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Date Joined: November 27, 2015
Last Online: September 18, 2017
Birthday: August 9
Country: Australia
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About me...

Hi, and welcome to my page...😃

🎂 August 22nd...Thank you to the anonymous Aussie swapper who sent me a random 'Belated birthday Postcard'. It was a lovely surprise and very much appreciated!🙏

20th August: Life is so complicated...family dynamics are down the toilet. Need to step out. I'm disassociated right now.

😩UPDATE: 23rd July: Definitely need to drop out for awhile. I've been diagnosed with with PTSD. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). It took a long time to get in this space, will surely take me time to find myself once again. As you can imagine, I'm on all sorts of medications. Ttys JenniferB (hugs to you)

😓 UPDATE: 4th July: Dad is now in Reidential Care for the aged...I can't do it anymore. We moved him in last Friday.(No, he's not happy about it, but all is well.) Heart op being decided once again. 😞Please send a prayer to my daughter Brooke, on the same Friday, that night her other grandfather passed away. Yesterday morning, her best friends mother passed away, whom Brooke was treated as one of her own. Only 49...no-one knows when our time is up, so please keep safe and be kind to each other xxxx😓

🤦‍♀️UPDATE 22nd June: I have recently had a mental breakdown with an overload of family responsibilities and was hospitalised via ambulance. Please no sympathies, I'm ok, but will take me some time for my mind to unfrizzle. All surrounding my Dad and making the hardest decision on doctors advice to get him into an aged care facility prior to heart operation. Just bare with me for awhile. 12 yrs of Dad has has taken its toll and I can't do it anymore....😓

🔴🔴UPDATE 30th MAY: I have withdrawn from all swaps as of today, sadly. There are a lot of heartbreaking personal issues surrounding my life right now. Besides my Dad still under observation in hospital, I am enduring much irreparable heartache from certain family members, and I am broken. Please don't drop me from groups I'm in because of situations beyond my control right now. I hope you all sincerely understand...so until things improve, I will leave it here...thank you for your compassion.🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 I have tried to keep up with rating you, if I've not, please let me know xx

🔴UPDATE 23rd MAY: Dad had a stroke at 1am this morning. Clot at back right hand side of brain. Nothing can be done at this point in time. Naturally I have pulled out of some swaps, and maybe more. One day at a time for now. Thank you...🔴

UPDATE 18th MAY: I'm not having a great start to May...since so much is going on in my life, I've had to start seeing a Clinical Psychologist as from last Saturday. It's a good thing. Please forgive me if things don't go according to plan right now, it can only get better from here...but it doesn't happen overnight. Blessings

UPDATE 22nd APRIL: Last few days came down with a dreadful fever. Did not think I would make yesterday's flight home to Australia. Last thing I wanted was to be stuck in a hospital in Indonesia. However, I'm home. Spent the best part of today in emergency. Given IV fluids, X-rays etc. No pneumonia, thankfully, but on high doses of penicillin and ventolin. Now it's nothing but sleep to heal.
I have so many wonderful people to rate due to my absence. I will contact those I am to send to, that I maybe a little late in sending out...I'm so sorry. Those that know me as a swap partner, know this is not how I work. If I don't contact you at this time, please forgive me...right now I feel like I'm dying. Thank you for keeping this in mind for now. XXX

UPDATE 14th May 2017: Dad is going to be the first to undergo an international study of his upcoming operation involving 80 patients world wide having KEYHOLE heart surgery. It will be in approximately 5 weeks from today. Will keep those interested up to date! Thank you for all your prayers, kind words and support.

❤A big massive hugs to ALL those Dad recieved 84th birthday wishes and cards! You know who you are. I'd like to list all those that sent when I get some time. DAD is so happy and proud of all those with nig hearts! Thank you for making his day very special! ❤💚💙💜💛💝🙏

FYI: International post from Australia takes some time. Please give at least 3-4 weeks past the send by date before asking 'have I sent?'. Sometimes it can take longer.

7th Dec 2016...Had to have another CT Injection of steroids in my lower lumbar spine today. Nerve tablets don't help at all. Can't even sweep a floor. Now cannot go to my daily 5am pool schedule for strengthening and to lose weight, for a week. Saddens me to not be so physically fit and the kilos that have jumped on my body the last two years...does anyone have an easier way to lose weight? Follow up with doc on 15th.

