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Country: Malaysia
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update 11/5/2022

Our border open last April. Yay! So it also mean I can start sending mail all over places again. I just recently read the notes at Pos Malaysia. Let me know if anything you didn't get from last 2 years time.. I'll prepare a resend now. Hopefully the new one will reach you well.

Update 30/9/19

Just recently feel ready to do simple swap.. I'm ageing and more mature ;D


and.. if you feel like swapping mini journal let me know.

About Posting

In most of my swap, I usually get my stamps ordered online because I wanted to select the design. I love different kind of stamps that our post office offer so I can stick different things on my envelope. So, I don't usually go to post office. My mail goes to the post box that belong to post office place by the road. So far, my swap reach destination, means they pick up the mails. But I don't know exactly the day and time. It suppose to be every work days. But since snailmail is not common here anymore unless official which usually they go to counters, I don't know if they did not pick up in certain days. And I didn’t know if they postmarked item on the same day collected as postmarked done in mail center not at the post office. I'm sorry if anyone upset with this way of post management. Sent is send to post box.

I love swapbot for swapping and oppurtunity to write and create things. I'm here for a hobby and to have fun. No stress zone. Let me know if you didn't received my swap, I will resend. But I can't make anyone satisfied when you already decided you didn't want to give me full rating.



I work weekdays so weekends I usually spend with my family. There always friends' wedding or window shopping and houseworks to do so I probably didn't online on weekends.. So, if any swaps happen to have sign up date on weekends or any item post date on friday or weekends..that will be the first case. Just not to get anybody confuse and worried.. I will note here from time to time if I'm away for few days like out of station or holidays unless emergency.. Thanks and sorry for inconvenience.


I'm Hana. I'm from Malaysia. I'm married and has 3 kids. I'm working 8 to 5 workdays in technical department and spending weekend time with family. Coming back here for chances to write more and do simple swap after sometimes.

Alt text

source https://www.pinterest.com/pin/449374869060261223/


Me and Swap-bot

  • Please let me know if you late sending.. I'm a considerate person.. I don't like giving 3 or 1 unless it's unavoidable

  • Let me know if you didnt receive after 6 weeks.. i use airmail rate when i post.. but i put things in post box.. uncertain pick up time. It usually reach you after 3 or 4 weeks.. so far most arrive within 2 months. I will do resend if needed after 2 months if you didn’t received. But snailmail are pure luck sometimes, I received my bookdepository order after 2 months and I heard from someone my letter arrives after 2 months plus too. Things happen.

  • Life aren’t perfect.. we all have ups and downs. I’m here to have fun swapping, giving and receiving mail.. and I honestly didn’t like to be in any kind of drama. I’m no longer highschool kids or college girls. I’m a busy person with kids and works. My time are precious. Time has really makes me a grown up person. And I expect things handle in a more mature way.

  • If I don't rate.. and you wonder.. just ask.. Probably I forget.. or I haven't received it yet.. but I will allow like 6 weeks before I try to ask anything..

  • You can always amend it if you flake me.. just PM

  • Im generous with hearts.. extra is not really necessary.. good presentation.. nice story.. thats enough for heart. we just luv to write n swap with minimal cost.. but if you want to send something nice Thank you in advance!!

  • I really appreciate if you can spend time to rate. When I got rated, I know things I sent has reached destination. That's the most important things.

-If I host a swap and you didn't received yours, let me know.

My Favorite


I love music.. I enjoy most things from rocks, pop, RnB, even some country and classic..


I'm currently buying kids books to create littlle library, have kids start reading less picture books and comics and me myself trying to start reading something more serious.. like Economics, Money Management and Self building stuff ;D I am actually very fantasy kind of person.. Growing up reading fairy tales, and love how awesome Lord Of The Ring is. So, that's the kind of fiction I read.


Fantasy movies usually top my chart followed by action, thriller to animation cartoon and light stuff like romantic comedy.. I'm not so much into so dramatic stuff. I watch lots of Marvel lately.. my kids love them.


