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UPDATE ~ 9/3 im home from the hospital and trying to catch up, i should have everything in the mail by monday. please pm me if you havent received anything you are due before rating so i can make it right. i am so sorry!!

9/13 A week after getting out of the hospital was a little bit of a reach for me to get caught up. I got somethings out today and will be getting more out later this week. Thank you all for understanding and bearing with me. Im trying to get everything caught up as quickly as I can!

10/6 ~ I am terribly behind still and I feel completly horrible about it. I am trying to get caught up as I can. Its not an excuse but an explanation, I can barely walk 10 feet without heart palpatations and shortness of breath, getting out to the post office is an almost all day chore. Yes I could have my roommate mail things but the last time that happened he told me he mailed it then it was magiclly found in his trunk after I had to resend so I am trying to avoid that again. I WILL get everything I owe mailed out! Thank you for understanding and baring with me, trust me nothing could be said to me that I haven't already beat myself up for. I have failed the swapbot community and for that I deeply apologize.

DISCLAIMER ~ My only net access is on my phone, and so im limited as to what i can do on here like i cant leave hearts :-( but please kno that i try and get to a real computer at least 3 times a week so i can properly thank you for the goodies i receive.

This is still a work in progress. Hi Im Andi, im 30 (cough) something :-P, i live with my girlfriend of 2 yrs, our best friend and our 2 fur babies, a pit mix named samantha jo and a chihuahua/rat terrier named fizgig. I'm a perky goth that loves bright colors (set off with black of course) and cute stuff :-D. The best way to describe me is that if Tank Girl, Auntie Mame and Scarlett O'Hara had a love child it would be me. Yeah I'm confusing like that. I kinda hate being labeled. I'm so many things wrapped into one that it is hard to pinpoint me or fit me into a nice little square. I have a bizarre sense of humor and laugh through horror films. (Amy says I have to change this to I giggle in a very evil way that scares people in the room or theater with me cause they think I might be getting ideas) :-)

WARNING ~ all items do come from a smoking and pet run home, i try to keep my swap stuff in the nonsmoking area and limit the amount of hair but i cant promise it will be hair and scent free. Let me know if you want me to include a dryer sheet or something to help with the smoke smell.

DISLIKES ~ pastels, hello kitty, gold, anything overly "christian" (i do love learning about other religions, i just dont wish to be preached to). Lemons in my tea, I have been known to tell waiters that Im allergic just to make sure I don't get that taste. Black Licorice.

Favorite Crafts

I dabble in many crafts, but my main ones are polymer clay and sewing. i dont quilt but i do incorperate charm squares and quilting fabrics into my clothes and other projects. I've started collecting skinnys, acts were too small for me :-P i dont really scrapbook, but i do keep photo albums. I have been getting into papercrafting since I have discovered skinnys and so I'm amassing a decent stash of scrapbooking stuff :-P and I'm getting pretty decent at amigurumi, as long as it is simple stuff, like just a ball or a cup, or a tube! LOL


i kno there are repeats on this list but it is kinda a stream of thought type thing :-P

elephants, pink, anything that says 'princess', tedibears, rainbows (GLBT pride), butterflies, goth, skulls, day of the dead, sewing, glitter, polymer clay, most anything pagan. I love jewelry but my ears are gauged to a 6 (3 per ear) so i dont wear regular earrings, rings (size 8 - 11) and bracelets (8 - 9in) are always great tho. Amigurumi, food with faces, felt food, kawaii (some of it at least, no hello kitty, well unless its goth hk), stickers, glitter, elephants, fabric, i love chocolate but living in Texas it normally arrives as a liquid :-(, hard candy is good just please nothing with aspertame, I'm allergic. Tea, I drink it cold in the summer and hot in the 3 days of winter we have, i like coffee too (i used to work at starbux). i LOVE cherry ripes (from aus) and as soon as i figure out a way for them to not melt i will try and trade for those!, butterflies (do you kno how hard it is to find butterfly stuffies??), patches, cute stuff but my defination of that changes regularly, bubblegum machine toys, socks, spoiling my puppies, food (my food groups are - sushi, chocolate, junk and yummy so yeah everythings covered), skinnys and stuff to make them, cthulhu and weird things like that, pufferfish, movies, theater, reading, costume design, elephants, happy bunny, stickers, jellyfish, sea anemones, gummy butterflies, gummy bears


Tank Girl, Gone With the Wind, The Dark Crystal, anything by Kevin Smith, old-school bad horror movies (Anyone seen Dead Alive?? GREATNESS!!!!!), Auntie Mame , Drop Dead Fred

80's pop, Duran Duran, old Prince, Rush, Pink Floyd, musicals, broadway, oldschool goth, a bit of everything really except for rap and im always looking for new groups.

