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Table of Contents

Firstly, thank you for reading my profile. This section is a general where everything is on the page guide.

1. Swap Progress: Tracking what I'm working on, what's in the mail, and what I should expect. (It will also let you know the status of your swap whether expecting or receiving.)

2. About Me, The Intro: The tl;dr version of getting to know me.

3. The Things I Listen To: My musical tastes.

4. The Things I Read: Books read and enjoyed.

5. The Things I Watch: Movies and TV I enjoy.

6. The Things I Collect: My shortlist of collectibles.

7. The Art I Like: Artists, styles, and themes I enjoy.

8. The Things I Make: My artistic style and leanings.

9. That Sounds Fun: Swaps to which I'd be open, and my "extras" policy.

1. Swap Progress

Updated Sept. 5, 2014 @ 11:42AM EDT

In progress

  • Nothing

In the mail

  • Nothing

If an item is listed as sent on a Sunday or federal holiday, it means it has been placed in the postal box and will be picked up the following mail day.

If you are awaiting something from me and your name is not listed above, or if an inordinate amount of time has passed (~10 days within the USA; ~45 days internationally from the day I mail) and you still have not received an item, or if you receive an item with postage due, please let me know prior to rating.

Waiting for

  • Nothing

I'll rate swaps as soon as I receive them. That means if you haven't been rated, I haven't yet received.

2. About Me, The Intro

Writing about oneself is tricky--finding that balance between dispensing raw facts with a modicum of personality. But, I'll do my best.

I'm Teli...easy-going and open to (almost) anything at least once. But from previous life experience there is one thing that I don't tolerate well: child/animal abuse. Everything else is fair game, especially if you put your energy, thought, and care into it.

My religion is love. I'm an observer of life, nature, thoughts, just about everything. I believe movement and stillness are the breath of the soul. I'm open to all questions, though I often remind people "none of your business" is a valid answer. :)

3. The Things I Listen To

My musical tastes are wide and varied, ranging from classical, opera, folk, to contemporary hip hop, R&B, and pop, and everything in between. On a day to day, I'm usually listening to Baroque/choral, alternative, dubstep, soundtracks, and R&B. Varies with mood, though.

4. The Things I Read

Horror. Especially psychological horror. The kind that slides under your skin and squirms around until you're itching. The kind that locks the breath in your chest until it feels as though it will burst. I also enjoy quirk, drama, and things that make me ask "what is wrong with people?" And I can't forget to mention my soft spot for graphic novels and manga (English).

Some of my indelible reads include "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card, "Nightmares & Dreamscapes" by Stephen King, "1984" by George Orwell, "The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield, "Wuthering Heights" by Charlotte Bronte, "Dramacon" by Svetlana Chmakova, "Tarot Cafe" by Sang-Sun Park. There's more, but I'll spare you.

5. The Things I Watch

"Men In Black" is one of my all-time favourites--mostly because I love aliens and midst the comedy there are some profound moments about life and existence. The entire Alien franchise (although I'm still on the fence about 'Prometheus'). And just about anything by Pixar or Dreamworks animation.

As far as genres go, the majority of my admittedly large DVD collection are science fiction, horror, thriller, action/adventure, and animation.

6. The Things I Collect

There are a few things that I doubt I will ever get tired of collecting:

  • Eeyore (something Eeyore related resides in every room of my home, yes, even my bathrooms--but don't worry, it hasn't yet reached bedlam proportions)
  • Art books and magazines
  • Journals (blank or narrow ruled)
  • Cute picture frames
  • Art supplies, pens of the ultra-fine nib Japanese/Korean variety, and stationery

(An aerial view of my Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens, and I have several more pen holders just like it.)

7. The Art I Like

I am interested in many and varied artistic styles from minimalism to blaring bright colour blocks that might cause a seizure if you stare too long.

Some of my favourite artists include Audrey Kawasaki, Agnes-Cecile, Da Vinci, Donatello, Michelangelo, Klimt, Schiele, Bruegel the Elder, P. P. Rubens, and a virtually endless list of others.

