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Who is NOT a Troll? Just because someone has said something you happen to not like, it does not mean that they are a Troll. They may just not like you, or you may have a difference of opinion. It happens! Deal with it.

This takes a little bit of common sense. If they really offend you, just block or ignore them - I can't say this enough.


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About me.... Lets see... well i'm just about the greatest person you'll ever meet! haha j/p... but seriously, I am! lol. Im going to friggin tell you how it is and how its going to be. Im not scared to hold back nor am I scared to hurt a few feelings. Wanna know why, you shouldn't act a fool in front of me in the first place. What don't get butt hurt.. Im not the fool whos going to let it pass and say its ok .I wouldn't do it if I didn't love you... Other than that Im a survivor I've been through hell and back. Pero Chingona como soy I overcame it. In a nut-shell Im open-minded, opinionated, outspoken and honest, but most of all I'm ME!!!.

I do recycle envelopes

I am owned by a pup-cess and a cat-cess so there may be fur in my packages not done intentionally but letting it be known there may be a stray hair here or there

I don't smoke

I do my very best on all my swaps

I'm very laid back if you're late just let me know before hand

I got my ball and chain and I adore him dearly. We also have a part time daughter Patty-Cakes who is 12.

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I got a pup-cess (Fancy-Mae)and a cat-cess (Pawli-Jade) who I adore , they are my children

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words of advice

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, satan shudders & says...'Oh no....she's awake!!'

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There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you want to pick them from your dreams and hug them. Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do. May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy. Always put yourself in others' shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the other person, too. The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Happiness lives for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched, and those who tried, for only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear. The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past, you can't go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches.When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling.Live your life so that when you die, you're the one who is smiling and everyone around you is crying.

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The Normal Boobs ( . )( . ), The Silicone Boobs ( + )( + ), The Perfect Boobs (o)(o) Some Boobs Are Cold (^)(^), And Some Boobs Belong To Grandmothe rs ././ And Let’s Not Forget The Very Large Boobs (o Y o), And Very Small Boobs (.)(.), And Lastly The Asymmetric al Boobs (•)(.). We Love Them All !. Post This Message On Your Wall And Say ┌П┐(^_^)┌П┐To Breast Cancer. Save The Boobies!!!!


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~ anything with XICANA FEMINISM






~•Pin up girls

~tote bags

~Obsessed with Dia de los Muertos Everything and anything wanted ...shrines,ATCS,postcards, ect..

~segundas (2ND HAND STORES)

~ I'm a fabric-ho - any fabric any colors will do

~ mole skin jornals

~drawing pads



~kitchen gadgets

~recipes/ cookbooks

~tote bags bought or made

~religous candles..espcially the St. Jude ones

~sarcastic phrases(Ex: I'm not always right, but at least I'm never wrong)


~mexican folk art

~any art supplies

~Virgen de Guadalupe

~anything from the Virgin Mary

~Jelly Bellies

~chocolate covered sunflowerseeds, raisins, nuts, men...hehehe

~biscotti (vanilla, almond, chocolate...)

~unusual shot glasses

~skulls (dia de los muertos)




~cupcake liners, picks , any theme any color

~ big floppy hats

~Blank journals for altering

~deco tape

~sock monkeys

~Fuzzy Socks

~textured papers

~Stamped images/words from your own stamps

~anything Tow Mater ((really really would love a Tow Mater bag or fabric))

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SCENTS: Vanilla, mint, cucumber melon and black cherry,Euculyptus Mint

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DISLIKES: Lotions, bodysprays, perfume, soap(I'm allergic to anything scented),teas,coffees,hello kitty,any thing foofoo cute(barf)and too much pink gives me a headache,some pink is ok , yeah another dislike CLOWNSI HATE THEM !!!Adding to my things of dis-like supercutesyglitterymakeup-ness,thats soooo ewwwww (argh)...black licorice...tacky buttons...useless craft stuff ...chipboard...seed beads....

