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Magpie Journal Swap - Autumn 2017 (Int'l.)

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Swap Homepage:http://wp.me/p6w41A-dM
Swap Coordinator:chelle523 (contact)
Swap categories: Journals 
Number of people in swap:69
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:September 30, 2017
Date items must be sent by:November 15, 2017
Number of swap partners:1

For some idea of what a Magpie Journal looks like, you can check out my blog post

If concerns about being flaked on is preventing you from joining the swap, please be aware that I will angel this swap if the need arises.

I was in several of these swaps a few years ago and just loved them. I've hosted several over the past few years and they're always fasincating! I think the original was hosted by honeyblossom.

What's a magpie journal? Well, a magpie is a bird related to the crow that is know as being a collector. Similarly, people are called "magpies" who collect things, particularly things that seem to have little value. So, for this journal, you're going to collect various items and paste them in a small journal.

For the sake of postage, you need only fill 30 pages of collected items - you don't need to fill an entire journal (but please feel free to do so if you wish). Please keep the journals no larger than roughly 5 x 7 inches - smaller is definitely okay. I generally use a small composition book (roughly 4x6 inch size). Decorate the cover any way you like.

What to include inside the journal? Here are some ideas:

Recipes/Menus/Postcards/Playing cards/Stickers/Tags and labels/ Interesting stamps /Coupons /Found items (as long as they're clean)/Notes /Grocery Lists /Poems /Song Lyrics/ Interesting bits of paper /Interesting ads /Flyers /Clippings from newspapers and magazines /Inserts /Labels from favorite products /Candy wrappers (make sure they aren't sticky) / Washi samples

Try to include things that have visual interest or meaning. Feel free to add a note here or there to explain why you included something if you'd like. Doodles and other decorations are likewise encouraged but not required. If you'd like an extra challenge, see how much of the journal you can fill within the deadline!

Basically anything goes - just make sure you have 30 pages full and nothing dirty, smelly or sticky! I've included photos of my own Magpie journal for inspiration as the official swap photo, but if you have any questions about the swap or requirements, feel free to ask!

There's a long lead time on this one, so you can go ahead and get started as it's sender's choice and not partner-specific! I am also running a US version of this swap if you'd rather do that. It can be found here.

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE SIGNING UP: There is no artistic or written requirement for this swap. The swap is also not partner-specific, so your partner is not under any obligation to make a journal that meets any requirements other than 30 pages of magpie goodies. Because this swap is open to the participants' interpretation, you may receive something that is completely different than what you've created. If you are not okay with that, then this may not be the swap for you.

I reserve the right to drop anyone from this swap for low ratings, recent unsent swaps, too many "1" ratings, etc.

Have fun!


elflady 07/25/2017 #

How does the journal measure ?6 inches long by 4 inches wide or 4 inches long by 6 inches wide. When we fold the pages in half is that still one page or do we count it as four pages. Looking forward to working on this my first junk journal. Warm regards elflady

chelle523 07/26/2017 #

@elflady - it's completely up to you. There are no strict requirements - just try not to make a little tiny journal! My composition book is 4 inches wide and 6 inches long. If a large page is folded in half, that would be 4 pages. Hope this helps!

Goochy1990 07/27/2017 #

Does it have to be all random stuff or could there be like a theme, for instance me being British doing a Britain theme book filled with all things "British" ?

chelle523 07/29/2017 #

@Goochy1990 - It doesn't have to be random, all things British would be just fine!

dakotadee 07/31/2017 #

I had so much fun doing the summer swap that I want to it again.

chelle523 07/31/2017 #

@dakotadee - oh I'm so happy to hear that! :)

PoetaMisteriosa 08/ 8/2017 #

I thought collecting items from my city is talking about it in my journal. It will be a good idea

chelle523 08/14/2017 #

@PoetaMisteriosa - Glad you're in the swap! :)

Amylord 08/21/2017 #

Can I include some things in Chinese or Japanese while the majority is in English? I'd did translation and explain what they are.

rebeccag1986 08/22/2017 #

Am on quite a roll with mine this time! So I'm pleased! Hope my receiving partner (when partners are assigned) will enjoy!

chelle523 08/22/2017 #

@Amylord - that's perfectly fine!

chelle523 08/22/2017 #

@rebeccag1986 I am sure they will! I get in a groove like that while I'm binge-watching TV, so hopefully mine will make some sense! LOL

Amylord 08/22/2017 #

Thank you! ^^

I started creating my first magpie journal two days ago, and found it amazing that there are so many small things in life I've ignored! All those labels, stickers and flyers I throw away as soon as possible could be epitomes of of my life stories. Fortunately most things come bilingual. Otherwise, I'll have to do a lot of translation...XD

texasjenn 08/24/2017 #

is a page considered one side of a page or front and back?

