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Hello Everyone! My first name is Kyra and i live in a small town outside of Portland Oregon. We are located at the north end of the Willamette Valley which is our big rich fertile valley where a lot of the food grow is for the people and animals in Oregon! We are located about 20 miles from downtown Portland.

Since moving here in 2012, I’ve met a person who has land to grow a big garden and I’ve begun to grow organic food during the summer months! So I grow food as I love cooking and am quite a good cook.. Food is a part of how nature works to heal us. It is important to get out and be in nature as we know Mother Nature always has our back. It is important to eat rich healthy veggies to sustain the stresses as we go about our daily lives. Processed foods are causing so many health challenges now for people that it is sad that we don’t get bad food out of the stores so people can be assured to have long productive and happy lives! I enjoy cooking and it is another art form of creativity. It can be enjoyed by all because most people enjoy food! So the garden now is harvest time 2020 and I’ve been freezing and canning some things for use over the winter and spring. It’s a lot of work but honestly, it’s wonderful to open up the freezer and take out veggies I can use in food that won’t harm me. There are no by products or chemicals I cannot even pronounce that cause cancer! So if you have a mind to try something, try raising one large container of lettuce or herbs to start with. Just try it and see what happens! Plants love heat and full sun to grow well. Lettuce can grow with some shade. See what it does for you to keep things simple and to eat what you grow. You can join groups in your area that grow food and be a part of something bigger and the food is shared. You will do the work to help out and get some of the food harvest back when it is ready. It’s a wonderful way to start because we need more food now than ever!


I’m also a full time artist! I’ve been a creative being all of my life! So I open to the creativity that wants to flow thru me. Painting, printmaking, drawing, fiber arts, are just some of the methods that the art techniques I’ll use. An artist has to express and create so others to see and experience art. It’s a drive in us that we feel and so it is! It has a very important place in our world. It can move us to tears and bring us so much joy that it cane take our breath away! It’s a gift that artisans give back to this world. Even in cooking my creativity flows thru in my cooking. As I cook rom many cultures around the world.


I’m a cat lover. Baba, my Egyptian High Priestess Princess Cat has gone on leaving her cat life behind. She really enjoyed getting all the snail mail that people over the years sent me. She had to sniff every piece of mail that came into my place. She would hiss when she smelled another cat! That was her way. She always had to be the first top cat! So I still have Claire, her half sister who is now 19. Claire is very sweet! I’m so glad that she is with me. She is not difficult at all. Just very kind and loving!


I care about my fellow human being. So being kind does matter. I also at times have had to really get in someone’s face to get my message to back off buckwheat! Sometimes our fellow man just doesnt seem to read body language and the nuances of what it means to respect someone’s right to be themself. I have run into my share of angry hateful people and as we go thru so many changes now with the Pandemic and so many other things that will unfold in the future, people who are open, kind and caring will make it thru these times in ways that when we look back we wont understand how we made it. We dont have to use force to be heard. We need to remember to be kind and yet when someone pushes our boundaries and does not respect us as humans we must let them know we will NOT TOLERATE SUCH BEHAVIOR. So call me a REBEL, yes I AM. We cannot turn our faces from what is showing up now when we know it is not ok. We all need to find our voice and speak it to others when we see things that are not right in being good for beast and man. YES, I am a REBEL if someone wants to know. Some of us have to be. Look at Ghandi. Look at all the souls that have made a big difference for others. We all need to really ask ourselves what can I do at this time to make the world a better place.


We did have them this year and they were bad. The garden was affected as the owner had to evacuate the property as the fires were getting close to his land. I live 12 miles away from the garden and my town was not affected. So for a week the property had to be evacuated. The smoke was so bad that there was 1/8 mile visability. I drove out to the garden to check on it and see what was going on and water the garden or the house if necessary. The fire came within 2 miles of the place. Everything was ok with the plants, they needed water and had ash on them but they were ok. I kept loving them as they went thru being exposed to the hot acrid air and all the ash falling out of the sky and thick smoke. It was again a difficult transition to go thru. Grateful the property was spared. Aware of so many people this moment homeless and unsure of their futures due to these forest fires. These fires will come again and the scientists are saying it is due to global warming, i believe it is. So we are going to have to face what we are doing to cause these fires yearly and all of take a part in getting them to stop taking place. It is going to be a change in the ways we live and how we think and seeing the value choices we are all making. California is still on fire as i as write these words now......