First up, I just wanted to thank all the amazing partners I am teamed with in all the swaps I join. Very rarely does a day go by that I don't receive 'happy mail'. Makes my day! 💜

📭 Sadly, I was flaked on in my first ever hosting of a swap Send an Inspirational Card by @Aquiller
♥️♥️♥️ As I am unable to 'Angel' myself, the lovely @Midwestkiwi Angeled me.

📦 Angeled @Deanna38 for Farmers Wife Sampler #2 swap.

Firstly, my disclosure...
I always send by the due date. Please be aware international post takes longer than usual, can take weeks, so I ask for your patience. If I feel I may be late, I will contact you asap. I do login regularly, so PLEASE, if I have not rated you, I'd appreciate if you'd give me a nudge. We are mere mortals, but would not have been intentional, sorry. (With so much happy mail, I'm trying to keep track-lol).
Also...please don't hesitate packing multiple swaps together if we become partners in several swaps at the same time. No need to ask. Save your postage costs.

Secondly...Life happens-if you are late in sending, just message me. It's no problem at all.

Thirdly... I ALWAYS respond when you've taken the time to rate me and leave comments, as I appreciate the feed back, cheers! 😊

I suffer with anxiety/depression quite regularly. Besides life, it isn't easy looking after an aged parent. Being in touch creatively helps me immensely.

💜 My husband is a truck driver, away often. I have three children, five step children...my eldest is 37, our youngest is 22. None live at home :) The amount of granddies to date is 12, ranging in ages from 1-14 yrs. Grandy 13 is on it's way!

💜 I am the eldest of six. My parents met whilst both in the Royal Australian Air Force, so we did a lot of moving around whilst growing up. My Mum happily lives on her own, but my 83 yr old Dad lives with me in a granny flat attached to my home.

🐶🐶 adore my two little dogs Missy Moo & Lil Miss Daisy. 27th Feb 2017...poor Daisy has had op on her left hind knee. Once recovered, the right one needs to be done. Sadly, it's $1000 each one, but they're my babies. Missy Moo had both done years ago. The million dollar fur babies LOL

Favorite Books

Most of Stephen King's books, especially the Dark Tower series. True Crime/stories. Novels with a lot of suspense and mystery. Twilight Saga. Audiobooks

Books about: Mindfulness. De cluttering (not working :) Law of Attraction. Helping Depression and Anxiety Colouring books Journaling etc

Favorite Movies

Just a few...Twilight saga; Titanic; One Fine Day; Lord of the Rings; Officer and a Gentleman; Braveheart; The Notebook; Lion King and original 'Bambi'...now that's going back a bit!

On television my favourite shows are documentaries, True Crime...but advertising puts me off, so I don't watch it much at all.

Favorite Music

28th Feb 2017 :) I can now add the wonderful ADELE to my list!!!!! She's the bomb!

Love a variety of music. I'm not one for country music, even though I've seen Dolly Parton (My Dad won front row seats). I've seen so many musicians/bands from Queen in 1975, INX in the 80's, George Thoroughgood, AC/DC in the 90's to Kings of Leon a couple of years ago.

Lots in between...Bay City Rollers, Gwen Stefani, Suzi Quatro, Michael Jackson, Leo Sayer, Simply Red, Angels, Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham, Gym Class Heroes...and many more.

K.D.Lang would my most favourite.

Things I Love

You may find a lot that's listed here is for the sake that I am hooked on ATCs....2.5" x 3.5" cards. So tiny little bits and pieces go a long way, thanks.

~Die-cut cutouts.

Listening/watching a good thunderstorm with lightening...I love winter.

Stickers/3D etc. Please no children/reward or school ones.

~Ephemeral/Steampunk items

~Findings, such as: little metal items (ie. from broken bracelets etc), brooches, gemstones, charms. Old or new.

~Beads: glass, metal, shimmer, all colours and shapes etc. NO seed beads please.

Small scrappy bits of unusual papers, any texture, colour...but not glossy.


Addicted to writing pens, but not child themed.


~Small ink pads in various colours.


Butterflies, lots of butterflies.

~Bling, bling and more bling.

~Pretty Embellishments, buttons, brads etc.


~Purple, purple and more purple. Pretty blues, teals and pinks. (Not hot pink or neon colours)

~Anything with Quotes/affirmations on...love them!

I like to collect butterfly printed fabrics. Must be 100% cotton, unused, clean, odour free etc etc and are always welcome.

