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UPDATE 9/16/19 On Friday the 13th, I was expecting 2 packages, according to USPS. One from Simi Valley, CA and one from Germantown, WI. USPS says they were delivered, but I still havent seen them. If you sent one of them, please let me know. I can't file a trace until I know who they are from :(

UPDATE 8/6/19 After cutting down to just one swap for the last 5 months or so, I am thinking of slowly coming back, but only to those hosted by people that I adore as people, outside of SB. You will probably see me in whatever @christy102194 and @SeleneW are hosting ♥ Also, I am so over friendship sheets/books. Please don't send anymore. Thanks!

UPDATE 3/21/19 Since I am going to be leaving SwapBot, I decided to go through and archive all of my sent swaps to make sure that they were rated. I have 7 swaps that I have yet to receive items from. Those will be added below under "Flakers"

UPDATE 2/2/2019 Just a heads up. I am taking a step back from Swap-Bot. I am going to be focusing more on penpal things, because I am really enjoying using pretty stationery to write long flowy letters and getting to know people. I even joined a great group run by the same folks that run the LaPapierre ETSY shop! TY for understanding!


(This is always a work in progress) UnderConstruction

My name is Kelli and I live in a small town in Northern Nevada. I am loving my time here on SB, even after some drama a few years ago. If anyone has any questions about this, please feel free to message me.


The following people have flaked on me:

@ndfrost17 - Craft Destash #2

@KatrinaKatrina - Animal Postcard Swap USA #11 (UPDATES BELOW)

UPDATE 2/12/2019 User contacted saying they would be sending me a Disney themed envie to prove that she hadn't flaked on the postcard. Also says she doesn't expect me to change my rating for recieving. Will update here when I receive said envie.

UPDATE 12/26/18 - This person claims in response to my rating that they have resent "numerous" times. The only message I ever got from this person was 11/1/18 saying that it was their fault (the original response). I have not heard from them since. Would be more than happy to discuss/work out if she would just contact me.

@MMark - Swaps ~ Dear Holiday Diary

@spiffytiffy - Valentines Card Swap #7 USA UPDATE Received 4/6/19.

@kmwhatley - Valentines Card Swap #5 USA

@Jenzeestyle - Postcrossing Obsessed?! 85!!!

@codeofliving - Notecard with a Memory #1

ABCs Of Me

(Okay, I have this section for my "quick likes & dislikes" but the sections below this one for more detailed info.)


  • A - Adult coloring books, Autumn foliage, Amazon Prime
  • B - Books (not eBooks), Beach, Bows, BUTTERFLIES, Bookmarks, Bullet Journals
  • C - Cardstock, Crochet, Crafting, Craft fairs, Cooking, Country Music, Cats, Candles, Colored pencils, Crayons
  • D - Doctor Who, DISNEY (slightly obsessed), Disneyland, Dolphins, Dogs, Dodgers (LA Baseball)
  • E - Ephemera, ETSY, Envelope Making
  • F - Fairies, Fairy Tales, Felt-tip pens/markers, Flea Markets, FRIENDS
  • G - Gel Pens, Genealogy
  • H - Handmade items (sending/receiving), Harry Potter Happy Planner, Halloween, Happy Mail
  • I - Iced Tea (unflavored/unsweetened), Ice Cream (Breyer's Carb Control)
  • J - Journals, Journal Cards, Jigsaw Puzzles JACK SKELLINGTON
  • K - Kittens, Koalas, KINDNESS
  • L - Letters (writing/receiving), LISA FRANK
  • M - Music, Maps, Mickey Mouse, Magnets MP3 Players, Markers, Mechanical Pencils (0.7mm)
  • N - Note cards (sending/receiving), Notebooks, nature, NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS
  • O - OFFICE SUPPLIES (hubby says I'm a hoarder lol) Owls OOGIE BOOGIE, Origami paper
  • P - Postcards, Planners, Paper Crafts, PURPLE, Photography, PENS, Pencils. PEN PALS
  • Q - Quotes
  • R - Rubber Stamps (mounted & not), Ribbons, Rainbows, Rain storms
  • S - Summers at the beach, Snow, STICKERS, SALLY (TNBC), SWAPPING, Smiling Kids, Surprises, STATIONERY SETS
  • T - Tim Burton, Thrift Stores, Tim Holtz Ephemera, Thunder Storms
  • U - Unicorns
  • V - Vellum, Vanilla
  • W - Writing, WASHI
  • X -Xacto Knife
  • Y - Yarn, YouTube, YOU!
  • Z - Zero (TNBC)


