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Date Joined: September 2, 2016
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Birthday: December 9, 1984
Country: Chile

About Me

Hi everyone!

about me I can say that I live in a city called Temuco, Araucania region of Chile. Well known for its volcanos and lakes.

I'm 32 years old, i'm married for 3 years and I have a little girl of a year a 10 months, Leonor, both are the love of my life.

Sorry if my english is not very good, not often use it.

Since a was a little girl I have written letters, here in Chile or abroad. hope this experience go well I really like to share experiences and things with others. I'm not very peeky, anything someone want to give me is well received.

Love animals, and love specially cats... I have a cat named Mara. Is a little grumpy but overall its a nice cat. We don't have dogs 'cause we don't have a big yard. My dad taugh me that we have to take care of nature so my motto is leave it better that you find it. I do that, I never toss papers or anything to the ground, I recycle everything that I can, I don't use too much water (don't waste it). I hope to pass that mind to my daughter too.

Favorite Music

I enjoy lots of types of music, not just one in particular, pop, rock, indie, dance, classic in english or spanish (mostly in english) I really like to assit to concerts but in my city there are not very often everything happens in Santiago! So money is a problem.

Don't have a favorite group or singer, only what my ears enjoy. Bruno Mars, Foo Fighters, REM, Adele, Mumford and sons, Regina Spektor, etc

Favorite Books

At this moment I haven't read much after the baby my time is a little short, but it is a hobby that I enjoy very much. My favourites are police novel or mistery novels.

Arthur Conan Doyle is my favourite author of all times! Sherlock Holmes is a character that I love (in books and now in series on TV). More contemporary is John Katzenbach, he has so many good books.

Movies and series

Always a good movie is welcome, the only that I don't like are horror movies. I really like US movies but also korean movies... Its films are soooooo good! My favorite is a movie called About series... Well I have so many : Gossip girl, Dexter, Freaks and geeks (it was awful known that only has one temp), Charmed, Grey's anatomy, Loooove Bones (and more David Boreanaz) and a lot more. Also like very much Anime. When I was younger I san so many series... Not to call me an otaku, but I enjoyed lots and lots of series.

Favorite Crafts

I enjoy making crafts! Before my baby I really enjoy sewing and making embroided things, cross stitch and stuff. In christmas we Go crazy with my mom, always looking for something original and new, like advent calendar, boots, things for our tree and to decorate the dinner table. Once in Fiestas Patrias (our country anniversary) we make a "ramada" from scratch to celebrate. We decorate it and make so many things. I enjoy decorating parties, making original things and taking ideas from US festivities that here in Chile don't do. Now I'm very into felt crafts, like puppets or embroided and decorated hoops for my daughter nursery (or room Now that she is older) I would like to learn how to knit and do crochet. I love amigurumis. But I don't know how to do them. And absolutly love doing costumes. Originals and funny.

Likes and dislikes

I like everything... Really everything that came as a gift. I've always appreciate the nice gester. But in this case, for this particular purpose I can say:

  • I love letters with stamps. Please if you can send the envelope with a stamp.

  • Like the stationery sheets and postits (with glue on the top or without) pads, pens,

  • Loooove everything kawaii style and geeky too.

  • Love tea and Coffee. My favourite is Earl grey. But always black or green teas with exotic fruit, chocolate, lemon, chai, barries, fruits infusions and every flauvored tastes are very welcome,... There is no one that a don't like. (please don't send herbal infusions, like just camomille or plain black tea) So... Surprise me if you have to send me a tea. And coffee, I like ground bean and varieties but the organic one from Britt steal my heart. In a daily basis instant coffee is ok and fine for me too.

  • My weakness are the colour pencils jejeje every type. Love have lots of pencils and pens and gel pens.

  • Also like glitter, and things to decorate sticky things, fluffy things, sparkle things. Pretty things. Not very much into collect washi tape (just use it).

