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About Me

OCTOBER 12TH 2013 UPDATE: I'm ENGAGED! So excited! We don't know the theme for our wedding yet, but we love blue. Anything with our names on it (Laura & Jesse) would be amazing! Thank you!

OCTOBER 2013 UPDATE: I'm back! Just in time for my favorite time of year! Bring on the swaps! I'm looking for private swaps mostly, especially for anything Halloween or anything Buffy!

JUNE 2013 UPDATE: My house was broken into on June 11th, my laptop was stolen, my digital camera was stolen, etc. I also just barely started back to school, needless to say, pretty horrible timing. My life is pretty crazy right now, so I will be cutting back of most of my swapping.....

(I recently realized that if you don't know who Spike from Buffy is, you might think that my avatar is me and that I'm a dude. A super hot blonde dude. I'm not blonde, hot, or a dude. Just wanted to clear that up. *Ahem. Anywho, moving on...)

*********** PLEASE SEE MY COUPON WISHLIST BELOW! THANK YOU! *****************

Things I Love

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Blue things
  • Tiny Things
  • Hedgehogs
  • Curio cabinets/mini shrines
  • Things that are so cute you can't help but squeal
  • Matchbox Shrines
  • Beads!
  • Small plastic boxes, Mini Altoid Tins
  • People who don't take themselves too seriously
  • Halloween
  • Private Swaps (PM me, eh?)
  • Learning new things from people who are passionate about them. This includes the good people at Mythbusters, Alton Brown, Bill Nye, Mr. Rogers, etc.
  • Teachers who love sharing their love of learning with others (I hope to be one some day)
  • People who live differently, think differently, love fearlessly, create the art they want to create, and refuse to apologize for it

Fav Shows

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Mythbusters
  • Community
  • The Vampire Diaries

Fav Movies

  • Amelie
  • Wreck-It-Ralph
  • Big Friendly Giant (1989)
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Benny & Joon
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Big Fish

Fav People

*Joss Whedon *Seth Green *Tim Burton *Johnny Depp *Sandra Bullock *Drew Barrymore *People Who Recycle

No thank you

  • Anything cinnamon, grape or black licorice flavoured.
  • Super girly things, pink stuff, princess stuff (just not my bag)
  • Dolls, stuffed animals, puppets, anything with big black eyes that peer into your soul (they creep me out) The exception is hedgehogs, because their cuteness overpowers any potential creepiness
  • Angels, cherubs, religious stuff (no offense)
  • Cowboy/western themes
  • Kawaii (but if I get it I can always send it elsewhere)
  • Anime
  • Mustard yellow, bright orange, pink, purple, neons, pea soup green
  • Hunting, Camo, Rodeo, Western stuff
  • Gold jewelry
  • Copper


  • Halloween themed craft items/themes/stickers
  • plain jewelry chains, clasps, etc.
  • Any beads, including seed beads
  • tiny glass bottles with cork stoppers
  • Items in German or from Germany for my Mom
  • stickers (loose or partial sheets are fine)
  • cool paper
  • Michael's Gift Cards
  • Goodwill Gift Cards
  • N.Y. Jets or Mets stuff for my boyfriend
  • New York themed items
  • Permanent Glue Sticks
  • Owl things
  • Anything Buffy!
  • Anything with a Starfish or Jellyfish
  • Stamp ink pads
  • Any rubber stamps
  • small plastic charms (smaller than a dime)
  • metal charms
  • Anything with hedgehogs
  • Anything with a Union Jack
  • candy/gum from your city/state/country
  • Juicy Pear Jelly Bellys
  • Peach or Tropical Jolly Ranchers
  • Coffee flavoured candy
  • Double Decker busses and British phone booths
  • carve me a rubber stamp!
  • make me a minizine!
  • make me a mini matchbox shrine!
  • Flavoured drink mix packets, any except grape, I especially like watermelon, peach, black currant, mango and passionfruit flavours
  • Anything by Tim Holtz
  • Anything from the Life is Good line(www.lifeisgood.com)

Favourite themes: Beach, ocean, forest, Halloween, spooky, English countryside, London, New York, Germany, cupcakes, etc.