Did I say I love butterflies? 😃

Scrappy pieces of sheer fabrics and laces, and trims, no matter how small or wide, white, Ivory, black, other colours, even with bling, beads or sequins on them. for artwork. Not fussed! From a 2" piece and up.

Love Pincushions and patterns.

Bookmarks (no ad/free).

As for postcards, I prefer sent naked, unless a swap requires to be sent in an envie. Really though, I'm not that big on them unless it's a colouring in type swap. (I find postcards are not very good to rate on).

I did say butterflies didn't I?

~Solitude : peace and quiet. (I want to disappear into the wilderness, more often than not.)

My Dislikes

Not a fan of the colour green...except when it involves trees and flowers or a particular swap I've in.

NO more Washi Tape samples at this time please.

Orange really does not 'a peel' to me at all. (hahaha)

Not into tea of any flavour. Tea themed projects are fine, just not drinking, unless it's for weight loss :)

No Disney at all.

Snakes, spiders and bugs, no matter how small.

Terrible drivers.

Rude people.


Noise (I'm an introvert)

When I cannot find extra time to do things that I like...

When I can't find my mojo to do the things I like!


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️For taking the time to read my profile...and when rating me, to earn a ♥️ tells me I accomplished what I set out to do, made you smile. 🤗 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


raven rated for newspaper atc swap on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: You have taken a special place in my collection book for all your great cards..Love your work.Thank you from.a big fan of JenniferB
raven rated for # 6 Color Combo on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: very creative work done by a very talented artist...Thank you
mgallardo68 rated for Mothers day on Sep 14, 2017
Comment: Thank you dear Jennifer! I hope you're getting better and stronger. Love you!!
Response: Hi Maria...thank you for your caring comment. I am getting stronger each day. A lot of life changes, but all for the better in the long term. Much love n hugs 💜🦋🙏
ToujoursMoi rated for Happy Anniversary to VLD♥ on Aug 28, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for your lovely card.
Response: Glad it arrived...you are very welcome. Thank you in return for the fabe ratings! Cheers 😊♥️
CharlieChick86 rated for Add a key on Aug 24, 2017
Comment: I love this ATC it was worth the wait! Love it and the extras. How Amazeing is Ed in concet!
Response: I'm pleased it finally got to you, and that you love it! Ed is amazing...I saw him teamed up with Tom Jones at a football Grand Final. Excellent! Thank you so much for the fab ratings, cheers! 😊♥️
Pandd rated for C.I. ~ Let's make an ATC on Aug 22, 2017
Comment: Love your quilt. The colors are fantastic. Some of the postcards make for interesting atcs. Thank you for the wonderful extras and a just fantastic swap. Pat💕💕
Response: Thank you for the wonderful comments and ratings Pat, they are very much appreciated. Happy you enjoyed the swap too, cheers! 😊♥️
PrairieKittin rated for ZZ ~ String 247 on Aug 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you! The shading on this is exquisite!
Response: Thank you for the lovely comment Prairie, and the ratings...much appreciated! 🙂❤️
Comment: Thank you so much
Response: You are most welcome, thank you for the fab ratings. 😊♥️
AynE rated for WIYM ~ Let's ZENTANGLE! on Aug 3, 2017
Comment: You are an amazing zentangler! It is gorgeous as is the unfinished "wrong" one. Thank you so much. Glad you are doing better and praying for a full recovery.
Response: I'm glad it pleased you. Thank you not only for the awesome ratings, but also for your lovely/caring comment. Cheers 😊❤️
Comment: thanks for being so nice
Response: I'm pleased you have them Nancy! I realise I was one short as I found it amongst my 'everything' lol. Happy to send forward...as for ratings, thank you very much! 😊♥️
Conniegirl rated for # 4 color combo atc swap on Jul 28, 2017
Comment: Wow! Thank you so much, the ATC is beautiful! Thank you so much for all the extras as well, they are all something I'll be able to use. The ThoughtFulls card is true for what is going on for me at the moment. "The future starts today, not tomorrow." :) :)
Response: It was my pleasure Connie. Glad you like the items sent...as for the 'thoughts', it resonates with me too-most days actually! Happy it stands to reason for you also. Ratings are very much appreciated 😊❤️
AliCrafter rated for 30 Diecuts #5 on Jul 2, 2017
Comment: OMG! I thought I rated this ages ago! I so enjoyed all the die cuts -- and yes, it's quite obvious that you love butterflies!
Response: That's ok...we all do that at times. 😊 I'm pleased you like them all, and hope that you can use the butterflies lol. Thank you for the heart rating 😊♥️
Comment: Thank you for the awesomely decorated envelope and the goodies inside ♥
Response: I'm glad/hope it arrived in one piece lol, and that you like it. The pleasure was mine creating it for you. Appreciate the ratings, thanks 😊❤️
pynart2 rated for Zentangle a Zine on Jun 4, 2017
Comment: Thank you! Thank you! Nice job.
Response: Hi Pam....pleased that it arrived and that you like it. Sorry for my confusion. Thank you for hosting and the fab ratings, cheers! 😊❤️
Artstamper rated for Zentangle an envelop on Jun 3, 2017
Comment: Love, love love the envelope, it's so well done! The note paper was very pretty and I was excited to see the zine. Thank you so much for such a great swap
Response: It was a pleasure to do for you Joan, so glad you loved it. Besides the fab ratings, Thank you for being my swap partner once again! 😊❤️
PaperPassion rated for Butterfly/Dog on May 26, 2017
Comment: great ATC very creative,love all the extras you sent to me.Thanks so much.
Response: I'm pleased you love what I sent, it was my pleasure. Thank you for rating 😊❤️
camelsamba rated for Lets Zentangle a pocket Letter on May 23, 2017
Comment: Oh my goodness, what a fabulous pocket letter. You spoil me! Thanks for all the nifty inclusions. And your zentangles are really well done - i thought the cadent was printed at first. I was going to pick a favorite but I like them all! I have such a hard time with shading so I admire those who do it well. Thanks for the whole kit and kaboodle!
Response: Awww, thank you so much for your lovely comment. It's nice to be spoiled, so enjoy! I'm pleased you like it, and I very much appreciate the ratings with ❤️ Cheers 😊❤
Purplmyst rated for PBS: Little Red Surprise Swap on May 19, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the red goodies & double thanks for sneaking in some purple. :o)
Response: Very welcome, thanks for the rating. 😊
123Poggy123 rated for Stamping with a filled balloon on May 15, 2017
Comment: What a creative ATC. I simply love the background. I have tried rice & have tried paperclips but, never together. I will now. I love the look. Thank you for all the goodies for me to use.
Response: So pleased it was to your liking, and you are very welcome. A technique I've never tried, but quite like the outcome also. Thank you for rating, cheers! 😊❤
pynart2 rated for NFZ ~ String 185 on May 15, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the string, nice job. A bit late, I do understand, hope your feeling better.
Response: Thank you so much Pam, for your understanding as well as the ratings! Much appreciated, cheers! 😊❤