  • A
  • B
  • C - Confetti (If anymore comes in, I think hubby will kill me!). Now, if it's in a package, it's okay but not loose!
  • D
  • E
  • F - Food Items (Only because I am diabetic)
  • G
  • H
  • I
  • J
  • K
  • L
  • M
  • N - Non-Raters
  • O
  • P
  • Q
  • R - Religious Items
  • S - Strong Scents (I suffer with chronic migraines. Smells are a huge trigger.)
  • T - Trash items (those that will end up in my trash because they are in bad shape and unusable)
  • U
  • V
  • W
  • X
  • Y
  • Z

Favorite Crafts


I am loving learning new crafts. I recently learned how to make envelopes and I can't wait to start using them!

I have a LOT of scrap booking paper. At least 500+ pages. I like to make and decorate things with with stickers, washi and my paper. I have sticker makers so I can make ribbon into stickers. Just bought some Sugar Skull ribbon and it's made for great stickers this year.

I was lucky enough that my husband bought me the Envelope Maker by We R Memory Keepers. I also have the flower maker, but my scrapbook paper is too thin and tears on the seams when folding the flowers :(

During my time away from Swap Bot, I have learned to crochet (sort of) and loom knit. I will say that I prefer loom knitting as it is easier on my hands. I have also attempted to knit, but after the cast on row, I screw it up!

Today (7/2/18) I am working on the border of a baby blanket. My first crochet order! I am super excited. By the end of the week it will be on it's way to a new home!

I also like to do cross stitch and latch hooking.

PSSSST In case it wasn't obvious, I LOVE HALLOWEEN! hehehe


Favorite Music


My music taste is pretty eclectic, however I can't listen to metal (chronic migraine sufferer) and I don't like 90% of the rap out there. My current presets on my radio are: '80s hits, '80s & '90s Country, Y2K Country, Frank Sinatra Radio, '90s hits, as well as news stations. (Thank goodness for SiriusXM!)

What I listen to daily depends on my mood and/or feelings. When I need something upbeat, it has to be P!nk! If I need sad I turn to my '80s/'90s break up songs (pop). I have so many playlists on Spotify it isn't funny!

When working on Pen Pal letters, I put David Bowie's Lazarus on repeat. I don't know what it is about that song. I get into a sort of trance, tune everything else out, and knock out my letters.

Favorite Books


I own almost all of Mary Higgins Clark's books. The ones I don't own are those released in the last couple of years (finances have not allowed me to feed this addiction).

I also love classics. I am in the process of reading Pride and Prejudice. (I have put this book down because I needed new glasses. I have them now but have yet to attempt reading it yet lol!)

UPDATE 9/24/2018 I have decided to try again with Pride & Prejudice. I have gotten a kick in the pants from a swapper that sent me a PC with a quote from it! I am excited.

Sue Grafton is another author I love. She passed away the other day after a battle with cancer and our alphabet series ends with Y for Yesterday. I believe I have only read to K or L, but I am not sure.

Favorite Movies


Just like the other sections, my movie taste is pretty eclectic. I love the classics, as well as current movies. I am not into Star Wars/LoTR.

It is hard to pic my "favorite" movie, because there are so many that I love.

  • Gone With The Wind
  • Pretty Woman
  • Steel Magnolias
  • Anything Disney
  • Harry Potter Series
  • The Help
  • The House With The Clock In It's Walls (just saw this, loved it!
  • Selena (Love this movie!)
  • Beaches
  • The Pursuit of Happyness
  • (more to come)

There are so many more. I will be updating this as I go along!

Favorite Television


Again, no set genre, as I like many.

