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About Me

Hi there!

I am married and our four children are adults now and we have two beautiful and fun grand-daughters. My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary last year (2016) and had a wonderful adventure around Europe, starting in Glasgow. His family history is from Scotland and mine is from Netherlands, so we made it a point to visit those two areas. What an adventure we had and we are planning on going back to see some more of Europe in the future.

It's funny, over the years I have tried many crafty things and now I sit down to put in words what I like doing and I am stumped. I am open to all ideas and am looking forward to this journey through Swap-Bot and all the people that I will be sharing stories and items with. I'm excited to receive post cards that highlight areas, culture, animals, structures etc, and reading what people have to share on the back. This is what got me interested in Swap Bot.

So July 8, 2016 is day 1 of becoming a swap-bot member. Hoping to make new friends and find new interest.


PHOBIA - Frogs! I don't keep anything material of frogs around our house, not that it scares me as much as the breathing ones do, and I may even send a thing or two of frogs out. But I would be grateful not to receive anything frog related so I don't end up having nightmares of frogs coming out of my closet. I am just learning to accept the few stickers that I have right now, but I have control over how many I have.
Update: My relationship with material frogs is improving! 😀. My relationship with live frogs is not happening, and I'm finally have accepted that I'll never be one of those princesses who kisses a frog and it turns out to be her knight in shinning armor - not going to happen! Fortunately I already have my knight in shinning armor and don't have to go around looking for frogs - {{shiver}}

SWAPS: I have no intentions of flaking or not sending a swap. I do my best to send things right after I get partnered. If it's something that needs more time to do, I will assure you that it will be sent before deadline date. If you do not receive a swap from me or if you feel I did not do it properly please send me a note before you rate me and hopefully we can work it out. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO RATE ME when you receive my swaps so I know you got it. Thank you in advance.


Postage Stamps
Making Envelops
Architecture - especially old buildings
ATC - (learning)
Post Cards - written on and stamped Letters
Quotes - any kind
Bookmarkers Northern Lights
The Universe
Rain and Umbrellas - especially colorful ones
Lapel Pins
Hot Chocolate
The weird and unusual.
The fun and unexpected I'm pretty easy to please

I read other peoples profiles and there is so much on their list that I would love to have. So lets put it this way, send me what ever you would like and like many on here I will use it or may pass it forward to someone else who will.
Thank you in advance.

Other interest

Zodiac sign: Taurus (The Bull)

Ghost Walks - I like these when we are traveling, gives a history lesson in a fun way

Love to hear about traveling adventures - so if you feel like writing a letter I'd be excited to read it

DON'T LIKE: Coffee or Tea Not religious


GAMES I enjoy (try to win at LOL):
Crib If you make pieces to these games, think of me

Sugar Gliders
Birds of Paradise

Colored Roses
Sweet Peas
Bleeding Hearts
So many beautiful flowers to choose

Emerald Green
Just look in a crayon box and you have all the colors I love.


