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Swap Coordinator:tenblackr0ses (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing  Postcards 
Number of people in swap:28
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.80
Last day to signup/drop:August 10, 2011
Date items must be sent by:November 1, 2011
Number of swap partners:10

You will have 10 partners. You will send something small and inexpensive to each of your partners, such as a postcard, note card, letter, small gift, anything that will fit into an envelope and won't cost a bomb for you to send. :)

You must have a rating of 4.80 and at least 5 rated type 2 swaps to join. No unexplained or multiple 3's/1's. Please don't flake, as I will be unable to angel. Please note that this is an international swap.


filmstarcrazy 07/31/2011 #

This is a cool idea! I'd love to get ten pieces of mail! I'm wondering about the small gift, though, like if a letter would count as its own gift for some people, or if we should find some gift in addition to writing a letter?

kittenred 07/31/2011 #

i'm undecided on this one.... the post office charges me £1.10 to send 4 playing cards or 1 sheet of stickers to USA... so this swap would cost me around £11 - £12 to mail them all providing I only sent stickers / postcards (and that much is more than $12 US, since the exchange rate is at $1.60 = £1)

also the 4.0 rating scares me...a higher 4.80 would still allow those who may have made mistakes (gotten 3's) in but keep serious flakers out. (just my thoughts not asking for anyone to change anything) x

kraftykj 07/31/2011 #

I agree the low rating is not great with me either..Enjoy the swap..

turtlelady45 07/31/2011 #

Agree, too many partners & too costly...from US to International a PC is at least $1.00 for postage...notecards, small pkgs even higher...so cost may keep many people out of this swap...

tenblackr0ses 07/31/2011 #

@filmstarcrazy The idea is to send out postcards, note cards or letters, but you can add a small gift such as a bracelet, or some stickers, if you wish. Not required though :)

@kittenred @turtlelady I set the send deadline several weeks after the partner assignment, so that people on a tight budget can send things out a few at a time and not have to spend a lot of money all at once on postage. I see what you mean about the rating though, and have edit it accordingly.

charophyta 07/31/2011 #

I have done similar swaps and really enjoyed them!! So here's my 2 cents... I think the idea is you don't know what you will get... but you're going to get to open 10 pieces of mail! Exciting! Some of my partners went way above and beyond what was required and sent me all kinds of amazing stuff, some people just sent tiny stuff... and it was all fun to get.

It may be something tiny, maybe just a letter, but sometimes just getting to read a simple letter is more fun than getting a bunch of random junk, isn't it? Sometimes one simple, tiny thing (esp original handwritten or hand drawn) thrills me the most. So no one should have high expectations for this or stress about what you send out, just send something to all of your partners, and be excited that you are getting mail! :)

I understand the concern about international postage though. It would be fun to do a US version of this too so that none of the US folks would need to spend much to participate.

charophyta 07/31/2011 #

oh and to the host... certain people who are commenting here have been leaving similar negative comments on lots of public swaps lately, so please don't let it get to you. Not sure why people feel the need to announce what they find wrong with everyone's swaps and why they don't want to join them... I guess they're trying to give constructive criticism. Sending out 10 pieces of mail may not be feasible for everyone but I think plenty of people would enjoy doing this swap. :)

Momskii 08/ 1/2011 #

I know that I would like to join this swap but can't at the present, too many other obligations and cost for vacation. Please host another in October so I can join, maybe just for US. thanks

tenblackr0ses 08/ 2/2011 #

Thanks for your input @charophyta :) Hopefully it's all clear to everyone now. ^^

@Momskii I don't live in the US, so unfortunately I won't be holding a US only version.

kittenred 08/ 2/2011 #

mail by is now 2 weeks ish after deadline... since I already have lots of stickers, postcards and note cards in my stash, it would only really cost in postage. (at least I'll get paid between those dates... I know where my overtime will be getting spent!) :)

KikoLala 08/ 2/2011 #

I'd be perfectly happy with a little handwritten note, so no one needs to spend much for me! :-P

HeidiJean 08/ 5/2011 #

@Charophyta my sister @nursekelly has only been on swap-bot for a weekish, and said to me today "wow, I've noticed there are a lot of people leaving negative comments under swaps!" ...Don't know why they don't just create their OWN swaps.