  • Doctor Who
  • Real Housewives of ATL, BH, OC. Not happy with the others.
  • Vanderpump Rules
  • Top Chef (And Last Chance Kitchen, Top Chef Junior)
  • Bar Rescue (Love that Jon Taffer!)
  • Flea Market Flip (Love Lara Spencer!)
  • The Chew (I miss them already!)
  • Master Chef /MC Junior
  • Hell's Kitchen
  • Kitchen Nightmares
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Shark Tank
  • Married At First Sight
  • Reign
  • LivePD
  • LivePD Presents PDCam
  • Big Brother (my guilty pleasure)
  • Shameless
  • Nightwatch
  • Chopped

    '80s & '90s Sitcoms like:

  • Mama's Family
  • Family Matters
  • Full House (not the reboot)
  • Living Single
  • In Living Color
  • Saved By The Bell
  • Charles in Charge
  • Family Ties
  • 90210 (Original)
  • Melrose Place
  • Fresh Prince of Bel Aire
  • Married with Children, and so on I still catch a lot of 70s-80s shows on Antenna TV.

This list will be updated when my memory kicks in!


I am currently using The Happy Planner from Michael's. I am loving it! I have added the budgeting pack and I have gotten Appointment stickers. These are the only ones I have so far, but I can't wait to add to it.

I recently picked up the "hole punch" for my 9 ring Happy Planner. I love that I can now customize the planner with pages from my scrapbooking paper.

About Me

(About me, cont...)

UPDATE: 1/2/2019 Happy New Year! So I discovered something I am quickly falling in like with... FRIENDSHIP SHEETS! As I have only done one swap of them and would like to be able to send my partners more than brand new ones made up for myself, if you have any extras I would be more than willing to take them off your hands. Also, is anyone willing to send me a few Friendship books so I can see how they are made? I would like to get into those as well. TYVM!

Update: 11/8/2018: Hey there. Don't worry, I am okay, I am just taking a breather for now, as I am focusing on preparing for my very first craft fair! I am super excited and I can't wait! Craft Fair is the 8th of December. I will pick back up after that date. Thank you for understanding ♥♥♥

UPDATE 12/27/2017 This morning I was diagnosed with diabetes. Please do not send any food/drink items as I may not be able to have them. TIA!



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Comment: Thank you for the awesome cool! I had a great time with you that day. I can't wait for our next visit :)
Response: I think this should have been for 90 babe, unless I sent 2 for 90. I haven't even sent 91 yet LOL!
Comment: Those are both my favorites when it comes to tea. Thank you for the letter too.
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Comment: Good to have you back! <3 The street corn you mentioned, that's MY fave - it's called an "elote" if you are talking about what I am thinking. It has mayo, butter, spices/seasoning, and some cheese on it! So tasty! It would be a dream come true to open an Etsy/similar style of shop and have it do well.
Response: Yes, elote. That is what Mike likes! I can't imagine corn and mayo LOL! Thanks for the wonderful welcome back, sweets! ♥♥♥
Comment: Thanks for the letter. I hope your crafting endeavors go great! I was gonna start crocheting again and then got intimidated again lol. I need to do it though.
Response: I started small. Coasters until my confidence built up. I am sure you got this ♥ Thanks for the heart!
Comment: Well, meeting you was one of the craziest things I have done too especially being willfully chained into a pretend ship 10 mins after we met! We had a great time that day and I hope to see you again soo.
Response: I can not imagine that day being topped. It was so much fun, even the walking. Hehehehe! Thanks for the ♥ babe!
Comment: Thank you very much for the beautiful letter and mini kawaii memos. Christy does have wonderful swaps. I’m amazed how she manages them all plus working. See you around SB
Response: Thanks for rating and thank you for the ♥. Christy is awesome with her multi-tasking LOL
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Happy fall! :)

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Umm, notice Who?


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About time!


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Happy Valentines Day!


JuneRosebud on Jan 26, 2019:

Your list of 10 things that made you happy made me smile. We certainly have some things in common=)

JuneRosebud on Jan 19, 2019:

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I got your letter for the January Pen Pal Swap. Not sure if I'll be able to write back or not. Am having some health issues that are causing me a lot of problems; so only time will tell if I can add on a new pen pal. I enjoyed reading your letter, though!

SeleneW on Jan 16, 2019:

Thank you so much for the BD card!


thisisme on Jan 13, 2019:

I absolutely loved reading your profile. You did an amazing job! Just wanted to let you know.


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SeleneW on Jan 10, 2019:

nooo! It didn't fit!

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