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About Me

I'm an illustrator and a cartoonist who has been doing private commissions for over a decade. I write & draw a webcomic "Broken Plot Device" that ran from June 2009 to July 2012, and updated 3 days a week.

I've been inactive on SwapBot for a couple years, and likely won't be consistently active for a while, but occasionally I might pop on to do a swap or two. If you message me about a private swap and don't get a reply back right away, feel free to try again in a month or two. I may just be on swap break.


Shoe Size (US) - 8-8.5
Shirts - Mens/Unisex small OR Womens Large
Hat size - 57-58cm

Art Style


I work both digitally and with real media. When I'm drawing/painting digitally, it's primarily in photoshop. It has a half-painted/half cell shaded look to it. With real media, it looks more smooth & painted. I work mostly with markers (trias & copics), but also will add watercolor, colored pencil, paint, and/or gel pens. I don't really do collage work at all, but I am curious about experimenting.

With art trades, unless someone requests otherwise I'll be doing real media cards, unless the person I'm doing the trade with either requests digital or specifically says they like that sort of thing in their profile. I just assume most people would rather have a hand-made card as opposed to a print-out.

My ATC & ACEO Flickr Gallery

Favorite Music

My musical tastes change and evolve over time; I like most genres (Pop, R&B, classic motown sound, modern off-beat alternative rock (think Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, Franz Ferdinand), just anything fun with a beat & something unique in the sound). But I LOVE Michael Jackson. Love, love, LOVE, from early Jackson 5 to the newest album "Xscape" (although I enjoy the original tracks far more than the "modernized" versions.) So if anything's musically-themed, MJ is a pretty safe bet with me.

Favorite Books

I'm very much into comic books, though typically not superhero ones (the only ones I enjoy really is the "Astro City" series, and "Watchmen".) I also like Tank Girl, Kabuki, Bone, and SOME Sandman (although it sometimes gets a little too melodramatic for my tastes). I'm also an avid reader of Webcomics, some of my favorites being Templar, Arizona, Lackasaisy, and SinFest.

I don't read a lot of "normal" books, though I really enjoyed the "Harry Potter" series, and am currently working through the "Song of Ice and Fire" series in audiobook from. Some more classic books I liked include 1984, Flowers for Algernon, and Animal Farm. I also have a soft spot for Edgar Alan Poe.

TV & Movies

For someone who doesn't have cable, I watch a decent amount of TV. ^_^ Shows I love include: Dr Who (Tennant is MY doctor), Avatar: the Last Airbender, Venture Brothers, Ghost in the Shell, The Daily Show, Cowboy Bebop, Jessica Jones, and Mythbusters. I've also been watching a lot of old "Twilight Zone" episodes on Netflix

I'm actually not a huge movie watcher, and don't have many movies that really stand out as favorites. I loved "Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail" (and anything else Monty Python, really), 5th Element (mostly for the visual style and Chris Tucker), anything Studio Ghibli (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Ponyo, etc), anything Pixar (minus Cars & The Incredibles) and Moonwalker (I love Spike, the rabbit in the "Speed Demon" segment, and the "Little Bad" segment with the kids too always cracks me up). There's others I enjoyed, but none that stick out in my mind right now.

In general, I prefer comedies & adventure movies over 'macho action' movies. I HATE horror. I'm a total wuss when it comes to on-screen gore. ;^_^

Video Games

I am a total gamer. I've played Portal, Mass Effect (red-head female Shepard), Skyrim (Argonian Archer-Thief), Starcraft (Protoss), Warcraft, Plants vs Zombies, Pokemon (Shaymin & Scyther are my favorites), Diablo 3 (demon hunter & witchdoctor, both female), Minecraft, World of Warcraft (I really dig the Goblins & Trolls on Horde side, and Draenai on alliance. I play almost all female tunes, and I'm most drawn to Hunters, Druids, and Warlocks) and Team Fortress 2 (mostly the Pyro). I also really like classic Mario games,my favorite characters being Yoshi & Bowser. I dig the Final Fantasy art style & character design, but I've only finished & enjoyed FFX (of the only other 2 I've played, X2 was WAY too "giggly girl" and I didn't like the game mechanics of XII)

I also really enjoy pixel art. Doesn't have to be from a game I've listed, or even from a game at all. But I love the look of pixel art, so if that's something you do than don't hesitate to incorporate that into a swap.

Favorite Crafts

I am not a super crafty person myself. But interesting drawing or painting materials, as well as anything that can be used for scrapbooking, ATCs, or Art Journaling, I'm game. Particularly anything vintage (turn of the century through 1950's) and weathered/worn, or with bold colors & patterns (no pastels or overly girly stuff.) Anything by 7 Gypsies, Graphic45, or TIm Holtz pretty much sums up my taste in scrapbooking bits & bobs.

I like experimenting with new pens, paints, inks, etc. Anything that lends itself to 2D drawing/painting multimedia techniques. This also includes thinks like masks, weird brushes/sponges, stamps, glue, texture mediums, whatever. If you have those types of materials - either you're getting rid of or can find a way to send me samples of - I'd love to give 'em a try!

General Likes/Dislikes


Bold, Colorful, Mixes of Modern & Vintage, and a Little Geeky!

- Sushi
- Coffee & fruity or sweet fruity teas
- Beer (mostly Stouts with coffee/chocolate flavors)
- Apple alcoholic ciders - Non-USA Sodas (blech corn syrup :P)
- Gummy Candies (sweet, tart, sour)
- Chocolate (No nuts please! I'm not allergic, I just don't like nuts)

- Steampunk
- Furry
- SciFi
- Original Fantasy (deviates from Tolken-esque)

- Lizards & Geckos
- Penguins
- Lionfish
- Cute dogs
- Hedgehogs
- Octopi & Squid
- Interesting hybrids (Sharktopus??)