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colors i like

Air Force blue, Alice blue, Alizarin, Almond, Amaranth, Amber, Amber, American rose, Amethyst, Android Green, Anti-flash white, Antique brass, Antique fuchsia, Antique white, Ao , Apple green, Apricot, Aqua, Aquamarine, Army green, Arsenic, Arylide yellow, Ash grey, Asparagus, Atomic tangerine, Auburn, Aureolin, AuroMetalSaurus, Awesome (color), Azure (color wheel), Azure mist/web, Baby blue, Baby blue eyes, Ball Blue, Banana Mania, banana yellow, Battleship grey, Bazaar, Beau blue, Beaver, Beige, Bisque, Bistre, Bittersweet, Black, Blanched Almond, Bleu de France, Blizzard Blue, Blond, Blue, Blue (Munsell), Blue (NCS), Blue (pigment), Blue (RYB), Blue Bell, Blue Gray, Blue-green, Blue-violet, Blush, Bole, Bondi blue, Boston University Red, Brandeis Blue, Brass, Brick red, Bright cerulean, Bright green, Bright lavender, Bright maroon, Bright pink, Bright turquoise, Bright ube, Brilliant lavender, Brilliant rose, Brink pink, British racing green, Bronze, Brown (traditional), Brown (web), Bubbles, Buff, Bulgarian rose, Burgundy, Burlywood, Burnt orange, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Byzantine, Byzantium, Cadet, Cadet blue, Cadet grey, Cadmium Green, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Cal Poly Pomona green, Cambridge Blue, Camel, Camouflage green, Canary yellow, Candy apple red, Candy pink, Debian red, Capri, Caput mortuum, Cardinal, Caribbean green, Carmine, Carmine pink, Carmine red Carnation pink Carnelian Carolina blue Carrot orange Ceil Celadon Celestial blue Cerise Cerise pink Cerulean Cerulean blue CG Blue CG Red Chamoisee Champagne Charcoal Chartreuse (traditional), Chartreuse (web), Cherry blossom pink, Chestnut, Chocolate (traditional), Chocolate (web), Chrome yellow, Cinereous, Cinnabar, Cinnamon, Citrine,, Classic rose, Cobalt, Cocoa brown, Coffee, Columbia blue, Cool black, Cool grey, Copper, Copper rose, Coquelicot, Coral, Coral pink, Coral red, Cordovan, Corn, Cornell Red, Cornflower blue, Cornsilk Cosmic latte Cotton candy Cream Crimson Crimson glory Cyan Cyan (process) Daffodil Dandelion Dark blue Dark brown Dark byzantium Dark candy apple red Dark cerulean Dark champagne Dark chestnut Dark coral Dark cyan Dark electric blue Dark goldenrod Dark gray Dark green Dark jungle green Dark khaki Dark lava Dark lavender Dark magenta Dark midnight blue Dark olive green Dark orange Dark orchid Dark pastel blue Dark pastel green Dark pastel purple Dark pastel red Dark pink Dark powder blue Dark raspberry Dark red Dark salmon Dark scarlet Dark Sienna Dark slate blue Dark slate gray Dark spring green Dark tan Dark tangerine Dark taupe Dark terra cotta Dark turquoise Dark violet Dartmouth green Davy's grey Deep carmine Deep carmine pink Deep carrot orange Deep cerise Deep champagne Deep chestnut Deep fuchsia Deep jungle green Deep lilac Deep magenta Deep peach Deep pink Deep saffron Deep sky blue Denim Desert Desert sand Dim gray Dodger blue Dogwood Rose Dollar bill Drab Duke blue Earth yellow Ecru Eggplant Eggshell Egyptian blue Electric blue Electric crimson Electric cyan Electric green Electric indigo Electric lavender Electric lime Electric purple Electric ultramarine Electric