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Date Joined: June 1, 2012
Last Online: May 11, 2018
Birthday: May 20
Country: United States

About Me

My name is Megan, I am 24 years old, from the USA. I love swapping and receiving things through the mail! Especially when I'm not having a good day, to come home to a package in my mailbox is an instant mood booster. I like more of the package style swaps, as when I do swap I give my all for them, I really enjoy making things and shopping for my swap partner and do my best to put together a wonderful package.

I can make really anything if I try hard enough. I can sew, crochet, knit, scrapbooking, learning to make things with polymer clay, and I really really love decoden! I want to decoden EVERYTHING!

I do have a little dog who I love so much! But he doesn't shed.

Current Obsession: Potion bottles, witchy items, Slytherin.


Shirts and tops: US Medium/Large / bust is 34C. Bottoms: US size 7 or US Medium. Socks: 6-9. Shoes: US 7. I can't wear flats with a short hard backing to them, they have to be soft in the back. And I can't wear heels without an ankle strap attached because I have skinny heels and they slip right out :( Neck size: 12 inches. Ring size: 4.5 for ring finger, 6 for others.

PHONE CASES: Samsung Galaxy S7.


  • I am an aspiring tattoo artist, I love to draw, drawing has always been my life. So any higher quality art supplies would really be helpful! Especially skin tones and black.

  • I love LOVE love Harry Potter! My favorite characters are Draco Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, Albus Dumbledore, the whole Weasley family, Lupin and Tonks, and Snape 💚 RIP Alan Rickman 💚. I am a proud Slytherin! 🐍 I was sorted into Slytherin by Pottermore. I collect Harry Potter things, and even have a wand collection!

    The Harry Potter wands I have: Dumbledore, Ron, Sirius, Fleur, Bellatrix, Fred and Georges. I also have a wand I won from Alivans Wands! I have a golden snitch, and a Mcgonagle and Dobby Pop figure. I would really love to recieve some more Harry Potter Pop figures, and some Slytherin accessories.

  • I love Dr Who. I just started watching it with my boyfriend and boy oh boy is it addicting.

  • I love the Joker. I should say I'm obsessed instead. He is bae.

  • I love Pokémon, my favorites are Lapras, Bulbasaur, Mew, and Pikachu!

  • Care bears, Little Twin Stars, grumpy cat.

  • I love cute kawaii things, but I'm trying to limit myself to what I have, because if you collect kawaii things too, you know that things accumulate very, very fast. So I try to only keep kawaii things that can serve some sort of purpose.

  • Disney! I love Moana, Ariel, Rapunzel, Big Hero 6, and Lilo and Stitch.

  • Maid Sama, Madoka Magica, most animes.

  • Fairy Kei and Sweet Lolita.

  • Pastels.

  • Cute hair bows and accessories.

  • Fave colors are light blue, light green, pastel pink, lavender, grey and black.

  • Eco friendly products.

  • Otters, Dogs, pigs, panda bears, kittens.

  • Hoodies all year ✊

  • Succulents.

  • Herbs and potion bottles.

  • Witchy things, but not pentagrams.

  • Owls.

  • Gothic decor.

Favorite Music

  • Queen! (Oh how I love Queen!)

  • Justin Timberlake.

  • Jason Myraz.

  • One Direction.

  • Luke Bryan.

  • Love Songs.

  • Marilyn Manson.

  • Green Day.

  • Lana Del Rey.

  • Melanie Martinez

Swaps for My Boyfriend

He likes Star Wars, Batman, Kirby, superheros, pandas, dragons, books, cool gadgets, favorite color is light almost neon green, but also likes light blue and purple.


I'm allergic to Jasmine, and I get skin rashes from Basil and Avacado bath and hair products.

I have very sensitive skin is so I try to only use natural bath products.



  • Anything listed from my likes above.

  • Over the knee socks and tights.

  • Wizards Wands ( store bought or handmade)..

  • Souvenir T-shirts from different states and countries.

  • Build a Bear Clothing, my giraffe Skittles that my boyfriend gave me needs some pjs! She is cute and rainbow, mostly purple and smells like Cotton Candy 😍

  • Harry Potter Merch. and Pops.

