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About Me

I am a very artsy and creative person. I have lots of things that I like to make. I like working in lots of different mediums. If you would like to see my art you can do so on Instagram under @ladycyr and if you want to read any of my written work much of it is posted on allpoetry.com I write under Star of Atlantis. You can read up to 10 pages worth of my posts there with out a free membership or you can read it all if you sign up there for free. I want to meet people who I can become artsy pen pals with sharing creations with. I hope to build life long artsy relationships with people who love to create as much as I do. I live in Taylorsville Utah in the United States. If you would like to do a swap with me feel free to contact me and we can work something out :)

What's new

Updated on Wednesday 1/1/20

Happy new year all my swap artist friends. I hope the upcoming year and new decade is the best ever for you all. I finished last year's sketchbooks yesterday and I'm starting the new ones today. I did good in completing 2 last year. I have I think like 6 or 7 of them this year but think I will mostly be working in 3 of these. My big on my little one and my square one. I have no time lines for the others. I dont know if I will be able to complete 3 sketchbooks this year along with all the other projects I take on in a year but I shall try. Each of my books has 60 pages so if I complete all 3 that's about 180 pages. I'd like to do at least 1 piece a day. So it should be ok to fill these 3 books. As always I'll be posting my art on my Instagram page.

I have a beautiful book I'm doing filled with all watercolor paintings. It is full of mythical and magickal things. It's going to take a long time to finish but will be a beautiful book to pass on someday. Going into this new year and new decade I am single. So if you are an artsy gent .... nope not playing the dating game here.

I am in love with my QoR watercolors and will be doing more watercolor hosts. I hope that you will all join.

I havent got an update on big fatty as it has not been worked in for a while. Its mixed media which I love but is more time consuming than I've had time for lately. I will of course keep you posted.

I never got any feedback on weather or not to do any diamond painting swaps. So I guess that no one here has really gotten hooked on them like I have yet. Let me know if this chandes and I might run a couple. I post pics of all my completed diamond paintings along with pics of all my art on my instagram @ladycyr just incase anyone wants to check it out.

I have several regular series here. They are:

Hand made postcard tarot

Hand made postcard visual quotes

Hand made post card artist inspired

Whatever happened to hand made postcards?

I have been asked to do another mini big fatty swap and I will but it is a labor intensive swap and therefore will need to put this on hold until I have more time to commit to this one.

As always I'm thinking up some new fun swaps that I hope to see you all take part in, who knows I may do some that become series too. Much huggles... Brightest blessings be upon you all and happy creating


Some of my fave things

Movie: Avatar

Book: the wizard of earth sea series by Ursla K Laguine

Singer/group: Happy Rhodes, Billie Eilish

Song: Burning Times by Rumor of the Big Wave

Color: silver makes me happy I also love lavender crimson and periwinkle

Animal: polar bear, elephant, zebra, rinosaurous unicornious, blue ring octopus, dragons and my dog ZuLu

Food: anything Asian both middle and far eastern

Tea: pepermint with honey, bangel spice with honey

Drink: water, juice, tea, rootbeer

Candy: dark chocolate, milkyway dark, skittles dark, peanutbutter m&m's, butterfinger, 3 muskiteers, starburst minies, black licorice if its strong, chocolate licorice, key lime pie licorice, cream soda licorice, taffy, toffy, almond rocha, maple candies, melt in your mouth pepermints, red hots, grape mike & ike, Jr mints, mounds and almond joy, grape laffy taffy, jolly rancher, and cowtails original

Ice cream: vanilla, carmal prailene, sherbert, mint chocolate chip

Artist: Luis Royo, Christopher Lovell, Christos Achilios, Amy Brown, Salimouth Wolfing, Mercer Mayer, Mei Yu, Genevieve St.Cyr Grown, Georgio O'keefe, Josephine Wall and many others look for these and more in my upcoming art inspired swaps

Medium: mixed media, and drawing in pen, QoR watercolor (my new fave watervolors), acrilic, ink (the dip kind that I can spray or drip or paint with and comes in bottles)

Go to suply: tacky glue, black pen, sisors, QoR watercolors, white signo gelly roller pen, and watercolor/mixedmedia/acrilic paper

Not so Much

Some of my not so much (Or rather things I dislike)

Movie: stupid comidies like dumb and dumber or ace ventura

Book: of mice and men, and lord of the flies are both high on the list... Guess schools need better required reading books