violet Electric Yellow Emerald Eton blue Fallow Falu red Fandango Fashion fuchsia Fawn Feldgrau Fern green Ferrari Red Field drab Firebrick Fire engine red Flame Flamingo pink Flavescent Flax Floral white Fluorescent orange Fluorescent pink Fluorescent yellow Folly Forest green (traditional) Forest green (X11) French beige French blue French lilac French rose Fuchsia Fuchsia Pink Fulvous Fuzzy Wuzzy Gainsboro Gamboge Ghost white Ginger Glaucous Gold (metallic) Gold (web) (Golden) Golden brown Golden poppy Golden yellow Goldenrod Granny Smith Apple Gray Gray (HTML/CSS gray) Gray (X11 gray) Gray-asparagus Green (color wheel) (X11 green) Green (HTML/CSS green) Green (Munsell) Green (NCS) Green (pigment) Green (RYB) Green-yellow Grullo Guppie green Halaya ube Han blue Han Purple Hansa yellow Harlequin Harvard crimson Hazel Heart Gold Heliotrope Hollywood cerise Honeydew Hooker's green Hot magenta Hot pink Hunter green Iceberg Icterine Inchworm India green Indian red Indian yellow Indigo (dye) Indigo (web) International Klein Blue International orange Iris Isabelline Islamic green Ivory Jade Jasper Jazzberry jam Jonquil June bud Jungle green Kelly green Khaki (HTML/CSS) (Khaki) Khaki (X11) (Light khaki) KU Crimson La Salle Green Lapis lazuli Languid lavender Laser Lemon Lava Lavender (floral) Lavender (web) Lavender blue Lavender Blush Lavender gray Lavender indigo Lavender magenta Lavender mist Lavender pink Lavender purple Lavender rose Lawn green Lemon Lemon chiffon Light apricot Light blue Light brown Light carmine pink Light coral Light cornflower blue Light cyan Light fuchsia pink Light goldenrod yellow Light gray Light green Light khaki Light mauve Light pastel purple Light pink Light salmon Light salmon pink Light sea green Light sky blue Light slate gray Light taupe Light Thulian pink Light yellow Lilac Lime (color wheel) Lime (web) (X11 green) Lime green Lincoln green Linen Liver Lust Macaroni and Cheese Magenta Magenta (dye) Magenta (process) Magic mint Magnolia Mahogany Maize Majorelle Blue Malachite Manatee Mango Tango Maroon (HTML/CSS) Maroon (X11) Mauve Mauve taupe Mauvelous Maya blue Meat brown Medium aquamarine Medium blue Medium candy apple red Medium carmine Medium champagne Medium electric blue Medium jungle green Medium lavender magenta Medium orchid Medium Persian blue Medium purple Medium red-violet Medium sea green Medium slate blue Medium spring bud Medium spring green Medium taupe Medium teal blue Medium turquoise Medium violet-red Melon Midnight blue Midnight green (eagle green) Mikado yellow Mint Mint cream Mint green Misty rose (web color) Moccasin Mode beige Moonstone blue Mordant red 19 Moss green Mountain Meadow Mountbatten pink Mulberry Mustard Myrtle MSU Green Nadeshiko pink Napier green Naples yellow Navajo white Navy blue Neon Carrot Neon fuchsia Neon Green Non-photo blue Ocean Boat Blue Ochre Office green Old gold Old lace Old lavender Old mauve Old Rose Olive Olive Drab (web) (Olive Drab #3) Olive Drab #7 Olivine Onyx Opera mauve Orange (color wheel) Orange (RYB) Orange (web color) Orange peel Orange-red Orchid Otter brown Outer Space Outrageous Orange Oxford Blue OU Crimson Red Pakistan green Palatinate blue Palatinate purple Pale aqua Pale blue