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Date Joined: November 8, 2010
Last Online: August 12, 2014
Birthday: September 28
Country: Cyprus

About Me

. I'm Polish living in Cyprus with my South African partner and our 2 beautiful daughters aged 6 and 4. We love animals and we have 4 dogs and 2 cats, all of them rescued from the streets of our town. I'm new Christian and I'm proud of it! I love food. I love everything about food, cooking, baking, eating... I collect cookbooks and I really love when my friends bring me cookbooks from their holidays. I also bake novelty cakes to order and Im busy opening my own shop :) Christmas is my favourite time of the year, because I'm crazy about gingerbread smell. I just love it!!

I'm not crafty. I love hand made notecards, bookmarks etc. I'm not crazy about handmade postcards though... I love things made from fabric (especially useful ones) like tote bags, aprons, oven mitts etc.

Im crazy about cupcake, cake and sweets patterns!

I try to recycle packaging so please, don't feel offended if you receive recycled envie. I also re-swap thing I don't have use for.

Favorite Music

jazz, blues, rock I love Pink Floyd, Sting, India Arie sometimes I relax listening to classical music and opera, I adore Mozart's "Don Giovanni"

I really enjoy gospel music and Christian rock like Skillet, 12 Stone or Red.

I Like - my random ABCs

  • A - Africa, Amarula, address labels, apple cider, aprons, Angels
    • B - Bible, butterflies, baking, bracelets, burgundy colour, birthday cakes, books, brown colour, bookmarks, brown rice
    • C - Christmas, calia lillies, cats, chocolate, cooking, custard, candles, chai, crayons, coffee, cook books, Christian stationary, cookie cutters, cooking gloves, cocoa mixes, coconut, cupcake patterns
    • D - dogs, daises, dark chocolate (70%+), deco tape, decoupage, dragonflies
    • E - elves, ear rings, embossing, envelopes
    • F - flowers, flavoured tea, foam, felt
    • G - glitter pens, gospel music, green, gingerbread, gingerbread man
    • H - hot chocolate/cocoa, hand cream, hand made notecards
    • I - India, Indian food
    • J - Jesus, jelly, jazz, Japan
    • K - kokeshi dolls, kool-aid, kawaii, key rings
    • L - letters, lip balm
    • M - Mexico, Mexican food, matrioshka, magnets (souvenir)
    • N - nail polish, notecards
    • O - olive oil,
    • P - postcards, pumpkin, pens, pencils
    • R - rainbow, recipes, recipe cards, ribbons
    • S - swapping, shopping, shoes, socks, SOUVENIR MAGNETS, stamps
    • T - TEA, tote bags
    • U - umbrellas
    • V - violets, vegetables
    • W - water, willow tree
    • Y - yellow tulips
    • Z - zip lock bags,

I don't like, so don't bother.

  • stuffed animals
  • barbie-type dolls unless they are wearing national outfit (I saw beautiful doll in India dressed in Sari)
  • spiders and bugs (except those in my likes)
  • animal postcards (butterflies are exception)
  • anime, manga etc
  • kitch
  • cheap plastic jewellery
  • posters
  • ads, free advertising postcards etc.
  • lavender scented stuff (tea is ok though)
  • aniseed
  • I really DON"T LIKE honey flavoured anything. It reminds me of eating or drinking soap, so please, do not send me anything with honey flavour to it (pure, natural honey is ok, though)

  • please, DO NOT send me crafty stuff unless I ask for it or it's for kids.

Wishlist - random order

I'm easy to please :) - Twinings Voyage tea (all of them) - recipes from your country - TEA (see below) - cocoa mixes, flavoured hot chocolate - it's unavailable in my country :( - flavoured coffee (as above - unavailable in Cyprus ) - coconut flavoured hot beverages - I would love to try flavoured coffee creamer - kool-aid - peanut butter chocolate I love peanut butter, who doesn't? ;0) (reese's is it??) - SOUVENIR FRIDGE MAGNETS - second hand children books in either English or Polish - view postcards - anything with kokeshi dolls on it, they are sooo cute! - anything with cupcakes on it!! - notepads - cute hair bands, clips and any hair accessories - kitchen towels - aprons - or anything from my likes above - Christian themed bookmarks, stationary or jewelery (nickel free, handmade welcome) - tote bags - craft stuff for children - painting brushes (various sizes)


I always send my stuff, no exceptions! But sometimes people don't receive it... The best way to solve it, is to send me an email or PM, so I am aware of any problems and I can re-send it for you. Cyprus post is funny... I received postcard sent from USA quicker than registered letter from capital city sent on the same day...So please, be patient. If by any reason you don't have your stuff after 6 weeks from "sent date", please, let me know!

If I send on Friday, package will leave post office only on Monday. There is no banks, post offices and government on weekends, so please, don't rate me down because of it. I can't change this laws (and believe me, I would if I could).

I never rate 1 & 3 without prior message, so I expect the same from other swappers.

