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Birthday: April 9, 1987
Country: United Kingdom

About Me

Hello I'm Hollie! I'm 33 and I live in Scotland with my husband and our dog Ben the Lakeland Terrier :) I love nature and being outdoors walking with my dog is my favourite way to spend my time. My hobbies are reading, listening to music, watching films and going to the cinema, writing to pen pals and spending time with family and friends!

I really enjoy crafting and my favourite things to do are paper crafts, jewellery making and making things from polymer clay.

I LOVE Totoro so anyone looking to destash items with this little guy on them (homemade or purchased)...I'd be an extremely grateful recipient and he'd be coming to a very loving home! πŸ’•

My favourite colour is yellow πŸ’› for anyone who would like to know :) closely followed by green! I love all colours though especially pastel, natural and muted tones!

I adore mice 🐁 my families nickname for me is mouse πŸ’• I even have a mouse tattooed on my arm! Anything with a mouse on (homemade or purchased) melts my heart completely!

I am on the lookout for book pages that are written in a language other than English 🧐

I am a very proud Hufflepuff! 🦑

A to Z of favourites...

A - Axolotls, Address Labels, Acorns, Adventure Time, Animals of all kinds

B - Badgers, Butterflies πŸ¦‹, Botanical themed items, Buttons (especially small ones!), Bumble Bees

C - Cards, Cardstock, Crows, Crystals, Candles, Cherry Blossoms 🌸

D - Dragonflies, Die Cuts, Doilies, Dogs, Dried flowers, Dumbo

E - Elephants 🐘, Ephemera (especially old tickets!), Envelopes (especially small, unusual or handmade ones)

F - Frida Kahlo, Flowers, FairiesπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ, Ferns, Forest themed items, Foxes

G - Gnomes, Gustav Klimpt, Green πŸ’š, Gorjuss, The Gruffalo

H - Hello Kitty, Hot Chocolate, Hedgehogs, Hares, Hand made paper, Hygge, Hufflepuff anything!!!

I - Insects, Invador Zim

J - Junk journals and junk journaling supplies, Japanese papers

K - Kraft paper, Kawaii, Kit Kats!

L - Letter sets, Ladybirds

M - Mice 🐁, Magpies, Mushrooms, Mandalas, Music Paper

N - Nightmare Before Christmas, Nirvana merchandise!

O - Oragami makes, old book pages πŸ“š

P - Pastel Colours, Patterened paper, Polka dots, Postcards, Polymer clay, Pink, Pressed flowers or leaves, Pumpkins

Q -

R - Rats, Rick and Morty, Rubber Stamps

S - Stickers, Stationary (especially kawaii or vintage), Seahorses, Stamps, Sloths πŸ¦₯, Strawberries

T - Totoro (I love him so much!!!), Tea, Twine, Turkish Delight, Toadstools πŸ„

U -

V - Vincent Van Gogh, Velum papers (especially printed ones), vintage papers and vintage botanical designs

W - Washi tape, Washi stickers, White Chocolate, Wax seals, Woodland themes, Watercolour images or patterns (homemade or printed), Witchy things πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ

X -

Y - Yellow πŸ’›

Z - Zines (homemade or purchased)

β˜• A note about tea! (For a profile based tea swap)

I am always excited to try new herbal teas so don't worry about my preferences and just send me whatever teas you feel like! Some of the teas I prefer are anything cinnamony and warming, peppermint, sleepytime teas and calming teas (drowning out anxiety one cup of tea at time here!), fruity teas, sweet teas. I also love hot chocolate. The only preference I have really is that I dont drink caffeinated tea or coffee (anxiety management!) But please don't worry if this is what you have to send, i can always pass them on to friends and family who are always happy to recieve a wee tea!

🍫 A note about snacks! (For snacky swaps!)

I'm happy to recieve any kind of snacks because if I don't like them i can pass them on to friends and family. I have a sweet tooth and love chocolate πŸ’•πŸ« my favourite is white chocolate but I love all varieties!!! I dont have any food allergies. I LOVE nuts and chocolate with nuts or peanut butter πŸ₯œ I dont really like sour flavours and I HATE fish!!! But of that is what you have to send please don't worry...I like passing things on to family and friends a lot so I am never disappointed to have to do that!