  • Postcards? Like them all! Don't have a theme in particular so be creative and send it with love. I have a box where I keep my paper letters so they will have a nice home when they arrive. Please send them naked :)

  • Candies and chocolate? Yes, but I have sugar problems so I have to take care of my intake but I do so they are welcome as well.

  • Colectives. Big yes! Everything nice and pretty that I can collect. Now I ask my traveller friends that bring me fridge magnets (kids proof if its possible). Stamps I have a lot!

  • Cards (not only postcards). So if you want to write in a card instead of letter sheets... ok, i'll love it

  • Food. As a beginner cooker everything novel or regional (that would be difficult or expensive to get here) can be welcome. Yei!

  • And for the big final... Taraaaaaan 📣📣 Nail polish and nail art. Have lots of them and its never enough. I don't know if there are swaps of them but its my very own treasure.

  • I don't like plain black tea or green tea... please don't send that.

  • I don't like napkins for crafts, with design or whatever. So if the swap doesn't include that as a requirement don't send me napkins please.

Internet favourites

Pinterest lover. My favourites boards are health, dolls, healthy food (recipes), home crafts and embroided hoops. Also like instagram. There I like to follow nail artists and healthy food bloggers.

I like to real blogs of pretty much everything, People Who make jokes, read news from unconventional journalists, beauty blogs, love "memes" (like 9gags). I like to read about things, real histories, see photos, learn new things. And Also light reading like stars life, how a movie was made, prizes seasons or see red carpet bests and worse jeje

As a mom

As a new mom I'm trying to learn how to cook with less sugar, change some ingredients, explore a more healthy cooking and snacks. Haré in Chile children are obese because they eat awfully, everything fried, los of sugar, no fruits normal vegetables. My life has change in every way, I'm devoted to my family but I want to be an individual as I used to be. With activities that I like and enjoy. That's one of the reasons 'cause I joined to this community. This things that you do I think is wonderful and I expect to fullfill everything that I commit.

Para envíos

Si pueden por favor enviar las cartas con estampillas. Es que me encantan!

Muchas gracias.


