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Date Joined: March 16, 2016
Last Online: December 3, 2021
Birthday: November 4
Country: United States

About Me


I am going home for 2 weeks.(YAY) I will still be doing a swap or two a week but I will not beable to rate anymore swaps until I return home on 7/19/21.

UPDATE 7/3/21

I have been noticing that I wasn't receiving mail for days and haven't been getting ratings very quickly so I have slowed down on swaps! Finally spoke with the mail carrier yesterday to find out that they are VERY short handed and are only picking up out going mail and delivering mail out here 1 or 2 times a week.


I got a lot of mail this morning out the mail box and will be rating these swap today! Thank you all for being so patient through this.

UPDATE 2/11/21

ALL SWAPS ARE RATED!!!! I am caught up on everything. Time for an update on what's going on with me. I had a meeting at work on November 4, 2020, that the plant would be shutting down and that everyone would be laid off or we could transfer to another plant if that plant needed what we are. Not wanting to be laid off in this time I told them I would transfer. #WHY did I do that? That started a roller coaster that lastest 3 months and landed me in Odessa, Texas! lol (laughing out loud for those of you who don't do the texting language) On January 5th I signed papers on a new home and that started me on a whole different roller coaster. A month later, I now have everything I need turned on and a mailbox (which took me 45 days to get as the postoffice here says it takes that long to change out a lock) YAY, I now have somewhere to get all my bills and the happy part a place to receive my swaps... I have missed swapping so much. I lived in a hotel while trying to buy a home and that is where my last issues occurred. I tried to do 3 or 4 swaps and have them sent to the hotel I was staying at and they just didn't understand that people living in a hotel need to receive mail as well. They did the best they know how I am sure but that didn't help me on my ratings here with swaps. I'm truly SORRY that some swaps made it to my partners and some did not without resends. (which I was happy to do until my partner got their swap.) Now, I am home in the great city of Odessa, Texas, and ready for life to start again.

I love receiving mail and sending mail as most all of us do! My thing has always been letters. I love reading a nice little letter from someone whether it be about something serious or just light chit-chat! (weather, planting a garden, or just a hey how are you! ) On 4/8/2019, I received a letter from a person here on swap-bot that apparently didn't like me and let me know all about it in the 3-page letter that they sent! Okay, as we can all tell my ratings are not perfect as I am only human and while some of us here at swap-bot can get hit by cars and still get things sent out on time my body will not let me! I truly wish that it would as there wouldn't be days I would go without getting mail. lol (laughing out loud for those that don't do the texting language) I have and am working very hard to please everyone here and make whatever everyone feels I did wrong, Right..... There was not a need in a letter like this to be sent to me or anyone else for that matter! So, if for some reason you don't like me and we end up in a swap that calls for a letter please DO NOT downgrade me just simply put it on a piece of paper I don't like you and don't want to write you! No one likes everyone and I think that would cover it! I will not rate down for this, I respect your feelings PLEASE, RESPECT MINE!

March 16, 2016 I live in a small town with a little over 200 people. I receive my mail from the neighboring town. So, if I put my mail in my box (most of the time) it gets picked up the next day and postmarked the day after that. I always mark my items sent when I put them in the box and raise the flag because they are out of my hands and on their way to you.

I Pledge to Rate

Wish List

  1. stationery
  2. ink pens with purple, pink, or orange ink.
  3. postcards
  4. Letter sets!!! 2 to 3 pages with matching envies.
  5. Planner Charm
  6. Letter opener
  7. cup towels
  8. Stickers

Favorite Movies, Music, Books

I have many favorite movies!
Lonesome Dove is my all-time favorite!

Movies I watch in 2020.

  1. Tyler Perry's ACRIMONY

  2. Things My Daddy Should've Told Me

  3. Intuition

  4. I'm that kind of a woman

  5. A Quiet Place

  6. Cabin in the Woods

  7. A Fall From Grace


  1. Virgin River (season 1)

  2. Sweet Magnolias (season 1)

  3. When Calls the Heart (season 1)

  4. When Calls the Heart (season 2)

  5. When Calls the Heart (season 3)

  6. When Calls the Heart (season 4)

  7. When Calls the Heart (season 5)

  8. The Walking Dead (season 1)

  9. The Walking Dead (season 2)

  10. The Walking Dead (season 3)

  11. The Walking Dead (season 4)

  12. The Walking Dead (season 5)

  13. The Walking Dead (season 6)

  14. The Walking Dead (season 7)

  15. Self made

  16. The Walking Dead (season 8)

  17. The Walking Dead (season 9)

My Favorite music is Country!
Although that is my favorite I also listen to all other music as well!
I also like Blues, R&B, Rap (but just a little), Christian, and of course Rock and Roll!

I absolutely love to read so this is a hard one for me to really just pick one book!
I love Amish books but I like to also read love stories, horror and true stories as well!