I really am into hearing from other human beings. So most of my swaps are about writing and sharing ideas. I enjoy beautiful Postcards and beautiful stationery that people share their ideas on! I like the thinking that goes on behind a given human being. So if you are my partner please be open and write something bout yourself or your life. Tell me something that might be hard for you to share. I appreciate your honesty because all humans have problems. Life is problematic! If one cannot accept that one lives in some great denial. Just be honest and open. I really appreciate your honesty and you will find me swapping in letters and notecards and Postcard categories. Not so much a list of things that I am wanting etc. I rarely sign up for a swap to get things. I’m not apt to have a wish list either. Just not here on swap bot for that reason. Respect people who do of course want to sign up for those swaps. Share with me your humanity. Your soul’s longing!


I enjoy most teas. I prefer black or herbal teas. I will drink green teas if you have one you enjoy. I also drink whiter teas and they are expensive so I don’t see many come thru in a swap. A good black tea is hard to pass up! So if you are sending me tea, send me something you enjoy. Not necessarily something you want to get rid of. Thank you! I really enjoy reading your letter with a cup of tea you enjoy.


Just remember we are all human here. So take a risk and get out of your comfort zone and write something daring to me. Write about your life and tell me something that is bothering you. I can hold the space for you. I think it is beautiful to be able to share yourself because we are all choosing to swap. It is really touching to have someone write something deeper than the day was sunny and really touch the human spirit that we all share. Just take a deep breath and write to another human being taking a risk. It’s ok to take risks they lead to some beautiful experiences...... ABOVE ALL ELSE BE WELL. Most of us will always remember the year 2020.


Am a closet writer. What i have found out since coming on Swap Bot is that i have something to share and say. It keeps oozing out in the pcs and in the art swaps that i keep signing up for. Stories, quirky facts, drawings, artwork and information comes floating to the surface of the mind and i want to immediately get it down. If you consider yourself a writer then you understand one has to GET IT DOWN NOW!

I hope we can all remember to have a sense of humor and to remember we all choose to swap to one another. Let us all laugh more and enjoy the moment because we never know what our future holds. I send loving kindness to all who end up reading this last sentence!