I don't have cable or an antenna so I don't watch 'normal' tv, my tv is limited to what I can get on dvd and then I prefer to watch the whole season/series at once. Recent shows have been - Life s1, Supernatural s2 (would love the whole series on dvd now!), Criminal Minds s1, and s2. True Blood (even tho some of the Vampire 'facts' bug me it is well written and acted) Looking for - Robot Chicken - any, CSI - any, Greatest American Hero - any, Family Guy - any after vol 1, NCIS - any


I would love to get

~Skinnies and stuff to make them, tried atcs and they are too small for me :-P

~altered art books

~matchboxes (any size, i just discovered these and im in love!)

~whimsy jars OMG I am so addicted to making these now! How much fun is it to stuff these?? Anyone wanna go big and do a pvt swap?

~goth art/drawings, if you draw me a goth elephant i will love you forever

~amigurumis and stuffies, the more off the wall the better, I'm learning how to make amis but they are still a bit wonky, but hey that gives them character right? LOL

~and if you really want to make me squeal then send me a cd of pictures from around your town/city with a short note explaining them, or you could send the actual prints, i just figured it would be easier if i printed them out :-P Seriously, this is major gushing on your page, I don't know why but I LOVE random pics like that!!

~ just in case, i have a project im trying to work on right now, if you happen to have punches or a diecut machine i need - all 2 to 4 inches big - elephants, shades of pink - butterflies, all shades of the rainbow - teddy bears, shades of blue ~ i'd love to set up a private trade if you can help me out!

~ stickers!!

~ pics of elephants, all my friends text me random pics of eles they see in everyday life (saves LOTS of money! lol)

~ patches patches patches, butterflies, elephants, princess themed, goth, punk, skulls, letters, tirias, rainbow (ROYGBP only please) or any combo of the above. handmade or store bought, rhinestone or sewn, iron on or sew on, i will love and cherish them all

~felt, im learning how to make felt food and accessories. I'm also learning needle felting now thanks to @4smartmonkeys

~Address labels with either the swapbot evie or with elephants please

~Swap Cards with Elephants or Butterflies

MISC Stuffs

I'd love to do one on one trades, my art for your art or my destash for your destash, I kinda prefer that to general swaps that we get the same thing you send out, so I will list things I have to trade here

~ my partner works at mcdonalds so if you want the current toy i can get it, sometimes even past ones. (Have most of the Last Airbender ones now plus Littlest petshop and the marvel guys)

~ knit fabric scraps in different prints.

~ polymer clay beads, cane ends, and some shaped buttons.

~ Hand made Quote book. just under ATC size

~ Punchies - I have (all Martha Stewart Punches) Elephant, General Butterfly, Crown, and Cupcake

~ Whimsy jar of glittery stuffs or challenge me to a theme. I LOVE making these now!

~ fake foods, I'm getting better at crochet and pretty fair at felt :)