Singer/group: most screaming stuff most country

Song: this is the song that never ends

Color: orange (I don't hate any color but I'm just not drawn to this one much unless its with purple and hot fushia thats a killer good combo)

Food: spicy, I have a mild paler and breathing is a good thing

Animal: things that bite or are poisonuos most creepy crawlies

Tea: chamimole

Food: aweful floffal

Drink: if it has alcohol I can't have it but coffee is up there too, and orang juice

Candy: smarties, anything artificial cherry is out

Ice cream: banana, picstachio

Artist: I can't think of one at the moment

Medium: oil pastells, charchole, chalk

Allergic to: most pain meds, athesmia inhailers, wool, dust, cigerette smoke, alcohol, caffeen sensitive, cycamore polin, and ninoxisal 9, sensitive to IBP, caffeen, and latex.


A- artistic, artist, art, Avatar (fave movie), animal person, Asian food, amythest, Ancient Aliens (a fave TV series), Albert Einstein

B- believe (credendo vedes- by believing one sees), Billie Eilish (a fave musician), books, berries, Bach

C- creative, color, crochet, Christopher Lovell (a fave artist), cats, curvy, connecting with others, cuddling, creating, cheese, crystals, cruises, chocolate, candy, cerious

D- deep thinker, dogs, drift wood, diverse, Disney, discovering, drawing, Democrat, dancing, designing, decorating, devoted, deep emotions

E- eclictic, emotional, ephemera, England, educated, eating good things, eloquent, elephants

F- feelings run deep (I have BPD), flowers especially in spring, fairies, forest, forensic science, friends, friendships, family, fruit, flying, fun, focus

G- good natured, growing, Gran Gen (my fave person), Game of Thrones (fave TV series), Great Britaish Baking Show, (another fave tv show), Gaelic

H- honest, heart felt, Happy Rhodes (fave musician), harmony, human, hugs, Halloween (fave holiday), howlite, hanna mendhi, hot coco, hopeful

I- intelligent, intense, inspiring, insightful, ice-cream, independent

J- juice, jubilant

K- kind hearted, kissing

L- loving, Luis Royo (fave artist), learning, language, laughter, liberal, Latin

M- magick (yes I'm witchy so this is spelt correctly), monogamous, music, mixed media, movies, moon, mermaids, making love, (if this isn't on your list then most likely your not being honest), (Misty - I start with M)

N- note worthy, nature, north west (Wa, Or), naked, Netflix

O- open minded, ocean, octopus, otter, opals, opinionated

P- pluviphile (it means lover of the rain), poet, poetry, pottery / working with clay, play, polar bear, psycically sensitive, platypus, polite, plump, Pagen, painting, pomegranate, passion, pretzles, past life believer, people watching, personality, photography

Q- QoR watercolors, questioning (it's how you learn), quick wit / mind

R- rain, romantic (the hopeful kind), rhinoceros, rhythmic, round, respectful, relationships, reading, resilient

S- sapiosexual (it means turned on by intelligence), scorpio, stars, saturn, sweet and spicy personality, spring time, soul deep, sea glass, silver (the color and the metal), science, smiles, singing, single (currently but open to receive a perfect match as I'd love not to be)

T- trustworthy, truthful, tea, thoughtful, touch, travel, treats

U- understanding, unicorns, umbrellas in bright colors or cool patterns

V- vibrant, vivacious, voluptuous, vacations, vocabulary, vocal

W- water sign, writer, woods, watercolor, world traveled, well informed, wassail, witchy woman, well spoken

X- extraordinary, extroverted (ok cheered a bit on this one lol)

Y- young at heart, youtube, yacolt, yummy things, Yeves Rocher

Z- ZuLu mama (ZuLu is my service dog he has his own instagram if your curious its zuleezu) Zumbo's Just Desserts (a fave TV show), zentangle, zittiology


