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Mozmozik Odiozon Kinikinik Volcanda Kottliwi Kwahliwi Tapsiwi


Due to some major family issues going on at this time - I will be taking a break from swap-bot. I hope to be back soon. For those swaps I'm currently in, I will get them out as soon as possible. If I owe you a tag, please leave PM me a note -- I will pop in as often as feasible to check my messages and fulfil all requirements. Hope to be back soon.

7-13-11 I got a lovely bracelet in the mail yesterday from Amanda in NJ but there was no note included -- so for whatever swap or tag it is from - thank you, its adorable.


I got a fun envie last night from Maine, the return label is illegible and there was no note inside it -- whoever sent it and for whatever swap/tag -- thank you :)

Very active Native American (Abenaki to be exact) Mom who loves her darlin 13 yo (even when I want to scream) and new husband (we were married in September 2010) in a contemporary traditional Native Ceremony.

Not only do I work a full time job as an office manager in a construction company but I am owner/designer of Native Dezines - a small company that specializes in Native American inspired jewelry, accessories and gift items. As well as being a GS leader for DD's older girl troop and photographer whenever the need or desire shows itself, which is a LOT!

I'm the family genealogist and have traced my Mom's family back to England (Ashton Under-Lynne to be precise) and my Dad's family to Canada (First Nations/Abenaki and Acadian) and Italy (Rocco DelFino)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake ... some of my best memories with my daughter are in the kitchen cooking or baking together. I currently have an empty recipe box I am filling for her (she's 13) and would LOVE any help ... handwritten recipe cards from you would be a GREAT addition to the recipe box and we will try all new recipes together.

Favorite Crafts

I enjoy many avenues of crafting including - jewelry making, plastic canvas and latchhook as well as scrapbooking, paper and general crafts.

I enjoy receiving handmade items from others as well so don't be afraid to send me something you made yourself -- Nana always taught us the handmade means more than store-bought, it takes more thought to make and create :D



Beading, baking, scrapbooking, anything Native American (my culture), Owls (my obsession), genealogy, reading -- books and my Literati

I also enjoy learning about other indigenous cultures .. well other cultures in general :) I try to share what I learn with my GS troop and most postcards I receive end up in my daughter's collection -- she has most of the 50 states but few countries so would love to help her map the world through postcards. If you send me one - I would appreciate a 'fast fact' or 'fun fact' to share with the girls :)

I also love postcards with recipes on them and challenge myself to try every recipe :) I love ethnic foods so a recipe postcard from your country/region/culture group is always a 'heart'. This is another great way to fill the recipe box for my daughter.

I also love any type of antique or older papers -- maps, postcards, advertisements, copies of directories/indexes/etc, street maps and so on (especially in RI, MA, England, Italy, Canada), as well as World War 1 and 2 items

Coffees (especially flavored) and Hot Chocolate (but not minty). Single packages please.

Homemade or small decor items -- I will be moving in the next few months and would LOVE some things for the new place ... I'm all about themes lol the Kitchen is done in apples; the bathroom in a seaside motif ... most of my Native American & South Western items find their way into the living room -- Angies bedroom is green and blue and our bedroom is more earthy tones


Plastic beads, salt water fishing and risque postcards - as stated earlier I share with a GS troop and would appreciate not receiving anything that would be considered bad taste for 11 - 13 year old girls to have seen :)

Although I love coffee and hot chocolate - I am not a big fan of strong brews or minty chocolates.

For recipes, I'm open to pretty much anything unless it is SPICY so please NO spicy recipes. I am filling a recipe box for my 13 yo daughter - so we would love to receive not only your handwritten recipe cards but blanks as well so she can add to it as time goes on.

I REALLY REALLY dislike people who give no thought or attention to their swaps. I really try with every swap to go for the smile factor. To me, its not worth the effort if the receiver doesn't smile when they open it - from emails to packages. When I can give extras, I do. I would appreciate the same consideration. Make me smile - you'll get a heart, it's that simple and I'm not hard to please (honest)


Color - Red, pink, purple, blue and Black รขโ‚ฌยฆ

Music - Pop and almost anything from the 80s, country :)

Jewelry - I usually go for a more 'delicate' look for myself, I have pierced ears and love bright colors, I prefer silver over gold but that doesn't mean I don't like gold. I LOVE turquise, coral and wampum. Indigenous jewelry of any kind is an easy way to a heart (hint) -- with indigenouse jewelry, I dont necessarily use the 'delicate' rule, I'm a fan of items that are specific to YOUR culture (love learning about the history behind the pieces too) -- I LOVE charm bracelets or cool charms to add to one I already own - especially if they are specific to your state, country, culture or etnicity. I have one bracelet thats all owls - so a new owl charm is always welcome :) (If I already have one you sent, I'll find another use for it!) I've recently discovered a renewed love for bangles :) I REALLY love the Asian ones (a friend brought me a few when she was in the Middle East recently)

Post Cards - Maps, Recipes, Monuments/Buildings, OWLS or Culture/Ethnic are my favorites but I LOVE all post cards.


