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Hi hi. My name is Trinket here on Swap-bot. Though to everyone who knows me better, I am Steff. Im a 34 year old self employed illustrator from a small place called Norwich in England. What that means is that for most of my time, i live in a small craft lair building plushies and drawing interesting pictures. I am never far from my Mac even if I am not always about on Swap-bot. I'd like to sit in the chat room more often though. I am an avid World of warcraft player (horde all the way!) When I aren't busying myself with plushies, drawing or warcraft, I am often Roleplaying with my partner. I love my Live Action Roleplay, which is effectively a bit like Lord of the Rings in the woods with fake weapons, where we make up adventures of our own and are all in fantasy costume.

Here on swap-bot I get stuck in to a number of different group swaps. Though these days I do shy from public swaps, occasionally they do tickle my fancy. I'm very much into crafting ATCs and most of the swaps I join now tend to be ATC themed ones.

Im a big mixture of interests from my roleplaying to simple things ATCs and Inchies.

My Favorite Colour: Teal and Purple

Some themes I like in swaps: Happy Mail, Foxes, Forests, Autumn leafs, Pokemon, Kawaii, Cats, Japan, Stars, Dreams, The sky at night, Strawberries, Succulents, Plants, leaves.

Recently I have been interested in wool spinning and dyeing and that takes up a good deal of my none work time. I find the idea of pocket letters facinating but my main focus for mail art will always be small journals, ATC's, Inchies, hidden pockets and other surprises.
Things I personally would love to keep.


Its hard to say wishes, without it sounding like a bit of a I want this and this and this kind of thing, so I apologize but these are the sorts of things I like to swap and like to see in my mail if your scouting here on my profile for ideas and we are partners. Id like to think of this wish list as more of a guide really than things I insist. You'd be surprised how much isnt listed here that would still bring a smile to my face.

Of course I am always happy for private swaps for specific things that I have mentioned here too, So please please give me a prod if you would like a private swap.

Not too many of my likes have changed over the years, I am a massive fan of Roleplaying and fantasy story telling. Celtic myths and fantasy dark forests are often themes in art objects I covet the most.

I am a huge Japan nerd. Having recently begun collecting Gacha eggs and the prizes within, Re-ment minis and Plush. They seem to occupy my whole house right now. Along with a dragons horde of Sanrio and other cute Japan Japan stationary items.

I am a massive Pokemon collector also - I tend to adopt abandoned Pokemon merch. from thrift stores and have gathered together quite a stash of cards and mini figures.

Stickers and Washi tapes and Kawaii paper Emphemera

I also like Foxes and Cats. These are proberbly my favorite animals and having fox/cat themed things will always make me happy. things like stationary, softies, stickers etc.

I make and collect ATC's. I reckon 90% of the swaps I host and sign up for are ATC swaps.
I have been making them since I was 14 and first started swapping on a site called Nervousness.org which as far as I can tell no longer exists.
I also make and collect mini zines (those are the ones you make out of a single sheet of A4 and fold to make into a small booklet.

Things I am always looking for and will always find a home with me.

  • ATCs
  • Inchies, Chunky Pages, Mini zines,
  • Zines
  • Starbucks Gift Cards (no money on them).
  • Pokemon anything, I am a huge fan.
  • Old trading cards (Pokemon etc)
  • Fantasy/Celtic/Dark forest themed things.
  • Gachaphon Eggs and their contents
  • Stickers, Washi Tape and Kawaii things.
  • Photo ATC's with a small description about the photo on the back, because knowing the story is super cool.


I hate to mention things disliked. I certainly wouldn't call them hates. But I don't like shoddy made craft objects. take care in the things you make, they are an extension of you. Regardless of that, I do my very best with everything I make, I expect others to do the same, its just good manners. Now that is my biggest pet peeve. receiving items that have been hashed together.

Im not a massive drinker of hot drinks, infact I prefer not to drink them. So tea etc. are probably better saved for someone who would super appreciate them instead.
I guess I go by the rule. really don't take the monkeys when your trading, if its not something you would want yourself, or don't deem good enough to keep yourself, then clearly its not something that should be passed on to someone else.

Bad manners I guess should also be written here, some times things are late, but I always keep my word on my trades or I wouldn't sign up to join in.

Things can be delayed, Im also an Uk swapper so the post does take a wee bit longer, please be patient.


