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Date Joined: May 18, 2017
Last Online: November 21, 2017
Birthday: September 20, 1977
Country: Belgium

Favorite Crafts

Hi if people here think they can hurt me by giving ones i still love swapping and never give up i get a collection of ones ha ha! Dont mind at all will send in my time life happens and I have a very busy time now people who receive things will see! ! you just have to wait thats all even for postcard swaps I buy new cards. That I cant say from everybody. Just had it with all the comments even on things I sent that were 'dirty' ashame on those people who say that!!! I send packages of 20 eur and more, I am in belgium! I hate such people. I did my effort to send all before my huge party, and even than some people here are rude, luckly not all I will send all my swaps, just a NOTE we also have a moving going on! !! the people to who I send will see how honest we are we guide around our uk pall she has a great week! !! so for now give me time. We will send my name is Lynn, I am 40 years old (20/09/1977)PEOPLE READ MY PROFILE PLEASE BEFORE RATING. I WAS HONEST TO CLICK NOT SEND AND NOW THIS ONES SORRY BUT WILL FINISH THE REST IN NOVEMBER! !!! WROTE ALL ADRESSES DOWN NOW NEED MY REST FOR THE PARTY SATURDAY. THANK YOU NOTE 28/10 HUGE PARTY FOR 130 GUESTS IN THE WEEK AFTER ME AND TOM GUIDE AROUND MY ENGLISH PALL WHO COMES OVER FOR ME. WILL STILL SEND SOME THIS WEEK. THE OTHERS IN NOVEMBER, SORRY. BECAUSE OF BEING ILL 3 WEEKS I CHANGED ALL IN UNSENT. I THOUGHT I WOULD BE ABLE TO FINISH ALL DURING THE PERIOD I WAS SICK BUT I COULDNT I WILL SEND CERTAINLY HOPE THAT EVERYBODY WAITS TO RATE. FROM NOW ON I KNOW THAT I CAN PUT UNSEND ALL EVEN IF I ATTEND 20 SWAPS. . LADIES, VERY IMPORTANT TO SEND FROM USA TO BELGIUM OR ALSO OTHER COUNTRIES OUTSIDE EUROPE. PLEASE DONT FORGET TO PUT AIRMAIL ON YOUR LETTER. IF YOU DONT I RECEIVE IT MAYBE 2 MONTHS LATER!!! I MAKE COMPLAINTS TO POST OFFICE EVERY DAY. THIS WEEK(20/10!!!!)I RECEIVED 2 ENVELOPES SEND ON 29/8 I love to write in many languages english, french, dutch, italian, spanish and a bit Portugese I love to travel. I even went to Australia and new Zealand Also my hobby is crafting and swapping everything Including atc, loaded bags, flipbooks. ... my fave colours pink, green, red fave animals koala, dogs, dolphin, elephant I love Elvis Presley and also 60s and 70s music

1) favorites I love all crafts loaded bags flipbooks Mail art atc Pocket letters

2) hobby's travelling been to many countries collecting postcards love writing

3) fave things music(also other countries) walking dogs

have been working in healthcare with elderly people

love to receive packages recipes postcards loaded bags

Hope to learn to know you as a friend greetings from belgium

likes/ dislikes

My favorite flavours sweets like chocolate, cookies, fruit banana, orange

Likes quit pubs movies like drama, thriller music country music postcards sights from your country things from your country musical

dislikes noisy cafe, disco hardrock music

Favorite Movies

Favorite movies greece dirty dancing Elvis movies dance movies singing movies


Favorite things are also tea Coffee candy sweets happy mail

i am not allergic

like to receive

Glitters Washi pens Tape junk journal stuff pocket letters flipbooks Crafty things postcards craft papers stickers

i love stuffed animals, espec elephants

About Me

CANDY AND TEA SWAPS i love all but especially 1) local candy from your country 2) special teas, try me! !!! 3) chips 4) local drink 5) Coffee 6) cookies 7) chocolate 8) Just try new things no chewing gums, i dont like them much


