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[Taking a short break from Swapbot to take care of some personal things!]

Greetings! I'm Lacey. I'm a tattoo artist originally from Virginia Beach and a former resident of FL. My husband and I are both artists and have always bonded over a love of art.. and pizza.

I usually have a crazy hair color of some kind. Currently, it's blonde , but over the years, I've had blue, purple, green, black, and red. I think your body is a blank canvas and find joy in decorating it. Kids who see me sometimes say I look cool and that's the highest compliment you can receive, in my opinion! They always get a kick out of seeing my Disney inspired tattoos which make up a good portion of my body. I love being able to show them that people who are heavily tattooed are no different than anyone else. Unfortunately, some people still judge, but I enjoy breaking the stereotype.

Our household also includes two pups (50% pit, 50% unknown, 100% adorable) named Jack and Sally, a black cat named Binx (who showed up at our door as a kitten and decided we were his family now), and an aquarium with 4 fish; John, Paul, George, Ringo, and and a snail named Sgt. Pepper.

We are lucky enough to have a small garden behind our place where we grow fresh herbs for cooking. We tried to grow vegetables once, but the squirrels and deer decided they wanted to eat them all instead. So for now, we only grow herbs and spices. I love to propagate plants and give them to family, friends, and neighbors, if they ask. We used to have an orange tree at our place is FL that I miss a ton.

Favorite Television

My husband and I aren't too big into TV unless it's on Netflix so we can binge watch it. I have no patience for commercials and waiting a week in between episodes.

Some of our favorites to binge are:

+Rick and Morty

+Handmaid's Tale

+Brave Wilderness

+True Crime shows

+Family Guy

+American Dad

+The Simpsons

+Love , Death, + Robots

+American Pickers

+Game of Thrones

Favorite Music

In this house, we listen to everything! One minute it's heavy metal, then 90's rap, next can be a kids song (Baby Shark is on the playlist at least once) , and then classical. Just depends on my mood and who in the house is controlling the playlist. (Spoiler alert, it's usually my child)

Favorite Movies

When it's just the hubby and I, we usually are watching a horror movie or raunchy comedies. I also have a soft spot for 80s films. I'm always up for suggestions!

Some of my favorites are A Quiet Place, The Hangover, The Craft, Practical Magic, Train to Busan, Fight Club, IT/IT Chapter 2, Jaws, Labyrinth, Star Wars, Zombieland, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, The Goonies, Beetlejuice, A Marriage Story, Dirty Dancing, The Shining, Doctor Sleep, and Ghostbusters.

Things That Make Me Happy

+Art. My life revolves around it. Tattoo flash or traditional artwork is always a favorite. I'm a huge fan of Dali, Monet, and O'Keefe as well. I enjoy going to museums and art shows quite a bit.

+I like taking plants that aren't thriving in stores and making them grow and bloom. I usually look for the ones missing all the leaves and flowers and willowing. It's amazing what some love, water, and sunlight can do. Reminds me to take care of myself also. I have battled depression since I was young and it's a constant fight, but I'm proud to say I'm winning so far.

+Alice in Wonderland - I have a tattoo of Alice fighting the Jabberwocky on my leg. It was one of my favorite movies growing up and I've read the book many times. Always loved it, especially Cheshire Cat.

+Boba/Bubble Tea



+Vincent Price

+Personalized Swap Cards would be incredible!

+Polaroid Photos

+Dancing, I have been a dancer my whole life. I did ballet when I was a child and up until my teenage years and then moved into contemporary and hip-hop. I may not be as flexible as I was when I was younger, but i still love to move. I can watch Galen Hook's choreography for hours. She's one of favorite choreos and dancers and inspires me immensely. I highly suggest you check her out on YouTube.

+Anything considered "witchy" without being cartooney.

+Steampunk Themes

+Lock, Shock, & Barrell

+Halloween. My favorite night of the year. It should be an entire week, in my opinion. Or a month.

+Disneyworld has a special place in my heart, especially The Haunted Mansion. My bathroom is actually decorated like the ride. I was able to purchase recreations of The Stretching Room's paintings on etsy, and we decided to just go for it. Guests usually get a kick out of it.

+Dragons, Phoenixes, Pegasus, and all mythical creatures.

+The Moon, Stars, Constellations, and Celestial Imagery

+Fridge Magnets; we have tons of things hanging on our refrigerator and can always use more magnets. The funnier and weirder, the better.

+Learning about Japan and Japanese culture


+Anything that can be found in the sea makes me happy.. pirate ships, jellyfish, sea turtles, sea horses, octopus, sharks, whales..perhaps a mermaid or two?

+Quokkas, Otters, Sloths, Fennec Foxes, Porcupines, and Slow Lorises. Basically anything so cute you'd want to cuddle it, but know you shouldn't.

+Disneybounding (if you don't know, look it up because it's so much fun)

+Tattoo "flash" art. Sailor Jerry and Old Traditional flash is super fun to do and I have always enjoyed the aesthetic.

+Freddie Mercury and David Bowie

+Anything dark and creepy..vampires, skulls, spiders, planchettes, anatomical hearts,..

