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Date Joined: June 25, 2013
Last Online: November 18, 2017
Birthday: September 4
Country: Finland

About Me


A big, friendly grin from the periphery of Europe :)

I'm a nerdy girlwoman from Finland. I study at the University of Essex, UK, so I keep traveling back and forth between "my" two countries. So, if you were expecting a swap arriving from Finland but get mail from the UK, it's me :) I prefer receiving mail to my Finland address though. I have also lived in the USA and worked in India. When not in England, I live with my partner and our furry babies. I try my best to prevent an occasional cat or dog hair traveling with my swaps, but those seem to have a life of their own so sometimes they just decide to travel and I apologize for that.

My obsession #1 is traveling. 43 countries so far :) Other than that, I love anything nature-related: hiking, camping, picking berries and mushroom, fishing...

I'm not brand-conscious, Wal-Mart / Dollar Store stuff are well-appreciated too. Please do not send dirty/broken/torn items, surprisingly I have received those too.

Things I like/ Wish list

I prefer things I can USE. I don't want to collect anything.

  • hippie stuff/style
  • feather jewelry
  • Fall (autumn)
  • pumpkins :)
  • anything for trekking/hiking
  • small pointer post-its and other pointers to use when studying
  • Native American style, jewelry and handicrafts
  • lighthouses
  • Paddington bear
  • retro
  • rainbows
  • unicorns
  • vintage
  • anything of the rustic "country home" -style and Amish style, including well-made handicrafts
  • anything cinnamon or vanilla scented
  • Halloween
  • MINI products: hand sanitizers, shampoos, liquid shower soaps, soap bars - I need mini products when I travel :)
  • anything nature themed, especially with fall foliage colors
  • Twinkie Chan -style well-made handicrafts
  • other WELL-MADE handicrafts with themes I like
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Chesire Cat (from Alice in Wonderland)
  • colors: Rainbow (ok it's not a color but rainbows are my thing :D. ), bright yellow, grass green, orange, red, brown, turquoise, warm nature colors like terra...
  • anything North American :-) (USA and Canada)
  • Paris, London, Jerusalem
  • Blank (=unwritten) Jewish Holiday/celebration cards

Things I don't like

  • blackcurrant, hibiscus and aloe vera flavor or scent
  • nail stuff
  • romantic books / chick-lit
  • anime / manga
  • gothic, gore, pagan, wiccan
  • hair accessories
  • Mustaches in/on anything
  • fridge magnets
  • keychains
  • TOES!
  • I don't appreciate male beauty, so nothing with men on them.
  • Ephemera like ATCs or such
  • phone cards
  • NO EXCESS ENVELOPES (without matching letter sheets)
  • Bath TUB products
  • The 80's style
  • junk and badly/hastily made items sent to me
  • colors: black, gray, neon colors, minty green, pale yellow, blue (except turquoise)
  • little note pad / memo sheets
  • stickers with reward words
  • any drug-associated things
  • homophobic or racist ephemera / propaganda
  • Lalaloopsy, Diddl, Dora the Explorer, Donald Duck
  • toe socks
  • boy bands
  • insects (except ladybugs and butterflies )

For different swap themes:

If the swap is about...


  • country home" theme/style
  • Coffee theme
  • "Le Chat Noir" theme (the bohemian Parisian cabaret poster picture)
  • seasonal motifs (like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Jewish Holidays, summer...


  • Very colorful, funky or cartoon socks
  • EUR size 34-36
  • U.S. + Canada size women's 5
  • Japan size women's 21
  • Australia size 3,5
  • Britain size women's 2,5...
  • yeah, children's size... NO TOE SOCKS


  • different flavored hot chocolate (like cinnamon, coffee, mint, Rolo, orange, SEA SALT CARAMEL by Archer Farms or Starbucks or such...), hot chocolate with little marshmallows :)

  • Starbucks anything :)
  • Kool-aid
  • flavored coffee

  • If the swap includes TEA : NO plain black, lemon, hibiscus, blackcurrant, kiwi, persimon, pineapple, please. I prefer factory sealed tea bags UNLESS the loose tea is a whole bag in the manufacturer's original package, then it's most welcome! Some manufacturers make smaller packages too, I am especially in love with the Canadian brand David's Tea. I also like Bigelow's, Yogi, Tazo, Hawaiian Islands, Te Supremo, Dilmah, the Republic of Tea, Stash, Celestial Seasons (especially seasonal special teas like Candy cane etc...) and Kusmi brands a lot! OTHER BRANDS ARE WELCOME TOO. And I absolutely adore the Little Mole character tea, I received it from Czech rep. but I'm not sure if it's available elsewhere. Love it!