If you're sending me art and are at an utter loss for what to send, here are a few themes that would likely go over well with me:

  • Eeyore
  • Horror (I'm especially fond of aliens, zombies, and the supernatural)
  • Fantasy
  • Dark fantasy (think original tooth fairy type of creepy)
  • Cute creepy things
  • Adorable baby animals doing adorable baby animal things
  • Bizarre or surreal artwork (I'm a fan of Hi-Fructose/Juxtapoz/BeautifulBizarre/etc.)

I'm difficult to offend. Don't mind (tasteful) nudity. Avoid anything that's just hateful to be hateful and anything overly religious, unless it's Precious Moments. :)

8. The Things I Make

I explore. Drawing, painting, sewing, collage, mixed media, it all interests me. Once upon a time I did cross-stitch, but that was in the dark ages ago. I also enjoy knitwear although I couldn't knit to save my life.

My own art is amorphous, and tends to be graphite, ink, colour pencil, and watercolour; the style changes with my mood, from super-cute/kawaii, to dark, strange, brooding, and, in some cases, downright disturbing.

And since joining Swap-bot, I've discovered the awesometasticness that are inchies and have been slightly addicted to making them.

And look! I made a zine (well, two now...and maybe one day I'll make a third, a fourth, a fifth...you get the idea, right?)

If I'm sending you some form of art, I'll note the media used and whether it's:

  • Archival: comprised entirely of pH neutral/archival grade materials
  • Acid-Free: comprised entirely of acid free materials, but is not otherwise archival grade
  • Non-Archival: comprised of both acidic/acid-free materials and is not suitable for long-term archiving

In general I aim for Archival/Acid-Free, but sometimes acidic materials can't be helped when creating collage or mixed media pieces. In the latter case, I'll hit the finished work with an acid neutralizer and seal with ph neutral clear acrylic/varnish.

A Note About My Envelopes: Chances are the envelope in which you receive your swap from me will be unconventional--not always, but most of the time--and that's because I tend to make my own envelopes from my old sketchbook pages, test prints, junk mail/magazines, or sometimes out of the letter itself.

9. That Sounds Fun

For the most part I'm looking to swap art--mainly ATCs or other small forms of artwork--and to meet potential penpals, but I'm also open to other things, to include private swaps both in the US and internationally. If you have a swap idea that you think would be cool, drop me a PM.

And regarding extras, I've "met" some very lovely, kind, wonderful people so far; the generosity displayed here is nothing short of staggering, however, extras aren't necessary for me.

In fact, unless it's something that pertains to me (i.e. profile specific) or the swap directly, please omit it.

Extras aren't the way to gaining hearts from me--putting thought and effort into the swap itself is. I'd much rather have a quality swap with a lovely letter or note than a stack of items I may never use.