Patches/pins from your state and/or country - specialty scrapbook items - unique and unusual beads - GS memorabilia - anything with Owls - postcards with fun/fast facts about other states, countries or cultures - stickers (for scrapping or my GS troop) - fun pens/pencils - hair pretties that are unique/original - Native American inspired items - Massachusetts historical items - Acadian items - Betty Boop, Tinkerbell and Piglet are my fave cartoon characters.

Things smelling like sweet food/candy.. like vanilla, mocha, cinnamon, caramel, maple

Full/new unopened letter/notecard sets - especially cartoons, cultural or ethnic

Bath & Body Works stuff, I love this store so anything from there would be appreciated - especially the sanitizers as I use them ALL the time. I love the smell of warm vanilla sugar and twilight woods but any of the lighter scents are welcome.

Hand creams and/or antibacterial gels.. anything with a light scent or spicey smells, I love travel sized items too as I camp A LOT

Handmade stuff, especially handmade earrings (pierced), charm bracelets, cards for all occasions and scrapbook embellishments

Bookmarks - all kinds

Birthday cards or postcards for my daughter, Aunt or myself (December) or my husband (end of November)

Christmas cards or postcards in December

Recipe cards -- either with your recipes written on them or blank

Personalized swap cards and/or address labels ;)

I'm actually really easy to please and would probably love anything you sent me :)


badge Take the Pledge!

I always do my best to rate as soon as I receive the swap so if for some reason it's been a while since you sent it and I haven't rated yet please contact me in case your swap was lost in the mail or I wasn't able to rate for some reason (I'm human it could happen).

All You Can Eat Group

My Daughter..

My daughter - Angelina, Age 13 - loves postcards from all over the world and collects them. She is trying to 'map the world' through postcards. She especially loves fast or fun facts on her postcards.

She also loves charms and charm bracelets - the more unusual, the better OR really girly, her favorite colors are blue, green and pink.

Anything Girl Scouts/Girl Guides gets a heart from her. The same with cheerleading -- her team colors are Red, Black and White.

She loves animals, especially pandas and horses (she wants to be a large animal vet)

She goes through books like water and reads at an adult level -- her current faves are fantasy, mystery and anything by Nicholas Sparks; the twilight series, harry potter series, Stephanie Meyer - she loves bookmarks of all shapes and sizes.

She also loves flavored lip balms and candy from around the world (anything but grape or peppermint flavors). For chocolate - she prefers white or milk -- but will munch dark if I don't steal it first.

She has recently become quite the collector of magnets -- she especially loves ones with horses, butterflies, funny sayings or "touristy" ones from your state or country.

She is very crafty and enjoys jewelry making, painting (wood objects), looming (pot holders), and scrapbooking.

Angie has a hard time finding anything with her name on it, so almost anything personalized with "Angelina" is a bonus.

I have started filling a recipe box for her so blank recipe cards or handwritten ones for her are welcome :)

She has discovered Tootie Fruities from the UK and is in LOVE with them .. so anyone who cares to send some for her, she will be forever grateful :)

Rest of the Family....

My husband - Brian - is an avid golfer, stamp collector and camper and I'm never upset when a package includes a little something for him. He also loves anything with wolves or hawks.

The other person at home is my Auntie -- she is the homebody in the group and takes care of her grandkids during the day -- she is all about family and loves crosswords and England (anything about England - the UK). She also loves soft, warm socks/slippers - and handmade crochet or knitted items, fun towels/potholders, teddy bears and craft projects she can do with her 4 grandchildren. She collects music boxes, cardinals and teddy bears.

We have a 7 yo golden retriever Jackson who thinks he's a puppy and a lap dog... treats for him are always welcome as he thinks any package that comes in the house is his anyway.



If I owe you a tag, please let me know --


From @tenblackroses in the Candy Tag - random chocolate bar (tagged 5/31/11)

From @tenblackroses in the Pagan/Wiccan Pay it Back Tag - feather butterfly (tagged 6/5/11 - for my daughter)

Peas in a Pod Flat Postage Tag - @CookieLPN tagged me 6/8

Nonraters: *PostCard Pick Me Up - @filmqueen3
*Funny Postcard - @atvin


CURRENT SWAPS FOR ANGIE @Gogga flaked on Angie for the Twilight Swap :(



It sometimes happens that items are not postmarked the same day I send them. When this happens, it is usually because I work until 5:00 and put things in the mail on my way home (then they are likely to be postmarked the next day). I've also come to realize if I mail it from home, it tends to get postmarked the next day as well.

