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About Me

Update 02/03/2023 It gives me some sadness, but I'm going to take a break for a while. What with taking on all the work of our four rental houses, plus my own, and becoming Mama's 24/7 caregiver, the swap deadlines have started to feel more stressful than joyful. I still love swap-bot and swapping, but there are too many random crises that jump up to bite me. I do hope to come back when things are more under control. Love to all. Update 05/13/2022 I'm back, after quite an absence. My husband continued to battle cancer for several years after I updated last, fighting one recurrence after another. In January of this year, the cancer suddenly metastasized. Ten days later he was gone; the doctors were surprised he hung on that long.

I now have my dear 96-yr-old Mama living with me 3/4 of the time; I've taken up Swap-bot again to give us both something to do. (Well, I have more to do now than ever in my life, but Mama has dementia.) If you see AuntPawnee signing up for one of your swaps and notice she has no or few ratings, please let her in; I'll be the one making sure they're fulfilled.

Now let's see what the future holds.... 0[]0[]0[]0[]0[]0[]0[]0[]0[]0[]0[]0[]0

Just a note to say I've been unable to swap lately, for multiple reasons that add up to No Time, No Headspace. Life is easing up,though (I may finally retire for real! Hubby's through cancer treatments!) Hope to be active again soon. 😊😊😊

I'm a singer/musician, and retired recycled-materials artist who enjoys the (sometimes, lol) benefits of being ADD, which means I "specialize" in whatever has most recently riveted my attention. I love to create.

Most especially, I love writing lyrics and creating music as half of the duo, Sparrow. I've included the links to our YouTube channel, which has the videos we've created, our Patreon page, and our Soundcloud channel, with all the recent tracks. I love visitors, so please come give us a listen!

In General

Update: My darling died Jan, 2023. He was my soulmate and dearest friend. I'm widow to my second husband; together we have 7 "kids", 16 grandkids, and have just welcomed our second greatgrandson, Griffin Maxwell. (Isn't that an awesome name?!) We live with our calico cat and little Scotty dog, in a house filled with collectibles, antiques, and whimsy. My mom likes to just wander around looking to see what's new.

Things I love to do: garden, play, dance, sing, bake, create art, crochet, make jewelry. Most of all, I love singing, and creating music. I swear, it's like a drug high for me. (Not that I ever was into drug highs, lol.)

I love toe socks! You know, the ones that fit your feet like gloves. Here's the deal: I have big feet! (Size 9 1/2) Most socks that Say they fit, are just a little bit on the small side, and they tend to twist around on my feet, which drives me nuts. Toe socks can't do that, and it's just plain wonderful.

Favorite Music

Folk, especially British Isles, Country/Western, Show Tunes, Freak Folk, Oldies of every ilk, Alternative, Opera (I'm a lyric soprano), Old Rock...

Actually, my tastes are so eclectic, it might be easier just to say I'm not a huge fan of Jazz, and don't care for Rap (or anything else I can't harmonize with), or hard Rock.

Favorite groups, singers: First Aid Kit, Ma Muse, Elephant Revival, Fleet Foxes, Loreena McKennit, John Renbourne, Steeleye Span, Trio, Asleep at the Wheel, Dixie Chicks, Clearwater Revival, Eliza Gilkison, Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor....there are so many more!

Favorite Books

Holographic Universe (quantum physics, but an excellent read), The Time Traveler's Wife, Guy Murchie's Seven Mysteries of Life, anything by Dorothy Sayers, mysteries of all sorts, Gore's Attack on Reason, The Stuff of Thought (can't think of the author right now), all of Mark Twain, everything I ever read by CS Lewis (and he wrote a LOT beyond The Chronicles of Narnia), anything by Victoria Holt, Regency romances, Science Fiction, Historical novels, anything by Dick Francis or his son Felix. I read mostly fiction, but if I run across a well-written non-fiction book I will absolutely devour it.

I love audio books, and listen to mostly non-fiction there.

Favorite Movies

I don't get to see many, even on TV, but I adore musicals, science fiction, chick flicks. I love Disney, especially the animated ones. Actually, I like animated movies, period. A particular favorite: Howl's Moving Castle. Oh, and I adored Monsters, Inc. and The Incredibles.

Favorite Television

Pretty much anything British. The Voice, America's Got Talent (or any other country, for that matter--watch them on YouTube) Bletchley Circle, Father Brown, Dancing with the Stars, political news (I'm kind of a political news junkie), CSI, Antiques Roadshow.

Favorite Crafts

Recycled/reclaimed/repurposed crafts of all kinds. Photography. Playing with Photoshop. Paper crafts. Crochet. Collage, both flat and 3-D, gardening, reading, decorative envies.

I love baking cookies, and I collect metal cookie cutters. Don't know why I'm not attracted to the plastic ones, just amn't, I guess.

