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Birthday: March 16, 1987
Country: Netherlands
My ATC's, Pocket Letters and crafts

About Me

I am terrible at responding to ratings, but please know that I cherish every rating and that I take feedback very seriously! Thanks to everyone who has given me such amazing thoughtful ratings!

Profile Updated 02 October 2019

  • Writer
  • Poet
  • Artist
  • Cat lover
  • Fibromyalgia
  • C-PTSD
  • Houseplant connaisseur
  • Short Stories
  • ATC's
  • DnD player

I am a writer, poet and artist who has a very distinct style that you might love or might hate. I have gotten to an age that I love it when people like my work and don't really care anymore when they don't. It's good to be over thirty! I am green haired, pierced and tattooed and really rather a softie.

I volunteer for a foundation that provides reintegration into society for youths who have problems due to addiction, disability, trauma or a mix of those. I write and create and do administrative duties.

I am a Christian. I believe in Gods love for all people and I am supportive of rights and respect for the LGBTQ community.

I play Dungeons and Dragons every week. I play a Tiefling Fighter Eldrich Knight (Zola) and a Tiefling Sorcerer Wild Magic (Hope). LOVE the people I play with. It's so much fun every friday night!

I love cats and my Loki is my true love. He's an extremely stubborn Norwegian Forest Cat who pretends he's a bad boy but can't hide being a sweetheart.

My Crafts

  • Short stories, poetry, all kinds of writing.

  • ATC's I hand draw all my ATC's, but appreciate receiving all kinds of mediums.

  • Pocket Letters

  • Mail Art

  • I do a lot of cross stitch for fun. Right now I'm working on Taskmaster. Loki likes to help!

Things I Love

  • All things comics

  • Cats and kittens, Norwegian Forest Cats!

  • Hearts and heart shaped things

  • Polka dots

  • Fifties (the decade)

  • Pin ups

  • Cupcakes, sweets, candy print/goodies

  • Black and White

  • Tulips (my favorite flower)

  • Coconut ANYTHING

  • Someecards

  • Motörhead

  • Volkswagen Golf

  • British humor

Favorite Flat Items

  • ATC's

  • Pocket Letters and Pocket Letter goodies

  • Stickers

  • Anything Jetoy

  • Stories written by you!

  • Washi Tape

  • Fun or Inspirational Quotes

  • Short Stories or recommendations for short stories that you love!

  • Books and book recommendations

  • Recipes for awesome chocolate or coconut cakes

  • Note cards

  • Silver earrings

  • Little charms (especially heart or lock/key shaped)

Loki Loves:

  • Catnip

  • Ribbon

  • Snacks

Foods I Love

  • ANYTHING with coconut. I adore coconut. The flavor, the smell, the tropical island feel :-)

  • Chocolate. Milk and white, all kinds of fillings welcome!

  • Hershey Hugs! And Cookies and Cream Kisses!

  • Life Savers

  • Nestle Crunch

  • Nougat

  • Pistache flavor

  • Cadbury chocolate

Favorite Books

I am an avid reader, mostly of science fiction and fantasy, but I also love history books and (auto)biographies. But I read everything and anything really.

My favorite authors:

  • Ursula LeGuin
  • Stephen King
  • Wally Lamb
  • Whitney Otto
  • Neil Gaiman
  • CS Lewis
  • Margaret Atwood
  • Ray Bradbury
  • Peter S Beagle
  • Charles Lewinsky
  • Peter Straub
  • Amy Tan
  • Terry Pratchett

Characters I Love

If you make me an ATC of one of these, I will love you forever!

  • Loki

  • Dr Doom

  • Deadpool

  • Taskmaster

  • Ant-Man

  • Dinobot

  • Knock Out

  • Blitzwing

  • Starscream

  • Beast Wars Megatron

  • Grand Inquisitor (SW Rebels season 1)

  • Ahsoka Tano

  • Kanen Jarrus

  • Hera Syndulla

  • Darth Vader

  • Charizard

  • Magikarp

  • Gyarados

  • Haunter

  • Drifblim

  • Electabuzz

  • Tyrantrum

  • Rayquaza

  • Groudon

  • Snorlax

  • Mr Spock

  • Vegeta

  • Merton Dingle

  • Knuckles the Echidna


  • The scent lavender

  • Touristy postcards, sorry, I'd rather see a beautiful photograph of people or an object :-)

  • Satanic/very negative/destructive occultism

  • Non-artistic disrespectful nudity

  • Hate/shaming/nastiness against anyone or anything.

  • Marzipan!

Swap-bot stuff

If you should have received something from me, but didn't, please let me know!

If you are waiting on a rating for me - send me a PM! But please remember that International mail can take a few weeks.