❄β™₯️❄ A note about Christmas ( For Christmasy profile based swaps!)

I love nordic, scandi, folky Christmas styles best! I much prefer animal or nature themed Christmas things to people or places. I adore warming Christmassy scents like cinnamon or spiced orange! I'd love to hear about Christmas traditions in the country where you are from or live if it is not the UK! I use a lot of kraft paper at Christmas and love how it looks tied with String or red and green twine β™₯️ I also love blues and greys at Christmas time.

The only kind of thing I would really dislike to recieve is religious items of any kind.

β˜ƒοΈA little wishlistβ˜ƒοΈ (for Christmas swaps that require one)

Book pages printed with any language other than English! Anything with mice! Illustrations of plants, animals or insects from old books. Toadstool things πŸ„, Letter Sets 🐌, Christmas or winter themed washi samples (or any kind of washi samples!), Rubber or cling stamps, Forest/Woodlands animal things πŸ¦”, Any thing handmade by you! Or someone else! Christmassy smelling things! (Candles, wax melts) Chocolate 😻, Anything sleep promoting (especially lavender, camomile, clary sage or lemon balm scented/infused), Hot chocolate or tea, cosy gloves and or hats, Rose scented things, Hair masks, lip balms, charms, buttons, Anything you think I might like based on my profile! Xx


I am really passionate about happy mail and would never flake on a swap. If I am your partner and my swap hasn't shown up or there are any problems with what I've sent please let me know and I will do my best to sort things out ASAP :) 🐌

Favorite Music

I LOVE music and find it hard to narrow down favourites! I mostly listen to folk, indie, rock, reggae and punk. Some of my favourite bands are The Smiths, The Cure, Nirvana, Arcade Fire, The Beatles, The Specials, The Clash, The Manic Street Preachers and James.

Favorite Movies

Amelie, Pans Labrynth, My Neighbour Totoro, Mary and Max, Coraline,Lady Vengance, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, An American Tale, Trainspotting and Trainspotting 2, The Gaurd, Young Offenders, Okja and Frankenweenie.

Favorite Books

'Train Spotting' By Irvine Welsh 'The Wasp Factory' by Iain Banks 'The Colour Purple' by Alice Walker 'Health at Every Size' by Linda Bacon 'The Beauty Myth' Niaomi Wolf

I also love childrens books especially 'where the wild things are', 'the gruffalo' and anything by Roald Dahl.

Favorite Television

Community, Parks and Recreation, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Last Man on Earth, Peaky Blinders, Come Dine With Me, Black Books, Father Ted and Two Doors Down.