This isn't a craft, per se, but I love, love, love wordplay of all varieties.

Just miscellaneous stuff here:

I'm a coffee drinker of the grind my own beans ilk, always black. Tea is good, too. I like to try new ones, but I'm allergic to licorice, chicory, and mint. Anything else, though, is good.

I'm neither low carb nor Keto these days, but steer clear of sugar and refined foods. These days I eat to support my brain's health, and cook for Mom's. Sugar and refined foods are not helpful.

Dislikes, Etc.

It's not like there's a lot I dislike, but intolerant or judgmental people do get to me. This is such a sweet website, full of sweet people. Why lie in wait for someone to slip up? You know that feeling you get when you're driving and a cop pulls in behind you? You know you aren't doing anything wrong, and don't intend to, but....More than once I've seen things like, "If you don't send by the cut-off date, even if you're just one day late, I'll wait until the 3 rating becomes available and give it to you!" That's mean-spirited, IMHO. What do you do? Check the postmark & and rate on that, instead of the lovelies inside? Lighten up, folks, and give people the benefit of the doubt. We're here for Fun; it isn't a job. Honestly, if you're one of those people, I'd rather not have you for a partner; I get all tense just worrying I might do something to upset you!

As for likes, how about a list of things I love receiving? Chocolate Ephemera Stickers, except kiddy ATC's Decorated tags Unusual images, especially funny ones Neat art papers Beads and jewelry findings Magnet sheets Buttons Bits o' this n' that Vintage anything Handwritten notes Ribbon & lace Socks with toes (What can I say?)

And just one last thing: My name is Anitra, not Anita. It's a little thing to be picky about, I know, but it's my name.

If you're sending to me:

If you're sending to me, here's a list of option, things I like: A: Antiques, Adorable anything B: Books, Buttons, Baby animals, Butterflies, Birds, Beads C: Card-making, Cricut, Collage, Christmas, Cheese, Crochet D: Daffodils, Daisies, Dumbo, Dreams E: Ephemera, Earrings (pierced or clip) F: Fairies, Feathers, Fingerless gloves, Flowers G: Girly things, Glam, Glitz H: Handkerchiefs, Handmade envies, Halloween I: Iris, Incense J: Jewelry, Jewels (fake ones, too!) K: Kaleidoscopes, Kittens L: Lace, Letters, Leaves M: Music, Mermaids, Masks O: Opals, Oddball stuff, Oaks, Original artwork P: Pinterest, Paper, Poetry, Poppies, Pocket Letters Q: Quick crafts, Quotes, Quotations, Quirky stuff R: Rainbows, Recipes (healthy yummy), Recycled crafts S: Stickers without borders, Scrapbooking materials, Scotty dogs, Skunks T: Tea, Templates, Tags U: Uhhh... V: Vibrant colors, Vintage W: Washi, Waterlilies, Word stickers, Word games X: ? Y: Yellow, Yarn Z: Zentangles, Ziplock bags any size


