I just wrote mine. I am ready to go.

Mo0fin 08/21/2007 #

haha yarn_addict... what gave you the idea to count their comments? i was going to check if you were right, then got bored & impatient :P

DorthaKayLittleGoose 08/22/2007 #

I love these challenges. Mine are done. I wrote two of them, because after the first one my brain just went crazy with the fun of it. And thoughts were provoked,
so off to write several more.

LINBUR0100 08/22/2007 #

Oh my goodness gracious, trying to write exactly 100 words is such fun. I have all three of my 100 word paragraphs ready and am going to transfer them to postcards now; just awaiting my partners' names. I am addicted to the thoughts of writing paragraphs of 100 words now. Or maybe an entire book of miniature stories of 100 words. What a swell way to expand one's vocabulary and grammar skills! This was a practice paragraph, and after my first three, wasn’t even a challenge any more. I must be an expert at the 100 word thing now. lol

PostMuse 08/22/2007 #

At first I thought I would have no trouble completing the 100 words a day at the 100Words site, but it became a real challenge as the month went on. I have only done July so far. August was too busy, but I’m going back in September. Hope some of the folk here take up the challenge over there, too!

And to answer the questions above…. the 100 words can be anything but should have some coherence. And it can be in another language, but please provide your partners with a rough translation (which doesn’t have to be 100 words).

skturbokitty 08/22/2007 #

Newbie here - am really enjoying some of these writing challenges. They get me thinking. Back in the day I wanted to be a writer... I wrote one right away, but will probably write a few more once I see who my partners are.

Thanks for welcoming the newbies.

YarnAddict 08/23/2007 #

Ha! With the "lol" at the end, Leenda's comment is also 100 words!!! How DO you all do it??? I'm so impressed, I think I just really HAVE to join this challenge.

YarnAddict 08/23/2007 #

OMG, she is so sneaky! I just counted PostMuse's second comment and once again ... 100 words! It's magical!

Rhiannon 08/23/2007 #

I didn't think I could do this. So, I have been practicing. I am now ready to send off my 100 words. It was a challenge, but a fun one.

LINBUR0100 08/24/2007 #

Yarn_addict, it's actually quite simple once you get started. I just looked at the comments from (lia) and PostMuse to get an idea of what 100 words looked like. Then I write a few basic sentences to frame my primary thoughts. I use the word count tool in MS Word and then add, subtract, or rearrange words as necessary to meet the goal. And I was serious about this being addicting. After this I’m going to sign up at the 100 words site; it sounds like quite a fun challenge. Don’t know if I’ll make it in November; that’s NaNoWriMo.

sakato 08/25/2007 #

hi...i'm newbie and chinese.chinese is my first language. i got the third place before in a calligraphy competition. as you can see my english is poor but my writing is quite good.i want to ask can i find an article that is 100 words and write on letter?or i must think the story buy my self? so sorry if you don't understand what i'm talking about. can someone send me an example?

rowiegrl 08/25/2007 #

Oh I would LOVE to get Sakato as a partner, whoever does is one lucky partner, can you imagine getting one hundred words in a letter or a postcard and in chinese and better yet from a calligraphy competion winner, and wouldnt we have to have it translated? so that would count as two, no? either way this challenge sounds fun, I was hooked when I was tempted to go back and read Lia's response and count the words, I think most lines here at least have about ten words, give or take. count them and see, count me in. (that was fun!)

PostMuse 08/25/2007 #

Sakato... I'll message you right now with ideas.

sakato 08/25/2007 #

rowiegrl thx,but i only get the third place... i hope my partners enjoy it

postmuse thx=]

aNewFancy 08/26/2007 #

Should we count a signature as a word? I'm assuming not, but what is everyone else doing? I only ask cuz I thought the point was to receive exactly 100 words, and names are words...

PostMuse 08/26/2007 #

I'm trying to fit my 100 words on a postcard, and I had not planned on including the signature and addresses as part of the word count. However, a purist would most likely include all words on the correspondence. Wondering what others think...

YarnAddict 08/27/2007 #

My thoughts on signatures/addresses is that they don't count. However, my plan is to put my 100 words on the left side of the postcard, and all the names and address information on the right, with the line down the middle clearly defining the two sections. "Purely 100 words" left of the line, and "whatever" is needed or necessary on the right. I am probably not a purist, since I would be at peace with this arrangement! lol By the way, rowiegrl, yours is 100 words without the "(that was fun)". Now how many words did I just post?

moowee 08/27/2007 #

I plan in sending my 100 words in a letter because I write too big to fit it all on a post card. I am going to include my standard swap note that tells who I am and which swap is enclosed. I will not be counting the words on this short personal note. On a seperate page I will include what I have written for the 100 word swap.