  • candy and chocolate, especially: Hot Tamales, Reese's peanutbutter Candy and chocs, Wonka brand Candy
  • fruity/berry treats (please note my allergies) like those salty/spicy dried tamarinds, haw, plum... Raw-fruit bars, raw cocoa bars
  • trekking bars

IF THE SWAP INCLUDES SENDING SOMETHING TO MY PARTNER She is a she. She loves everything to do with trekking, is a big fan of trekking bars and nuts, loves those tube-y "Buff" scarves (also the cheap brands), is a bicyclist and marathon runner, is not allergic to anything. She does not like any ephemera, does not collect anything (not even related to her hobbies), she wants life to stay simple and stuff-free :D


  • vanilla
  • cherry
  • grape
  • peanut butter anything
  • lime
  • watermelon
  • pumpkin spice anything
  • maple syrup anything


Please do not send me anything containing KIWI FRUIT, CUMIN aka CARAWAY, SHARON FRUIT (aka PERSIMON) or PINEAPPLE !, Severe allergies!!!!!

***NOTE: if you send me tea labeled just "Fruit tea", I can't drink it. I absolutely need to know WHICH fruit it contains****

PLEASE NOTE: I am gluten-free (unfortunately not by a trendy choice but for medical reasons)


Finnish mail...

...doesn't go anywhere during the weekends. If I mark my swaps sent on a Saturday or a Sunday, or after 5 p.m. on a Friday, I have dropped them in the local post office in a small grocery store nearby, but the stamps aren't franked and the letters/packages aren't sent further from the post office until the following Monday. This, at it's most unfortunate, may cause a false impression that I haven't sent my swaps in time :-( However, I try to drop everything to the post office during the week days. Also, there are some bank holidays in Finland, and on bank holidays the mail doesn't travel either.

****NOTE: Finland uses the DD.MM.YYYY date format, so a postal stamp marked 12.9. means it was sent on September 12th****

Reuse, recycle

I am a mad recycler, so I will reuse package material and use cardboard boxes which originally held something else often, unless the swap requires something fancy or specific. I hope this is not a problem :)

If you don't receive from me..

...please send me a private message before getting mad. The reason is NEVER that I have not sent my swap (unless I'm hospitalized, which is a very far-fetched scenario...), the reason must be problems in the mail chain.

Flakers, angels, non-raters

I've come accross only a few bad swappers. I hoped I would never experience flaking nor would I have to angel in swaps I've been hosting. But not all are fair swappers.


@hmschm in a private swap hosted by me- That's why I have hosted one more swap than how many host stars I have :(

@xxladybugxx in "Your Choice of Holiday"

@anooshka in ~NEWBIE~ 5 bag tea swap

@Alicer in One Two TEA ! #2

@craftypunkn in JOURNAL swap with 30 Themes or Prompts 2013

@ratnanilaya (Priya Rao, India - alias Ratna. I am telling her real name and alias here because it has turned out she is a serial flaker who gets kicked out of SB all the time for never sending a thing but always returns with a new, different profile. SB administration is aware of her and please report any sightings of a possible new profile to the admin and the Flakers group!)

@elianalp is still to send me a replacement swap in a big swap, Profile based swap #1, which required goodies worth of $15 but the stuff she sent me was barely worth of $5. She does not answer my messages nor e-mails.


@Sunflotea would you please rate me in May Tea Swap (or at least read the three messages I have sent you!)