And, since the point is to send something cheap, I know that sending a regular business sized envie to most countries costs me (I believe) 84 cents... so it shouldn't be too bad?

jaz1yn 08/ 6/2011 #

@HeidiJean in the U.S. it costs $0.98 to send a postcard or letter internationally, but the rate is cheaper to Canada and Mexico ($0.80 I think).

rachelcdoyle 08/ 7/2011 #

Personally, I think that if you don't like the rules of the swap and have nothing nice to say just don't sign up? :D That being said, opening 10 pieces of mail would be fabulous. A US only one would be nice too but I'm signing up for this one! :)

HeidiJean 08/ 7/2011 #

@rachelcdoyle very well said!

@jaz1yn my mistake, I could have sworn I was told 84 cents to send to places like germany and whatnot, but I usually send quite a few things at a time, so it's very possible i heard the clerk wrong

HeidiJean 08/12/2011 #

Just wanted to say that I do not have the items/postage/time to send all ten items RIGHT NOW-- I will by the deadline though!! So, I'm sending out what I can... so some will get their goodies before I mark it as sent

kittenred 08/13/2011 #

I posted to 4 of my partners today, the rest will most likely be done next Saturday as I didn't have anything I thought they'd like... the ones I sent today cost £1.10 each, so my earlier estimate of £12 over all on postage was right! :)

metammi123 08/15/2011 #

too funny i think Y comment negative if you dont like the rules dont join if you dont have thew money dont join ... if you dont like the rules make your own swap geeeeeshhhhhhh other then that swap and have fun KKS keep sendin smiles ...

tenblackr0ses 08/17/2011 #

I've added another week to the swap deadline. :)

kittenred 08/18/2011 #

I sent a few more today, there are now 3 left to do, of which I am hoping to be able to get their small items tomorrow and mail on Saturday, at which point I will mark sent after the final one has gone out.

BambooPanda13 08/18/2011 #

I had fun sending things out people would like and of course I am loving everything I am receiving! I hope you host another swap like this!

dustyrumor 08/22/2011 #

I've got all mine ready to go to the post office tomorrow. I've really been having fun with this, so I too hope you'll host another swap like this!! =)

Bushie 09/ 2/2011 #

ok i kind of misunderstood this one, i did send a card but now can't remember if i put it in an envelope.

I have decided i shall send all my ppl another something

but wont' get anything away now until next week

rachelcdoyle 10/21/2011 #

How many times is the "send by" date going to change on this? It's been pushed forward at least 3 times. Now it's November? When I originally signed up it was in September. It's getting a little obnoxious. Sorry but I need to archive and I've not received from 3 people yet because the send date keeps getting changed! :(

kittenred 10/24/2011 #

STOP CHANGING THE DATE! you know I've been flaked on by at least 3 people in this swap, let me rate them already! you as the host have already sent, why do we all need more time? what the f**k!

kittenred 10/24/2011 #

ah, I see that the host herself has not yet marked sent.... but I could have sworn it was marked as such a while ago.

darkvixen620 10/24/2011 #

I havent recieved from 2 people yet and I sent my items about 2 months ago. This is ridiculous.

Jessicalynn1978 10/31/2011 #

I wasnt going to say anything but I agree......This whole swap has taken way too long to process. I am still owed by the host herself which DID mark "sent" the other day (I have been checking on this swap almost daily) and for whatever reason has now changed it to "unsent" again ?????? How is that done? If your the host you can keep doing this run-around long as you want, but someone should notify administration and point out what is going on here. I mean I would have been ok with just a postcard to recieve for this swap. Most dissappointing is the host never messages me to tell me what is going on except 1 time MONTHS ago when she notified us all of the extended time frame....Why no communication since? That is free and friendly to send. :( :(

Stick to your promises is all I got left to say.

kittenred 11/ 7/2011 #

I got my final item today, just 2 flakes now for me, both of which haven't been on since September.

rachelcdoyle 12/ 1/2011 #

After all the date changes, ridiculously long send time, long list of partners I only had ONE flake... very surprised. That being said, I see that the coordinator has now been suspended after deleting her profile. I'll angel as many of these as I can (AFTER the New Year) ... send me your addys. :)

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