LoyIvir rated for Dotee Whimsy jar on Dec 3, 2010
Comment: I emailed you but got no answer. If I get something I'll rerate you. Wish you strong health and good luck.
margherita rated for Pvt btwn PEP and margherita on Oct 29, 2010
Comment: A.J. LOVED the little humidor! And the bluebonnet seeds almost made me cry. I haven't seen the bluebonnet fields for over a decade!
ArtyBeth3 rated for Prescription of Quotes on Oct 25, 2010
Comment: It's been almost 2 months since the send-by-date deadline for this swap has passed. While I'm sorry that you are having lots of medical problems, I feel I must give you a 1 rating. I am still looking forward to receiving your swap and will re-rate you when and if it arrives.
Comment: User has had health difficulties. Swap needed to be sent out by 9/3. I had to contact user 1st, and user was late sending, but received swap 10/ 15. I enjoyed the contents of the jar. Very awesome rainbow goodies. Thank you for sending the swap out, I hope you are feeling better soon.
Response: you are right and I deserve this rating for now according to the rules of swapbot. The delivery confirmation number is 0310 0480 0000 0738 3560. You should have it by Tuesday. Hopefully you will still enjoy it even tho it is late.
ccap rated for Inaguration on Oct 12, 2010
Comment: I've made contact three times. Sept. 14; Sept. 22 and Oct. 7. Still nothing. I will gladly rerate if received.
BettyTurbo rated for Cupcakes! on Sep 21, 2010
Comment: thank you for resending. i appreciate your handiwork!
Elfslayer rated for Help make my partner Happy on Sep 21, 2010
Comment: Thank you, the package made him really happy :)
Karretjies rated for Stamped Image Swap # 10 on Sep 3, 2010
Comment: Hi I gave you a 5 rating, although I see that you send the swap out late.
pxlmusic rated for My Name Photo Swap on Aug 30, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the pictures
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card you made for me. Your dogs sound like the perfect companions and look sooo cute!
kimikat rated for Cemetery Photos on Aug 23, 2010
Comment: great pics; very interesting grave find.
creativekaren rated for Stamped Image Swap # 10 on Aug 22, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the great images!
wolfeagle rated for Stamped Image Swap # 10 on Aug 22, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the stamped images.
holesinhistory rated for 43Things Friends on Aug 21, 2010
jeremiahworkhard rated for Cemetery Photos on Aug 20, 2010
Comment: Thanks bunches for the photos, I didn't quite know what I was going to get and low and behold the Wife of David Crockett! AWESOME! : ) Thanks again!
Response: You are most welcome! I just found out that Jesse James is buried around here too so that is my next stop!
Masterbard rated for PVT with PEP and MB on Aug 18, 2010
Comment: Oh boy oh boy...or should I say oh boys oh boys? This was a box FULL of them! My Kitkat had so much fun picking them out of the box one by one and deciding what she was going to name them...and as for the little Tommies and Kellies, she was delighted, running off with two of them to begin play immediately. Not only did you give full value as the swap was described, you chose a great variety of male dolls (and even one actual prince, Eric from the Little Mermaid! She was thrilled!) with their clothing styles. Thank you so much for making my princess happy; she sends her XOXOXOs along with my rating and well-deserved heart. (And an extra thank-you for the darling little bottles which are just perfect for my 'faery necklaces' and alembic concoctions....) Hugs!
Response: I am so very glad she liked them! Amy told me I had too many in there but when I said "Its for a little girl that doesn't have boy barbies" she helped me pick out a bigger box!! LOL Tell Kit-Kat that she gets XOXOXOXOXOs right back! And I'm glad you liked the bottles! I have (literally) hundreds more so if you need more just let me know! So glad I could make ya'll smile!
meej rated for Photo Scavenger Hunt USA on Aug 16, 2010
Comment: Great photos! Those dolls are kind of creepy...
Response: Aren't they tho? I really want to go ask them where they got them so I can do the same thing in my window! LOL
Comment: I am amazed at your crocheting skills. The octopus and the coral are awesome. Thanks for a great package!
Response: I am so glad you like them! I was so worried bout them! LOL we are always our own worst critic aren't we? LOL!
SweetT rated for Quick swappers and Ribbon lovers! on Aug 13, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the ribbons!
leilx rated for Quick swappers and Ribbon lovers! on Aug 13, 2010

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Artistic on Oct 10, 2010:

Hope you're on the mend -- and following doctor's orders for recuperation.

Masterbard on Oct 1, 2010:

Just hoping you are ok - haven't heard back from you re my last message. Your elephant is in progress and I'll be sending her out late (unless you're kind enough to change the swap :) - but better late than never. Hugs and hopes for healing, Judith

rsj244 on Jul 13, 2010:

Thanks for joining such an AWESOME group! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the first swap next week! Hope you have a great day!

alternate text

catestalkergc on Jul 5, 2010:

I don't usually leave comments, but I was looking at your swap and decided to take a look at your profile. Your discription of yourself made me giggle so much! I am a visual person so the love child of Tank Girl, Auntie Mame and Scarlett O'Hara hit my funny bone. I just wanted to let you know :)

missstamper on Jul 3, 2010:

Thank you for all the pink goodies for the Crafting Queens WTA Win a Rainbow. Be sure to sign up for WTA 8 Matchbox Mania before July 6th!

Christopherpines on Jun 16, 2010:

Andi- Thank you for the great bead soup and the profile goodie tag! I also appreciate your angelling the pink inspiration kit swap for me. That was very kind of you :o)The girls loved the ponytail holders however they are currently wearing them as bracelets!

Midnightshadow on May 10, 2010:

Welcome to BIG swaps :-)

cinderella730 on May 6, 2010:

just wanted to stop by and say WELCOME to swap-bot!!! and thank you for joining my jewelry DIY kit!!! :o)

biasbabe on May 5, 2010:


To the Nuts for Sewing Group

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