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*Please use SwapBot message rather than email to contact me. I don't check emails often.

Can't wait for spring. Love the spring colours. I don't usually decorate for the holidays or seasons, but just have to add spring colours and decors beginning March. It's usually time when I need a little cheer from the dreary cold days of winter.

I love my work, it can be stressful at times and, every so often, retreat into nature. Could be just going for a walk and listening to the birds or backwoods camping. Working on crafts or some type of art is also a way to relax without leaving the house.

I would love to travel and see the world, experience other cultures and their ways of living/life. I especially enjoy the historical aspect of it as well as all the architecture and all the wonders of the world.

Cooking for one and little time, I am always on the lookout for quick and easy recipes that are crock pot and freezer friendly.

I believe a girl can never have too many purses, boots and soft scarves.

I am a Pinterest junkie and have been known to spend way too much time there pinning. So many ideas....too little time...

For some reason I am drawn to anything pink with glitter.


I have recently discovered photography and try to keep my camera with me as much as I can. I currently photograph landscapes and the world around me. Looking through a camera lens helps me to remember to live in the moment and enjoy the little things around me.

I also like to photograph and explore abandoned homesteads, churches, cemeteries,museums, etc.

I love taking pictures, they are the best souvenirs and they don't collect dust.

Lately, I have noticed my pictures have been turning out quite blurry due to the shake in my hands. Any tips and suggestions are welcome.


I used to read a lot. Read the phone book once when I was extremely bored. Probably won't do that again. As I grow older, I find it hard to focus on just one thing very long. So now, I listen to a lot of audio books while working on some art or other activity. Any genre, but not usually fantasy. The ultimate book would be something like a suspenseful mystery with a little romance mixed in.

Lately been reading a lot of James Patterson and Mary Higgins Clark, Tami Hoag...

As with reading, I sometimes find it hard to sit through movies. I'm probably working on some type of craft or on the laptop while a movie is playing. I'll watch anything as long as the violence is kept to a minimum. Lately it has been a lot of docuseries on Netflix.

Music plays a big part in my life. All kinds of music. (Except rap. I don't even know what they are saying most of the time.) When I was little I thought I was going to grow up to be a 'famous country singer'. The dream crashed, when I got kicked out of voice lessons. I just couldn't reach a note, never mind holding it. So now, I sing in the car. I think I sound pretty good in there, acoustics are great! Just a few favourite musicians are Merle Haggard, Miranda Lambert, Willie Nelson and Keith Richards.


Currently my favourite ways to relax are collage art, mail art, ATC and hand made postcards. I prefer to draw, paint and colour my ATC's and postcards but branching out a little with collage. Starting to get back into zentangles.

I don't scrapbook or make note cards. Pocket letters look interesting, as well as Dottee dolls. I might make a practice one to help get past the overwhelming stage.

I welcome any hints, ideas, constructive criticism, as well as new techniques to try.

When sending me your art, I am happy when you tell me about the process.

I do my best but there maybe a little cat hair or two in the glued project. All I can say is he helped with the project, adding a bit of interest and texture.

I've been bringing out the cross stitch supplies lately. I got as far as sorting out the floss, have yet to thread the needle.

Now quilting again. :) I would welcome any quilt block samples or left over cotton quilting fabric cut into a 4x4 square.


Post cards... I love them all, store bought, zazzle, homemade.

I keep all postcards and sometimes go through them, remember who they came from, how far they have traveled and admire the pictures, artwork, etc.

I do not have a theme collection, I just like them all so no worries there.

Ideas to write on the back of the written/sent naked cards...poems, quotes, about your day, why you chose this card for me,etc.

I welcome postcards sent unwritten in envelopes anytime. I can use these for future swaps.

I love Colouring In postcards, coloured or uncoloured.

Note cards....

I use a lot of note cards in my swaps. Again, I don't mind if you sent them written on or blank. Store bought or homemade.

One of my favourite past times would be thrift store shopping for postcards, note cards and stationery.


SOME THEMES AND ITEMS THAT I GRAVITATE TO: *pink and glitter *Nature theme *Shabby Chic *Western *Bohemian *Mystical *Globes of the world *Pastel colours (think Easter colours) *Flowers, hearts, butterflies *Angels and Fairies *Thomas Kinkade and Robert Frost *Aunty Acid, Maxime, Betty White


*Your interpretation of the above things. I really do love everyday life humour and embarrassing moment stories. Would love to hear some of yours.

*I collect oracle cards, prayer cards, angel cards. Good luck charms, totems, symbols.

*Astrology and horoscope things. I am scorpio.

*Pencil puzzles, some of my go to puzzles are crosswords, fill ins, cryptograms, etc. Basically any word or alphabet puzzle. Cut from your local newspaper is fine. I don't do Sudoku though. It's a numbers thing. I have a phobia with numbers. :)

*Bits of trivia, articles of interest, inspirational quotes, stories, etc. Funny everyday life quotes or stories. Short stories printed or cut from magazines, romance, mystery, Chicken Soup, etc.

  • I always welcome adult colouring pages, books and postcards.

*Stationery supplies such as airmail stickers, writing paper, cards, smooth writing pens, coloured pens, markers.

