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I'm almost 50, and yet, after all these years, I am basically still a goth, so I guess it's fair to say now that it wasn't a phase!

I am the night!

I am a writer and artist living in the Washington DC area with three cats and and my two wonderful partners. I'm a passionate vegetarian cook, writer, and enthusiast of a number of artistic media. I am an aspiring Buddhist, but the secular rather than the religious kind. I also practice some Pagan traditions. My favorite period in art history is Art Nouveau. I've been involved in mail art and swaps for many years, and was especially fond of the site called Nervousness.org, in case anyone remembers that.

Short list of "Dislikes" Just to get it out of the way

I don't really care for super cutesy or "kawaii" stuff. I'd never rate anyone down for sending stuff like that, but even my goddaughters are growing out of the age where those things appeal to them, so frankly, I've really got no useful purpose for them.

One other thing in the "dislike" category would be items of religious propaganda. I think that religious imagery can be very beautiful in the right context, but religious beliefs are a private and complicated thing in my life.

Other than that, no dislikes, no allergies, nothing I wouldn't be thrilled to receive. Moving on.

Favorite colors

Generally warm ones (red, orange, gold and earth tones), black (of course) and purple. I think all colors are lovely if used right.

Wish list

I am easy to please, but here are some things I would love to receive:

  • Metal embellishments, filigrees, charms, and brass stampings, often found under the Tim Holtz or Vintaj brands. Really, you can't go wrong sending me just about anything by Tim Holtz.

  • Pretty paper (think dark colors, Victorian, Baroque, or classical rather than cute). Scrapping paper is great, but cool magazine clippings or calendar pages are terrific too. I love to do collage.

  • Cool stickers, labels, or scrapping embellishments on themes like steampunk, art nouveau, antique florals, quirky patterns, fish or sea creatures, lizards, and especially anything spooky

  • Antique maps, charts, or botanical drawings

  • Beads of nearly any kind (as long as they aren't kid-like)

  • I do wear earrings (pierced ears), but I don't really wear accessories like scarves or necklaces, but fabric and jewelry parts that can be used in crafting are awesome. I like sparkly things!

  • Stencils of nearly any kind, and especially ones that create backgrounds, are geometric or organic, and kind of wild and dramatic.

  • Spooky ephemera, vintage Halloween stuff, diecuts, joss paper, things with monsters or dragons on them

  • Halloween is everyday! Send me Halloween themed things any time of year, and I'll love you forever :)

  • Minerals, rocks, or fossils are a big interest of mine. I have quite a collection of neat rocks. If you send me something in this category, I will dance and squee! Love rocks!

  • Unlike a lot of people, I am not especially sensitive to smells. So it's cool to send smell-good stuff! I don't really love strong floral scents, and tend to prefer earthy, spicy, or musky scents.

  • Similarly, bath products are great! I especially like Lush products, or anything else that's mostly made with organic, food-grade ingredients. Please lean toward herbal, spicy, woodsy, mellow and musky scents, rather than anything too astringent or floral. Confession: I love patchouli! Also mint, bergamot, apple, sandalwood... my very favorite Lush product is the Demon in the Dark soap :)

  • BPAL Imps are always welcome and cherished (see scent preferences above, but I can always use any imps for trading purposes, too.)

  • Edibles are fine, and I have no food allergies. Teas, coffees, etc. are nice.

Here is a list of interests from my LiveJournal profile, just to give you a general glance into my madness:

arthur machen, axe throwing, ayahuasca, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, bauhaus, bellydance, bisexuality, buddhism, buffy, carnivorous plants, cats, classic horror, compassion, cooking, cranky old blowhards, culture jamming, dead can dance, doctor who, eddie izzard, edgar allen poe, edward gorey, ego likeness, enfp, english, ethnobotanicals, fanfiction, farscape, feminism, fetish, firefly, forgiveness, funny, gardening, gender communication, ghost stories, ghosts, giovanni, girls, glamourbombing, goth, gothic literature, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, healing, herbalism, humor, icons, jim henson, joss whedon, language, laughing, liberal politics, loving kindness, mail art, massage, medieval, medieval cuisine, mikhail bulgakov, monsters, neil gaiman, neurochemistry, new model army, nutrition, oscar wilde, p.g. wodehouse, paganism, paranormal, particle physics, permaculture, phantasmechanics, polyamory, post apocalypse, punk, science fiction, scifi, second life, sensuality, serenity, sewing, sex, shamanism, social justice, spookiness, star trek, star wars, stargate, star-just-about-anything, steampunk, sustainability, tank girl, the daily show, theatrical costumes, thomas ligotti, tim burton, vegetarianism, venture brothers, victoriana, vintage pinups, web design, weightlifting, words, writing, x-men

Favorite Music

Lately, my favorite music falls into a category I'll call "funky gothic world" music. Examples include Beats Antique, Gogol Bordello and Corvus Corax. I also like hot jazz from the 1930s and 40s (such as Django Reinhardt) and Industrial from the 1990s. I rather like dubstep, but I don't know a lot about these newfangled bands you kids like today :) Please educate me about newer music! I have pretty eclectic taste, but that doesn't mean I like everything. For example, I like bluegrass, but I loathe pop country.

Favorite Books

I read a lot of science fiction and some fantasy. Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Octavia Butler, Ursula LeGuin, Asimov, Bradbury. I absolutely LOVE Victorian ghost stories, and classic horror. I read a little contemporary horror, but mostly esoteric stuff like Thomas Ligotti. I also read a lot of non fiction... mostly food writing, explorations of world religions, and books about political and social issues, as well as some instructional books on how to write better myself!