  • Frank's Red Hot Sauce
  • Skintimate shaving cream
  • Morningstar Farms
  • Soymilk/Almond Milk
  • Crest/Colgate toothpaste/toothbrushes
  • Cereal coupons
  • Clementine cuties
  • Driscoll's raspberries
  • Wholly Guacamole
  • Wholly salsa
  • Butter, sugar, eggs
  • Chips, cookies, candy, gum
  • Razors
  • Cake mixes
  • Juice
  • Mountain High Yogurt
  • Greek yogurt
  • Boca Burgers/veggie burgers
  • Pasta sauce
  • Pepsi (cans only please)
  • Organic Milk
  • Store specific coupons for Fry's or CVS

My Irrational Fears

This is mainly here for your amusement, but you might as well know so you don't send:

  • Sharks
  • Killer Whales
  • Paula Deen (those eyes!)
  • Spiders
  • Dolls
  • Clowns


*****I'm very interested in one-on-one swaps Send me a message!*****

Some things I have to offer for 1-on-1 swaps:

  • Angel & Buffy trading cards
  • Cross stitch supplies
  • Hand carved rubber stamps
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Beaded spiders!
  • Metal bottle caps
  • Matchbox/Altoid tin shrines
  • Drawings
  • Arizona-related items (Cacti anyone?)

My Family's Requests

My 9 year-old nephew Quinn really likes anything to do with British Beefeaters, Flash Gordon, and Superman.

My other nephew Brandon loves Batman! And Daft Punk

My Mom would love any seeds for her garden, especially sunflowers! Also, she teaches (and speaks) German, so anything German would be awesome!

My sister collects owl things, in all shapes and sizes

My boyfriend Jesse is a big nerd, so, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lego, thinkgeek stuff, but he's also a sports nut, so N.Y. Mets, N.Y. Jets stuff is great too!

My Pinky Swear to You

What I pledged

Before every swap, I read and re-read my partners profiles. What's the point otherwise? I want you to love what you get. So, if you don't like glitter, you won't get glitter. Afraid of bugs? Check, no bugs.

A heart is always my goal.

One more thing...

If you're my partner, don't worry about using a brand new envelope. I'm completely okay with you scribbling over, stickering over, whatever, the old address. In fact, I encourage it. Go green! :)

Also, don't feel like you need to send your swap super fast, like paying for a faster ship date or whatever. I can wait. I'm not really a stickler. Stuff happens. As long as you let me know what's up, we're cool.

I'm generous with hearts when I can tell you read my profile. I really appreciate personalization.

Thanks for reading!

The Wall of Fame

The following swappers are awesome, amazing people who have sent me really amazing swaps, and/or are just rad in general (in no particular order):

@Jobeg @Eramore @catsandscales @ladylouie @wunderland @DecoPalace @snoop @maroyau @elisedawn @smadronia @Lexidh @Anouke80 @kayler00 @ChesterSarah

I'm sure I've forgotten several, you ladies rock!

What I really need right now

  • Coupons! Even if it isn't a coupon swap, if you aren't using them, it would be awesome if you could send some my way! :)

*Super glue (tiny dollar store tubes work!)

*SEED BEADS! And tube beads! I can't find the tubes anywhere if you could please send me some you'd be my crafting hero! Thank you! In particular I'm looking for black opaque tube beads, but any would be great!

*Jewelry Screw Eyes (silver please):

Current craft obsession: curio cabinets, apothecary cupboards, mini shrines. Anything related to these (tiny bottles, seed beads, mini foods) would be amazing!

Thank you for reading!