jagoda rated for Advent Tea Calendar on Nov 20, 2017
suepier rated for Postcard Extravaganza #1 on Nov 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the great card from Belgium. I love all of the views.
capeygirl rated for Label Bag Mega Swap #1 on Nov 17, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the LB's the side of the envelope was opened I hope nothing was lost. There was 5 LB's.
thisphoenixrises rated for Postcard Extravaganza #1 on Nov 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card from Belgium! I love getting to see a glimpse of other countries! I hope your party was fun!
Response: Thanks for the good rating
NaomiRisa rated for Me-Time in an Envelope Swap on Nov 15, 2017
Comment: You clicked sent on 25/9/17. Messaged me on 4/10/17 that you will send the following week. On 24/10/17, you messaged again that you will send by this week. Will re-rate after received. 15/11/17, Received the parcel. Thank you.
Response: Thanks for rerating my swap i needed that five
smartin85 rated for Label Bag Mega Swap #1 on Nov 14, 2017
Comment: It has been 2 months since the swap deadline.....haven't received anything..
Response: Why a one? Strange? ?? I have send. It never arrived?
ainaignies rated for Postcard Extravaganza #1 on Nov 14, 2017
Comment: dear Lynn, thank you for the nice pc and stamp. this is 3rd time pc from belgium arrived very fast, i think our MAS flight that bring mails to Malaysia is currently transit at Belgium that time. thank you for informing me first that the pc will be late. Best wishes, ain.
Lyndall rated for ISS: Recipe Swap #1 on Nov 12, 2017
Comment: Hello! Thank you for the lovey recipes and the recipe cards - you can't buy recipe cards here so I always have to make my own. I think I might try those Belgium waffles out on Christmas morning. Thanks for the offer to help me with my Spanish (or should I say "gracias") I may take your partner up on that!
Response: You are welcome to write back in spanish. Thanks for that great rating. I really needed that
cfroggie rated for Postcard Extravaganza #1 on Nov 10, 2017
Comment: Ironically I did get the PC today. This is an odd situation as I did not know you were deliberately late until today, especially with no prior communication. You can't expect people to just read your profile. You need to individually reach out. I've made this mistake before. I cannot read the post date so I will give you the benefit of a doubt and rate you a 5.
Response: Thanks to rerate. I never meant to be late but because of being so busy i couldnt email each one from my swaps now i am slowly catching up
crochetjunkie rated for Postcard Extravaganza #1 on Nov 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thanks to rerate people here are making a hobby giving ones dont mind i did send new bought postcards
capeygirl rated for 5 recipes on Nov 7, 2017
Comment: Giving you a 3 for now when I get your swap I will change it. This swap was late.
Response: Thanks for changing the rating
Comment: the "3" was because it was sent late
Response: A pitty. I had a lot of work on it and sent with tracking.
Kayefiles rated for Chocolate and candy swap on Nov 3, 2017
Comment: I have nothing new to add my experience was the same as everyone elses 😣
Response: Still need to send. People cant you read my profile? ??? Ooh well. You will see. Dont mind anymore.
SusanSpooky rated for Halloween Scavenger Hunt swap on Oct 30, 2017
Comment: I will update rating if I ever receive anything.
Response: Doesnt stop here, read my profile!!! Thank you to beleive me oh well you will receive
lawchick rated for Halloween Theme Flipbook on Oct 27, 2017
Comment: Hello and thank you for this flip book and extras. It was fun to explore!
Comment: Thank you for sharing your little (big) bits of happy with us - and for joining my swap! :) I forgot quite a few happy moments that I remembered looking at your list... ha ha.
animal87x rated for Swapping Animals! INTL #2 on Oct 26, 2017
Comment: WOW LOOKS LIKE YOU DID THIS TO A LOT MORE PEOPLE! WHAT A LIAR! 100% honest and fair rating (10/26/17 1255): Conclusion - it is not necessary to exclude this swapper based SOLELY on this (my) 3 rating, though given her track record looks like you should! ------------------Would love to rate a 5 and give a heart as the items she sent me are cute and to swap/profile. However, I will be rating a three as this was sent about 3 weeks after the due date. Previously rated a 1 as I was repeatedly lied to about this swap (See dated entries below). Would have happily waited until this swapper was ready to send had she provided a specific date she would ship instead of stringing me along, constantly pushing the date back. I do appreciate her reaching out to me. Though I initially felt something was amiss as she had marked the swap sent, yet admitted she hadn't. Seeing as I had to rate a 1 to "light a fire under her" and how she freaked out about it, I do feel that she does take swapping seriously. While I personally would not want to swap with her again, I feel that others should NOT shy