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Since you asked . . .

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Be cool, not lame. -- Rachel Johnson

Happily swapping on Swap-bot since February 24, 2007!

Hello there! I'm married, the mother of two fabulous daughters, 24 and 27, and two darling 'pups,' 10 and 11.

In addition to being addicted to mail, I don't seem to be able to stop buying boxes of teabags and notecards. So, swapping notecards and teabags completes the circle since it brings me MAIL!

TEAS Generally, I like herbal or decaf teas. Jasmine and chamomile are two of my favorites. I'm not too big on fruity teas, though lemon and orange notes are appreciated. I don't like green tea, though. I try to keep my caffeine intake pretty low. The occasional "caff" teabag is just fine with me. Thanks!

I don't really craft, though I did make some bookmarks early on in my swapping career. I also decorated some envelopes, but I think that was about it for the 'handy' things I've done. I do love looking and sorting through paper ephemera, bits 'n pieces, and I love sending it on to other swappers who craft (my daughter, for one!).

I've gotten into some of the postcard swaps, most notably the "I Must Be Crazy!" ones where you send out 20 postcards. Then there was the "Subversive Postcard Swap" - what a riot!

I tend to like things that are just a little odd or unusual. Tee-hee! I love to laugh and my sense of humor is a bit off kilter sometimes. For a middle-aged, married person with two dogs, two daughters and a full-time job, I don't really do normal very much . . . and I like it that way.

FAVORITES: * April/ month * 21/ number * Blue/ color * "Melissa" by the Allman Brothers/ song * "All Over But the Shoutin'" by Rick Bragg/ book * "Enchanted April"/ movie * John Cusak and Joan Cusak/ brother and sister acting duo

Likes: * stationery * rubber stamps/ink pads * wacky postcards * politicians with principles * Italy/things Italian * Jewel colors in general * Pockets in clothing * Thrift stores * Garage or yard sales * Decorating magazines (an addiction) * LOLcats * Swap-bot * Proper spelling

Dislikes: * Liver * Overly salty food * Pears * Liars * Junk mail * Whiners * Misplaced apostrophes

I work full-time in a public library, so I'm constantly surrounded by books . . . and computers, and amazing co-workers, and people with all sorts of questions. January 2009 - I started a new job (same employer), heading a department which is responsible for getting out the library's message. I do PR, publications, and oversee staff who do public programs for adults, manage an in-house art gallery, and schedule 4 public meeting rooms. We keep busy! This is a new department, so we're inventing it from the ground up. Fun (and lots of work)!

I enjoy the (natural) scents of lavender, jasmine and lilac. My favorite colors are jewel tones. One of my favorite pastimes is going on home tours . . . or even just to Real Estate open houses!

I'm addicted to magazines in general, but especially decorating magazines, and the NYT Thursday 'Home' section is my favorite read every week.

I'm very excited about the Presidential election! [Note on 11/5/2008: I'm even **more excited at the outcome, now that it's over!] Take a look at the amazing video of American Prayer.** I love it!

Check out this cool site: FREE HUGS

(Be sure to watch the video! It's so fun.)

Where is Matt?

(Another very fun video I recommend!)

If you want more fun and love puppies, please take a look. My thanks to babysingsing, as I found this in her profile!

Music 2 my ears

I like many kinds of music: classical, folk, jazz, some country, oldies, alternative and certainly bluegrass! My brother once said he thought I'd like a certain group's music because "it's fairly melodic." (I think he knows me pretty well.) Aaron Neville, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Carrie Newcomer, Jennie Devoe, The Pretenders, Everything But the Girl, Allman Brothers, Creedence Clearwater Revival are some of the artists on my iPod, plus lots, lots more.

11/28/08: Just discovered the Tonos Triad this fall and I love their music.


I saw a great documentary, "A Man Called Pearl," which I highly recommend to you! It's about an amazing, retired gentleman from the Carolinas who has turned his yard into a topiary museum. You can see the TRAILER. If it comes to a theater anywhere near you, go see it! Someday it'll be out on video and you can at least see it then. I was inspired!