- Fav colors: Lime green, Teal, or Purple
- Vintage/antiqued items
- Plushes & cute dolls
- Fav Flowers: Hibiscus, Stargazer Lilies, Cherry blossoms - cute skull designs
- Anything Pirate
- Unique Pens (gel or smooth writing inks)
- 1"-1.5" pin buttons
- Gray metals (silver, gunmetal, etc)
- Interesting or Quirky magnets
- Multicolor striped socks
- large (2" or more) vinyl stickers
- Gangsters/Prohibition (FEDORAS!!)
- Asian-influenced designs (japan, china, & india in particular)
- Interesting pendant necklaces
- light weight bracelets that won't get in the way when I draw
- Tattoo & Graffiti Art

- Jerky or dried meat/fish snacks
- Licorice
- Nuts or Cherries in chocolate (I don't have a nut allergy; I just don't like any nuts EXCEPT pistachios)
- Anything really girly (pastels & pinks, lace, delicate florals, cherubs or fairies, "precious moments", etc)
- Any rough or itchy knitted items
- Earrings (my ears are uber sensitive to a lot of metals)

Final Notes

I use Endicia for doing shipping postage, and can provide a tracking number for any USA package swap I send out. Unfortunately international tracking is SUPER expensive, so unless I'm resending a swap because the first got lost I won't be putting tracking on international packages.

I'm generally very relaxed about receiving things, so don't worry about me being upset & not liking something. I'm appreciative of anything anyone gives me (traded or otherwise). As long as it looks like you put some thought and effort into it & didn't just slap a sticker on a cereal box cut-out, I'll be happy. :) Send what you would be happy to receive; I always try my hardest to do the same!


Comment: Thank you so much.
froglet rated for Tattooed ATC on Aug 27, 2012
Comment: This is great! Thank-you.
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful papers! They will be put to good use. :-)
Comment: Thanks for the papers. Some of these are really fun!
braunc13 rated for Pretty Flowers ATC on Aug 14, 2012
Comment: Thank you!
LindaTemple rated for Tattooed ATC on Aug 13, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful dragon tattoo ATC. I like the handmade envelope you sent it in, and the little envelope holding the card too. Love the shiny dragon!
Comment: Loved the cards. Thank you.
luvdmb36 rated for Profile-based ATC on Jul 31, 2012
Comment: Thank you. Beautiful ATC.
dobie256 rated for Pretty Flowers ATC on Jul 30, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful ATC. I love vellum, and cherry blossoms, and hand-painted cards. It is just lovely. Your BC is kickin' cool too! Thanks so much for joining my swap! <3<3<3<3<3
palopony rated for ATC with a TwISt - Pocket on Jul 30, 2012
Comment: Very Nice ATC!
Comment: This is the best stuffed envelope I have ever had and I have done at least 15. Thanks very much -x-
twatkins26 rated for Doctor Who ATC #1 The Doctor on Oct 11, 2011
Comment: Love love LOVE it!!!!! You did an amazing job drawing David Tennant!
CarrotsKanFli rated for Doctor Who ATC #1 The Doctor on Oct 11, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for the card! Very sexy XD
bearnbabs rated for Imaginary Creature ATC on Sep 9, 2011
Comment: Wow! Great drawing. It looks so real. I wish I could give you several hearts. Thanks ever so much. bearnbabs
Pandantics rated for Destash My Craft Stash on Aug 17, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much! What a lovely package. So many fun things, and so nicely wrapped.
Pjevsen rated for ATC Addicts - July Sender's Choice on Aug 14, 2011
Comment: Uh - wow - you blew me over! Thank you so much for the stunningly beautiful ATC - it id out of this world. I love it!
Bug rated for Skull ATC on Aug 4, 2011
Comment: Your skull atc is wonderful, Thank you.
annyenil rated for Music Lover * ATC on Jul 30, 2011
Comment: Sorry for the slow rating. YOUR ATC WAS FANTASTIC!! It's totally the most beautiful one i've ever gotten on swap-bot!! THANKS SO MUCH!=))
Misja rated for * ATC * Grunge on Jul 25, 2011
Comment: Brilliant. I like it dirty as well! :D Love the colors and textures... super pretty ATC - thanks!
123Poggy123 rated for Origami on Jul 25, 2011
Comment: Very clever ATC.

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sabbysteg on Jul 30, 2015:

Yay another BSG fan!

PandaCookie on Aug 25, 2012:

http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/128099?new=1 I just made a furry swap if your interested! :D

egalite on Aug 4, 2011:

Thanks so much for the Dr Who ATC. I love it!

NaughtyElf on Jul 13, 2011:

Welcome to the Monthly ATC Swappers group! I hope you like it!!

I LOVE your profile and your art! If you have time give my profile a look too, would love to do a private swap sometime! :-) Sherie

tengu2 on Jul 7, 2011:

What fun work. I look forward to getting the chance to swap with you and I hope you enjoy your stay with the hand drawn/painted ATC group.

Arabella on Jun 20, 2011:

Hi Lis - I sent the Steampunk atcs to the new address you gave me on the 3rd of June. I really, really hope you received them because I put a lot of work into them and had to pay the postage twice since the post office couldn't deliver to the address posted on swap-bot. Please let me know if you got them - thanks, Nancy

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