Pale brown Pale carmine Pale cerulean Pale chestnut Pale copper Pale cornflower blue Pale gold Pale goldenrod Pale green Pale magenta Pale pink Pale plum Pale red-violet Pale robin egg blue Pale silver Pale spring bud Pale taupe Pale violet-red Pansy purple Papaya whip Paris Green Pastel blue Pastel brown Pastel gray Pastel green Pastel magenta Pastel orange Pastel pink Pastel purple Pastel red Pastel violet Pastel yellow Patriarch Payne's grey Peach Peach-orange Peach puff Peach-yellow Pear Pearl Peridot Periwinkle Persian blue Persian green Persian indigo Persian orange Persian pink Persian plum Persian red Persian rose Persimmon Peru Phlox Phthalo blue Phthalo green Piggy pink Pine green Pink Pink-orange Pink pearl Pink Sherbet Pistachio Platinum Plum (traditional) Plum (web) Portland Orange Powder blue (web) Princeton orange Prune Prussian blue Psychedelic purple Puce Pumpkin Purple Purple (Munsell) Purple (X11) Purple Heart Purple mountain majesty Purple pizzazz Purple taupe Radical Red Raspberry Raspberry glace Raspberry pink Raspberry rose Raw umber Razzle dazzle rose Razzmatazz Red Red (Munsell) Red (NCS) Red (pigment) Red (RYB) Red-brown Red-violet Redwood Regalia Rich black Rich brilliant lavender Rich carmine Rich electric blue Rich lavender Rich lilac Rich maroon Rifle green Robin egg blue Rose Rose bonbon Rose ebony Rose gold Rose madder Rose pink Rose quartz Rose taupe Rose vale Rosewood Rosso corsa Rosy brown Royal azure Royal blue (traditional) Royal blue (web) Royal fuchsia Royal purple Ruby Ruddy Ruddy brown Ruddy pink Rufous Russet Rust Sacramento State green Saddle brown Safety orange (blaze orange) Saffron St. Patrick's blue Salmon Salmon pink Sand Sand dune Sandstorm Sandy brown Sandy taupe Sangria Sap green Sapphire Satin sheen gold Scarlet School bus yellow Screamin' Green Sea green Seal brown Seashell Selective yellow Sepia Shadow Shamrock green Shocking pink Sienna Silver Sinopia Skobeloff Sky blue Sky magenta Slate blue Slate gray Smalt (Dark powder blue) Smokey topaz Smoky black Snow Spiro Disco Ball Splashed white Spring bud Spring green Steel blue Stil de grain yellow Straw Sunglow Sunset Tan Tangelo Tangerine Tangerine yellow Taupe Taupe gray Tea green Tea rose (orange) Tea rose (rose) Teal Teal blue Teal green Tenné (Tawny) Terra cotta Thistle Thulian pink Tickle Me Pink Tiffany Blue Tiger's eye Timberwolf Titanium yellow Tomato Toolbox Torch red Trolley Grey Tropical rain forest True Blue Tufts Blue Tumbleweed Turkish rose Turquoise Turquoise blue Turquoise green Tuscan red Twilight lavender Tyrian purple UA blue UA red Ube UCLA Blue UCLA Gold UFO Green Ultramarine Ultramarine blue Ultra pink Umber United Nations blue University of California Gold Unmellow Yellow UP Forest green UP Maroon Upsdell red Urobilin USC Cardinal USC Gold Utah Crimson Vanilla Vegas gold Venetian red Verdigris Vermilion Veronica Violet Violet (color wheel) Violet (RYB) Violet (web) Viridian Vivid auburn Vivid burgundy Vivid cerise Vivid tangerine Vivid violet Warm black Wenge Wheat White White smoke Wild blue yonder Wild Strawberry Wild Watermelon Wine Wisteria Xanadu Yale Blue Yellow Yellow (Munsell) Yellow (NCS) Yellow (process) Yellow (RYB) Yellow-green Zaffre alt text