Stickers and washi tape samples. I usually use these as an extra dimension to homemade

My favourite animal(s): Snow leopards, lions, tigers and black panthers. Notice a feline theme? I didn't until writing this. :)

Current favourite colours are pastel spring/Easter. Oh, and glittery pink.

What I really don't need are ATC supplies, decorated papers, scrapbook papers and the like. I have so much and looking to declutter. If I'm your partner and you would like some, send me a quick message.

Ephemera, I hesitated to add this due to decluttering. Maybe some theme related items I could use in a postcard/mailart project, rather than random pieces.

I'm open to surprises you think I may like.

Extras aren't expected so don't stress. Hearts aren't given because of extras


TEA Any tea is okay. I prefer spicy teas over plain green tea, but will try or pass on anything you send. I did have one sent from Florida with rum flavouring and would love another. :)

COFFEE Single serve instant coffee in any flavour.

OTHER BEVERAGES Open to any other hot or cold beverages as well, including alcohol or liquor flavoured.

FOOD Thank you for considering any food or treats, but no need to waste postage weight to send.

Please be sure all consumables are in manufacturers packaging and not expired.


Zeke is my furry black and white sidekick. He is an older cat with high anxiety.

When I am home, he follows me around and just has to be there when I am working on a craft and packaging swaps and gifts.

I do my best to keep his hair out of everything. Please let me know if you are allergic and I will work on your swap outside.


elluzki rated for MA: Sticker Shock! on Jul 19, 2018
Comment: Ty for the lovely card!
Norsulaulu rated for Only in Canada: Beginner Mail Art on Jul 12, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the lovely envelope and the PCs. It really did pop in my mailbox!
Comment: Thank you so much for that beautiful enveloppe xD i love those kittens xD i also loved all the goodies you send along xD that little bookmagnet is adorable xD thanks again!
Response: You're welcome! It was a fun project to put together. Enjoy! Thank you for rating and the heart.
Comment: Thank you so much for the amazing swap. I loved everything. You are so creative. The envelope is too cute. I can't wait to use everything that you sent. Happy swapping!
Response: You're welcome! It was a fun project to do. Thank you for the heart and for rating.
Ac2052 rated for Coloring PC on Jun 22, 2018
Comment: Super cute postcard; thank you so much!
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the heart and rating.
mb58ca rated for Only in Canada: Touristic Postcard on Jun 18, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the sends! Love these :)
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the rating and the heart!
Comment: Will be sure to give your list a try. I love the book mark so cute!
Response: Enjoy! Thank you for rating. :)
joaj rated for Quick Turnaround! - Weekend Destash on Mar 5, 2018
Comment: It finally arrived!!!!!! Thanks for an enormous bag full of great goodies Connie. I'm just sorry for the angst you had thinking this marvellous package got lost in the mail. I'm glad it finally made it. No explanation on the package when it arrived and doesn't look like it was tampered with so I'm not sure what happened. I'll put all the loot to good use :-)
Response: I'm happy to hear you recieved it and can use the items. I did resend another, :) enjoy!
reauk rated for CS Advent calendar 2018 #2 February on Feb 27, 2018
Comment: Thanks Connie put away for Christmas
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the heart and rating.
DosNinas rated for Handwritten poem on Feb 26, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for all the wonderful quotes! I loved the one by Mother Theresa. <3
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the heart and rating.
CookieChops rated for Adult Coloring PC #65 INTL on Feb 26, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the card Connie, it was so bright and sunny, it really made me smile! Happy swapping x
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the heart and rating.
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely stationery. I enjoyed your letter and wow that storm sounds like it was crazy!
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the heart and rating.
Comment: Oh, i was a teen in the '80's as well! I do sometimes get lost strolling down memory lane! I loved The Smurfs, and Friday Night Videos. I was just talking about big '80's hair yesterday with a friend! Do you remember jelky shoes, and those charm bracelets with all the plastic charms? I also adore the cute cat you drew around my address! ❤️
Response: Oh, I do remember those shoes. I had one in four colours. :) Thank you for rating and for the heart
Comment: We have the same taste in books!
Response: :) Thank you for rating and for the heart.
Ikran3 rated for WIYM: Happy Flat Mail-February-Intl on Feb 20, 2018
Comment: I loved your letter thank you :) Hope the cross country ski-ing went well?
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the heart and for rating.
Comment: Thank you Connie for the lovely happy mail you sent me ❤. I especially loved the gardening note card - it made me long for spring! We still have tons of snow!!
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the rating and the heart. :)
Comment: Thanks very much!
Response: You're welcome! thank you for the heart and rating.
Comment: thank you so much
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the heart and rating.
uiltje rated for CHWH ~ Not Tea & Note Cards on Feb 15, 2018
Comment: I can't find a variety of ot chocolate in the Netherlands, so I'n very happy with your "After Eight" one. This weekend it will be a present to me. Also thanks for your lovely notecards!
Response: You're welcome! Thank you for the heart and for rating.
Comment: Got it!! It is beyond my expectations filled with Christmas goodies
Response: That's great! Thank you for the heart and rating. :)

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