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Date Joined: May 4, 2011
Last Online: May 21, 2017
Birthday: January 2, 1991
Country: Canada
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About Me


Please before rating me bad come talk with me first. I always send out on time with my swap's so if you don't get anything let me know before you rate me please and thank you.


I am always looking for new pen-pal's. I been pen-palling for 7 year's now. So if you want to be pen-pals please message me or E-mail me. My E-mail is lovekaramito@hotmail.com

Canada Sometimes Canada mail is very slow and bad. Please forgive me if nothing show's up or it show's up late. It is not my fault at all. It seem to be slower then it use to be for some odd reason. Please give it time please and thank you.


Pryvit I am a 25-year-old Mother to a son name Arin who was born October 23 2016. I am a Female living in Edmonton Canada AB all my life my name is Samantha or Sam Sammy. I live with my boyfriend\father\7 cat's in my Apt that I am renting. I love the color red black white and I hate the color pink. I am more of a nerd\tomboy\gamer girl. My birthday is Jan 2 1991. I love kids. I am very easy to get along with and very friendly. I am a big anime\manga\yaoi\yuri fan big time. I love getting letters and writing letters. I am in love with swapping\trading. I love getting stuff in the mail with my name on it. I am also a big time post card collector. I am on postcrossing. Thank you for reading.



I was born in Edmonton Canada and I been here all my life. I would love to someday see the world. I am part Ukrainian. I am proud of my Culture's I only know English.


My 8 pet family's are 7 cat's and 1 fire belly newt. I am a true animal lover big time. I love all animals and think animals need more help then people. I fight for animals and don't use\like anything that is animal tested at all. Animals don't hurt us or make fun of us they love us for who we are no matter what we do. I don't like animal abuse at all I find that sick. I love to give to animals in need. I always give every year to shelters. Every animal need love even if they don't have a forever home.


I support Gay's Lesbians Biesexual's. Love is love to me no matter what.


Post crossing

Favorite Music


2NE1, F(x), Girls' Generation, Girl's Day, 4minute, After School, Kara, CHI CHI, Wonder Girls, Pink, Lady Gaga, T-ara, Miss A, Brown Eyed Girls, G.NA, Pitbull, LMFAO, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, anata boshi Kirarin, Simple Plan, Nickle Back, Green Day Perfume, BigBang, G-Dragon, TOP, and so very much more Bands.


Wonder Girls


Favorite Books


Manga, shugo chara, Beast Master, Pixie Pop, High School Debut, Kitchen Princess, Crimson Hero INUBAKA, Stepping On Roses, Garfield, Shugo Chara, Sailor Moon, Dn.Angel, absolute boyfriend, Mamotte Lollipop, Punch, Happy Married, Chi's Sweet Home, Cherry Juice. Fall In love like a comic, Shugo Chara-chan, Loveless, Strawberry Panic, Girl Friends, Cherry Lips, Kashimashi and so much more too.

The fill in boyfriend, How not to fall in love, Between, On the Fence, The Distance between us, Hobbit, Warcraft, Breathless, Crime books, True story books, What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know, To Be Perfectly Honest,
Jumping Off Swings, How to love, Zombies books, Vampire books, Learning of the world books, Cooking, Baking, Crafting, Drawing, CSI, Pet care, Teen books, History books, Poems, Animals, Chicken Soup books, Teen Fiction Living with Jackie Chan, Beautiful Lies, Where the Truth Lies, Bad Girls Don't Die,The Wrath and the Dawn, I don't want to be crazy,
You Are Not Here, Kissing Annabel, The kissing booth, Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel,If you could be mine, Lesbian, Gay, Bi, And so much more too.




Favorite Movies



Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo. Spirited Away, Whisper of the Heart, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, The Cat Returns, The movies are made by Hayao Miyazaki, he is truly amazing with movies. I love his work and movie's so much. it's like magic or something. I love him for making movies so real like.

Monster House, Death Note, Pokemon, Digimon, Mulan, Enchanted, The Addams Family. Tinker Bell, Alice In Wonder Land, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Lilo And Stitch, Herbie, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Tangled, Peter Pan, Scooby-Doo, Spy, Nims Island,Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, How To Train Your Dragon, Spy Kids, Bugs Life, Gnomeo And Juliet, Up, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Iron Giant, X-Men 1 2 3 4 5 6, Coraline, Tigger Big Movies, Winnie the Pooh , An American Tail, The Brave Little Toaster, The Wolverine, Fast and Furious 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, Turbo-Charged Prelude, Ride Along, Los Bandoleros, John Wick, Minions, Terminator Genisys, The Terminator, The Equalizer, Terminator 2, Terminator 3, Terminator Salvation, Big Hero 6, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hobbit 1 2 3, Lord Of The Rings, Godzilla, Transformers, World War Z, Chappie, RoboCop 1 2 3, Thor 1 2, Despicable Me 1 2, And many more too.




