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About me and my nojjs

Hi there, I am a 31-y-o girl from Sweden. My name is Emily and I got a passion for creating. I am an almost happy girl. Just have some problems with my anxiety.

I have something that I call “nojjs”. A nojj is a fear, a little thing that are growing in my mind. I fear everything. Like when I am nojji, I am in the nojje-world, and my unconscious give me hints about what I had missed when I wasn´t nojji. Yeah, I Have my un-nojje days, I love those days, when everything is just so easy. I feel easy, I feel good, I can write letters, I can create. But when I am nojji I can´t do anything, better lay in my bed, and don´t see anything, because the more I see when I am nojji, the more I nojj about. Yeah, those fears again, But as I said, I can do so much when I am un-nojji. I almost get euphoria, just can solve most things, that´s why I keep doing this, my biggest hobby. Sometimes I feel like I want to quit with swapbot, but I just can´t stop.

But when I am un-nojji, the first day is always the best one. Then I am un-nojji for three days, and then I get nojjs, and it use to be between 6 and 12 hours. I don´t know why I have to have this, I wish I could just heal from this, be free from them. ‘

But sometimes I feel like it´s worth it, to have nojjs in 12 hours and then 3 good days! I just feel so balanced and calm sometimes, then it is the right time to fix stuff.

I love to make ppl happy, just to know that someone actually appreciate what I have done. And I love when I get mail, if my mailbox is happy, I am happy.

I live In the middle of Skåne, (skåne is a region in southern Sweden). I live in a group-home, for ppl that have some sort of diagnosis, I have a-typical autism, and I sometimes got a hard time taking in too much information. But other then that I can do so much by myself. Like I cook my food myself, cleaning and washing my clothes.

I love my job, I job at a second hand, I use to fix with the hangers, that´s one of my tasks, and doing the womens clothes.

I just want the nojjs to go away, I have a little dream, get rid of the nojjs first, then move to Malmö (my birthtown) maybe a grouphome in the beginning, later on have my own apartment with some support. And to have a little cat! :) And, Thanks to my bestie who showed me this site. Thanks and hugs to her!

Favorite crafts

I love to do ATC:s, I have a kind of dark sense of art. I love to do ballerinas, angels or creepy ppl, like the ballerina is broken, she is sewed all over her face and body, but she still dance!

I am pretty new to mail-art, sometimes I find myself sticker-slapping my envies, but I try to do it as creative as I can just do.

I have tried to do zentangles, not perfect but I love to try new art, new ways of doing ATC:S. Also I have started to do different medium on ATC:s, like stamping, tried with watercolors and using my jelli-pens and doing not so dark art.

My ABC-list

A: Angels, ATC, Alice in Wonderland

B: Butterflies, Ballerinas, Bookmarks

C: Cats, Coca-cola-things, Cozy evening home with hot chocolate and cozy socks, cookies, Clips

D: Dandelions, Dancing when I feel happy,

E: Ephemera, Extras,

F: Fairies, Friends for ever,

G: Galaxy,

H: Hot chocolate, Horror-themed, Happy mail, Hello kiitty

I: Inchies

J: Jewellery, Just sitting and make an ATC or other art, Jelly candy

K: Kawaii,

L: Letters, letter-paper

M: Mood for making stuff,

N: Notepads, Norwegian forest cats

O: Orchids, Old pin-up commercials

P: Postcards, Pin-ups, Purple,

Q: ? :D

R: Random things, Rainbow loom bracelets, Red

S: Stickers, Snail-mail, Scary, Steam-punk, second hand, Space, Stationary

T:, Twinchies

U: UFO:s

V: VIdeo-games, VIntage

W: Washi-tape

X: ? :D

Y: Yarn (embroidery)

Z: Zentangles

A little wishlist (if you wanna send me)

Envelopes (always out of them)


Those stickers where it says: HappyMail, This is not a bill and such.

Double cards

Favorite food and drinks

I love coffee and hot chocolate, but not fond of tea. I just don´t drink it. I don´t have a particular fav dish, but I love sushi! I love candy, most chocolate and jelly-candy, and everything coca cola.

Favorite Movies

My all time favorites (also mixed up)

Forrest Gump

Fried green tomatoes

Lion king

Inside out

Flight plan




Let the right one in

Alice in wonderland

The bridge to Therabithia


Harry Potter And a lot more..

Favorite Music

It´s really mixed up, like everything between heaven and earth, film music, videogame music, rock, pop rap, synth and a lot more!


My all time fave videogame is Silent hill, I just love the melancholy feeling about it. It´s a horror game serie from Japan. Really, really scary, but I love it! :) Also adore the music from it! Other then that I like Crash Bamdicoot.

Makes me happy

On the summer, I have my fan, sitting by my computer and feeling the easy breeze from the fan, blowing in my hair.

Like, I am obsessed with cloths and design-stuff. I always buy a new cloth and I just love to change my cloths once in a while. That makes me a little happy

To talk to a guy in my group-home. He has a hard time saying my name so he calls me Ellen ( He also has a problem with havig a conversation). He say, I am so good today, is Ellen feeling good today? And I answer, yes Ellen feels great today :)

On the winter, I like to wear my cozy socks and doing some hot chocolate

To do my apartment “tipp-topp”, when I am cleaning it and making it super-clean.

New about me:

I am extremely easy to please, the only things I don´t want is licorice and tea!

I love recycling, just love to go to libraries and pick those nice free magazines and brochures. And when I am in a waiting room, like on hospital I always find something that contains a nice picture in it, :)

I am an indoor person, always something to do, like cleaning and swapping. I am just not an active person.