Some old favorites are: Moonstruck (Cher! Nicholas Cage!), Enchanted April (Joan Plowright! Polly Walker! Alfred Molina! Jim Broadbent!), Mike Lee's "High Hopes," Hitchcock's "Rear Window," "Amelie," "Jackie Brown." I'm all over the map. Documentaries are special favorites -- one I love is "The Gleaners and I," which is French. Another movie I've seen this year and loved: Michael Moore's SICKO. I want to see it again.


I don't watch much tv. I enjoy Antiques Roadshow, Jeopardy! and, every once in a while, Ellen -- I'm a big Ellen fan!

I love the old Perry Mason show and my favorite cartoon character is Mr. Magoo.

Not really crafty, at all

I'm not really crafty - I don't sew, knit, crochet, scrapbook or dotee -- but I do love pretty notecards, cool stickers, using commemorative U.S. postage stamps scraps of fun papers, canceled postage stamps, ,interesting artsy rubber stamps & stamp pads.

I love pretty canceled stamps, international, too. If you can send my envie or package with stamps rather than a printed label, that would be great.


A couple of years ago I bought a metal tin to make a sewing box for my daughter. The tin was full (FULL!) of great, old buttons. I had more fun sorting them than was reasonable: woo-hoo! I was just like a kindergartener (embarrassing to say, but oh-so-true . . .).

Nom de Swap & My books

I am a reader! I read mainly non-fiction.

4/21/09 - I just finished reading I Love You, Miss Huddleston (and other inappropriate longings of my Indiana childhood) by Philip Gulley and it is fabulous. Take a look at it on Amazon and if it seems like the kind of book you'd like, give it a try!

My screen name comes from my love of reading and is a take-off on Easy Rider. My sister and brothers call me Suze (or is it Sooze?), always abbreviated in writing as sz. The most recent wonderful read was Rick Bragg's Prince of Frogtown. THAT MAN CAN WRITE!! Some of my all-time favorite books are: All Over But the Shoutin' (Rick Bragg), Mama Makes Up Her Mind (Bailey White), A Girl Named Zippy (Haven Kimmel), and She Got Up Off the Couch (Haven Kimmel).

I love Swap-bot because

I love Swap-bot most because it reminds me that there are so, so, so many good people out there in the world and that, sure, we're all different and yet, in ways, all the same. It makes me realize how wonderful it feels to give, to share, to communicate with people -- just for the sheer joy of giving, sharing and communicating. To see people continuously coming up with brilliant, creative, positive ideas such as The Birthday Club and You've Got Mail is a very good thing. Through Swap-bot I can share souvenirs from New Orleans with a fellow NOLA-lover in Brazil now on her way to England or talk about bleak no-mail days or jubiliant swap-stuffed mailbox days with my amazing daughter, who originally told me about Swap-bot! I cannot thank Rachel and Travis enough for giving me -- giving us -- this big ol' bus to a happy mailbox . . . called Swap-bot! WOO-HOO!

My beliefs

I believe in doing my best, every day; the power of love; random acts of kindness; sharing; recycling; thinking & questioning; and being grateful, as my Dad used to say, "for small favors."