Series.. ;D I watch a bit here and there.. Not so much time for TV actually. Watch and love Game of Throne,The Witcher, Wednesday


I'm not really a crafty artistic person.. My experience with paper craft and drawings is quite minimal too. But I love to try out craft.. and call myself beginner in every craft. I'm sorry if my art not up to your level of expectation

test image size

source https://64.media.tumblr.com/138f07a7cb6d097236567d4b3422b7b5/de9a443ded892521-ea/s1280x1920/6854550f1d90ce19a3b6f80af4eb48cdbd20e1cf.jpg


Pen Palling

I love pen palling.. If anyone interested in writing continuous letters or postcards..It will be great ;)) Juz message me then.. and i love beautiful stamps from all over the world.. its great if you can send me letter using real stamp. i prefer to use original stamp no matter how big the amount of postage.. if it is permitted

And.. Though I love seeing cursive writing and amaze by how it is.. I find it harder to read because I didn't learn them. But I'll try my best.

Likes List


  • Book mark
  • Folded Notecard
  • Washi Sample
  • Nicely Cut Out from felt or corrugated board or foam
  • Mail art esp nicely made envelope
  • Die cut
  • Stamped images
  • Pretty papers
  • Letter Sets
  • Stickers or sticker sheet
  • Address Label
  • Pens esp gel pen, black gel pens, soft color highlighter, fineliner
  • Memo pads
  • Sticky notes
  • Journal books or books with varied sizes
  • Interesting stuff to decorate journal (not ephemera unless I participate in one)
  • Scrap- booking stuff / decoration/embelishment
  • Your country souvenirs

I'm not picky though... i enjoy all colors.. but my all time favorite is pink and purple.. i'm into girly and cute stuff and themes too.. romantic and lacy too.. so anything possible ;) some idea of fav themes like butterfly, snow n snowman, dry autumn leaves, flowers, hearts, bunny, cupcake,.. etc

If you have anything interesting for my kids.. That would be great too.

WISHLIST (it's an extraordinary things)

  • Snow Globe
  • Handmade soap ( I've tried it and it's so soft to body)
  • crochet and cross stitch ( i don't know how to make one.. getting one is nice ;)


I've received some tea since I join several notes with tea swap.. So I got chance to taste. So some tea preference.. Currently, luv.. Lemon Flavor, Vanilla flavor and Strawberry flavor ;) Malaysia have tea plantations... we have Sabah tea, BOH and Cameron Bharat.. the local tea.. BOH have some flavors variations and commonly and easier to get. Cameron Bharat is more famous in Cameron Highland where they plant tea.. ;) Ask me if you interested with the local tea.

Don't Send Me

  • Religious items/ related items
  • food except tea bag ( they will melt in 30++Celcius and it is everyday 30++)
  • make up except in my wish list
  • bath product except in my wish list
  • nail polish or art.. ( I don't paint my nail)
  • earings.. ( i don't wear it)
  • please try to avoid smoke smell n fur..
  • please try not to give themes like dog or pig..
  • please don't send me any food with alcohol.


Im trying to add collection to my postcard.. i love landmark of the country or state postcard.. others like scenery, tourist place, map, people.. as long as it is something special from your place.. naked and stamped is so great!! I also enjoy art paint postcard and cute digital art postcard about your place.

My wishlist for postcard are :

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Statue Of Liberty
  • Pyramid
  • Any UNESCO site
  • Map Postcard


I enjoy photography too.. if you want to make card using pictures you have taken.. feel free to do so.. sometimes real photo much more beautiful than the choice of store-bought postcard and I welcome anyone who wants to make note card from picture they've taken..


I love journal writing.. decorated or not..but i know it needs so much commitment.. i welcome anyone who wants to exchange journal.. or journaling with real print out photos.. but I only can commit to one at a time.. because it requires time n money.. i think journal n photos are interesting way to get to know people n culture.. If you interested to do a project in my wishlist just contact me. I currently just do my own daily gratitude journal

Wish project:

  • Journal with real photos
  • Journal entry with pockets for each entry
  • Journal with small extra for each entry
  • Written Junk Journal
  • Decorative journal
  • Beginner art journal
  • 3 Months Plus journal
  • I love to try swapping journal with someone from various country

Let me know if you have some journal idea and wants to exchange..