  • Studded headband.

  • Cute patches for my coat.

  • Crystals, crystal shelf.

  • All natural soaps.

  • Magical items such as potion bottles, herbs, etc.


  • Spiders. PLEASE do not send me anything spider related. I've had spider related stuff sent to me and that didn't go well because I am DEATHLY afraid of spiders.

-Anything Frozen related. I do not like Frozen at all.

  • Skulls, chains, or blood.

  • I only like the Chinese tea, you know the kinds you get for free at a take out restaurant? Other teas make me throw up. o.o ..

  • Grape juice or grape flavored stuff.

  • Pentagrams/Pentacles.

  • individual note cards, junk.

  • Beauty Samples.

  • Dark Chocolate and Mint.

  • The smell of alcohol.

  • Onions, fish, pork.

  • Eyelash curlers and emery boards scare the crap outta me.

  • Red and hot pink.

About being a Swap Coordinator

Please note, that if you have a problem with a fellow swapper, first try to work it out amongst yourself NICELY like adults. And if there is still a problem message me and I will help in any way I can.Please be truthful in your messages, I will never take one persons side so there is no use in trying to lie to make yourself look good. I always hear both sides of the story.

The one thing I cannot tolerate is Swap Bot Bullies. If I ban you from a swap, it means you didn't meet the requirements. Usually I let this one slide if it's like one and there is an explanation for it or if it was a long time ago, but, if you just flaked on like 10 swaps within the last year and I STATE in the swap info that you must have a 5 rating then I'm sorry to say, I'm gonna ban you. Banning you doesn't mean I have anything against you personally, a lot of you are really nice so I hope you don't get offended when I ban you. But I don't want anybody to get flaked on, I know how that feels and it isn't right. Therefor I try to avoid it happening in my swaps at all cost. I always check every persons profile throughly. I check their ratings, hearts, I check to see how well their profile is filled out (and contact them if I feel the swap requires a bit more), everything.