totters away to go and make stuff

If you like my artwork support it here: https://www.patreon.com/trinkety?ty=h


PrairieKittin rated for BS&S ~ August Stocking Stuffer on Aug 19, 2019
Comment: Can't wait to open it. Love the "wrapping paper", by the way. I don't like the usual christmas-y type wrappings. I much prefer the more natural type. Thank you!!!
Response: You know I feel the same, some gifts can have it but others I feel need to have less glitter. Also trying to cut down on 'plastic' papers where I can.
Littleroo rated for WC ~ August Witchy Gift on Aug 18, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much. I loved everything you sent.
Comment: Hello Steph! I came home to your package in my mailbox - thanks so much for all the great postcards!! I really love them. I had a blast doing this swap!!
Fraggle80 rated for EML: Happy Mail #2 on Aug 13, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the swap. I loved your envelope art xx
tigermousecat rated for AACG: Black and White ATC on Aug 6, 2019
Comment: I do love this pigeon though here they are also known for being "feathered rats". I swear they do know how to "aim and fire"! I keep thinking of the pigeon from Mongrels TV show. Thanks for a lovely swap!
krspellman rated for Starbucks Swap - Gift Cards No.2 on Aug 5, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the Starbucks cards, very unique and I’m happy to add them to my collection :-)
Poftoffel rated for Short Story Fiction +1500 on Aug 2, 2019
Comment: I started playing DnD this year so this story resonated with me.... it was beautifully crafted and very heart-felt. I love the soft side of the father-son relationship and the different frame in which it shows orcs. And those illustrations are SO BEAUTIFUL. I am blown away! Thank you so much for sharing this with me!
Comment: Thank you Steff, the unicorn was beautiful and indeed rainbow-y (I’m going to say that’s a word!!). You definitely should draw and paint them more especially if they make you happy, it absolutely made me happy. Thanks for the beautiful little illustrations too, they were quite cute☺️
Comment: Oh my gosh! This ATC is so freakin’ cute!!
Comment: Oh my goodness! He is absolutely adorable!!!! ^.^ Thank you oh so so much for this incredibly lovely card and the extras! :-D
Etoile rated for HD/HP ATC Girl with green hair on Jul 24, 2019
Comment: I love this hand drawn ATC, especially the ink and watercolor technique 👍🏽
Comment: Thanks for the absolutely lovely Isabelle ATC! ^^ I am getting SO amped for the Switch AC to come out! >0<
isabellasnow rated for AACG: Pond Life ATC: Duck on Jul 23, 2019
Comment: This is, indeed, a beautiful duck! Please forgive the late rating; I had put it aside to add to my journal (because as I said above, it's a truly beautiful duck), carried it upstairs and promptly forgot to rate. Gorgeous. I feel so spoiled when I receive something hand painted. Thank you so much!
Comment: Lovely. Thank you
Response: Super glad to have had you as my partner again for this swap. I will be sad to see the Unicorn set disapear when we're finally done with the last one.
Comment: Sorry for the delay in writing something here. I love the creativity of something hand-drawn and this was so nicely designed. Thank you so much for the thoughtful creation.
Response: Was everything alright with this card? Ive noticed you have no words for it? I painted this one with some of my new watercolour paints any thoughts?
LadyCyr rated for HARRY POTTER ATC Swap (Ravenclaw) on Jul 20, 2019
Comment: Wow so cool I love that you did your own take on it that is way better than just drawing the crest. Thank you
Itti rated for HARRY POTTER ATC Swap (Hufflepuff) on Jul 20, 2019
Comment: I love your little badger wizard, he is adorable!! Lovely painting, I shall treasure it ❤️
candybeads rated for Fun and kawaii sticker swap! on Jul 16, 2019
Response: Was everything alright with this swap? A blank rating would suggest something is unhappy or hasnt worked for you. It did arrive safely?
Etoile rated for QUICK Sticker Sheets swap #5 INTL on Jul 15, 2019
Comment: Exquisite stickers 🥰 Thank you!
Comment: Great stickers! Such a special swap! Thanks!

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OrigamiGrace on Aug 18, 2019:

Aw thank you so much for my cute kawaii goodies from my August wishlist at the Wishlist group!!!

derakisu on Aug 8, 2019:

I had a look at your Instagram, your artwork is amazing ! 😍

Sazza on Jul 27, 2019:

Thank you for the CPG Random Grabbie Tag! I love all the old school cut outs and stamps you sent, I am sure I will use all of them! The PCs are also quite picturesque; I enjoy the view. :) Thanks again for the send!

pianoheart on Jul 25, 2019:

Thank you for your letter and photographs for the pagan/wicca tag. I am surprised that the green parakeets do not freeze in the London winter. Volcano lava is very crumbly due to the air bubbles in it from the lava flow. It comes in black, grey and shades of red, depending on how much iron is in it. There are also olivine rocks, which are green. They could all be powdered to make paint. Unfortunately, Pele owns all the lava in Hawai'i and she does not like it removed from the islands. This makes it bad luck to mail outside of Hawai'i. So to make paint, you will have to come to Hawai'i :)

Heynowokay on Jul 12, 2019:

Thank you so much for the OMAE Paper Bomb. I especially adore the used stamps! :)

meeltje57 on Jul 9, 2019:

Thank you so much for the Envies of RANDOMNESS:) tag. I love everything you sent. I will add it to my special Swap Bot journal where only the real beautiful stuff goes in.

HippieChick on Jun 11, 2019:

Thank you for the wonderful envelope of goodness for the Random Flat Envie Tag. I love it! Your print of the fox is sooooooooo cute! My mom thought it was adorable and it is now hanging in her bedroom where she can see it all the time. Thank you! This made my day.
And I love swapping/tagging with folks from the UK! I think it's great to see what we don't get. And I'm going to spend the postage no matter where it ships to. :)

ncnurse04 on May 16, 2019:

Thank you for the CPG random envie. I love the goodies and can't wait to use them.

sojourner on May 15, 2019:

Wonderful Global Pick 2

stiffneck78 on Apr 26, 2019:

Thank you so much for the great Happy Mail Int'l Tag!! Yay

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