Thank you!

My children

I have 2 great, easy going daughters.

  • Eva is 6 years old, she loves High School Musical, Monster High, musicals in general and Disney movies. She is dancer doing lots of different kinds of dancing. She absolutely loves animals and nature. And she is crazy about her sister and chocolate ;) She is daddy's little princess.

  • Maria is 4 y.o .She is in love with her sister. She adores vegetables, bread and rice cakes. She loves playing with dolls, crayons, "sparklies" and water. She loves Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty and watching Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is very active and doesn't sit still. She is mommy's little angel.

They are both crazy about "Frozen" movie and Minions from "Despicable me"

Wishlist for them: - hair accessories (hairbands, clips, etc.) only new, not used - stamps - stickers - crayons (there is never enough of crayons...) - small and easy craft kits for children - anything to do with dancing - anything with their favourite cartoon characters - socks (EU size 31 and 25) - puzzles and colouring/activity books - glitter pens, glitter glue, glitter - silly bandz - funny band-aids - sparklies (sequins, confetti etc)


I take part in lots of tea swaps. To be honest, I'm real tea addict. I like my tea flavoured, the weirder flavour the better ;) I love Stash teas, I love them all and until now I haven't found one which I didn't like. I also really enjoy Bigelow teas (constant commet is my number 1). I love chai teas and all cinnamon-y, ginger-y and spicy flavours. Until now, Numi Ruby Chai is my number one. I love lemongrass and herbal teas, however I'm not a big fan of hibiscus and fruit teas . Fruit flavoured teas are ok though. I DO NOT LIKE honey flavoured teas or banana flavoured anything (I'm not sure if there is banana tea, but just in case, I probably won't like it) UPDATE: I actually bought by accident banana&toffee tea and it was AMAZING!!

UPDATE: I recently discovered that all Yogi teas give me terrible headache, so please don't send it to me. I really can't drink it...

I do not need anymore mint green tea (a.k.a.moroccan green tea) or jasmine green tea (I think I drank my share in my time;) )

I really enjoy vanilla, nut creme, chocolate, caramel, toffee etc. teas.

I love Pickwick teas.

Please, try not to send me plain green teas.

I also like earl gray, lady gray, irish breakfast tea and black teas with this earthy, almost soil like taste (I received tea from China and I went nuts over it)

  • tea wishlist (but don't feel obligated, this is just list of teas I really liked and can't buy in my country or would love to try. I love all teas)

    • Bigelow: constant comment, all seasonal teas, I Love Lemon
    • Stash
    • Pickwick: Turkish Apple, Carmelised Pear, Chocolate Mint, Autumn Storm,
    • any dessert type tea
    • coconut flavoured tea
    • Twinnings: Voyage (all of them), soder te (from Sweden),
    • Nordqvist teas (adventurous flavours)
    • Promise tea
    • Celestial Seasonings: Bengal Spice, Holiday teas (Nutcracker sweet, Candy Cane Lane, Gingerbread Spice, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, Sugar Plum Spice), Sweet Coconut Thai,
    • loose black flavoured tea

Hall of shame...

I was flaked on and looking for Angels:

  • European Teaholics #4 by Delia Tugui @thunderstruck (user deleted)

  • SOCK & COCOA or TEA swap! by Julia Gronroos @user1838 (partially suspended user)

  • Send Me a Tote and a Note #3 by Madison Chisholm @Madis0n

If you have allergies

I own 4 dogs and 2 cats, so if you are allergic, please let me know, so I can make a plan, so you will be safe. Last thing I want is to make you sick.

I am allergic to nickel, so please, nickel free stuff, otherwise I will scratch myself to death ;)


