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TC on May 5, 2015:

Shawnee Charles

RooBaRoo on Feb 13, 2015:

Hi Shawnee! You must be busy in shifting. I sent You a letter (& some stuff) by registered post on the address that I have (I was too late to reply, I'm sorry!) I hope You are still having that P.O. box, or have left a forwarding address! Best Wishes, hope to hear from You soon!

Onaki on Feb 9, 2015:

I hope all is well by you... you haven't been on in almost a month. :(

kittyhahahotbot on Dec 31, 2014:

Hay ya gurlfriend!!!

anrtist on Dec 16, 2014:

You need a little CHRISTMAS Bling!

;-) & Blessings, cc

Candyn29 on Dec 5, 2014:


kittyhahahotbot on Dec 2, 2014:

Im sending you a broken arm cuz I dont have a broken foot. lol

LittleDonnaGirl on Nov 29, 2014:

I appreciate the Thanksgiving wishes from you on my profile! :o) I hope yours was fabulous!

kittyhahahotbot on Nov 27, 2014:

Poppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Happyyyyyyyyyyyyy Thanksgiving! Im a tad behind. Ya think. lol. I have loads of stuff to send you!!!!

anrtist on Nov 15, 2014:

WELCOME TO THE ARTISTIC PROFILE DECO GROUP!!!! You are an officer so you may host some swaps too! ;-) ENJOY! There are always a wide variety of swaps up to enjoy too. The Artistic Profile DECO Group is so much FUN!!! & make our profiles so pretty too!!! I luv this Alphabet Series @itsyknits came up with! Give ME AN A!!!!
Apples ;-)
Ant Eater Mum with baby on back ;-)

& a Scaly Ant Eater

And an Armadillo too.....

Apple PIE! ;-P

A LA MODE!!!!!

ENJOY & Blessings, cc

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