CarmicWords rated for Random Word Short Story #4 on Sep 5, 2014
Comment: Loved the piece. Good flow. Great read. And the fact that it was a "mini book" was so fun! You did a great job incorporating the word list. Two thumbs up.
Response: Thank you for the kind words, the rating, and the heart, Carma. They gave me a much needed smile today. :)
lonleyassassin rated for Random Word Short Story #4 on Aug 27, 2014
Comment: I always love getting stories from you. The story felt fight.... Not rushed or anything. And I love how you made it into a small book. It's great!
Response: You are such a sweetie! Thank you for the kind words and the heart. :D
wolfeagle rated for Medusa on Jul 28, 2014
Comment: Fabulous ATC! Wonderful envelope. Simply stunning work. Thank you so very much.
Response: Thank you bunches for the kind words, the rating, and the heart. :)
AndreaJ rated for Flash Fiction on Jul 28, 2014
Comment: You've got some talent! I enjoyed it very much.
Response: Thank you thank you thank you for the rating and the heart. It put a smile on my face today!
MeganSR rated for Write It Loud and Proud! - Int'l on May 20, 2014
Comment: Thank you for such a wonderful swap! Your handwriting is perfect, and I love the 'zine and the cat ATC. :)
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap. Thank you bunches for your kind words, the rating, and the heart. :)
Comment: You have absolutely AMAZING handwriting - I am so jealous! Do you have to really take your time and go slowly when you write? I am going to be studying your printing to see if there is anything I think I can "steal" and practice for my own handwriting. :) Thank you so much for the extras, too - I love the zine - very cool! And the ATC is outstanding!
Response: Wow, thank you. I wouldn't call my handwriting amazing, but I'm ultra-thankful someone else would. You've brightened up my day. And if there's anything you can use, then feel free to steal away. :D To answer your question, I don't write all that slowly--sometimes I will, when I think about it or if I'm deliberately altering my handwriting, but 80% of the time my pen just zips along...so you have a sample of my "normal"-ish everyday handwriting. (I say "normal"-ish because I was reminding myself as I wrote to write bigger--my truly normal handwriting is usually *much* smaller. lol)
LizzyJo rated for Write It Loud and Proud! - USA Only on May 9, 2014
Comment: Whoda thunk that a simple swap could bring such joy? Your artwork is awesome, your writing knocks my socks off, and the way you folded your letter into it's own envie was pretty cool too. I wish I could give you a bunch of hearts ♥♥♥ Oh, and thanks for hosting this fun swap, too. (PS---I fall into the category of "quirky", too :-)
Response: Awwww, thank you so much for the sweet comment and the rating and especially the heart. I'm so happy I could bring a bit of joy to your day. And since you're quirky, too, maybe we should start our own quirky club. :P
Comment: Thank you so much for the RAK ♡ you've been such a great help getting me started on the Atc's and guiding me along with the process. I really appreciate it ♡ Thanks again and God Bless ♡♡♡ :)
zoev1975 rated for M/L/FT - ATC - Isis on Apr 25, 2014
Comment: I battled the tape, and I won! Thank you for the Isis atc, she will certainly have a good home with me. I love the Alice atc you sent too, you are incredibly talented. The zine - I don't know what to say except wow, wow, wow. I love mini zines, and this is terrific. Thank you so much ♥♥♥♥♥
Response: lol -- I'm certain the tape battled hard, but I'm elated you won. :D I'm also happy that you enjoyed the cards/zine. Thank you bunches for the kind words, rating, and heart. You just made my day that much brighter.
blueskysunburn rated for February Sender's Choice ATCs on Apr 13, 2014
Comment: Sorry for the delay in leaving feedback. I've had all my mail bundled up in a box to go through. Oh my goodness it truly warmed my heart to open your envelope! Thank you so much for the extra thought, kindness and effort you put into this card.I truly made my day and feel incredibly lucky to add it to my collection.
Response: No apologies necessary, I'm just happy to know you're still around. :) I do hope things are looking up for you and I'm happy that you liked the card. But I do appreciate the rating and the heart. {{virtual hugs}}
Cici rated for ATC-bot: Rabbit themed March Swap on Apr 7, 2014
Comment: Thank you Teli! I was so so so so happy to get this through my letter box. The envelope was so clever! Your atc is the beginning of my new bunny themed collection! Thanks again x
Response: Huzzah! Your comment made me squee...I'm so happy you liked your bunny and the letter-envelope (hope it wasn't too cumbersome) and it's exciting that I could help kick off your new collection. :D Thank you bunches for the rating and heart.
Haole1 rated for Beginner Zine: Learn something new. on Apr 7, 2014
Comment: What a beautiful zine! Love your work, you are my new artistic inspiration:-) Thank you!!
Response: Wow! Thank you so much for your comment--it's an honour to inspire you and it absolutely fills me up with joy. I also very much appreciate the rating and the heart. :)
Comment: I've got an envie all ready for you -I just have to get it going, lol. Hopefully it gets there swiftly & safely once I pop it in the post :D Take Care ♥
Response: Yay! Now I'll be stalking my mailbox until it arrives. :) And thank you for the rating and the heart.
luv2kraft rated for Unlikely Friends - ATC - USA on Mar 27, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely ATC. Sweet!
herlovenotes rated for Hand Drawn ATC on Mar 19, 2014
Comment: hello there! i received your atc today and i honestly was in awe when i saw it! it's truly gorgeous! i love everything about this atc, and i can tell that you put a lot of effort into it as it turned out perfectly. you have true talent! thank you so so so very much. if i could give you a million of hearts, i totally would for you made my day. :)
Response: yay! my heart just sang. I appreciate your comment bunches and I'm happy you liked the card. it was my pleasure making it for you. thank you for the rating and the heart(s).
Comment: This card is so lovely - thank you very much, also for the tea =D
Response: I'm glad you liked it and you're very welcome. Thank you for the rating and the heart. :D
Comment: Wowzers! An absolutely awesome ATC with my favorite, Tweety! Thank you ever so much for the bonus, too -- I love it, and my little granddaughter tried to snag it right away, lol. Your handwriting is beautiful, and your envelope decorating and note are truly appreciated. Wishing you lots of happy swapping!
Response: Yay! Thank you for your kind comments and rating; I'm so happy you liked it. :) Sounds like your granddaughter has design and crafty goodness in her blood. :D
Comment: I am so touched and thrilled with what you've sent! I actually teared up a little bit, which alarmed my husband to no end. He wondered what was in my package that had me sniffling. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and beautiful swap. P.S. I love Audrey Kawasaki too! And Stephen King, and Aliens and stuff.
Response: <3 I am *elated* that you like the card, and that it could have such a positive emotional impact. It was my absolute pleasure to make it for you. :) (Oh, and please apologize to your hubby for me...didn't mean to inadvertently cause him any alarm.)
Comment: Neat way to make an envelope! Love the visual aid! And an excited about my new prompt!
anrtist rated for Private swap~ nailet & anrtist on Feb 22, 2014
Comment: LOVELY work! So talented!!! We LUV it ;-) I am so glad we did this swap....She has a lovely home and fits right in ;-) Blessings, cc
Response: Yay! So happy it arrived safely and that she's in good hands! Made my heart do a backflip. Thank you! :)