I am really looking forwad to seeing what my partners write.

aNewFancy 08/28/2007 #

Wow, there are a LOT of people in this swap...

malangelene 08/29/2007 #

are we keeping the language clean specifically? or is that a partner profile thing? i didn't think this would be an issue but apparently, i had something to swear about. who knew.

PostMuse 08/29/2007 #

We are all adults. I see no reason why adults can't handle any sort of communication. We don't have to like particular words but we are all capable of handling them. So, George Carlin is welcome to join this swap. But though we can handle all sorts of communication, hate speech is not welcome. It is never welcome. So, Don Imus would have to watch his tongue. Political speech, perhaps that hardest speak of all. It is welcome. It should be welcome in everyone's life, though it isn't, sadly. Barak Obama, are you out there? (apologies for US-centric post)

TeraBACat 08/30/2007 #

Teehee! I am the 100th person to sign up for this swap! Do I get a special prize? (haha)

Kathyy 08/31/2007 #

The details mention a letter or postcard, can it also be a card?

PostMuse 08/31/2007 #

A card is fine, too. Any means of getting your 100 words to your partner :-)

PostMuse 09/ 1/2007 #

For those into stuff like this (which I am), here is the geographic breakdown of all participants;

72 from USA

Alaska 1, Arkansas 1, Arizona 2, California 8, Connecticut 1, Colorado 1, Florida 3, Georgia 1, Hawaii 1, Illinois 1, Indiana 2, Maryland 1, Massachusetts 2, Maine 1, Michigan 2, Missouri 1, Nevada 2, New Jersey 2, New York 8, North Carolina 3, Ohio 4, Oklahoma 2, Oregon 1, Pennsylvania 4, Tennessee 2, Texas 4, Virginia 3, Washington 3, Wisconsin 4, West Virginia 1

25 from Other Countries

  • AUSTRALIA: Queensland 1, Western Australia 1
  • BRASIL 1
  • CANADA: British Columbia 3, Newfoundland 1, Ontario 1
  • CHINA 1
  • ISRAEL 1
  • JAPAN 1
  • UK 9 (most number of UK participants I've ever had in a swap)

Hope everyone has fun with this and please acknowledge receipt either with a rating or message as soon as possible. Thank you!

Kathyy 09/ 1/2007 #

All three of my partners are from different countries. I thought that was kind of neat.

----From Kathyy---- http://KathyysKrafts.etsy.com
http://KathyysKrafts.blogspot.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/kathyyskrafts

sweetjewels1985 09/ 2/2007 #

Vicki Bloom, RudeNun and rowiegrl i type mine out to make sure i had 100 words b4 hand writing them enjoy :)

spoonergregory 09/ 3/2007 #

Moowee, Omi-san and aNewFancy - your 100 words are on their way from the UK!

sakato 09/ 3/2007 #

sunbeamncz3,Phoenyx,Anda ON WAY=]

skturbokitty 09/ 3/2007 #

LittleGoose, Your Teacher & Storylaura - 100 words are on their way.

craftshark 09/ 4/2007 #

hi nina, suzanne, and krista! your 100 word letter from me is being mailed today! marie from neptune city, NJ

mediatinker 09/ 4/2007 #

100 words are on their way to Jerusalem, Muenster and Canton from Tokyo.

kkdoow 09/ 4/2007 #

Leenda77- 100 words about a mutual interest are on their way! PostMuse- 100 words about our mutual interest are on their way to you! Pink Lady- your 100 words are about someone I love... since you're so in love! :)

Hope you all enjoy!

halfwaythere 09/ 4/2007 #

I just mailed mine! I had so much fun :) Great swap!

swapusilly 09/ 5/2007 #

Leenda77, PostMuse & (lia) your “100 words� were mailed today....I hope you enjoy!

estar23 09/ 6/2007 #

suefit, te3dd, and MechaBecca -- yours are on the way!

moowee 09/ 9/2007 #

Robyn, Sarah and Jessica - your 100 words will be in the mail in the morning.

Suzanne 09/11/2007 #

I sent 100 words to mpontalba, oreonmillard, and KirstaStussy today! YAY!

rowiegrl 09/12/2007 #

Sweetjewels just got myne-Love it! What a nice surprise to come home and see, and early too! I know it's too soon to rate but I wanted to say thank you! :-)

TeraBACat 09/14/2007 #

100 words are on their way to Ratbaby, Chamise, & Traoki this morning. I hope you enjoy what I put together for you!

LisaRuth 09/16/2007 #

brummiebird, LoddieDa and christmascarol, your 100 words are hot off the press and on their way to you.

rowiegrl 09/18/2007 #

Thank You Vicki got it!

RudeNun 09/18/2007 #

Vicki Bloom, rowiegrl & Rhiannon your 100 words are on their way! :)

PostMuse 10/28/2007 #

Wow... 6 flakers in this swap. That is the most I've ever had and this was an easy swap!

malangelene 10/28/2007 #

totally easy swap.

do you need anyone to angel for this one?
if you do, let me know.

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