Favorite Television


Hamtaro, Pokemon, Digimon, Pucca, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Criminal Minds Cold Case, Friends, Two And A Half Men, With Out A Trace, The Big Bang Theory,Totally Spies, 8 Simple Rules, What I Like About You, House Hunter's, House Hunters International, Property Virgins, Buy Her Self, For Rent, World Weirdest Restaurants, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, CSI: Cyber. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, You Gotta Eat Here. Carnival Eat's, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Love it or List it, Love it or List it Vancouver, My house your money, Homicide Hunter, And so much more too lol.





wish list

Here is my like and dislike list for you to help with swapping with me.

fake fur

real fur





kiddy iteams

White Chocolate

Fruit Chocolate


Girly Stuff

Pink Stuff

Black Licorice

Justin Bieber

Miley Cyrus

Hannah Montana

wish list

Here is my Like List.

Charlie Sheen




Dollar Store Stuff



lip Gloss

Lip Balm

Winnie The Poo



Crafting Stuff

Art Stuff


Kawaii Stuff




Sammy Wish List

wish list

This is my Wish List. You don't have to worry about getting me anything off of it. It is just here to help you pick\think of something to get me when we swap.

Plushie's of any kind.

Writing Paper\Letter Set's\Stationery

Hello Kitty

Post Cards

Baking stuff. Cookie cutters,

Bento Box\Accessories


Totoro\Kiki's Delivery Service\Hayao Miyazaki






Deco Tape

Cat theme stuff.



Bob the Minion

Vampire\Zombie stuff.

Christmas\Halloween stuff

Note cards.


Bath Stuff

Hot chocolate

Clothing Size M-L.

Socks fuzzy.


Animal theme stuff

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon stuff.

Video Games


Europe stuff

Asian Stuff

Japan Stuff

Stuff for the cats


Pikachu Stuff

Eevee Stuff

Disney stuff

Tigger from Winnie The Poo.

Candy: Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Japanese, Chinese, Koren, Gum, Lollipop, Suckers, Jelly Beans, Gummy Fruits, Sour, Gummy Rings, Juju Candy, Gummy Sours, Gummy Fish, Sugar Free Gummy's, Strawberry Hard Candy, Lemon Drops, Drops, Assorted Jolly Ranchers, Spearmint, Red Licorice, Taffy, Jelly Candy, Salt Water Taffy, Airheads, Candy Necklaces, Caramels, Candy Hearts, Cotton Candy, Nerds, Pop Rocks, Skittles, Ring Pops, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, And so much more just ask or pick from the list thanks.

Chocolate: I love trying new stuff too thanks, Reese's Pieces, Kit-Kat, Aero, Mars, Mint, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Holiday, Caramels, Hershey Kisses, Hershey, Nuts, Walnut, M&M's, Chocolate Pretzels, Almond, Twix, 3 Muskereers, Snickers, Reeses, Big Turk, Toblerone, Mr Big, Butterfinger, Fudge, Caramilk, Coffee Crisp, Crunch, Crunchie, Crispy Crunch, After Eight, Bounty, coconut, Dairy Milk, Eat-more, Flake, Oh Henry, Rolo, Turtles, And so much more.

Tea: Strong, Herb, Light, Early Gray, Fruit, I love any and every type of tea out there.

Coffee: Black Coffee, Ice Coffee, Tim Hortons, Holiday, Espresso, Latte Macchiato, Caramel, Mocha, Cappuccino, Vanilla, Hot Chocolate,

Snacks: Pocky, Caplico Sticks, Japanese, Chinese, Koren, Yan Yan, Hello Panda Biscuits, Cookies, Goldfish, Cracker Jack, Chips, Popcorn, Pringles, Oreo, Cookies, Wagon Wheels, Twinkies, Jello, Nature Valley, Granola Bars, Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Snacks, Fruit Gushers, Marshmallows, Chococones, Chocorooms, Ball Cookies, Hi-Chew.

Anime\Video Games

video games

Video Games: Tales series, Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Digimon, Hello Kitty, Hamtaro, Dragon Quest , Phoenix Wright, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, Garfield, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Blue Dragon, Devil May Cry, Cooking Mama, Donkey Kong, Star Ocean, Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, Xenosaga Episode, Shadow Hearts, Sakura Wars, Fullmetal Alchemist, Wild Arms, Grandia, YS Series, Magna Carta, Mana Khemia, Ar tonelico, The Walking Dead Telltale Series, Animal Crossing,Warcraft, Super Smash Bros, Mario Party series, Luigi's Mansion, Rune Factory Series, Kirby, Sonic, Star Fox, And so much more too.

video game

video game

video game


Hunter X Hunter Seven Deadly Sins, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack On Titian, Magi, High School Of the dead,Triage X, School Live,Fairy Tail, Hell Girl, Another, Death Note, Sailor Moon, wedding peach, cardcaptors sakura, Saint Tail, inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, Blue Dragon, Karin, Bottle Fairies, Code Geass, School Rumble, Sasameki Koto, Chibi! devi, Dragon Half, Case Closed, DN.Angel, Hellsing Psycho-Pass,Angel Beats, Black Lagoon, and so much more big time.