@melissaki in my "SOMETHING" swap, because she was flaked on by @ratnanilaya

@teadrinker in my "Bookworm's TEA time #2" swap, because she was flaked on by @jep1068


brooklynbunch rated for Hosting my 100th Swap!! on Nov 13, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the card and the extras--my cookie baking marathon will be coming up soon.I think it's interesting that you're in criminology. I have been trying to write mysteries (finished several, none published) and for the last three years have been going to the Writers Police Academy, which is 4 days of hands on workshops. My favorites have been the ones on how to kill people with food poisoning and insect born diseases. I always go to any sessions with animals. There are always well known authors attending--Karin Slaughter was one of my favorites. Thanks again, Susan (brooklynbunch)
Response: WOW! First of all, thank you for the heart! Karin Slaughter (what an appropriate last name, considering her genre) is one of my favorites! What a coincidence, insect born diseases are another speciality of mine - I work in the medical field and am specialised in infections (and cardiology, but it has nothing to do with this topic :D), but I am studying because I want a new career. My morbid side really loved how you mentioned baking marathon and killing people with food poisoning in the same paragraph here :D. I hope you will get published soon! Good luck!
pinklilly rated for November Tea Swap on Oct 30, 2017
Comment: Hello Asta, I just picked up my mail and the tea swap came!! I was so happy!! The envelope was ripped on the top and on the bottom pretty much all of it but it came in a plastic bag from the post office!! The tea is ok, I can't hardly wait to try them out!! I love the little sticker surprise, and I love the postage stamps!! Thank you so much I really appreciate it!! Have fun!!
Response: Hi! Oh my gosh, wonder what happened to the envelope!? Maybe it had such a wonderful scent a hungry dog the mailman had to encountet had bite on the envie :/ But I'm glad it found its way to you! Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Well hello QT Pie. Love your name. Thank you for the extras. I will be passing this on with next round. Have a great day.
Response: Hi :D I'm glad the postcard reached you :) Thank you so very much for the heart!
kacka rated for Crazy about TEA - Hurray! #5 on Jul 7, 2017
Comment: thank you for a great selection of teas.
Response: Thank you for the <3 !
ultrameganerd rated for April Tea Swap on Jun 9, 2017
Comment: Finally arrived I have no idea why it took so long, but it finally came. Many thanks for the tea, I will love to taste them, they look delicious. Would you be interested in making a private swap of teas? I read in your profile that you like the supreme tea, I have many varieties, if interested, just send me a message: D Anyway, thanks again <3
Response: I am relieved you finally got the tea! I was getting really worried (as you might already know as I sent you so many messages asking if it had arrived :D ). I would love to do a private swap! PM me our suggestion please :) Thank you for the <3 !
m3i5 rated for June Tea Swap on May 24, 2017
Comment: Hi Asta, Thank you so much for your tea selection, can't wait to try them, especially trying your favorite tea :)
Response: Yay! I'm glad they finally found your mailbox!
ladyfluorspar rated for Newbie Note Card & Tea Swap on Mar 21, 2017
Comment: Omg I love my package!!! The memo sheets were so adorable and the tea smells super yummy! I can't believe you wrote so much on your note card, your career sounds super cool! I also LOVE the stamps you put on, international swaps are fun because of the stamps from other countries :)
Response: I'm so happy you liked my mail! It's always exciting (and a bit nervous) to put together a swap for a new partner :D
Response: Oh hi, I'm sorry I didn't notice your rating until now, I have been away from SB for a while because of my studies :/ Thank you so much for the <3 !
alwayslikethis rated for Names Survey on Sep 26, 2015
Comment: Thanks for sharing. Funny Isabella story! And I totally agree about the spelling of Morgan.
Response: Thank you for the great rating! Haha my spouse and I were laughing at the Isabella story just a few days ago, I commented how on Earth could a Finn with a very Finnish last name name her/his child Isabella, as FInnish last names just simply don't go well with most international first names. My spouse raised her eyebrows and said "How can you say that, your alter ego may get offended" :D
3stairs rated for Names Survey on Sep 25, 2015
Response: Thank you for the heart!
Houda rated for the 15 questions-swap #9 on Sep 22, 2015
Comment: Thank you :) I really enjoyed reading your answer .
Response: Thank you for the heart! I'm glad you enjoyed my answers :)
Minivandreams rated for the 15 questions-swap #9 on Sep 16, 2015
Comment: Your porn name cracked me up! I also loved the story about the mailbox!
Response: Haha that leaves many people wondering about the porn name part😂 Thank you for the great rating!!
liveve308 rated for the 15 questions-swap #9 on Sep 16, 2015
Comment: Nauroin ääneen näille sun vastauksille :D pornonimes on ihan huippu ja selitys sille vielä parempi ;) sun nimimerkki pitäis olla Väinö! Käytiin siskon kanssa toukokuussa Lontoossa ja harmittaa hirveesti ettei ollut aikaa lähtee tuolle HP-tourille, se on varmaan ihan mahtava :C kiitoksia huipusta swapista!
Response: Hyvä että onnistuin viihdyttämään :D Joo se Harry Potterila on ihan huippu, olen käynyt siellä aiemminkin, kantsii käydä! Kiitos loistavasta arvioinnista!
nowweare8 rated for 'About me' Pocket Letter on Sep 10, 2015
Comment: Love my PL and all the effort you have put into it. I really enjoyed reading your letter and learning about your town. Thanks so much, you have made my day :)
Response: I'm glad you liked my pocket letter! I loved yours too!! It has been fun doing this private swap with you!!
mskadie rated for Book lovers on Aug 17, 2015
Comment: OMG thank you so much!!! I loved reading your note, you sound like a super awesome and interesting person!! And thank you so much for the bookmarks, they are so pretty!! <3 <3 <3
Response: I'm glad you liked them! Thank you for the heart!
Pei04 rated for Tea Heaven ~NEWBIE FRIENDLY~ #2 on Aug 10, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the teas and the great note card. I love it! Seems like we have a lot in common :)
Response: You are most welcome! I'm glad you liked the swap :) Thank you for the heart!
nowweare8 rated for Tea Time - Pocket Letter on Aug 9, 2015
Comment: Yay, I got my fantastic pocket letter...it's great :) Full of lovely tea and bits, looks amazing and I really enjoyed reading your letter. Thank you, Cass
Response: Thank you for the great rating! <3 Now I am working on our private swap 😊 It's loads of fun!!!!
Teppi1014 rated for Note card and Tea on Jul 28, 2015
Comment: I really enjoyed your letter and plan to send you a letter this week.
Response: Thank you for the heart! I'm looking forward to your letter!!
marles rated for Note card and Tea on Jul 22, 2015
Comment: Loved reading your note card! Yes I did visit Helsinki 2 yrs ago. Really enjoyed my visit. The Cathedral was beautiful. The Rock church was cool. We also went to Tallinn , Estonia. I took a tour out to the Rakvere Castle. I think it was about an hr away. We had so much fun there. Wouldn't mind going back to Estonia again. Looks like there is much to see there. Thanks for the tea also. Hope that you had a great time camping!
Response: Thank you for the heart! Yes, we had awesome time camping on Saaremaa island, it's definitely worth a visit!
Phish rated for Bookworm Pen-Pal Letter #3 on Jul 10, 2015
Comment: what a great letter! I hope you won't mind me writing back? Thank you so much for sending it! I loved the envelope and the stamp, the paper inside, and especially the candidness of the letter. I feel like we have a few things in common and I will deffinitely take you up on your book suggestion and read "The Alchemist"
Response: Thank you for the great rating! I would love you to write me back! And yes, please - read he Alchemist 😃