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nicolebrooke23 rated for Reflection Writing on Feb 1, 2023
Comment: thank u for sharing such a heart felt swap :)
mermaidery rated for ESG: My Favorite Photo - December on Jan 31, 2023
Comment: Thank you for sharing!
Comment: Thank you for the Austen card!
KSENiA rated for R&W 2023 TBR Planning on Jan 30, 2023
Comment: Thank you for sharing. Good luck with your goal!
mejulia rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #326 on Jan 26, 2023
Comment: I enjoyed your note and thank you for using such a pretty stamp.
Poohtat rated for Postcards for Mental Health on Jan 26, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard. It is hard to 'talk' on a postcard. Stay positive and happy swapping
Comment: Thank you for sharing. It looks like you had a fun month!
Tynkerbelle rated for AMA: Houses PC -December on Jan 17, 2023
Comment: I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful Piece of Art and your letter explaining was so very nice and touching...i really loved the effort you gave in the details..and the extra card will be in a keepsake binder of special items...much appreciated!! many hearts...& happy swapping
Cindymt rated for ESG: My Favorite Photo - December on Jan 10, 2023
Comment: Thanks for sharing 😊
DParker85 rated for Happy New Years on Jan 6, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the shimmery pages!
christywebb rated for R&W 2023 TBR Planning on Jan 4, 2023
Comment: Your reference to "books that I really feel like reading" is finally how I was able to whittle my list down! Good luck with your TBR!
Comment: What a lovely cute letter, I loved reading about your life and a different culture! It's nice that a lot can happen in a week, but also be the usual things that we do. Thank you also for the extra memo papers they are adorable. I hope you join the swap again!
Comment: I loved the way you answered the questions! How creative, I just write it all in a notebook lolol thank you!
kittyfun rated for I dream of travelling to #1 on Dec 29, 2022
Comment: I hope you can make your travel dreams come true!
coolcamaro rated for Story On A Postcard Oct 2022 on Dec 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the nice postcard. It sounds like you had a very nice trip.
Ettoad rated for R&W: My Current Read PC Swap on Dec 13, 2022
Comment: I’ll have to check out your read - I studied Psychology at University!!
Ikat78 rated for AMA: Add Stripes on Dec 2, 2022
Comment: Postmarked 4 days after the send by date and marked sent on the last day to send. I wish you would have communicated with me if there was an issue sending on time. If posted on last day as marked (Friday) It would have posted on Monday (31st). A heads up is always appreciated because you would know it would be postmarked late. This is your responsibility as a swapper. It is important to communicate with your partners so you can avoid these issues. It is courteous and respectful because people are taking time out of their days to swap for fun. I’m not a postmark watcher but the quality of the swap made me check the date. I would have rated a 5 otherwise.
Response: PM sent.. Things explained.
Comment: Thank you so much for your postcard! I love your countries stamps! Omg I love harry potter I bet the coffee shop was so much fun! I love older buildings it sounds like you had so much fun on your trip! I never been to a hot spring! but i heard that they are very warm and so cool to see! Have a wonderful week!
itsnobody rated for Where are you from? on Nov 18, 2022
Comment: Hey Hana. The bridge looks scary to walk on but beautiful view. Hope you can visit it again.
Ettoad rated for R&W: Flow - One Thing at a Time on Nov 8, 2022
Comment: I so feel the same about all the prompts you wrote about!! I hope you have and enjoy a little vacation to yourself 💕💕

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“Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is.” – Anne Frank

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LahDeeDah on Aug 20, 2013:

Hey Hana - Just stopping by to let you know I'm thinking of you. I hope your pregnancy is going well! (((Hugs)))

secretterrabite on Aug 7, 2013:

Hi Hana, you haven't logged in for a while. Really hope you are ok, Ali x

abbyaguas on Jun 8, 2013:

Hello :D

I hope you are doing well,especially with your pregnancy! Thank you for being a part of ASIA Republic ^^

Pandabingsu on Jun 4, 2013:

How long before you give birth? ^_^

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Hi! I just sent you an invite to LLL (Location) GROUP ;-) So you can keep up with world happenings & SWAPBOTTERS in Your Area! ENJOY & Blessings, cc

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