Sandara333 08/24/2017 #

Is 5' 3/4 x 8 in the roughly zone? Or do I need to look for another one?

chelle523 08/25/2017 #

@texasjenn one side is fine

chelle523 08/25/2017 #

@Sandara333 that's fine!

Chaton13 08/26/2017 #

where could i find a journal that size? or... could i make the journal myself??

chelle523 08/26/2017 #

@chaton13 - I'm not sure where you live, but in the US, most retail stores that have school supplies or a stationery section will have them. But you are welcome to make the journal.

Chaton13 08/27/2017 #

I'm in NC... so i will keep an eye out!
I actually found some blank Kraft ones on Amazon for $4 and free shipping!!! yay!

chelle523 08/29/2017 #

@Chaton13 That's awesome!

wishfulkelly 09/ 1/2017 #

I found a smaller notebook 5.8' x 4.2'. Is this OK? I don't mind doing a few extra pages.

wishfulkelly 09/ 2/2017 #

After thinking about this swap for a few days, I'm joining!

roosje 09/ 6/2017 #

Wow, this will be my first magpie journal, I'm excited. However, I'm Dutch: do I have to translate all the Dutch items?

Cleo101 09/ 6/2017 #

I found a small photo album at my local craft store. Now I can search through my random collections!

chelle523 09/ 6/2017 #

@roosje - no you don't have to translate! :)

chelle523 09/ 6/2017 #

@wishfulkelly - yes that will be just fine! I'm glad you're joining!

chelle523 09/ 6/2017 #

@Cleo101 - awesome!

rebeccag1986 09/ 7/2017 #

Apologies in advance to whoever ends up receiving mine, it's not in any particular order. Lots of pages of similar items but spread throughout, not similar pages together so much

chelle523 09/ 8/2017 #

@rebeccag1986 - No need to apologize! That's the spirit of a magpie journal - just kind of loose and random! :)

rebeccag1986 09/ 9/2017 #

Hahaha thanks @chelle523

ToujoursMoi 09/ 9/2017 #

Does it have to be autumn themed?

JenniferB 09/10/2017 #

I've never done one of these swaps before...it should be fun! The real ones here where I live in Australia are not fun, especially as we've just come into spring and they have their babies. They attack us terribly 😂 But they sing beautifully 😊

rebeccag1986 09/10/2017 #

So true @JenniferB

chelle523 09/11/2017 #

@ToujoursMoi - no, it doesn't! It doesn't have to be themed at all!

chelle523 09/11/2017 #

@JenniferB - I don't know that I've ever actually seen one, to be honest but wow that sounds terrifying! (Not a big fan of birds, personally Lol)

kajsab 09/15/2017 #

Already made mine...

DaiziDruke 09/15/2017 #

Hi, chelle523, will it be okay to use a TN size book to create the magpie journal? The size and is about 7.5" x 4". The book will have the required number of pages. I've never created this type of journal before so it should be fun! Thanks!

chelle523 09/20/2017 #

@DaiziDruke - that will be just fine!

teabunny 09/21/2017 #

I started mine tonight... and it's so much fun!! I want to make one for myself with actual items I want to save sometime. I save papers and receipts from traveling that I've just stored in a file for years haha.

BloomingRoses 09/24/2017 #

Ooooo I really want to join but not sure what to do. Maybe just go for it!!!

chelle523 09/27/2017 #

@BloomingRoses - that's exactly the way to go about it! <3

chelle523 09/27/2017 #

@teabunny - that's exactly what I do. I have one of my own that I add to, and then as I go along, I make extras to use as angel journals if I need them for people that get flaked on.

chelle523 09/27/2017 #

If concerns about being flaked on is preventing you from joining the swap, please be aware that I will angel this swap if the need arises.

Tessssssa 09/28/2017 #

I just saw the pictures on your blog and I think I went a little overboard with mine :p

chelle523 09/28/2017 #

@Tessssssa - the great thing about this swap is there's really no wrong way to do it. Just as long as you've got 30 pages of cool stuff, you're good to go!

Amylord 09/30/2017 #

Mine is done. So excited about this swap. <3

Madameabi 09/30/2017 #

I can't wait to get my partner! I have a few pages done...but quite a collection of items to be put in it!

rebeccag1986 09/30/2017 #

LOL @Amylord glad I’m not the only one done before partners are assigned!

chelle523 10/ 6/2017 #

I love that y'all are so excited for this swap! I'm almost always working on a magpie or two. <3

chelle523 10/25/2017 #

If you have any questions or concerns about the swap or other swappers, please use the private messaging system to address them with me. As far as any problem swappers, I am aware of the issue and have contacted the affected parties to work out an array. Thank you.

wishfulkelly 10/28/2017 #

I had so much fun creating this little magpie journal and this is what got me into junk journaling. Here is a short video of the magpie journal I made for my swap partner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj02D2k7cNg

chelle523 10/31/2017 #

@wishfulkelly Yay!

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