Comment: I absolutely love the care pack you sent me. From the hat to the potions to the candy to the plush Dobby. Thank you thank you thank you. You put a lot of thought into this swap and for that I am pleased!
vontakk rated for Hogwarts Through The Alphabet ~B! on Apr 21, 2017
Comment: Ahhhh! I love this soooo much! Thank you! I haven't had a Butterbeer in a few years so it will be much appreciated, then I'm taking the bottle and putting butterbeer wax melts in it and heating it up on a warmer! I also adore the Newt Scamander keychain! It's on my keys! :D Thank you, thank you! I love these swaps!
Comment: Thank you so much! Everything was wonderful and packaged perfectly. The little owl has been making himself quite at home :)
silvermoonsnake rated for Harry Potter letter #13 on Mar 31, 2017
Comment: Ooh, I got signed photo from Gilderoy <3 Thanks xD It made me giggle
redwrapper rated for Private Swap on Oct 18, 2016
Comment: Ahhhh my rating didn't save! :( Thank you so much for all the amazing tsums! I already have Aladdin and Jazmine. But the other two I don't! So I'm super excited! :) I love the tsum tsum lip smacker!! I have the first series set already. But I didn't realize they released a new set!!! This is my favorite flavor out of all the ones I own. :D Thank you so much!! :) Thank you also for the doki doki crate items. :D I canceled right before that month so I was stoked to receive a couple items from that box!!! Yay :D October's box looks super cute too! It makes me wish I hadn't canceled. Lol. Thank you so much again!! 💖💖💖
drgngirl rated for Tsum Tsum and a Surprise on Sep 20, 2016
Comment: Aaaaaaaaaaack!!!!! If I could give you more stars I so would! I absolutely LOVE my Tsum Tsums! Rapunzel and Rabbit?!?!?! And an Eeyore ornament?! You totally spoiled me! Thank you so much!
Comment: Oh my gosh. I cannot describe how in love with what you sent me I am!!!! Thank you so much!!! I haven't opened everything. I'm trying to spread it out. XD But the ones I have opened are amazing!!! The rabbit is definitely one of my most cuddly stuffies!! And the two bracelets you made me!! So amazing!! Your resin pieces are legit! Mine come out so sad. Lol. I love the shopkins taco!! That is too adorable! And the sushi doll!!! Ahhhhh!!! Now I'm obsessed. Lol. And that mystery lip gloss!! I need to get more!!! Thank you so so much!! You made my day and then some!! I'm going to be sending your package off really soon!! I just need to take a trip to the post office. :) Its all packaged and ready to go. :D
redwrapper rated for Private Swap with Red Wrapper on Sep 21, 2015
Comment: Omg was this an awesome swap!! :D When I saw your box on my bed I was so incredibly excited. I can tell you put a lot of care and thought into the package. :) And I loved everything!!! :D I especially love the personalization. :) The pajamas are super adorable!!! I didn't know they sold those at Kmart!!!! Omg. :D Freak out moment lol. Everything about the package was wonderful. :) Plus it's a great start up kit. :D Thank you so much. :) It is always a pleasure to swap with you. :)
Comment: Thank you so much for everything. I can't wait to run around as a unicorn and I am already cuddling the cuddly toys <3. Thank you so much. I hope one day I'll have the Belle princess, as she is my favorite, but Jasmine is awesome as well. And the m&ms will be eaten next week with my friends <3. THANK YOU AGAIN. I am so in love with it all <3.
erinhayden rated for Pretty Profile-Hello Kitty! on Sep 4, 2015
Comment: Thank you!
jlburke3 rated for Pretty Profile-Hello Kitty! on Sep 1, 2015
Comment: Thanks Megan!!
Stuckinsideacloud rated for Private kawaii swap on Jun 27, 2015
Comment: Thank you so very much! I adore everything you've sent my way, the clothes fit like a glove! And they're perfect to start my first pastel lolita style outfit! :D A huuuuge thank you for the necomimi and collar!!!!!!!!! Soooooo adorable! perfect sizes and love the colors in the ears ^_^ The Harajuku Perfume is the cutest perfume I've ever had! I'm so grateful! I can't even thank you enough, everything is so perfectly my taste and I really adore the drawing you did as well! Going right up on my artist wall ^_^ I'd be happy to swap with you again anytime in the future, and certainly hope you'll love everything I've sent your way as much as I love your package!
Corysmileyface rated for Mega Kawaii Swap! on Mar 5, 2015
Comment: If I could give you a higher rating I would!!!!!♡♡ I've been having such a horrible time and your Kawaii package made me smile ear to ear. Love your craftsmanship♡♡♡ thank you doll!!!!! Loved everything! ♡
Response: You're welcome, glad you liked it ;) hope everything made it there in one piece
foxyfoxy rated for Manga Alphabet Challenge #1! -A! on Jan 31, 2013
Comment: Super cute! Thank you so much!
jessielightyear rated for Clothespin Kokeshi Dolls #1 on Jan 30, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the super cute Kokeshi doll! :) I loved the bead for the hair!
Jillyfish rated for Clothespin Kokeshi Dolls #1 on Jan 24, 2013
Comment: She's so cute! Thank you! I am placing her near my desk, so she can smile at me all day. :)
CourtneyAnne rated for I Mustache You a Question... on Jan 23, 2013
Comment: OhMyGoodness! Your package ROCKED! Thank you so so so much! I'm wearing the necklace & earrings today! <3 <3 <3
dorcii rated for Panties and a Surprise #25 on Jan 3, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the underwear and the notecards, I really like all of them <3
line rated for Private Christmas Swap. on Dec 30, 2012
Comment: Hey Megan! I just received your wonderful package.. Thank you for the awesome things and for being such a great swap partner! I loved everything- especially the self made mustache cup, the mustache shaped mint container and the great sandwich mats! I wish I could give you more than one heart- Thank you for making this swap so special, it’s probably the best I’ve ever received! :)
Response: Im glad you like it! :) I had alot of fun putting everything together for you!
Comment: Thank you... happy new year to you :)

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