Also, when I send international I put the value at $1 -- this does not mean what is in the package is only worth $1 but I consider my packages a "gift" :)


jdstanley rated for Carrot Recipe Swap on Jan 25, 2012
kymm9901 rated for Tasty Recipes - SBOnly on Nov 25, 2011
Comment: No responses to PM's. Will change rating if pc is received.
Comment: You haven't even marked as sent - according to your profile you have stuff going on. I will re-rate if I ever receive anything.
Comment: Sorry to have to rate you a 1 but you did not contact me and let me know that you would not be sending on time. I sent you a PM and you haven't read it and you had time to post in our group forum about family problems which I had to go and look for but you couldn't send me a quick PM to let me know you would be sending late. I will re-rate if I receive anything.
Comment: Sorry Susan, but you never answered either msg. I will change the rating appropriately if I receive something.
Comment: Thanks for the map pc. I hope things are getting better for you. Keep your chin up and stay positive, everything will work out.
Comment: Thanks for the PC!
ButterflyDreams rated for Children's Postcard Swap #7 on Aug 28, 2011
Comment: Thanks for a fun swap =)
choke rated for ---->T<---- on Aug 27, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the great card!
keribearsmiles rated for ---->U<---- on Aug 21, 2011
Comment: That would be a fun place to visit. Thanks for the PC :)
helen21 rated for QUICK 20 glass beads swap #5 on Aug 3, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the pretty mix of beads.
hippofairy rated for Sports - SBOnly on Aug 2, 2011
Comment: thank you for the beautiful Fenway Park postcard! i'd love to see a game there!
hippofairy rated for Ships - SBOnly on Aug 2, 2011
Comment: thank you so much for the amazing USS Constitution postcard! i really love the historic value!
keribearsmiles rated for ---->S<---- on Aug 2, 2011
Comment: What a beautiful garden! Thanks for the PC.
MurphyPagan rated for Alphabet Kitchen letter A on Aug 2, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much. The coasters are wonderful.I LOVE them. The design is perfect too.
Response: I am soo glad you like them :) As soon as I pulled you as a partner, I dug out the pattern :) If the backing gets loose, just add some superglue
dixieniche rated for 2 Truths & A Lie Postcard #3 on Aug 1, 2011
Comment: received your lovely PC, thank you much. i'll have to guess and say that you wish you lived on the grounds @ marble house.....me too!!! blest be :)
Response: Absolutely wish I lived there :) Can you imagine the backyard gatherings with the smell of the ocean ...
Comment: Thanks for a nice pc!:)
Mandy22 rated for Peas'd to meet you group swap on Jul 27, 2011
Comment: That was very lovely package. Very cute bird house and thanks for the ribbons!!
Maggiesmother rated for ---->P<---- on Jul 25, 2011
Comment: Thanks for a really great postcard. Yes, I agree with you - he was an inspiration who died tooo soon. Happy swapping
travellady54 rated for QUICK 5 postcard swap #31 on Jul 25, 2011
Comment: Thanks Susan for the great postcards!!!

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id0be1ieve on Dec 21, 2011:

Just a note to say that I never received anything from you for the 'Rainbows & Rainclouds > Mystery Pouch Tag' game.. :-(
Hope you're ok x

heavenscreations on Oct 13, 2011:

I have yet to receive the WTA for Aug Newbie Niceties. Could you please get back to me if you have sent this yet.

choke on Sep 23, 2011:

I never received the Any Naked PC Tag from my USA Only Storebought PCs group, please get in touch with me!

pinkrenegade on Sep 9, 2011:

I PM'd you on aug 26th and I see you read my note but I haven't heard from you. This is concerning the Recipe Card/Baked Dessert swap.

adrianaclara on Aug 11, 2011:

Have u got my tag yet? Totally random show me your country (Brazil) via Intl Culture Exchange? Please let me know. I sent on July 18th.

paperbutterflywings on Aug 8, 2011:

I'm glad the sweeties have arrived safe and you and your daughter are enjoying them - I take no responsibility for sugar high kids! Well... I see it as my job to get them hyper and then hand them back to their parents, mwahahahaha!! =P

Laynie on Aug 5, 2011:

Fatherted on Aug 5, 2011:

Hello, i received today your RAK. Thank you. I like the bookmark! i dod not try the Lemon drink yet. I put some water in the frezzer to get some ice cubes :). Thanks again! Have a good day.

clutterfree on Aug 1, 2011:

Susan...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are the WINNER of the EOTPF WTA #6...may your mailbox overflow with a "Splash of Fruit"!!!! :) Charlene

Laynie on Aug 1, 2011:

...Just stopping by to let you know that your WTA #6 - Favourite colour is going in the mail today!


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