OGIMAQTpie rated for ~NEWBIE~ 5 bag tea swap! on Sep 25, 2014
Comment: I will rerate if I'll ever receive from you. Please answer my messages.
Comment: thanks for the card
Faeorain rated for Tea Lovers: January on Oct 15, 2012
Comment: UPDATE: 10/15/12 - Thank you so much for the nice selection of teas and for the coins...I really like them. They will make an nice addition to my collection. I regret that I feel it's only fair to rate you a 3, not based on swap quality because the package was very nice, but because this was so late and there wasn't any communication from you. I hope you are able to keep up with things now and wish you well with future swaps. * Previous rating from Feb 2012 - I have not yet received this swap. I also have not received a response to my PM inquiring about the swap. I will have to rate a one at this time, but I will gladly re-rate when I receive something.
kayler00 rated for 3D Souvenir Magnet Swap #1 on Oct 11, 2012
Comment: RERATE: 10/11/12 - just got the magnets, after 10 months. thank you - i liked the ones you sent me. however it's only fair to change the 1 to a 3. i cannot give you a 5. i'm happy that you fulfilled your obligations. ---- never recieved.. this stinks. i was really looking forward to getting a magnet from you. we've swapped in the past - what happened?! you were such a great swapper... please make good on your obligations! will rerate if i ever recieve my magnet! - ETA: 2/27/2012 - this has been angelled by the lovely @theirmimi since you cannot seem to fulfill your obligations.
Response: Im glad it arrived safely :) I know you can change it only to 3, no worries i deserve it ;)
Tanika rated for Tea Lovers: January on Oct 9, 2012
Comment: Thx for sending the tea after all this time. I don't know the Dilmah Caramel. I'll try it soon. Happy swapping
Response: hope you will like it :)
ivanabu rated for Tea Lovers: January on Oct 8, 2012
Comment: Thanks, Ania! I am glad you have overcome your problems and start swapping again. I liked the tea and the extras you sent me!
Response: Glad you received it :)
monstermansmum05 rated for Blind Postcard 12 on Jul 8, 2012
Comment: Thank you, sorry it took so long to rate!
Response: Im glad you liked it :)
jandmterry rated for Scripture or Quote on Jun 2, 2012
Comment: I never received anything. I will rerate when I receive something.
earthnk rated for The Anonymous Tea Trade on Apr 11, 2012
Comment: Your envie has a bit of road miles added. It's been in my purse through several US States during my travels. Thank you for the 3 tea bags. I look forward to enjoying the White Tea & Tangerine, Green Tea with Vanilla and the Yogi DeTox Tea. Apologies on the late rating. Happy Swapping.
Response: Wow, that's quite a journey! I hope you enjoyed these teas!
Nekozet rated for HSG: Tea for two on Mar 22, 2012
Comment: Hello friend! What wonderful tea flavours you have sent me! I'm super excited about all 3 of them! (thanks for the extra, by the way). Can't decide which to try first! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! :)
Response: You are more than welcome :)
morgainegeiser rated for The Anonymous Tea Trade on Mar 15, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the tea.
Response: You are welcome :)
hippofairy rated for Tea Lovers: January on Mar 6, 2012
Comment: sadly, i did not receive the teas or a response to my PM regarding this swap. will change the rating if i ever receive anything.
courtmm11 rated for 4 blank notecards swap on Mar 6, 2012
Comment: Wow...all the way from Cyprus... the envelope was battered but I received today...... thank you very much and for the tea also... Anxious to try it.... Pat
Response: I hope you enjoyed it! Happy swapping!
tyshadragon rated for Tea Lovers: January on Mar 6, 2012
Comment: Will re-rate if/when I receive anything.
parttimeliontamer rated for QUICK 5 Somethings #25 on Feb 29, 2012
Comment: Neither the original package or the resend from January have arrived. If either make their way I will rerate. Sorry. Original deadline Dec 24, 2011. Resend received feb 29, postmarked feb 12
rhynah rated for The Anonymous Tea Trade on Feb 29, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the teas!
Response: you are welcome
MBrunt rated for Tea Bag Wrapper Challenge on Feb 29, 2012
Comment: I will rerate after if I receive anything
dabellaraquella rated for Tea Blends: Black #2 on Feb 29, 2012
Comment: Hi Ania! I got your swap today! Thanks so much for the teas, the maple one looks yummy!
Response: You are more than welcome :)
Comment: Thank you so much . I loved everything you sent.hopefully your garden will do great. I can't wait to plant in 3months!
danushaj rated for Children's Secret Santa Swap on Feb 22, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the lovely gifts. My son really loves the books and carries them from room to room. I am having trouble trying to get them out of his hands at bedtime. The booties are just too cute for the new baby too. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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TC on Sep 10, 2018:

aka @MIVA

KarlaKC on Sep 29, 2012:

Happy belated birthday! :)

Eponita on Mar 23, 2012:

I'm glad to see you're back! Good luck with getting everything back on track, and I hope your life settles down a bit soon.

ravenz on Mar 14, 2012:

Just got my package for the Tag Game-List 5 and choose 2 and i love it ! Thanks !

DonnaLeeDesigns on Mar 13, 2012:

The Circle Letter in the cuppa & letter group is on the way to you - PLEASE pass it along as soon as you can - PM me for the name & address of who you send to. We have a lot of swappers waiting for their turn with this letter and we don't want it to be delayed - thanks

vintervila on Jan 12, 2012:

Thank you dear for the lovely teas! It was unexpected and very very pleasant! :)

Sara (Tea is Love)

Nekozet on Jan 11, 2012:

Oh THANK YOU for the sweet Christmas Card and the BANANA TOFFEE tea!!! It smells so yummy! I will try it today!! Yum Yum!! You are so sweet!

tyshadragon on Dec 28, 2011:

Thank you so much for the xmas card and teas hugs I hope your holiday was wonderful <3

Halogen on Nov 22, 2011:

Hey, you commented asking if you could join http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/106455#comment-430774 this swap, and you are very welcome to!

ArtyBeth3 on Nov 15, 2011:

Thank you for the nice green tea selection that you sent me for the Tea is Love global tea tag! I'm looking forward to trying them all. Have a wonderful day.

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