Rainsembellishments rated for My Bloody Valentine on Apr 9, 2015
Rainsembellishments rated for Buffy in a Box! on Apr 9, 2015
nightrainboww rated for Partner's Choice on Feb 11, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the lovely envelope, and the stickers are so cute! :)
KathyB rated for grocery coupon swap #39 on Feb 9, 2014
Debrahanna2010 rated for You pick 3 #7 USA on Jan 2, 2014
Comment: I totally love it all.. Love dhow you went to my profile & picked things out from there.... You are awesome.... Thank you for the great goodies...
snailmaillover rated for Profile Based Halloween Swap on Nov 2, 2013
Comment: I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to rate. :/ I LOVED my package! It was seriously stuffed full of great stuff! Thank you! And the book you made was so much fun, especially with the pockets! I look forward to adding to it and alterinrhg it even more!! Thanks for doing this swap with me! Love Halloween and loved it!!
digitalmaven rated for Craft Paper Destash on Oct 31, 2013
Rainsembellishments rated for Buffy Halloween Card on Oct 31, 2013
Comment: Great! :[
Comment: Laura, thank you so much for such a cute, lovely, and thoughtful swap! I really love all the items, and will definitely make use of them. I shared a few things with my 4 yr old too, since she also likes crafting :) Your matchbox shrine is so cute, I love the little mouse. And the woodland tin, wow! Really beautiful! Thank so much for gifting it to me. I'm so sorry to hear about the issue with your old home, but congrats on getting a new home with your fiance'! At least it's a way to start anew. Hope you have a Happy Halloween!
Comment: Thank you...super appreciate the Rachel Ray and high dollar off Purina.
stephanieshaw rated for grocery coupon swap #32 on Jul 26, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the wish list coupons, Laura!
sapphirestitching rated for me and sapphirestitching! on Jun 17, 2013
Comment: wow the selection of threads, beads and the 2 thimbles are great! Thanks for the swap and hope you like what I sent to you.
sarahjames1229 rated for Emergency Purse Kit! on Jun 14, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the envelope of blue & green goodies. What a great selection. It took me awhile to figure out what it was for as you didn't include a note, nor the swap name, but I finally figured it out (smile).
Response: Oops, sorry about that! I got you as a partner twice in a row!
Comment: Loved the quote. ..made me laugh. Thank you!
Comment: Loved your little box it was so cute. What did you use to cover the box? it was so pretty and neat :D. And the hand cut little states were awesome!!! I can tell someone watches Vampire Diaries, lol...vervain why didn't i think of that haha. Thank you for the wonderful kit!!!
Response: Wow, that arrived quickly! Glad you liked it! It's covered with clay. And I whittled those stakes out of pencils! Buffy would be proud. :) Thanks for the heart!
KGallifrey rated for Craft me some Buffy! on May 29, 2013
Comment: Thank you for all the goodies! I especially loved the charms and decorated matchbox :)
Response: You are so welcome. I think I forgot to put a note in the package, sorry! The angry birds thingie was for your son. Glad you liked everything, thanks for doing this swap with me! :)
darkshines rated for Me and Darkshines on May 29, 2013
Comment: That velvet thread is mental! xxx
waterpixie rated for Inspired By Pinterest on May 27, 2013
Comment: Love the beaded spider, and dragonflies..so awesome!
Comment: What a fast mailing time!! Thank you SO SO MUCH for the gorgeous threads (even prettier in person) and the adorable little extras! I squeed over the tiny shrine! Thanks so much for swapping with me =)

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ShannonArtsyFartsy on Feb 15, 2014:

I predict you will finally recieve your AMA WTA goodies from me ToDaY! ♥ ;-)

LauraAust on Feb 6, 2014:

Rainsembellishments on Jan 15, 2014:

Hi there! Not sure if you're in the LA/SoCal area, but there's going to be a great Across the Whedonverse show:

On February 7th! :)

user2637 on Nov 27, 2013:

Heya, did you happen to get the Buffy Halloween card from @seussscat yet? She sent it about 2 weeks ago but I don't see a rating. Let me know! :)

Rainsembellishments on Oct 31, 2013:

Happy Halloween!

clutterfree on Oct 28, 2013:

Congratulations on your ENGAGEMENT!!! How exciting...have fun planning all the details :)...Charlene (EOTPF)

user2637 on Jun 2, 2013:

Yeah, I'm up for just a crafty swap. :) But remember, I'm new to shrines! Though, I have been working on the little green one and I think I'm nearly done. I think it looks pretty good, but I've never actually seen one in person....

user2637 on May 30, 2013:

I finally finished reading that Buffy book. Haven't even started the other one yet. I think mailing a paperback and a little shrine should be under 9 ounces (mine weighs out at nearly 8 without a notecard and packing tape), which is about $3. Cheaper to do it together, even with the media discount. Let me know if you're still interested! My shrine is coming along nicely (I think). :)

user2637 on May 15, 2013:

Hehehe. I'm in Cali at 95003. Books should be around $2.50 when sent singularly if we use media mail. I haven't read my other book yet though! & I'm about 3/4 through with the one I mentioned. However they both feature Spike :) the other one is Blood and Fog.

If we do media mail the shrine would have to be sent separately. I'll weigh some things & try to figure out which is less expensive. Yay!

user2637 on May 14, 2013:

Oooh, I figured out what we should swap! I'm reading These Our Actors (Buffy book) right now. If you still have the one you read, we could swap those! :) I got mine (two actually) on paperbackswap.com. If you haven't heard of it, you should check it out.

If not books... Have you seen theses Trader Joe's mint tins? My housemate gave me an empty one and it's so cool! I've been tinkering with a little diorama or mini-kit idea. It hasn't coalesced yet, but maybe we could swap a Buffy-esque one of those if you're open to receiving from a beginner. :) I'm trying to find a tiny bottle that will fit in there for "holy" water.

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