A Few Things I Dislike

Religious items

Gory, horror, fantasy or science fiction items

K pop things

Anything very childish


emilysenvelopes rated for Self Care Share #2 (UK) on Oct 15, 2020
Comment: I was so excited when I saw this parcel was from you again! Thanks so much! As ever, an absolute joy to open - you really spoiled me and I can’t wait to use everything 😊❀️
Response: Awww thank you for your rating and your lovely comments! Thank you for hosting such a lovely swap 😊 I really enjoyed putting it together and I'm glad you like the wee treats! πŸŒπŸ’ŒπŸŒ xx
Comment: Stunning notebook! Deserves more than one heart, definitely. You got your imagined description of me spot on.as well. Look forward to swapping with you again xx
Response: Thank you so so much for your rating and your lovely comments! Reading them has made my day and I'm so glad you like what I made! πŸ¦‹πŸ“šπŸ¦‹ xx
Comment: thanks sorry for the delay as the dr has taken my old headache meds and am waiting on prior authorization and its been about a month or two headaches never go away smh
Response: Glad this swap arrived safely to you. Thank you for your rating. I hope things get sorted and you start to feel better soon xx
Carime rated for Stickers and a Sketch - August on Oct 12, 2020
Comment: My goodness, girl, you are the dream penpal! A letter-fairy indeed. THANK you for being so thoughtful with this present (it's not just an envelope)! I loved the envelope YOU MADE (!!), the elegant washi tape, the tons of cute stickers, the colorful letter paper, your girl power sheet of stickers, and last but not least, I loved your sketch of Dr. Zoidberg (!!!!) All amazing stuff... Your envelope puts to shame all the hearts I gave before, lol.
Response: Awwww thank you so so much for your rating and lovely comments!!! I'm so glad you liked it! Your lovely comment has made my day! I'm so glad zoidberg finally made it to you!!! Xx
Postalstamplife rated for Floral/Nature Mail Swap #1 on Oct 6, 2020
Comment: What a pretty envelope and beautiful floral surprise. Thank you, Hollie!
Response: You are so welcome! Thank you for the rating and the lovely comment! I really enjoyed putting that swap together! Xx πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸŒΈ
Fraggle80 rated for UK Happy Mail #2 on Oct 5, 2020
Comment: Thankyou so so much for the beautiful swap. You clearly spent time picking things I'd love from my profile and packaging it so nicely. 😍
Response: I'm so glad you liked it 😊 thank you for the rating and lovely comment xx
Comment: Oh my, what a lovely package to receive in the mail! Everything was so nicely wrapped, too. 🧑 The smell of the candle hit me straight in the face the moment I cut open the envelope, haha. I love it. The fox needle felting kit is amazing, I can't wait to try it! 🦊🧑 I haven't tried the chocolate yet but judging by the wrapper it must be delicious, yum. And the tiny orange extras you sent are so cute too. Thank you so much! πŸ₯°πŸ§‘🧑🧑
Response: Thank you so much for your rating and lovely comment 🧑 it was so nice of you to set up this swap privately with me so I'm really glad you like the things I sent...I thought a nice wee candle, a crafty kit and a bar of chocolate is the perfect cosy night in!!! Xx
Megandraws rated for UK craft destash on Sep 23, 2020
Comment: Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the beautiful package! It was so beautifully decorated and everything inside is so lovely. I really loved the washi samples, and the letter paper is way too cute, I'm really excited to start using it! The card was very sweet as well. This is the first package I've gotten through a Swap-Bot swap and I was truly blown away. Thanks so much for your kindness!
Response: Yay! I'm so glad you liked it! And I'm really happy to pass them on to a new home where they will get used! Thank you very much for your rating and lovely comment πŸ’•πŸŒπŸ’•
Comment: Hollie, the bracelet is AMAZING! Thank you so much, I love it <3 You'll have to send me a pic of your feathered friends :-) I nearly always wear black to work, so the bracelet will be my new accessory, thank you! :-)
Response: I'm so glad you liked it 😻 I've been hoarding those wee crow charms for ages to find the right home for them! Thank you for your rating and lovely comment! πŸ–€πŸ’œπŸ–€ xx
saturnsrings rated for Tea Themed Flip Book on Sep 16, 2020
Comment: Hi Hollie, I got your lovely tea flipbook today, thank you so much for all the tasty looking teas, I can't wait to try them! I also LOVE how you ended up making a subtle tea/botanical-themed flipbook for me, it's just to my taste & I so appreciate the extra time/ thought that went into it! Gorgeous swap, thank you Hollie!
Response: Thank you so much 😊 I'm really glad you liked it! Thank you for your rating and I hope you enjoy the teas! πŸ’šβ˜•πŸ’š xx
Itti rated for Europe Hygge Swap #2 on Sep 14, 2020