+Seeing other artist's work, of whatever medium they enjoy.

+Bumblebees because they make me happy.

+Pizza. And pasta. And tacos. Basically carbs of any kind. I also love to cook and bake. Got a favorite recipe? Send it on over! (I do not eat pork or red meat though)

+Incense and Candles are always lit in our house.

That's all I could think of now. I'll add more soon!

Favorite Crafts

I really enjoy working with charcoal but that can be extremely messy. Watercolor is always fun, but lately I've been experimenting with acrylic paint which has been interesting to learn. I'd love to be sent blank items; blank postcards, blank artist trading cards, blank canvas, that I can make art with.

Candle-making is something I did quite a bit when I was younger and I wish I had the space to start again.

I was also a big scrapbooker and I'd love to get back into that.

I just discovered the wonderful world of ATCs and am loving it!


Ellevee rated for Color ATC Swap Round 1 - Yellow on Dec 29, 2020
Comment: Oh my god 🤦🏼‍♀️ Sorry this is so late I didn’t realize I hadn’t given you a rating yet!!! The ATCs were just beautiful 💛 Thank you for the beautiful yellow sunshine you added to my day!
Comment: Thank you so much for hosting this swap. Nani has not been far from my thoughts since I heard. I received a beautifully decorated envelope of drawings and ATCs from her two days after she passed. I remember being that mom, feeling those dark thoughts, and being lucky to make it through. It breaks my heart that she didn't. Thank you, thank you for this BEAUTIFUL ATC in remembrance. I will treasure it in her memory always.❤️🌈
Response: So happy it is in a good home where it can act as a reminder of a beautiful person who is gone too soon. Thanks so much for joining the swap and helping to honor her memory. Xx
PamV rated for A Note For You # 63 on Sep 3, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the happy mail. Great quote!
Response: Enjoy xx
jringling rated for ATC Color Swap 2 - Blue USA on Aug 28, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the awesome blue ATCs!
Response: So glad you like them!
Vickimac rated for SF- Envie of Ephemera-US on Aug 25, 2020
Comment: Thank you lacey for the awesome ephemera you sent!
Response: Glad you enjoyed! Xx
Comment: Thank you for the really cool ATC. I love the background you made. Aloha
Response: It was super fun making it!
NeronNebula rated for A Note For You # 62 on Aug 23, 2020
Comment: I looooved the ATC you gave along with the note, thank you!
Response: So happy you liked it!
kittyfun rated for A Note For You # 56 on Aug 22, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the lovely note and stickers!
Response: You're welcome!! xx
Carollee922 rated for A Note For You # 59 on Aug 19, 2020
Comment: Thanks for all the cool stickers
Response: Enjoy!! xx
banjobraids rated for Horror Themed ATC on Aug 15, 2020
Comment: I love this ATC!! The ax is special bc I'm a Lizzie Borden...not fan...how would you say it? I'm interested in her story. :D Great swap, thanks for hosting! :):):)
Response: Haha, "fan" works! I'm so happy you liked it! It's one of my favorites I've made so far! Enjoy!! xx
Comment: Thank you so much for the goodies you sent me! The hamster sticker sheet is so cute!
Response: You're very welcome! I had been saving those to send to someone who would appreciate them! Haha, hope you enjoy everything!
peipeicl rated for GAG: Disney Only on Aug 11, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the lovely Alice ATC <3
Response: You're so welcome!
Rosa1 rated for BS&S Quote Challenge: Altars on Aug 10, 2020
Response: Thanks!
PrairieKittin rated for BS&S Quote Challenge: Altars on Aug 10, 2020
Comment: I agree 100%.
Response: This was a fun swap. I loved reading everyone's comments.
JasmineLi rated for BS&S Quote Challenge: Altars on Aug 10, 2020
Comment: I really liked your quote..thank you!
Response: Right back at you!
DreamCloud rated for BS&S Quote Challenge: Altars on Aug 10, 2020
Comment: Thank you for your quote! ❤️
Response: Thank YOU!
Karokaro2020 rated for Dont feel blue send blue on Aug 6, 2020
Comment: Thank you very much for everything!!! It was absolutely perfect and amazing from the stickers to the postcards!!!! I loved it!!!
Response: Happy to hear it got there safely!!
MissRich rated for Quickie ATC #8 - Senders Choice on Aug 5, 2020
Comment: I LOooOOVE the ATCs and the Tim Burton sticker! AHHH! Lets swap again real soon please!!!!!
Response: I'm so happy! I love Alice in Wonderland so it was exciting to make these for you!! xx
parsavocado rated for Digital garden (INT) on Aug 4, 2020
Comment: I loved looking at the digital garden she put together! This swap was so nice and relaxing.
Response: Definitely a fun swap!
NeronNebula rated for Digital garden (INT) on Aug 4, 2020
Comment: Very lovely! Thank you so much for joing the swap :D
Response: Thanks for hosting! It was a lot of fun!

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chimerix on Aug 25, 2020:

Thank you for the lovely ATC for my All about the Wishes - August Wishlist. I like it very much. Aloha

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