My Family My baby's My fur baby's.

Sherbet is my 13 year old Orange Tabby. She is a easy going simple normal cat. Love to sleep 24\7 almost. She is the queen of the house and keep the other cat's in order. She love to be alone and by her self most of all. She is a big time good girl. pet

Cloud is a 5 year old part blue Russian and part Siamese cat. She love to lick and bite people fingers\nose lol. She love to eat human food so very much. She is a big time people lover. She is best friends with Xaiver and Sherbet.


Pepper is my 9 year old Fire Red Belly Newt. pet

This is Misty a 4 year old cat. He is a very handsome easy going wild cat. He is a big time hunter and is a really good bird hunter. He does not like strangers at all. He love dark\quiet places to sleep. He is a big time outdoor cat. He is very meowing when he wants something and is a big eater too. pet

Xavier is a 4 year old pure Blue Russian. He is a really strong\fat cat big time. He does not like to be held but love to be pet and get attention. He get jealous when other cat's get TLC lol He and Cloud are best friends. He love playing with toys big time.

Spirit is my 1 year old black cat.She is a good easy going simple quiet cat. She is shy and does not like strangers at all. She like being alone\by her self a lot. She love looking out the window. She love to hide\sleep a lot lol. She is a good girl.

Meliodas is my 2 year old male Grey Tabby. He is a very friendly sweet easy going chilled big boy cat. He is best friend's with Hinami. He is a good boy yet can be a trouble maker too. He is a big time push over and is not a fighter at all.

Hinami is a calico kitten. She is best friends with Meliodas and love to play so very much. She is a people eater and love to make big time trouble a lot. She is super wild\funny\cute all the time. She does not like new people or loud noise at all.


Stuff my cat's like Catnip Feather toys Crinkle toys Catnip toys Treats any Chew Toys: balls pet blankets wet food any Cat Teaser pointer Holiday Toys: Door Hanger: Mouse Toys Hide Away iteams Cat bed handmade stuff and so much more too.


no to testing

no animal fur

My Son

My son was born on October 23 2016. His name is Arin. He is my first born child and is something special to me and my family.


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btbeth on Apr 3, 2017:

Pinterest Pen-Pal Ideas swap
Here is the link to my Pinterest board, in case the Swap-Bot messaging system is still on the fritz. Enjoy!

Gwenerific on Mar 11, 2017:

Thanks for the group invite. I am totally excited to join and glad you asked! On a side note, I had my son only 2 days after you had yours! Oct 25th. His name is Treison Renzo, which means third son of a third son. (He is our third boy and my husband was the third boy in his family too) The first child is always so much fun to learn with....and cuddle :) so have fun with him and enjoy! If you ever have any questions, I have four of my own so feel free to ask or whatevs. Thanks! -Gwenerific

miablancs on Mar 7, 2017:

Welcome to the group Joy of Penpalling Worldwide. Please could you go to the group forum section of the group and fill out the Questionnaire. Thank you and Happy Swapping!

RyeRye on Oct 9, 2016:

Welcome to Inspiration Station~

miablancs on Jun 30, 2015:

angeliccat15 on Oct 14, 2014:

hi there I am your partner for autumn/halloween treat swap.

nice to see another fellow anime fans as I am also ;) and yep I to love hamtaro. I am looking for penpals with similar intrests & likes as myself so if you fancy penpeling each other I would be more than happy to swap snail mail ^-^ . I am 27 and from the U.K. drop me a pm if intrested.

Got some nice halloween treats for you for swap ;).

TammieGotcha on Aug 5, 2014:


Thank you very much for the inviting for the sweet tooth group! For me as candy lover it's a perfect group. :)

xxx (in the Netherlands you give 3 :P)

libertylithium on Jul 20, 2014:

Thanks so much for sharing your Pinterest board! I just came to see your profile after looking at your board and I must say I'm impressed! It looks great! Have a lovely day! :)

Mesha on Jul 7, 2014:

Hi Sammy,
Thanks for inviting me to join your group, it looks like a lot of fun and I'm looking forwards to future swaps!

kimpulse on Feb 11, 2014:

hey :) thanks for replying. a private swap would be so nice :D

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