away from her at this point. If she continues to lie to others though that may be cause for concern. ---------While slightly biased I believe the host of this swap did pretty well in trying to mediate this issue as well. ---------- [10/17/17 0402 Sorry Lynn, rating only out of fairness...I WAS contacted by this swapper however i feel this is a proper rate at this time. Swap was marked sent on 9/28. I was contacted on 10/4 informing me swap would be sent the following week then received message 10/16 that swap would be sent this week. will rerate when this swap arrives. UPDATE: 10/17/17 0411 Probably not a good idea to tell me what to do, I have now blocked this user as all of a sudden the swap "must have gotten lost in the mail" I do not down rate lightly but as I feel I may be being lied to I stand by my rating!! ---------------10/17/17 1311 So youve told me you were too sick to send 2-3 times, you told swap host you incorrectly addressed the package 2-3 times, now your commenting below blaming the post office, please let me know which of these statements are lies. The funny thing is I would have happily waited till december had you informed me that for XX reason you would not be able to send this swap to me untill XX date with a tracking number. that would have been absolutly no problem, instead you choose to lie about your send date and then continue to falsly promise that this swap would be sent next week, next week, sometime later this week. open and honest communication could have solved this but you choose to lie instead, that is why we now have a problem.]
Response: By the way, by this swapper, i have a name Lynn the items were bought in a store esp.for you. Sorry but i dont understand what people have against me here. I am honest, i put unsend so i did right in my opinion party was much work, more than i thought. We even have a guided tour of a week for our pall Liars, oh well we are that nobody can get ill i suppose! !! i really was ill doctors note not needed have all adresses written down so honest i am! now leave the comments behind you apparantly some ladies have only one thing to do, leave comments, but I dont mind at all, so leave me please thank you.I will report swap bot of this, sorry. what a soap opera i dont care at all i suppose there must be removed some people here i am not a liar! !! what is this? Will even send even if they remove me from swapbot you got your package not? ??? stop this thing. Not normal perple who wait will be treated with huge packages STOP CALLING ME A LIAR. NOW PARTY TIME AND TOMORROW DINNER WITH MY PALL FROM UK IF I WAS A LIAR MY PALLS FROM GREECE AND UK WOULDNT COME OVER TO MY PARTY, THANK YOU. but oh well people who receive my packages will see! !!!!! now party time finally after a year of hard work and after it moving so we keep going on i really have 250 palls and write in 5 languages.this together with my boyfriend. Who can say that? !
Response: Thank you. I needed that five
believeucan rated for make a word with surprises on Oct 24, 2017
Comment: I received your package today it got here in less than a week that I appreciate, however, it is almost a month late. Do you now understand why it is important to follow the rules? 28 swaps on your dashboard and most of them passed the deadline. You stated in Sept. you had a big party in Oct. the responsible thing to do would have been to cut back on your swaps. I tried to communicate with you and give you the benefit of the doubt and in return you were rude and demanding. You assured me you were a good swapper and do you remember what I said . . . "Don't just say you are a good swapper be one by following the rules." I hope this experience has taught you not just to slow down on your swaps but the enormous amount of people that can be hurt when the rules are disregarded and swaps are not met by their deadlines. The swaps are connected to real live human beings who believe and trust that you are going to follow through.
Response: Rude? ?? I have tried to send even before party.i have over 250 palls. So I try to do my best. Well i hope you still enjoyed your huge package.yes i noticed now it can be overwelming.

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piratejimbob87 on Nov 4, 2017:

You can't just write something on your profile & expect people to not rate you for stuff they haven't received.
The ratings can be changed at a later date when they have actually received, until then this is exactly what the system is designed for.
@capeygirl was wrong to rate a 3 for something she hasn't received.

TC on Sep 5, 2017:

Hey, thought I'd let you know that swap hosts have no control over who you're paired with. The SB computer does all the matching of partners. So the host can't fulfill your request to not be matched with people from USA or Germany.

lynndespin on May 20, 2017:

I cant tell much more

Candyn29 on May 20, 2017:

Hello. Welcome to swapbot. I'm hosting the newbie friendly ATC swap. Its always helpful to gill out your profile.

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