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So, I started my blog today. I have no idea where the cool tools are or how to link and do not have any follwers yet, etc. But I know many of you do.

I'm hoping to learn how to link, follow some blogs, have people follow me, learn some blog tips.

For this swap, simply leave a comment on your partners blog and/or follow them also. I hope you will get many followers but I don't want people to follow you if they have no interest in your blog topic, so for this swap YOU MUST read your partners blog and at least leave a comment (and include your swap-bot user id), and optionally, you can sign up to follow them.

You are all welcome to leave your blog address in the comment sections below so people who are not your partners or do not have blogs can come visit you to.

If you do not have your blog listed on your profile, you must PM or email your partner your blog address within the first 3 days of the swap so they have time to come and visit you. It's easiest to just post it on your profile though.

This will be International, and you will have 20 partners.


wolfeagle 07/ 2/2010 #

Come visit me Click Here

Also, I would love it if someone could tell me how to link to swap-bot, link in general, where to find cool tools like a box with the photos of the people who follow you, and any other tips you want to share.

Thank you and Have Fun!

billiemonster 07/ 2/2010 #

I just started a new blog too :D

Wolfeagle, go to the Swap-Bot page on Facebook and look in their photos section: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=82139&id=7220262623

There are little images there you can use on your website to link to Swap-bot.

billiemonster 07/ 2/2010 #

my new blog is www.billiemonster.com :D

chocololic 07/ 2/2010 #

new knitting crochet blog for my etsy shop: Chocololic Knits

chocololic 07/ 2/2010 #

@wolfeagle do you mean make links on swap-bot, or from your blog?

Vanillacreamteas 07/ 2/2010 #

my blog: www.ichigoshortcake5.blogspot.com

I'm having a giveaway soon! Hehe! xxxx

rumblegirl 07/ 2/2010 #

On my watchlist . . . but I'll join-up before the signup date.

You can visit my blog RoadsideWonders anytime :)

rumblegirl 07/ 2/2010 #

oops! Wish we could edit! Here is the proper link RoadsideWonders

Zefaniya 07/ 3/2010 #

Mine is Vintageloveandphotographs.blogspot.com

wolfeagle 07/ 3/2010 #

Great stuff everyone. @chocololic I mean to link from my blog to swap-bot. I found the little pictures on swap-bot but what do I do with it? Be easy on me...I'm wearing my blog training wheels.

lizzibeth226 07/ 4/2010 #

my blog address is observationsnsuch.blogspot.com :D

HollyHox 07/ 4/2010 #

Here is mine, feel free to follow and also add me as a friend on here if you like: http://hollyputthekettleon.blogspot.com/

chocololic 07/ 5/2010 #

Hi wolfeagle, the link to swap-bot on your blog looks good :). Billimonster was also suggesting you can (right-click) save one of the images from the facebook group, and insert it into the blog post or put it on the sidebar, and make it a clickable link to swap-bot. Or just use for decoration :).

robotgranny 07/ 6/2010 #


Come visit.

Roosterruler 07/ 7/2010 #

How exciting.

My blog's URL is RunAwayMaggieMay.blogspot.com

Such a happy blog it is, too. I only wish blogs had scents. If so, mine would smell of the honeysuckle that is outside my window right now.

Hellllo new followers!

wolfeagle 07/ 9/2010 #

Scents would be funny. I would choose Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Lotion today...kinda tropical and cocnut-ty. I just added music and thought it was so cool. I can change it with my moods. So fun.

What gadgets do you all just love?

teemnis 07/ 9/2010 #


Always love to find new blogs.