Private swaps: ATC's, stories and anything fandom related, yes please!


ericabella rated for 2020 - Write some poetry! #1 on Feb 8, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the lovely poems!
junemoon rated for Poetry Swap - INTL on Feb 6, 2020
Comment: Thank you for your poems. I remember your swap-bot name and I'm glad you're still writing poetry. I especially like the "star" one. I hope things are going well for you; it's good to re-connect.
SkaGirl rated for Look this is my pet! on Jan 29, 2020
Comment: OK I love Loki so, so much!!!
03Scarlett rated for Look this is my pet! on Jan 27, 2020
Comment: Thank you for sending me the adorable pictures and telling me all about Loki ... he's beautiful! I wish my Kyla would sit quietly when she wants fed but no way does she - she's got a loud mouth on her and isn't afraid to use it. Ha! Ha!
Saskatch rated for Look this is my pet! on Jan 27, 2020
Comment: Loved hearing about Loki! Norwegian Forest cats are so big and fluffy, I hope to get to meet one in person someday! Also love that his birthday is just a day after mine!
puuyui rated for ATC swap Poftoffel and Puuyui on Nov 25, 2019
Comment: Always a lovely ATC! New style is so cool!! =)
Comment: Hay girl a total of 100 hearts for a later rating, lol, sorry, and for a coolio cat postcard and the very cool pix of your little charmer! Im very touched! Thank you soooooooooo much!
Artistic rated for Vignette Character Study #2 on Sep 12, 2019
Comment: A quite intriguing character you have. The vignettes definitely make me want to know more. Have you started writing his story?
breethefrog rated for Three Days of Poetry #2 on Sep 4, 2019
Comment: I enjoyed receiving this beautiful envelope of poetry. The poems are full of mourning and loss. Thank you for sharing them with me.
ariestess rated for Story Feedback Swap on Sep 1, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for your feedback! I'll keep it in mind if and when I start reworking this piece for hopeful publication.
ariestess rated for Blackout Poetry on Aug 27, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful poem! I'm planning to put it in my journal!
ttbishop rated for Short Story Fiction +1500 on Aug 17, 2019
Comment: Sorry for the late rating. (I've been out of the country for three weeks.) I enjoyed your story. Will be getting to the feedback swap shortly!
Comment: Thank you so much for the stunning Unicorn ATC. I very excited to add it to my collection.
mb58ca rated for Summer Haiku + Free Haiku on Jul 30, 2019
Comment: Nice work—love the haiku visuals! Actually, I wouldn't mind putting these in my magazine "Founder's Favourites" ;) Let me know if you'd consider it. https://foundersfavourites.blogspot.com
Response: I am totally honored! Thank you, I would love to be included! :D
Nay71 rated for Share Your Tattoo - Email Swap on Jul 30, 2019
puuyui rated for Poftoffel and puuyui on Jul 26, 2019
Response: Yay they arrived! I hope you liked them! :D
dlchick rated for MA: Draw a thing ... on Jul 22, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the lovely drawing! I am making a postcard wall in my classroom to show where different cards come from, and yours will be one of the first featured. 🙂
Response: That’s so cool, thank you!
Comment: Thank you Annejo for the gorgeous girls. I can understand enjoying it and not wanting to stop, I had the same problem!! These two are very cute. Thanks. 😊😊
Response: Thank you! I will surely host a swap like this again soon :D
Larina rated for Traveling through time #3 on Jul 20, 2019
Comment: This story reminded me of that quote: "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." I thought it best not to go back to those happy times, its good just to remember them and while I was reading it I was saying "Nope, just move on" And that's exactly how you ended it. Thanks for the story, I liked it! I also love the postcard you sent, its going in my journal. Thanks!
Response: Thank you for the feedback! It took me a long time to move on, but I’m happy I did :D
THEpossum rated for Poftoffel and THEpossum on Jul 19, 2019
Comment: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 (dm incoming)

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Soph on Feb 14, 2020:

OMAE January RAK Attack!

Many thanks for your handwritten letter in a pretty blue/white envelope with matching stamps. It was very interesting and a real pleasure to hear from you.

Heynowokay on Feb 7, 2020:

Love the kitty ATC for the OMAE Nov RAK attack. Thank you so much, it’s a great addition to my collection! :)

kiddomerriweather on Feb 6, 2020:

Thank you sooooo much for the dino ATC's from the OMAE PIF ATC tag! They are fabulous! You are such an amazing artist. I love these so much!

kiddomerriweather on Feb 4, 2020:

You're welcome. I have to admit that I didn't draw that girl on the envelope. It's a digital stamp I got from Vera Lane Studio on Etsy. I couldn't draw something that cute in a million years. I love their illustrations and I buy them all the time. I've made so many things with that particular one so far. I'm really glad you like it! I'm kicking myself for not coloring her hair green. :P

kiddomerriweather on Jan 18, 2020:

Thank you for the OMAE MMH Arty Envie tag. The Valentine mail art envie you sent is absolutely beautiful!!!

Heynowokay on Jan 13, 2020:

Thanks for checking is. As of now, I have not seen your postcard. I sincerely think the holidays are a lot of mail.

user6937 on Nov 15, 2019:

ATC Pay it Forward tag - wow, you draw VERY well! I love the dinosaur - thank you :)

Tigerlilyknotwise on Nov 14, 2019:

Thank you for the hand drawn cat ATC for Make Me Happy ATC Tag (OMAE). Hope you enjoyed Inktober :) The cat card is cute too!

kiddomerriweather on Nov 13, 2019:

Thank you for the OMAE MMH Arty Envelope Tag. I love the cat covered envelope! It's so incredibly awesome! It's going in my magpie journal with all my other arty envelopes.

fbresnah on Nov 11, 2019:

Thank you for the lovely cat from the Draw Me tag. It's gorgeous!

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