That´s all

I always try to send my partners some profile-based extras. I always send stuff in time but if you haven´t got anything from me, please let me know and I am happy to resend.

That was all, hope you feel good ppl! :) take care, Emily


Comment: ❤️
MeetSarah87 rated for Postcard - Not Your Country on Feb 16, 2024
Comment: It is here :-) Thank you so much for resending your card 2 times. I am so sorry that the other postcards did not reach me. I appreciate it that you have tried it 3 times and wish I could rate you at least 10 hearts.
Response: Yes! Finally it arrived! Thanks for the heart! :)
ArtsyKarma rated for AMA: Green Mail Art & Ephemera on Feb 12, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for all the wonderful green goodies 😀
Response: Ur welcome, am happy that you liked my little envie I sent for ya!!:)Tnx for the heart!
argentbat13 rated for WIYM: PURPLE POSTCARD #1 on Feb 10, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful card! -Kimi
Response: Ur welcome, tnx for heart!:)
cmmaldonado rated for AMA: Inkbox card - snowflake on Feb 4, 2024
Comment: Hi Emily! Apologies for the tardy rating, thank you so much for the wonderful goodies, and your lovely snowflake card! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season 🥰
Response: Ur welcome, I am happy that you liked the little envie I sent for ya! ^^ Tnx for the heart! :)
Manonroberts rated for WIYM: Watercolor Bookmark on Feb 4, 2024
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful bookmarks!
Response: Ur welcome, I am happy that you liked them! Tnx for the heart! :)
Comment: love the zentangle envelope. thanks for all the great extras and the great postcards.
KrystalCook84 rated for PH: Send 2 Postcards #56 on Jan 29, 2024
Comment: thanks for the goodies
Response: Ur welcome! ^^, tnx for rating and heart!
fighterangel rated for Simple Happy Mail 💌 on Jan 27, 2024
Comment: Oh my goodness!!! You went above and beyond for your swap, I wish I could give more hearts. You're so thoughtful!!! I'm super excited to try the coffee drink, and the teas sound delightful. All the goodies are so sweet, I love everything. Thank you!!!!!
Response: I am so happy that you liked, this rating made me happy! Tnx for rating and heart! :)
BlueberryLady rated for Handmade Bookmarks on Jan 26, 2024
Comment: **This is my first Swap from Sweden** ! ! Oh How Pretty is the card with the Butterfly! Inside and out ! Love The Bookmark you made with butterflies and the little crystal spots on each one. the napkin with the lady and flowers and butterflies is Beautiful. Thank you for the Magnet bookmark and the Butterfly Stickers, and Can't wait to try the Different teas you sent.. Hugs and Thank you again.
Response: I am so happy that you liked it all, tnx for heart and rating! :)
9O96O rated for AAA: Snow ATC #353410 on Jan 26, 2024
Comment: Itchy, how wonderful to receive your ATCs and especially that lovely long letter telling me about yourself. I love that Swap-Bot and ATC-making is a creative outlet for you. I hope to be paired up with you again.
Response: I am so happy that you liked it! :) Tnx for the heart and rating!
mchesser12 rated for PH: Animal & Bird on Jan 19, 2024
Comment: Thanks for the cute postcards and owl stickers. Any luck with Bingolotto?
Response: I am happy that you liked my little envie for ya! :) I didn´t win anyhtng, but it is a new shot tomorrow! :)
Lady rated for CR: Clock/Time Piece on Jan 16, 2024
Comment: yes, there was a postcard buried in there! I don't rate higher for extras, but what fun. The bookmark is going straight to my nightstand. Loving the non-English children's book pages! have found the glue/adhesives the most challenging part. I'm trying a "self-leveling gel" right now which is great for collage but changes watercolor and ink a bit. (I also find it still shows the brush strokes I use to apply the gell :( maybe I need to use much more?)
Response: I am not sure what you mean, but what don´t use an ordinary glue-sitck? Tnx for rating ans heart!! :D
Comment: Thanks Emily - I love the "little devil" illustrastion you made for me! <3
Response: Ur welcome! Tnx for the rating and heart! ^^
Comment: Thanks for the cute postcard, Happy New Year, Richard
Comment: Thank you for your nice note the -stack- of wonderful postcards. Over the top!
Eulegirl rated for PH: Christmas Package & PCs #4 on Dec 31, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the awesome package!
Comment: Thank you so much for all the lovely pink items! :)
OrigamiGrace rated for CPG 2023 Snowman ATC - Global on Dec 20, 2023
Comment: Thank you! Your snowman turned out great!
January rated for AMA: Collaged Envelope #2 on Dec 9, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the pretty envelope - I like the colorful stamps. And, thanks for the goodies inside.

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Lady on Jan 16, 2024:

Hope your un-nojji periods grow longer and longer. No sun here today but fresh snow which I love so I'm happy. I wish it were not so wet and heavy as I expect I will be the one in the house shoveling most of it, but I enjoy my time outside -- once I do get out!

PeliKat on Jul 16, 2023:

Itchy, thank you so much for the surprise happy mail I received from you! I love all of the ATCs and was pleased that you chose to use some of the materials I sent to you in our last swap. I'll try to put some nice things together to share with you soon!

Thanks again! PeliKat

Elin on Mar 14, 2011:

Hello Itchy! I have invited you to the Swedish swappers group, if you want to join us.

Oh, and I am going to be one of the 38 000 scouts invading your hometown this summer!

birdiepoop on Feb 27, 2011:

Hey guys!

So ive set up the page for my first swap that i am to host: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/84994

and now all i need are participants :D its international, and you have to send a box of stuff :D check the page out!


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