1.If She Knew (A Kate Wise Mystery- Book 1)

  1. If She Saw (A Kate Wise Mystery-Book 2)


Favorite Crafts


Letter journaling




Adult coloring!

Of course my favorite color would be PURPLE!


My DISLIKES for now are:


** I have a very big problem with people that talk down to others, curse, and or bully others. This is a site for adults and I just don't see the need in these things**

Little things I found

the ABC'S

A="ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find"

B=Be kind one to another

C=Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you

D=Do not be anxious about anything

E=Every good gift and perfect gift is from above

F=For it is by Grace you have been saved through faith

G=God is our refuge and strength an ever-present help in trouble

H=He alone is my rock and my SALVATION

I=I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made

J=Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever

K=Know that the Lord is God it is he who made us

L=Love the Lord our God with all your heart and all your soul

M=My soul finds rest in God alone my salvation comes from him

N=Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see

O=O God you are my God earnestly I seek you

P=Praise the Lord oh my soul all my inmost being praise his holy name

Q=A quite spirit is of GREAT worth in God's sight

R= Rejoice in the Lord always and say it again rejoice

S=Salvation belongs to our God who sits upon the throne

T=Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding

U= Under his wings you will find refuge,his faithfulness will be your sheild

V=Very truly I tell you the one who believes has eternal life

W= We are more than conquerors through him that loved us

X=May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ

Y=You are the light of the world

Z=Zion hears and rejoices

COVID-19 - 3/16/2020

With all that is going on, I want everyone to be aware that I wash my hands before doing any swaps and my going out is VERY limited as one of my jobs has shut down till this is over. #However, I will be continuing to work as long as I can and I WILL BE GOING TO CHURCH.


I am home all the time except CHURCH and the store once a week now. Mask and gloves are worn each and every time I go to the store and to CHURCH.


I am back to work 2 days a week now by wearing a mask. Going to church is still with mask and 6 feet apart but no longer in our cars.



April 1 - For the newbies #7

April 2 - Bible verse Notecard #1, Moses & the Law- Bible Study, Write A Letter Quick swap #7 .April 3 - 2021/1 Page Letter#7

April 4 - 2021/1 Page Letter#8

April 5 - 2021/1 Page Letter#9

April 6 - A Note for You #95, 2021 Bible verse Swap #11

April 7 - 2021/1 Page Letter #10

April 8 - 2021/1 Page Letter#11

April 9 - "Just Because" card swap

April 10 - Bible verse Notecard #2, "Peace, Be Still!" Bible Study

April 11 - 2021/1 Page Letter#12

April 12 - wrote my son

April 13 - A Note For You #96

April 14 - 2021/1 Page Letter #13

April 15 - Write a letter quick swap #8

April 16 - 2021/1 Page Letter #14

April 17 - Wrote my sister

April 18 - Wrote all the girls in the girl's youth group back home

April 19 - Bible verse Notecard #3

April 20 - A Note for You # 97

April 21 - 2 page Letter #2

April 22 - 2021/1 Page Letter #14

April 23 - Wrote my brother back

April 24 - 2021/1 page Letter #15

April 15 - Write a letter quick swap #9

April 26 - 2021/1 page Letter #16

April 27 - Bible verse Notecard #4

April 28 - A Note for you #98

April 29 - 2021/1 page letter #17

April 30 - Wrote my cousin


April 1 - Jesus Foretold - Isaiah 53

April 2 - The Birth of Jesus - Matthew 1:18–25

April 3 - John the Baptist Prepares the Way and Baptizes Jesus - Matthew 3:1—4:11

April 4 - Water to Wine and the Samaritan Woman - John 2:1–11; John 4:1–26

April 5 - Jesus Rejected in his Hometown - Luke 4:14–30

April 6 - Jesus Calls his Disciples - Luke 5:1–11; Matthew 9:9–13

April 7 - Sermon on the Mount - Luke 6:17–46

April 8 -A Centurion, a Widow’s Son and a Sinful Woman - Matthew 8:1–13; Luke 7:11–17; 7:36–50

April 9 - Encounters With the Pharisees - Matthew 12:1–13; 22–45

April 10- Parable of the Sower, Weeds, and Seeds - Matthew 13:1–43

April 11 - Jesus Calms the Storm and Later Walks on Water - Luke 8:22–25; Mark 6:45–56

April 12 - Jesus Heals a Man, Woman, and Girl - Mark 5:1–43

April 13 - Feeding of the 5000 - John 6:1–14

April 14 - Peter Identifies the Christ and the Transfiguration - Luke 9:18–27; Luke 17:1–8