Comment: sorry so late :(
Comment: I got your notecard. It is so pretty. I will get something nice aritten this week and send back to you. Thanks for the extra notecard. It's so cute. I have several letters to write so I will use it up this week. Have a great day. :)
Response: Thanks for rating and for the heart! I'm glad you liked the extra card to keep and I'll look forward to getting your note! Take good care, Susan
RedLucha rated for Bizarre Post Card Swap - June on Jun 12, 2009
Comment: Great postcard! He definitely is protesting some "thing" lol p.s. the doggies say hi back :)
Response: Hmmm...what can we say? Wonder what that 'thing' is????? Glad you liked the pc & I thank you for the heart! Take good care, Susan <3
jmjelde rated for Bizarre Post Card Swap - June on Jun 12, 2009
Comment: Libraries are good. I worked in a library for a good decade. Hard being around so many books....
estromberg rated for Bizarre Post Card Swap - June on Jun 11, 2009
Comment: Thanks for the crazy tank pc!! E :)
Response: Oooh, I remember that one! Bizarre!! Thank you for the heart & take good care! -- Susan
AliChell rated for Art postcard swap on Jun 4, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the art card. Loved it! I hope we can swap again sometime! Best to you and yours- Ali
Response: Hi, Ali! I'm glad you liked the card I sent. I hope, too, that we will swap again someday. Thank you for the heart! Take good care, Susan
suepier rated for Art postcard swap on Jun 1, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the art card and I just loved the quote. I put it in my journal to write about it.
Response: It makes me so happy that you enjoyed my postcard and quote! Thanks for the nice comment and the heart. Take good care, Susan
littlestoryland rated for Art postcard swap on May 29, 2009
Comment: thank you so much! I love the quote and the portrait is amazing... I love Picasso's early stuff. thanks! :)
Response: So glad you liked what I sent! Thank you for rating and for the heart. Take good care, Susan
beckra rated for Art postcard swap on May 26, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful photograph/portrait/postcard! Until our swapping paths cross again, all best wishes....
Response: And my good wishes swish 'round to you, too! Thank you for the heart - and take good care, Susan
PansySuz rated for Animal Notecard Swap on May 4, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much for the unique notecards!! I love the expression on the cat's face :)
Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the kitties' expressions. I'm a LOLcat nut - I just love 'em! Thanks for the heart and take good care, Susan
MuzicChiq rated for Animal Notecard Swap on May 1, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much for the cat cards!!!! Loved them!!!
Response: Oh-so-glad you did! Thanks for the heart. Take good care, Susan
choke rated for May/Mothers Day Card/Greeting - Global on Apr 27, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the very sweet and sentimental card!! *does the boogie dance* and thank you SO much for the map postcards, woohooooo!! Two more down :)
Response: You are so welcome, my dear! I'm glad to help out with your collection. Thanks for the heart. Take good care! - Susan
thefruid rated for Animal Notecard Swap on Apr 27, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely notecards that you sent! You certainly did choose them by looking at my profile! For a moment I was confused and thought it was the for the Profile Notecard swap because you selected cards that I just loved! Thanks again!
Response: Awwwwwww...that's so sweet of you to say. :-) So glad you like what I sent. That makes me very happy. Thank you for the heart! Take good care, Susan
KarenFife rated for Easter/Spring Greeting - Global on Apr 4, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the cute woodpecker card and your sweet note - it made my day!
Response: I'm sad to say that I still haven't located the woodpecker in the neighborhood. I'm glad you liked the card. Thanks so much for the heart! Take good care, Susan
Comment: thanks for the tea!!
Response: You are so very welcome! I thank you for the heart. Take good care, Susan
Comment: Thank you very much for the tea! I love jasmine tea (but never bought it) and never drunk white tea, so this is great! Thank you also for the beautiful stamps.
driftwood rated for Quotes on a note card #5 on Mar 21, 2009
Comment: thanks, a cheery note always helps.
zerofantasies rated for Quotes on a note card #5 on Mar 20, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the quotes. I love the one by Marx
StarvingArtStudent rated for Unusual Postcard Swap #6 on Mar 12, 2009
Shirley rated for Comic Relief Postcards on Mar 5, 2009
Comment: Thanks! It's a very funny card, and a funny expression on the back too, I'm still trying to understand it :P
Response: So glad you liked the card - good luck figuring out the expression (ha!). Thanks for rating and for the heart!

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Christina on Nov 14, 2010:

I was thinking of you as I read my ratings and looked over my friends list. I miss you, my friend. Take good care, always.

4getmenot71 on Feb 9, 2010:

Thinking of you often and missing you always. Love you tons!

DosLittleMonkeys on Dec 28, 2009:

Thinking of you.

biasbabe on Jul 16, 2009:

Rest in peace dear heart.

xine on Jul 11, 2009:

Rest in peace.

TerryF on Jul 11, 2009:

You will be SO much missed, dear Susan. Hugs, Terry

cobaltgypsy on Jul 10, 2009:

you will truly be missed. {{hugs}} Gypsy

4getmenot71 on Jul 10, 2009:

Dearest Susan;

Rest in peace, my dear friend. I am going to miss you SO much. :*(( I will always remember the kindness you had shown me since my first days on swap-bot and continued to show me all along. You were an angel here on earth, and now you are an angel in heaven.

Much love to you always;


redwing480 on Jul 4, 2009:

Happy Birthday!!

Mags on Jun 26, 2009:

Thank you for the birthday card and cartoon. You made my day!

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