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stlouisphile on Sep 30, 2014:

Tell, you know things, and explain it so well! Merci!

Amuterasu on Aug 29, 2014:

Digimon is so awesome! I've loved it since I was a kid. Gabumon is my favorite. I've watched up to gen 3. I'm working on the rest.

Mesha on Aug 27, 2014:

Thanks for dropping by my profile! I had been meaning to reply but keep forgetting ahah.
Mesha has been my nickname for practically half my life now haha, glad to know it's a loved name!
I feel super honoured you dropped by, too. I've been a long time lurker in the site and I've always loved your artwork! Always super nice to see you around, haha.
Anyway, thanks again. Hope you have a good one!

Eponita on Aug 27, 2014:

Thank you SO much for the inchies. The envelope was so beautiful too. I love your zine! That was a nice surprise!

LadyofMisery on Aug 26, 2014:

Walking into Walmart and Staples is so difficult at this time of the year! If I need anything, I just avoid those places or maybe I just don't need it, lol!

LadyofMisery on Aug 25, 2014:

Oh but I did. But be careful....predators are always lurking. ;)

Back to school time is always the hardest for me when it comes to pens and pencils. I have gotten better though! Lol

lovetherain on Aug 24, 2014:

A birthday buddy! How awesome :-D Thank you for the comment!

HelloCindi on Aug 17, 2014:

Hi Teli! Just thought I'd say "hello"...

I love the "Swap Progress" section of your profile!!! What a neat idea!!!

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the Retro Stickers RAK,,the kids over @ Hero Network will enjoy them in there happy mail cards:) Hugs, Ms Rose

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