Comment: Amazing! I love all the things you sent! And you sent so much and it was all beautifully wrapped 😍 I felt like it was my birthday, opening it! πŸ˜„ Thank you so much!
Response: You are so welcome 😊 I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for the rating and I hope you have a cosy autumn 🍁❀🍁 xx
emilysenvelopes rated for UK Happy Mail Swap on Sep 8, 2020
Comment: Wow wow wow!! I can’t get over what an amazing swap this was to receive you totally made my day and I’m so pleased with everything. I literally love every last item it’s all so me. Best swap ever!!
Response: Thank you so much for your lovely feedback 😊 I really appreciate your kind comments and I'm so glad you enjoyed your happy mail! 🐌❀🐌 xx
Icrum rated for Europe Hygge Swap #1 on Aug 31, 2020
Comment: There's no words to describe my surprise when I opened... the care, smell, colours, goodies... you nailed it! I loved it! Such a package. You are so talented, the decoration and attention for details were out of this world <3 Thank you :D
Response: Thank you so much for your rating and lovely comment! It means so much and has made my day βœ‰πŸ’•βœ‰ hope you have a cosy winter! Xx
DINI2002 rated for Handmade jewellery swap #1 on Aug 25, 2020
Comment: You went up and beyond with that package! Your jewellery is very cute and I wish I could give you more than one heart! It really made my morning so, thank you :)))
Response: 😊 I'm so pleased you liked it! Thank you so much for your lovely comment it means a lot πŸ’•πŸŒπŸ’• xx
Comment: Hi Hollie! Thanks so much for your letter! You did everything perfectly, my only suggestion would be to write the name of the swap on the outside of the envelope somewhere next time. πŸ™‚ It seems we have a lot in common, I would love to write back to you! 😁
Response: Hi Anne-Marie! Thank you so much for your rating it really means a lot πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ you are very welcome to write back to me, I'd love that!!! Xx
loveretro rated for Tiny European Swap #9 on Aug 10, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much, Hollie for the beautiful decorated envelope , so much fun to receive ...the goodies you sent me .... love just everything ❀️.. so no worries at all ! warm greetings from Belgium to Scotland . Monique
Response: Thank you so much for your rating Monique 😊 I'm so glad you liked the goodies and the envelope πŸ’•βœ‰πŸ’•
LavenderSprinkles rated for Pink themed Happymail on Aug 7, 2020
Comment: This was an amazing package! Thank you for the pink goodies! Happy swapping!
Response: Thank you for your rating 😊 I am so pleased you liked the package πŸ’•πŸŒβœ‰ xx
jillianstella rated for Happy Mail on Aug 6, 2020
Comment: Wow! This was the absolute BEST happy mail I have received! I love how you wrapped everything, i really enjoyed opening it all. I love doing the same thing when I send happy mail so it was so cool to receive something just as fun to open myself!! Thank you so so much for everything i truly love every single thing you sent! Wish I could give you a hundred β€οΈβ€˜s!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!
Response: Thank you so much! πŸ˜ƒ I am so happy to hear the package brightened your day! I had a great time choosing all the items and putting it together so it's lovely to know you enjoyed it! πŸŒπŸ’•πŸŒ
Comment: Hi and thank you for your lovely package and your effort. :) I love cinnamon and this tea smells delicious. And just a quick clarification - "new postcard" for me means "modern, not vintage" so you needn't have worried about that. :) Have a great weekend!
Response: Thank you 😊 I'm really glad you liked it and I hope you enjoy the tea! Silly me! At least if I get you in a swap again I'll know for next time! Xx
Spicynacho rated for Happy Mail on Jul 16, 2020
Comment: OMG I could have cried! You sent so many beautiful things so cute and individually packaged. I absolutely LOVED it! You went above and beyond, thank you so much for an extra special package!! β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ’Œ
Response: Awww! I am so so happy that you liked it! Thank you for your rating, it really means a lot πŸ₯°πŸŒπŸ₯³ xx

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AmaranthSpirit on Sep 19, 2020:

Talk about Happy Mail, thank you so much for the amazing angelled package. I love it all, and you even thought my my little furball too - Winnie is very happy with her treats <3 I wish I could give you the 5 and heart that you should get for this swap!

I have a new favourite pen! And where did you get those amazing papers from? They are beautiful. I definitely wont be able to part with the greeting cards anytime soon either... I'm overwhelmed, what a lovely package to brighten my day <3 Thank you SO much X

jenthewen on Sep 11, 2020:

You went above and beyond when my swap didnt work out - thank you so much for angelling.

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