Comment: Lovely Painting!! There are a lot of barns like that in Tennessee! I always love seeing the ones with the quilt squares hanging in the middle of some barns! Thank you for the postcard! Happy swapping!(:
Response: I'm so glad that you liked it. There is a place called Tillamook Washington where there are quilt squares on buildings in town and you can get a map to treasure hunt each one out its pretty cool. I didnt think of that when I painted the barn now im whising I would have but im glad you liked it. Thank you for the nice comment
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful watelcolor landscape. I love colors you've used!
Response: I'm really glad that you liked it thank you
pyneapplequeen rated for Hand made watercolor postcard on May 19, 2020
Comment: I love the flower watercolor card you made! Beautiful!
Response: I'm so glad that you loved it. Thank you
kittyfun rated for Watercolor hand made post card on Apr 2, 2020
Comment: Sorry so late but I loved your painting, thank you!
Response: awe i am so glad you liked it thank you
Comment: loved the card. wish i could paint thank you. and it looks like you have been doing this for a long time.
Response: I'm so glad you liked what I paint I am still new I havent even been doing it a year yet. But it's nice to know that it looks like I'm a pro so thank you for the sweet compliment
Itchy rated for Hand made watercolor card on Mar 18, 2020
Comment: Hi! Totally love your card, you are so talented! I wish I could be as good... Thank you so much!
Response: Awe thank you so much. I feel like Dutch an admixture so it's cool you think its good
Annlinden rated for Hand made watercolor card on Mar 16, 2020
Comment: I love the card you sent me! It is so beautiful! ❤️
Response: Oh I am so glad and thank you
Readergirl rated for Hand made watercolor card on Mar 13, 2020
Comment: Beautiful painting! Keep playing with your medium! I only use the children's art sets from my dollar store. I can do this because that what I learned on 30+ years ago in high school. 140lb paper is my favorite. You have great skills.
Response: Awe thank you so much I truly appreciate your advice. I will keep these thoughts in mind
Comment: Excellent hand-painted card :) Thank You so much for this wonderful piece of art !!!! ... and yes, I understood your Chinese greeting of Xin Nian Kuai Le! :)
Response: Awe thank you that is so cool I'm glad you got what I meant and I'm glad you liked the card
Comment: I love the wax seal and the beautiful watercolor!
Response: The wax seal is a lot of fun I have about 45 of them and just saw that Walmart has begun selling them as well. Now they make it easy for anyone to pick one up and have fun with it
Taedybear rated for Hand made watercolor card on Feb 18, 2020
Comment: Wonderful painting! It was such a lovely handmade notecard to receive. And the paint colors used are one of my favorite aesthetics. Happy painting! Thank you 💕
Response: I'm so happy you enjoyed what I painted. I love qor watercolors bc they are vibrant. So I'm glad you liked the color too
Comment: Thanks for the great Diamond Painting! Can't wait to do it! Happy swapping.....
Response: It was a fun one. Lots of blue but turns out really cute I'm glad you like what I sent.
Comment: Thank you for the cheerful tangled card. I love the combination of the doodles and the colourful background.
Response: I'm so glad you liked the mandala I made for you.
Comment: LOVED your card!! You are doing so well learning new techniques!! Thank you for this sunset!!
Response: Awe I'm so happy that you liked what I created thank you:)
Comment: Beautiful card! You’re spot on with the choice of Knowledge. Thank you for some gorgeous mail and a lovely reading!
Response: Awe I'm so glad that it was meaningful to you. That is an odd thing that seams to happen when I do these swaps.
Comment: Your postcard is so beautiful! I am so lucky! Thank you.
Response: Awe I'm so glad you liked it! I am glad it conveayed the thought. Thank you for the sweet compliment
monsbrick rated for Watercolor hand made post card on Nov 25, 2019
Comment: You’re an amazing Artist!! I love the drawing and your watercolor and your story!!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it thank you
Meliknives rated for Disney Princesses swap- Mulan on Nov 25, 2019
Response: I hope you liked it
roxymtl rated for Watercolor hand made card on Nov 23, 2019
Comment: Very nice job :) I never would have guess you are a beginner! Thank you for this swap and happy holidays ! Roxanne
Response: Wow thank you that is a huge compliment BC I am really a beginner with them. I'm really glad you liked what I created
diesel101 rated for Sea Creatures ATC Swap on Nov 18, 2019
Comment: thank you for the lovely ATC!
Response: I am so glad you liked it

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Johannag11 on Mar 29, 2019:

I’ve joined the second handmade postcard swap and I posted the cards I made for the first one on flicker and tagged it with swap it. I’ve been into ATCs for awhile and am liking the increase in size.

amyduff on Jun 17, 2018:

I just saw the big fatty swap and hope you will host another! I love these type of books!

LadyRisa on Mar 19, 2018:

Received your handmade tarot card today! I love love your artwork! If you have a moment, do you mind explaining any symbolism in the card image?this was such a fun swap. Thanks so much for hosting. I look forward to future swaps.

myancey on Jul 19, 2017:

Thank u so much for the beautiful handmade card u sent. got it today. its def a cool one!

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