mchesser12 rated for SF~Simply Send a Postcard USA #2 on Nov 19, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the coffee pot/tea pot postcard. I really appreciate your note of encouragement.
Comment: Thank you so much for the very nice card, letter & teas! I cannot wait to try them both! I have tried Paris & love it! 😁 And I can’t get enough of the postcard. Thanks again!
Carollee922 rated for WIYM: FOOD POSTCARD on Nov 17, 2020
Comment: I got your card and felt the need to swing by Starbucks for a Crème Brule Latte and a cake pop. Have a great day
TryshaH81 rated for Small Tea Swap #25 on Nov 17, 2020
Comment: Hi!! Thank you for the yummy looking teas! I promise to write soon! Im way behind in letters but I will explain when I write.
Zypdoda rated for Remembering Sean Connery on Nov 16, 2020
Comment: ❤️ because you have great handwriting for such a small place as a PC. I put The Las Ceusade and The Rock on my PC and then the other night my hubs had First Knight on! I completely forgot about it. It was a favorite movie of mine in the 90’s. He was such a great actor ❤️💔❤️. Thanks for sharing!
susu707 rated for Art Swap on Nov 15, 2020
Comment: Your artwork was so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing it with me and I really enjoyed the tea samples you sent me.
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard and quote!
Response: Your welcome!
Comment: Thanks for the fun PC and your note. We have had a couple dustings of snow, and flurries that didn't stick a few times, but we usually don't get snow that stays on the ground until around the end of December. There seems to be less each year which, as a snowshoer, disappoints me.
CraftyShana76 rated for CS: postcard with quotes on Nov 4, 2020
Comment: TYSVM for the nice PC and I loved the quotes!!
mchesser12 rated for SF- No Rules PC #5- USA on Nov 3, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the Portland, Oregon postcard and for the great note. I am lucky to be a receiver of fresh veggies that my dad grows each summer.
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Baba with me! Cats really do rule our hearts (and our homes!) and although I'd never admit it to the other cats, my own cranky cat Athena is my favorite because when she lets you pet her, you know you're special ;) Take Care and Keep Well my friend and thanks again for the wonderful swap!
Response: Thank you Rapsy for your kind words. So glad you enjoyed the swap! Glad that you have Athena and you feel so loved by her. I hope for all of us in the world the new year coming up will be a little kinder to us all. We’ve all been thru so much this year. That we can all move forward and come home to the moment with peace. Glad we could connect. Much peace and love sent to you and your family!
Comment: Thank you very much for the teas and the loose Sentimental Circus memo sheets :)
Response: Hope the teas work out for you and you stay well as we end the year of 2020! Glad you enjoy the Sentimental Circus stationery!
Tamawi rated for SF- No Rules PC #5- USA on Oct 18, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the book postcard. All is well so far at my home. I appreciate the quote you included. Stories are meant to be shared. 💗
Response: Yes I agree stories are meant to be shared! Be well and continue to be well as we go thru the winter
AnnaL rated for SMSUSA: Tea & 10 on Oct 16, 2020
Comment: Hi Kyra, thanks so much for your letter, printed tea image, tea & your letter, so sweet of you. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and be well, AnnaL.
Response: Thank you so much AnnaL!
squince rated for SF- No Rules PC #5- USA on Oct 15, 2020
Comment: Love it!
Response: Kool!
Comment: thanks sorry for the delay as the dr has taken my old headache meds and am waiting on prior authorization and its been about a month or two headaches never go away smh
Response: Hope your headaches are better! Seems like life these days can be called a headache! We are almost done with the election thank GOD! Hope there is no major problems with who is the winner and we don’t go into civil unrest! We need to end 2020 on a good note with all we have been through! Be well!
Comment: You don’t know how much I enjoyed your letter! I really did. Thank you for taking the time. We traveled through Oregon 2 years ago. I fell in love with it so I can see why everyone is moving there. Take care!💌
Response: It’s so fun to get mail from people here in swap bot! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the PC and had come thru Oregon! It is such a beautiful state! I’m so glad you enjoyed the letter and I wrote it from that place thwt is pure love. It just takes over and the pen goes and I never reread what comes thru from the heart. So glad you enjoyed it! We need these little tidbits in our day to day lives! It’s been such a difficult year so bless us all! Thank you so much for the kind post! I bow to you and your family!
Ukucaitie rated for SF- No Rules PC #5- USA on Oct 9, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the great scotch shortbread card! I loved reading all that you wrote and wish i could try one of your apple pies. My grandmother made shortbread sometimes and it was very good. Thank you!
Response: I’m so glad that you enjoyed the recipe card. I had been saving that card just for you. It would be good to have a great group for those of us who want to share recipe cards or make our own because we have dishes to share! Yum! Yes try the shortbread and let me know how it turns out! I love cookies and tea! Have a wonderful day! Bye for now!
becait rated for Why do you like tea? (USA) on Sep 14, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the tea! I love chocolate mint and it’s so cool that you’ve seen the tea field in Sri Lanka! How exciting! What a relaxing picture you painted of you writing my letter. I especially love the train mention because trains going over tracks is my favorite “bedtime” sound. I don’t currently live by a train but I used to and I miss it. I also don’t drink sugar in my tea often. I feel like it takes the taste away, but if I oversteep my green tea then I add sugar so I can drink and it’s not a waste 😂. I can’t wait to try the teas you’ve sent! (Ps: I love those quilts, when I was in high school I was in a quilt club, where we made squares and then our moderator would sew them all together at the end of the year and we’d donate the quilt!)
Response: I so loved reading your resonse! Thank you so much for sharing your thougths. I so appreciate that you could relate to what i shared and there was a connection! So glad that you were excited to try the teas that i sent you! The trains yes! Quilts yes! We had a great connection here and hope we can swap again in the land of Swap Bot! Thank you again! You made my evening! I have not been on much as i have been working in the garden and preparing for the winter. I came on today and just wanted you to know that your response did not go unnoticed...i am late in writing this and it meant so much to me! Thank you again!
Comment: Hi, thank you so much for your beautiful letter & kind words! You're letter made my day (one that hadn't started off so great). I love your nickname too! I look forward to seeing your swap. Ps I really like your collage art card!♥️

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Happy Birthday!

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Hi Kyra! I got your letter yesterday, LOVE the "selfie"! I will be replying this week!

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Kyra, thank you for the lovely, long, emotionally open letter (which made me cry in a good way) and for the exquisite mug rug! I full intend to write you back but wanted to warn you it may take a bit as I’m very behind on my correspondence. Omg he meantime, take care!

goldfinchmeadowlark on Dec 25, 2016:

Sending you, your family, and furry ladies hugs and immense gratitude for all of the kindness, joy, and generosity you have showered upon me this year, Kyra ♥♥♥ Thank you for being an instrument and reminder of God's love. You are the very best. Keep your eyes peeled mailbox-ward!

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Happy International Cat Day!

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