QUEENQUISA 07/10/2010 #


Please come visit and I will do the same :)

Vanillacreamteas 07/10/2010 #

I'm now having my 100 followers giveaway! Join!! ^3^

www.ichigoshortcake5.blogspot.com xxx

Agnetha 07/12/2010 #

I will add an google translation to my page as it's in Swedish:


mireillie 07/13/2010 #

cool swap. my blog is really random but has been mostly about kpop ^_^v do visit if you like~


zilliah 07/15/2010 #

yaay! I have actually been posting on my new blog fairly regularly, so this is great timing!

read it here!

wolfeagle 07/15/2010 #

@zillah The Michael's dumpster sounds like a fun place to dumpster dive.

rsj244 07/17/2010 #

Instead of visiting my own blog, I am opting out and requesting that everyone visits my friend's blog. He writes incredible poetry. Phenomenal stuff here. You don't get quality writing like this every day. Thanks so much. :-)

Fragments: Poem for a Rainy Day

zilliah 07/21/2010 #
mimitabby 07/21/2010 #

my blog: http://mimitabby.com/blog

please come and tell me which of my paintings strike your fancy; which ones you like...

HouseOfHearts 07/21/2010 #

Here's my blog[http://www.thehouseofhearts.com/]

samash 07/24/2010 #

Heres mine http://burstsofbubbles.blogspot.com/

madsquirrel 07/25/2010 #

I would love to help anyone out with their blog!

HouseOfHearts 07/26/2010 #

I'm having problems with my blog and I don't know when I will be able to get it back up and running so I have to leave this swap :( I am very sad about this.


I'll be back for the next one though :) Happy swapping everyone!

homekeepingheather 07/28/2010 #

My blogs are on my profile, but here are the addresses just in case. www.homekeeping-heather.blogspot.com and uncurablebookwrom.blogspot.com.

RJcanuck 07/28/2010 #

Love these bloggy swaps!

My lifestyle {ie. little bit of everything} blog is: A Life Designed

RJcanuck 07/28/2010 #

Oops, that link worked in the preview, but not when posted! :S

My url is: http://designedbyrj.blogspot.com

CuppieCake 07/28/2010 #

My blog is

http://mustxbexfate.blogspot.com :D

kimmiekarma 07/28/2010 #

Here's my blog:

Click Here

pumpkinniki 07/28/2010 #

I was just thinking about a swap like this!


pumpkinniki 07/28/2010 #

PS: Wolfeagle: I will be making a mini booklet (I think it is called a zine???) of codes, hints, and tips that work on blogger. When I finish it, I will be posting it to my blog so others can have a cheat sheet, too! :) It will probably take me a week or two since I've noticed that not all codes work on blogger. I want to test them out before adding them to the cheat sheet.


pumpkinniki 07/28/2010 #

And the swap-bot button on my page was made without saving the image. I'll include that in the zine.

AnaGoncalves 07/29/2010 #

My blogs are:



http://crafting-insights.blogspot.com (New)

Feel free to browse either, and comment on whichever blog you are most drawn to. :)

Thank you

mimitabby 07/29/2010 #

thanks to @Anagoncalves I can now have followers on my blog (it's called Networked blogs) VERY COOL.. She has a lovely blog too.


AnaGoncalves 07/29/2010 #

@mimitabby I am glad it helped. :) And thank you so much for the warm comment.

wolfeagle 07/29/2010 #

I'm so glad you all are sharing and helping each other. Thank you!!

thehappyhoneybee 07/29/2010 #

Love finding new blogs to read! Can't wait to get started. :)

My blog is www.thehappyhoneybee.blogspot.com


ohsewaddicted 07/29/2010 #

wolfeagle, I visited your blog and I am now following you!!!!

My blog is on my website at http://www.ohsewaddicted.com/ I will put it on my profile also. I am fixing my blog today so people can leave comments because for some reason it is not working quite right. But I am a newbie too to swap-bot and blogging! Hooray!

My twitter: http://twitter.com/ohsewaddicted

My facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Los-Angeles-CA/Oh-Sew-Addicted/138262436201816?ref=ts&__a=22&ajaxpipe=1


xxpenguinscanflyxx 07/30/2010 #

Always excited to make new blogging friends...