April 15 - Healing by Faith - Mark 9: 14–32

April 16 - Teachings and Parables - Matthew 17:24—18:20

April 17 - Teachings and Parables -Matthew 18:21—19:15

April 18 - Psalms 139

April 19 - Disciples Sent Out - Mark 10:17–31

April 20 - The Good Samaritan - Luke 10:1–24

April 21 - Jesus Teaches how to Pray - Luke 10:25–37

April 22 - Jesus Revives Lazarus - Luke 11:1–13

April 23 - Jesus Comes to Jerusalem - John 11:1–44

April 24 - The Last Supper - Matthew 21:1–27

April 25 - Comfort for the Disciples - John 13:1–17; Matthew 26:17–35 John 14–15

April 26 - Jesus Arrested and Disowned - Matthew 26:36–75

April 27 - Jesus’ Trial - John 18:19—19:16

April 28 - Jesus Crucifixion and Death - John 19:17–42

April 29 - Jesus’ Resurrection and Appearances- John 20–21

April 30 - The Great Commission and the Ascension of Jesus - Matthew 28:16–20; Luke 24:50–53


NaitomeaMinx rated for Christmas card mass swap. on Dec 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely sentiments on your sweet card and happy holidays.
Comment: Thank you for the card...I plan to open it during the month of December....can't wait...cheers!🎄
Comment: Thank you☺️
bluecrayons rated for Bible verse notecard #16 on Nov 27, 2021
Comment: great study. thank you. may i please ask that you don't send me anything with glitter?
bluecrayons rated for Bible Study ~ Satisfaction on Nov 27, 2021
Comment: great study. thank you. may i ask you please don't send anything glitter though, its in my profile.
AJ73 rated for Scripture Writing #7 on Nov 26, 2021
Comment: Hi Jaimie. Thank you for Psalm 7. I like how you decorated the verse numbers. Plus your handwriting is so nice. I’m happy to be a part of your swap. I missed 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. I wasn’t thinking I had to look for the next round until it was way to late. So those chapters I wrote myself. I’m on guard for Chapter 9!!! It’s fun doing with the group knowing we are all reading and writing the same verses at the same time. Thank you for starting this swap. Sincerely, Alma
Comment: Thank you for the pretty card and nice message!
Comment: Lots of glitter! Thank you!
Comment: Thank you and Happy Holidays!
junemoon rated for 2021/1 Page Letter #32 on Nov 23, 2021
Comment: Thanks for your letter, and yes, I have family quite nearby and we'll be together on Thanksgiving. Have a good holiday.
Comment: Thank you
Lablauri57 rated for 2 page Letter #5 on Nov 18, 2021
Comment: It was so good to hear from you…
bluecrayons rated for Scripture Writing #6 on Nov 17, 2021
Comment: great scripture. thank you. was great receiving from you again, just had a lil hard time finding which swap it went to as you didnt include any swap name on study or envie.
Jenny345644 rated for Bible Verses - Give Thanks on Nov 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the Bible verses and pretty ornament 😊
24Donna rated for “Greetings to Your Partner” Card on Nov 12, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the card! Sounds like your day was very busy but productive! Hope you enjoyed your soup! Also thank you for the extras! God bless you
Comment: Thank you so much for your answers and the notes papers. I enjoyed reading your answers.
Candace rated for Bible Study ~ Adoption on Nov 9, 2021
Comment: Thank you :)
NRGordon rated for 2021/1 Page Letter #31 on Nov 8, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the nice letter and the extras. I think that California is the only other place where you can move so far and still be in the same state.. I have seen enough of Texas to know that their certainly are extremes in landscapes. Good luck!
Fritosmom rated for A Mighty Fortress Bible Study on Nov 6, 2021
Comment: Thank you for a beautiful share. God Bless Just received your re-send. Thanks for the reindeer.
lrm1980 rated for Scripture Writing #5 on Nov 6, 2021
Comment: Thank you for writing out Psalm 5 for me. I love how you added the stickers and Washington tape!

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cmalaina on Sep 9, 2021:

Thank you for the birthday card and the extra goodies !!

vneal5 on Apr 26, 2021:

Spring is the best in Kansas.

MissNyx on Apr 7, 2021:

Leave a Comment #3: Hi! I noticed that ‘Sweet Magnolias’ was on your list of tv shows. It’s such an odd coincidence as I was watching the same show tonight. I am really enjoying it so far! Have a lovely evening. ❤️

PastelGreekyChick on Apr 6, 2021:

Happy Tuesday. I hope you have a great day today :)

LavenderSprinkles on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3:

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.”

Les Brown

MuggleMom on Apr 5, 2021:


Swap: Leave a comment #3

pbcquiltlover on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a Comment Swap #3

When life closes a door...open it again. It's a door. That's how they work."

Have a glorious day, and don't let those doors stand in your way! <3

kayebubbly on Apr 5, 2021:

Leave a comment #3

hope you have a lovely season!!! stay safe!

Barbara on Mar 18, 2021:

Hi Jamie, thank you for joining the St. Michael Prayer Warriors group Bible Study. You are the lucky random winner of Pope Francis' booklet, The Way of the Cross. I mailed it off this morning!

PegOGood on Mar 8, 2021:

Hi Jamie. I am glad you are back I have missed the swaps that you host and look forward to them continuing. Happy new home and may GOD bless all who cross the threshold.


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