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isabellasnow on Aug 13, 2017:

Happy Birthday Month from the WIYM Group!

CurlyTea on Aug 9, 2017:

lou on Aug 4, 2017:

Happy Birthday Month from WIYM group!

VivaLaDiane on Jul 4, 2017:

Thanks so much!! ❤️❤️

nc27614 on May 15, 2017:

Hello Jennifer...Just wanted you to know that I received the ZZ-Collaborative Twinchie PC V2.2. There was no place for me to rate..with a 5...or give you a heart! But I am. Isn't it amazing how long it took to complete this swap. Thanks for sending the pc home to me. Susan, Raleigh, North Carolina nc27614

phillaine on Mar 27, 2017:

Putting together a swap for you--quick question: how do you feel about butterflies? ;) ♥

MissBrenda on Mar 12, 2017:

My prayers to you and to your father. I would like to mention to you that I have had two heart valves replaced 5 years ago on March 6th, 2012. The surgery is a serious one, but the doctors know what they are doing. My advice is after he is released from the hospital, have him go to a health care facility where they can help him work on building up his strength, as he will need that. I do not know how your health care system works in Australia, but that part is crucial, having not done it myself and wishing afterwards that I had. I did end up doing it, only 3 weeks later. Again, my prayers to you and your father and of course, the doctors and the care nurses who will play a vital role in his recovery, for without them, all would be lost. Brenda

Stahlrala on Mar 9, 2017:

Hugs and prayers my dad has the same bday his bday April 3, 1936 he is a little younger then your dad but my dad had heart valve replacements and many stents, will be sending a prayer soon

debtea2 on Mar 9, 2017:

much love and prayers for you and Max things will be ok, have faith

isamanthax on Mar 9, 2017:

Hugs, and I hope your father has a successful surgery! <3

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