Filpot 07/30/2010 #

Ooh, this sounds good! I've been going about a month with my blog, but am still a bit at sea with it

(Click here)[http://folieoflife.blogspot.com]

Filpot 07/30/2010 #

Sorry, wanted to make a link but didn't do it right.

My blog is


Doodlebabe 07/30/2010 #

Yay!! More people can see how messed up I am in the head hehehe!


bluefeather 07/31/2010 #

Awesome I love these blog swaps!


samash 07/31/2010 #

I've just accidently deleted all the posts on my blog so I'm going to have to drop out since there will be nothing for anyone to read :(. Hopefully you'll arrange this swap again soon. I'll visit all the blogs posted here anyway :D

BirdyLove 07/31/2010 #

Yay! I just got into blogging so this is great! I love to see others blogs too! I love this swap (:


MagicNorth 07/31/2010 #

I love visiting other bloggers!!! I always learn something new and very often get a new idea...

Please visit my blog this and that...

And click here for a tutorial how to make links in your swap-boot comments.

JessterRoux 07/31/2010 #

My blog is linked on my profile, but here's the address just in case:


pumpkinniki 07/31/2010 #

I have followed several of you already. I'm ANKH...with the red, curly hair.

Some were hard on my eyes, and some didn't allow comments. :(

Please correct this as it is the basis of the swap for people to leave comments!

mag 08/ 1/2010 #

hi, I just started blogging again and happened to come across this. I am excited to meet new bloggers! My blog: A Ladies Lunch

Doodlebabe 08/ 1/2010 #

Please please PLEASE: If you have me as a partner TELL ME WHICH SWAP YOU'RE IN.

I am in two different blog swaps with multiple partners and it'd be much easier to keep track of which ones are commenting from which swap. Especially since there are some people in this swap who are also in the other one.

I have two different blogs and I don't care which one you visit (although the one I prefer is listed here, but that can be hard on the eyes sometimes). I just want to make sure I rate you appropriately. Don't leave a random comment with your swap name unless you are NOT my partner for this swap. Otherwise I'll be trying to figure out which swap you're my partner in and it'll take forever to rate you.

LADYHIGHTOWER 08/ 1/2010 #

I have 4 blogs! Visit whatever you'd like!





wolfeagle 08/ 1/2010 #

I have visited 19 out of my 20 partners so far. One needs to PM me her blog info but the others are great. And really diverse. Thank you all for partcipating in this swap!

LesleyKnitsPretty 08/ 1/2010 #

Come visit me!! My blog is fairly new and about crafting and randomness that pops into my head :)


pumpkinniki 08/ 1/2010 #

I just want to let everyone know: I have commented on 19 out of 20 partner's blogs. More than once on most of them. That is a bunch to read! So I will be saving some for later since my head is hurting! I won't be rating anyone for several days or so for the same reason! If I do rate without a heart...that doesn't mean the rating will remain that way...Just so yall know! :)


aprilk 08/ 1/2010 #

my blog is http://aprilk01.wordpress.com

thehappyhoneybee 08/ 2/2010 #

Lordy, it takes a long time to go through 20 blogs. I found some great peeps, though, so thanks wolfeagle, for coordinating this! I tried to leave real comments, and I really truly appreciate those who took the time to do the same for me. cheers!

thehappyhoneybee 08/ 2/2010 #

PS--I'm now visiting some of the people who have visited me, too, even though they weren't my official swap partners. amazing stuff out there.

MsRigby 08/ 2/2010 #

Feel free to visit my blog and stay around if you like. It's mostly about crafts and some bits of my daily life.


Visiting (and truly exploring) twenty blogs can be overwhelming. I think I'll take it easy with this one.

pumpkinniki 08/ 6/2010 #

I'm doing the same as far as visiting those that comment on mine, even if they are not my partners. I'm not putting too much stress on forcing a long comment if it won't be sincere, but that doesn't mean I haven't left more or won't leave more!


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