Comment: Thank you for the wonderful items! I adore the vintage cookbook. I hope you are feeling better! Please take care, and I hope to see you at the mailbox again this year!
Response: I'm so glad, and so relieved, too! I was really afraid the package had gotten lost in the mail. Whew! Thanks for the heart!
Comment: Thank you so so much for all the cute cards!
Eulegirl rated for ABC send ~ C on Dec 15, 2022
Comment: All the hearts for this awesome swap! Love the cats, cuppas (of tea, all that start with C), and the C fairy postcards!
Comment: Thank you so much! Everything is so pretty!
Colleen2868 rated for CPG Nov 22 Stocking Stuffer - US on Dec 10, 2022
Comment: I love the organizer what a great idea thank you so much
Comment: Thank you, Anitra! This is a lovely book that you made. True story: my husband almost returned it to you! LOL. I was at a medical appt this afternoon so he checked the mailbox and your ME paper had come unstuck on one side from the Amazon envelope you repurposed, so he assumed our mail carrier had mis-delivered someone else’s package, and he put it back out in the mailbox with the red flag up. When I got home and saw a white address label attached to a single piece of ME calendar page I asked him where the rest of the mail was and he told me. 😅
Response: Oh. My. Word. I'm so glad you noticed! And that you liked the book. I had a lovely, peaceful, time creating it. Thank you for the heart!!
ensigncelery rated for ABC send ~ C on Nov 16, 2022
Comment: The C items you picked out are so unique and cute! I love every single cat sticker, of course, but this Cherry Tree Fairy is also absolutely delightful 🍒 And I've been drinking a lot of teas lately, so I'm super excited to try the tea you sent 💜 Thank you for a lovely swap!
Response: Oh, good! That makes me smile so big! thank you for the Heart!
bluerose3 rated for CPG Oct '22 Stocking Stuffer - US on Nov 4, 2022
Comment: Thank you. Into the basket it goes. Love the wrapping paper.
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful evie's
Comment: Thank you for making my day, Anitra! This package was such a joy to see in my mailbox, open, and unpack. It’s filled with TLC and resembles exactly what I have in mind for the “Special” swap series. Thank you for sharing so much or yourself with me. I especially adore your poetry about trees!!! You’re a beautiful human! 💙
Response: And now you've made mine! I'm so glad you like what I sent--I really enjoyed going through your profile and thinking about then putting together your package. Thanks for the heart, and the lovely compliments!
Comment: The wrapping paper you used to wrap the shipping box in, is way too cute! I dont want to open it till christmas. I hope that is ok. The wrapping paper is just too pretty and I want to look at it till then. Thank you so much for sending "happy mail" even before I open the present.
Response: I am totally smiling all the way across my face. Honestly, as I was sending the package I was thinking I wouldn't want to open it myself, lol. Hope you like what's IN it, too! Thank you so much for the heart and the smile you brought to my day!
Comment: Ooh what a lovely assortment of goodies! Thank you so much! I totally get how house guests can turn everything on its head! A month is a long time too! Thanks for the lovely swap!
Comment: 💕💕Wow, Anitra, this is such an incredible chunk o’ cardboard! I wish I could give more than just one heart! I’d say it’s not only the ‘randomest,” I’d say it’s the most fun! I do a lot of jigsaw puzzles (& pass them on afterwards), so at first I thought it was an add for puzzles, and then I wondered if someone was thanking me for a puzzle. But it was a swap! THANK YOU! I wouldn’t have thought it made it thru the mailing system, but it did! What absolute fun to receive and read. Another commonality: my mom was born in 1926, too! I hope in the future I’ll get you as a partner so I can return the favor!💕💕💕
Comment: What did you make this card out of? Very cute and sturdy! Thank you! I hope your mom is well!
kristiD rated for Chunk O Cardboard - August 2022 on Sep 7, 2022
Comment: Loved the puzzle piece--what a fun idea! It arrived in great shape! I also enjoyed your note. Thanks!!!
JustKeko rated for Cozy Book Swap -USA #3 on Aug 20, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the book and sorry for such a late rating
lyssathemermaid rated for My Crafty Side #4 ~ USA on Aug 14, 2022
Comment: Thank you for all of the lovely goodies! The halloween cards are my favorite :-) and the unique 3-D hand papercraft, really cool! Wishing you all the best ❤️
Winklet rated for MAE~Napkin Covered Envies~US on Aug 10, 2022
Comment: amazing! I agree such a fun swap, glad you enjoyed making them because I enjoyed receiving!!! thank you!!
kclicquot rated for WIYM: revised SSS-JUL ‘22 (USA+) on Aug 10, 2022
Comment: Anrita! Thank you for the generous swap!! So many delightful components. I can use them all in the mini book!!!
Tverne05 rated for WIYM: SSS-JUN ‘22 (USA+) on Jul 25, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much for the items you sent. There’s a magazine that I read every so often and I found some useful ideas in it that will allow me to put the spiral notebook you sent to good use. I plan to use it to make cluster pages, which will allow me to have things already made up to use for journaling. I appreciate the ephemera you sent. The soap sparked an interest…lol. I looked it up online. There’s many different other types of soaps from the owner. I wasn’t sure if the plastic on the soap was supposed to be opened, but I did see online that the owner makes a variety of their items with jagged edge. Take care and be safe.

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chimerix on Jan 1, 2023:

I wanted to drop by to thank you so much for the lovely rhinestone pins that you sent for the WIYM stocking stuffer swap. Happy New Year and Aloha!

MisplacedfromPA on Dec 25, 2022:

Anitra, I knew why I saved your present from the CPG Sept 2022 Stocking Stuffer to open last. Because it is the BEST! It was a delight opening it. The little magnet of Coffee People, the postcards you make (my husband wants to know if you actually make the coffee people?) but the best is the frog flower vase. I just LOVE it. It is going on my showcase of shelves of swaps that are most precious to me. Thank you so much for a wonderful letter as well. I hope you made it to your daughters home for Christmas with your Mom. It is a white Christmas here. Actually still snowing. Makes it just so magical. I will be on the lookout for those fairies you spoke of. Merry Christmas to you and your Mother, and may 2023 bring many fond memories to you both.

OrigamiGrace on Nov 24, 2022:


lou on Nov 3, 2022:

So great you’ve returned, yay!!

CurlyTea on Jan 16, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

CurlyTea on Nov 6, 2018:

kittyhahahotbot on Nov 3, 2018:

P.s Luv your adorable CrysalBall labels!

kittyhahahotbot on Nov 3, 2018:

Oh, ghoul! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I have plenty of "hat" to share too. lmao. Muah!

CurlyTea on Jan 15, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

kittyhahahotbot on Dec 24, 2017:

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