About Me

Lorraine-whole lotta stuff in 6 x9 envie.

gooseberry-pen pal tag

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Comment: CC this journal is awesome!! Worth the wait :) You did a great job. Hope things are better for you these days. I will work on this in my spare time and get it ready to go to the next in line. {{HUGS}}
VioletFaye rated for KEN/ GIJOE Drag Doll Diva on Sep 25, 2011
Comment: Thank you sooooooo much for Miz Donatella "she's" wonderful. Thanks for hosting such a great swap ! Hope you do another.
heavenscreations rated for C.C.K.M.A PC SWAP on Aug 30, 2011
Comment: Thank you for you PC. I agree it is a word not a sentence.
ladymel rated for C.C.K.M.A PC SWAP on Aug 28, 2011
Comment: Having Lost and lived through it..I totally agree!!!
Paige1900 rated for C.C.K.M.A PC SWAP on Aug 27, 2011
Comment: Awesome...Thank You!!!
CarlyJo rated for classychica and CarlyJo on Aug 15, 2011
Comment: Thank you this came in the mail today! Those stickers are so neat, its like you can feel the petals! And yup those are atc envies, I have never seen anyone elses and yours impress me. Thank you so much!
Response: I'm glad you liked it.But I didn't make the envies I got them as extras in a swap and I never used them.
cobaltgypsy rated for Frida Paper Doll on Aug 11, 2011
Comment: Omfg you are so talented!! I absolutely love her! She's gorgeous and the clothes are fabulous! Thank you so much for a fantastic Frida! A thousand hearts for you!
Comment: OMG, what can I say! I love everything you sent! The butterfly ornament is wonderful and I really love the tin figures. I am going to put them on a wall where everyone can see them. Thank you for an amazing swap! :D
LMM rated for Happy Birthday Frida! on Jul 30, 2009
Comment: Frida would have LOVED the necklace you made! I know I do! The earrings are great as well. I had a similar pair years ago that I gave to a friend who lost everything in a house fire. I look forward to wearing them!
Comment: I'm sorry for the delay in rating! I loved you're answers thank you :)
LMM rated for Frida Notecard on Mar 6, 2009
Comment: 2 very nice cards! I don't know if I'll be able to send them, though...I want to keep them for myself!
Response: I'm glad you liked them ...
fabricmom rated for 20 Questions - Email Swap on Mar 5, 2009
Comment: Thanks for sending the email.
purekitte rated for 20 Questions - Email Swap on Mar 3, 2009
ladyrn rated for 20 Questions - Email Swap on Mar 2, 2009
OfficeWeed rated for 20 Questions - Email Swap on Feb 27, 2009
Comment: Thank you =)
whinendine rated for 20 Questions - Email Swap on Feb 26, 2009
Comment: HA HA. I love your Santa answer. HA HA
TroubledFaery rated for ABC of Housekeeping Email Swap on Feb 26, 2009
Comment: Thanks
Comment: I read and enjoyed your questions. I was really most interested in seeing what people came up with for the extra five. I don't know about you, but I had more trouble coming up with 5 good questions than answering the other 25. Well thanks for the great insight to you and who you are. Look forward to swapping with you again. Beth

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marclively on Dec 1, 2019:

i will take the 3 pc - i have 4 pc or 20 used vintage stamps for next trader

aprilhite012 on Sep 3, 2015:

Just a rak for u april

Fatherted on Jul 6, 2013:

How do you do?

DosLittleMonkeys on Nov 1, 2012:

Happy Dia de los Muertos!

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Missing your classy ass on the 'bot!

Fatherted on Apr 25, 2012:

how do you do?

DosLittleMonkeys on Apr 9, 2012:

¿Qué Pasa?

HoneyBadger on Mar 17, 2012:

Hey Chica Loca! Just stoppin' by to say hi!

weeatcrayons on Dec 28, 2011:

fireworks Hope you have a wonderful upcoming New Year!! Be Safe!!


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