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I am so happy you liked everything! Yes, isn't that Lehman's catalog just the coolest? So many cool things that aren't sold in stores anymore :-D Glad you enjoyed everything! -Simone

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From the group Trinket Pen Pals

OGIMAQTpie on Aug 30, 2014:

@luna82 It was the most fun letter I've ever written!!! I loved how my thoughts were just flying with my pencil! I've always found her a very interesting person - and loved her art <3 I am very happy I managed to entertain you, but I bet it was even more fun for me! 😃 By the way, I visited Helsinki two days ago - and I just HAD to visit Karl Fazer's patisserie! I found it so exciting that I was sitting in the very same café as her -more than a hundred years apart!

Luna82 on Aug 30, 2014:

Yay for that! I could tell you were completely into the time. I looked up the painter and I love her! She was totally cute as well! ;)

cinandrews04 on Aug 4, 2014:

i am so glad you liked it! i was getting worried that it had not arrived. :)

OGIMAQTpie on Aug 4, 2014:

@ cinandrews04 Cindy- your package arrived today! You are the best swapper ever!!! (no offense to all of you awesome swappers, but you really should have seen this package!!!) I absolutely adore everything!!! <3 THANK YOU!!!

cinandrews04 on Jul 30, 2014:

I am hoping your package arrives soon OGIMAQTpie!

OGIMAQTpie on Jul 25, 2014:

@cinandrews04 Hi there! No, I haven't received from you yet. Thou shall not worry, it often takes up to two weeks for mail to reach Finland when sent from the U.S.! :)

cinandrews04 on Jul 24, 2014:

Just wondering if you received your package?

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