Comment: Received your letter on wildlife in Prince George! I am impressed with your patience in calligraphy, and wish you good luck. Thank you also for the notecards you included. I hope to reply soon.
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful letter, it was really interesting.
Comment: Yes, I've seen a lot of stuck trucks lol Thanks for all the great items! I love the elephant stickers :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful surprise 😍 I LOVED evey and each of the items you chose for me ❤
Comment: I love the beads! Tea is awesome any time! I cant wait to try the mango tea.
Comment: Thank you for the goodies!!
Comment: Thanks so much for the excellent items in an awesome envelope! Loved them!
Comment: Thanks for a great swap - happy May!
Comment: What a very nice assortment of items. I felt like you took the time to send me things I would really like.....thank-you.
Viljami rated for WIYM: ATC with a Strawberry on May 5, 2017
Comment: Thank you for this lovely strawberry :)
Comment: Oh wow, such a lovely package! :D Thank you SOOOOO much! Love the bracelet and the craft materials! :D
Comment: Dear Bonnie, thank you SO MUCH for sharing your daugthers pictures. I liked them so much. We indeed share the same love for photography! Nice to meet you through Swap-Bot.
Comment: Bonnie - thanks so much for your mail! I love the pretty envelope, the washi samples, postcard, Airmail labels, Project Life cards and stationery, but the best part has to be your long letter! Thanks for the stories about your phobia of frogs! I can see the humour your family and friends find in it and I also can understand your personal pep talks of "I can do this"! :) I'm not sure I'd call it a phobia, but I truly truly do not like moths, and you know how the fly somehow erratically? We spent six weeks in Australia when I was pregnant, as a sort of Babymoon, in a (rather small) Campervan. Four of those six weeks we spent driving along the West Coast of Australia, and there are SO MANY flying things there - it was horrible. While directly at the coast with the wind, it was okay, but once you got more into the interior parts of the country, it was hell on earth. Once we explored some thing or the other and I wore a white T-Shirt - my fiance later told me he counted more than FIFTY flies sitting on my back at one time. And you know, wearing more layers was not really a possibilty what with the heat of being there plus being pregnant at the time. Plus, with a five month pregnany belly, I had to pee quite often as one is wont to do when pregnant, so at night I regularily had to get out of our campervan and cross the campsites to get to the outhouse and the moths were enormous! The would sit really still and you'd hope they don't start moving while you're in the cubicle until all of a sudden, they start moving in their erratical way and I'd have to get out of there as fast as I could. I think the biggest horrors were when one got inside our campervan with me at night and we couldn't find it to get it out again, when one got tangled in my hair close to my ear and once when one started flying at me in the shower, trying to land on me repeatedly. I get the shudders thinking back to it honestly and it's been three years. Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for your mail! It truly made my day :) All the best! Edit: Oh gosh, I just thought of another thing! I got gestational diabetes, so I couldn't have any icecream or anything like that in my summer pregnancy, which sucked. So I improvised and pureed some fruit with yoghurt to make popsicles out of that. So there I was, enjoying my banana yoghurt popsicle one hot day in july when I looked down to what I was eating and there was one of those small moths IN MY SACRED POPSICLE (because I was craving sweets, you know, and that was the only sweet thing I was allowed that day) - apparently it was sitting in the ice mold when I took it out of the cabinet and I didn't see it before pouring the yoghurt mix in. I was so disgusted I wanted to die then and there :( lol
Response: I truly feel for you. I know another lady who is so scared of moths that she doesn't go out at night. We have what they call spruce beetles here and they are big with long antennas and fly like they are drunk, they freak me out but not like frogs, I don't freeze when I see a spruce beetle. I have been told that they bite but am not sure and have so far been able to duck out of their way as they zig zag by {SHUDDER}. I truly can say if I was eating something and seen a frog on it I would seriously pass out or it could be the end of me. Thank you for sharing your fear (phobia) with me. I can't help but think my fears are minor compared to someone like you, with moths they are everywhere. My mom was afraid of moths and I never knew it until she found out about my fear of frogs. They lived on a farm and there were moths EVERYWHERE, I don't know how she controlled her fear but she kept it well hidden. But when it comes down to it, I think the worse fear would be of light bulbs, I can't imagine what life would be like trying to control that one!
sybil31562 rated for Fish ATC on May 3, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the mermaid. Drawing is not a requirement, but it us helpful. There are many other mediums to use.
Response: I was pretty disappointed with how it turned out. I had great visions of it, but a friend passed away while I was doing it so I rushed it - right down to using the wrong colored background paper. Prior to that I had colored so many and they didn't turn out how I wanted time, so tossed them out - should have used one of them as they were better, but I thought I had lots of time. I am not proud of my attempt. I am trying to use other mediums and am seeing them as I receive the ATC's, I just hope that people are patient while I learn. Thank you for giving me a 5 and heart.
Comment: HOLY GENEROSITY, BATMAN!! And your frog tales cracked me up. I could't help but notice that you tucked a little cartoon frog in with all the goodies you sent... you're making progress!! ; ) Thanks for all the goodies, Bonnie!
Response: Your welcome. Glad to hear you like all of it.
Comment: Thanks so much for the generous package of goodies! Loved everything you sent and I loved reading about your travels! You have been so so many places!! awesome :)
Response: You're welcome. I love to travel and look forward to our future adventures.
Comment: Lovely! Some day I hope to visit your beautiful area. Thanks for the nice note as well.
Comment: Thanks for sending the postcard with the quote. Wonderful to read your family history. I hope you can found more about your ancestry. And you're welcome back!
Comment: Good luck on your genealogy quest!
Danitium rated for 3 Things in an Envie INTL #1 on Apr 17, 2017
Comment: Yesssss!!!! I finally got it! Whooohooo! Go Israel super fast speedy mail system.... I loved all the stuff you sent. You're so sweet, thank you so much :)

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lou on May 21, 2017:

Happy Birthday Month from WIYM group!

PrairieKittin on Jul 22, 2016:

Welcome to the Colouring In group! We are a very fun and active group. Jump in and get your feet wet. You're going to love it here!

bstrong on Jul 9, 2016:

I'm not sure if this is where I send a response to your comment, but I'm going to give it a whirl. Thank you very much about my user name, its a constent reminder when things go wrong.

anrtist on Jul 8, 2016:

I like your user name! ;-)
THANX for asking to join in the LLL ☺ HOPE you enjoy it ...
I sent you some other group invites too... Blessings, cc

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