Favorite Television

I am not a big movie fan (with the exception of some sci fi and fantastic types) Although at this time, I'd say Mad Max: Fury Road is my favorite ever. I do watch a bit of TV. I really love shows like Mythbusters, where people build things. Other favorites are Buffy, Firefly, Doctor Who (both classic and New Who) pretty much all Star Trek incarnations, and lately Sense8.

Favorite Crafts

I love to sew (costumes and crafty bits, but not so much street clothes) and I love to work in paper, polymer clay, resin, with recycled materials... honestly, too many media to mention! I make art journals, the occasional ATC, inchies (I love small formats) art journals, and all kinds of multimedia assemblages. I enjoy putting patinas on metal pieces, casting my own cabochons, and generally taking on too many projects at once.


Eel9585 rated for Goth Mail Art Swap on May 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you I love the envelope
Ozarkfun rated for Send 1 Random Something on Mar 20, 2020
Comment: Hi Rachel. Thank you for the goodies. I appreciate the usefulness and how pretty both are.
Response: Oh good, I am glad you like them.
Drvr337 rated for HS: Easy postcard swap on Mar 16, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the great Halloween postcards. Especially the one by Edward Gorey! When I was younger I enjoyed watching a cartoon like this that would open Masterpiece Theatre occasionally.
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Edward Gorey is the best!
Comment: Thank you for the French-themed card. I'll use it a junk journal :-)
AbeRex rated for Three Flat Goodies on Feb 29, 2020
Comment: I loved everything! Thanks so much for an awesome swap!
Response: Oh good! I wasn't totally sure they would all appeal, so I'm glad to hear you liked it :)
Comment: I love the window sticker and the decal they are gorgeous and it's a great envelope of goodies. I'll write back soon if that's ok?
Response: I would love it if you'd write back! I feel like we have so much in common. And I'm delighted that you liked the stuff I sent <3
Kts6girl rated for Friendly Notecard Swap #12 USA on Feb 28, 2020
Comment: Love the notecard, thank you! And the quote! And your handwriting!
Comment: Thanks for the lovely card! Yes, we do live quite close to each other. We live just off Rte 50 and our son lives in the seven corners area.
Response: That's funny! I live right on Rt 50, about two miles from 7 Corners :)
Comment: Thank you for the great coffee envelope! I love it! And the goodies are fun too! I have a last minute valentines swap I’m doing that the doilies will be perfect!
PrincessVicky rated for Suprise Swap #3 on Jun 26, 2018
Comment: Nice postcard! Thanks! =)
blueseabliss rated for Magick Mail #3 on Aug 23, 2017
Comment: Oh, Rachel, thank you! What a blessing!
skinny52 rated for Paper Collection- U.S. Only on Aug 19, 2017
Comment: Oh my, you were so very good to me! I love everything but especially the asian and the beach items...the postcards, that tissue box! So many vintage items! Really nice, thanks so much for the generous swap!
Response: You're so welcome! I am glad it was a happy thing for you :)
dreamlady66 rated for PBS: Little Red Surprise Swap on May 10, 2017
Comment: ❤ Dear Rachel, hi there...ty SO much for your neat swap, that diversified items, gr8 joy! Thank god the ceramic-magnet arrived safely :) happy sapping... ❤
Response: I am so glad you liked it, and that everything arrived safely! <3
KateKintail rated for BBC Sherlock in a Bag on Feb 5, 2017
Comment: I love everything! Can't wait to wear the necklace. The postcards and stickers are gorgeous. Yay for washi tape! The notebook is lovely. Badges! (Awww, Greg) And I'll definitely be putting a button or two on my lanyard when I go to my next con. And I actually burst into tears when reading the poem. Thank you!
Comment: It was so hard to pick out just one thing to write in the space on the postcard! Your fear is one of mine - I also fear for the animals, and especially for the environment. But you finished on a very upbeat note - we will take it all back! Thanks so much for sending - and I love the Ewok/Star Wars postcard, too!
Response: Thank you! I am so glad you liked the card and the sentiment. Stay strong. We can do this!
Comment: Thanks for the lovely opal beads. I'm assuming they're from you and for this swap-- I saw that the etsy seller wrote "fenriss" on the bubble wrap. They're super-pretty and delicate, and I'm looking forward to designing something special with them. Each one is different from the next. Lovely!
RyeRye rated for *Private* Swap for RyeRye & Fenriss on Sep 25, 2016
Comment: WOW WOW WOW! I am totally set for Halloween. The great stuff just kept coming out of the box! Thanks for all the wonderfully festive things! LOVE it all! Thanks for doing this swap with me!
Response: I am SO gratified to hear that you liked the stuff. I just have so much of it! Have fun :)
Gigi1228 rated for Pick-Me-Up Presents on Sep 23, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much omg I could not wait to open I love everything and that bag is so handy! The color pencils are so darling I'm scared to use them! And omg that pencil case and beads !!!! Wish I could give you a billion hearts!
Response: Hooray! I had tons of fun making that package, wrapping all the presents, etc. It makes me very happy that you liked it :)
Alisha98119 rated for Pick-Me-Up Presents on Sep 21, 2016
Comment: Thanks! I'm so excited about what you sent. Thanks for your generosity and I can tell you looked at my profile.
Response: You're so welcome! Enjoy the oncoming Fall :)

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Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for the pretty dishtowel and king size candy bar! I laughed cause when i pulled out the dishtowel and thought that was it. I turned the envie upside down and out pops this candy bar. I laughed cause it just made me day!!!

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