Sysla rated for MOUNTAIN or VOLCANO Postcard Swap #2 on Aug 30, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for this amazing postcard! I really dream to visit Chile one day. Very impressive and picturesque place! I love the stamp on your card - so cute!
Response: So glad you like it! if you visit chile sometime let me know! have a great day
Comment: Thanks!!!
Response: :)
Comment: My mom is from Texas...Texans are definitely a special breed lol!
Response: jajajaj so that was a very acute PC. i'm glad that you like it. :)
Comment: Thank you for the great postcard
Response: you're welcome! have a nice day
Comment: Thank you Tricia, your postcard brought (happy) tears to my eyes... Congrats, I am so happy for you! Best wishes to you and your loved ones! Groetjes Barbara
Response: thanks a lot! we're very happy as well... this baby is growing fast!
Umdragon rated for Flipbook on Aug 1, 2017
Comment: Tricia gracias por el lindo flipbook!!! me encantó todo, especialmente tu creatividad (nunca había visto una pluma en un flipbook!!!). Me encantaron los die cuts, tampoco los había visto. También muy linda tu pequeña cartita. Te mando un gran abrazo y muchísimas gracias <3!
Response: Oe! justo estaba pensando en si lo habrías recibido al fin! jejeje te invoqué xD sabes que a ultima hora le agregué la pluma... me encantó como se veía. me alegro. quizas un día podamos intercambiar otro flipbook. Gracias por tus cariños
Comment: Thank you for the lovely PC! I hope you're having a wonderful day 💌💖
Response: great! so glad that you like it :)
squince rated for NYUP Sender's Choice #49 on Jul 25, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the resend!!
Response: so fast! great!! thanks for the rating
Comment: Tricia thanks so much for the beautiful card! Have a great day!
Response: thanks for the rating... i'm glad that you like it
petercure rated for Postcard swap # 4 by Aske on Jul 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the Lovely card!.(*^_^*)(*^_^*)
Response: thank you for the rating. have a nice day
Comment: Linda, me encantó tu swap, ¡muchas gracias! He disfrutado mucho leyendo la historia de tu viaje y conociéndote a ti y a tu familia. Me gustó saber de la relación tan especial que tenéis :) Así que muchas gracias por compartirla conmigo. Gracias también por los stickers y el washi, también por las tarjetitas de Sensorial, ¡sus tés son tan ricos! Muero de ganas de conocer Valdivia y aprovechar para conocer la tienda, jeje. ¡Un abrazo grande y gracias de nuevo!
Response: que bueno que te gusto :) es algo personal que me gusta compartir. espero puedas conocer valdivia, la tienda es muy bonita :) un abrazo
ale80 rated for Kit de Invierno #4 on Jul 13, 2017
Comment: Muchas, muchas gracias por tu lindo swap. Me encantaron los calcetines, el chocolate me lo traje al trabajo y los tés se ven maravillosos. Tu carta muy bonita también, gracias por contarme cómo vives tu invierno y que tengas felices días.
Response: que bueno aleeee bkn que te haya gustado y hayas disfrutado todo. un abrazo!
viza rated for Private Swap Viza&Tichyleon on Jun 27, 2017
Comment: Hello Tricia! Thank you very much for great swap!!! I like your choice and your letter is very interesting! I'll do your cross-stitch kits:)! The pcs are new for my collection, wow! Always will be glad to do new swaps with you:)!
Response: I'm very glad that you receive it! and like it of course... i'm more than willing to do other swaps with you :) was a very good experience.
Comment: Thanks so much for your lovely card. Sorry for the late rating!
Comment: thank u so much tricia! love the pc from chile!
ale80 rated for Mail Tag #2 on May 30, 2017
Comment: Hola Tricia! Muchas, muchas gracias por tu hermoso swap, qué linda esa sensación de abrir correo bonito. Lo recibí anoche y está realmente hermoso, me encantaron las respuestas y por supuesto que tendrás las mías en unos días más. Saludos!
Response: que bueno Ale! me encantó el resultado también. Es primera vez que hago algo así. espero estés muy bien :)
theaterfan23 rated for IU: 1 Word / Phrase PC on May 4, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much, live the word!!
Response: i was so embarrased to send that and with that enormous word written ajajjaj is not a very pretty thing to say, write, read jajajja i'm glad you receive it
changeling316 rated for IU: Profile Deco_May on May 2, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the pictures 😋 I love the bacon 🥓 wrapped cat ❤️ (FYI I think max width of pictures in the comment section is about 300 pixels)
Response: i love pusheen jajaja he has so many kind of weird stuff. and yes i look for pictures with that pixels but I err anyway... i'll learn thanks for the rating :)
milamilamura rated for Tichy & Mila on Apr 27, 2017
Comment: Que hermosaaaas las estampillas!! Muchas gracias porque son la cosa más linda de la vida. Voy a usarlas todo el rato, no todas eso sí que me da angustia gastarlas hahaha. Gracias, estoy feliz de tener al fin estampillas bonitas :D
Response: me encantan las estampillas también y también me da pena gastarlas... bueno... así es la cosa jajaja que tengas un lindo día.
milamilamura rated for Hogar Dulce Hogar on Apr 27, 2017
Comment: Ay ahora sí! Pude ver el swap con toda calma y me encantó. Muchas gracias por los snacks, me encantan los chips de plátano y nunca como maní confitado pero ese con arándano además de lindo y oler maravilloso, se ve muy rico! Lo probaré esta tarde y te cuento. Súper lindo como incluiste las recetas y los tecitos (me tinca mucho todo) y los souvenirs muy tiernos, especialmente el llavero. La postal de Alicia cómo no amarla, además no la tenía en mi colección y el imán tampoco, ya lo puse en mi refri. Muchas gracias por compartir tus favoritos conmigo :)
Response: buena! bkn que te haya gustado todo. encontré precioso el llavero... aunque no se si aguante en una cartera jajajaj (al menos en la mia no). ojala que te gusten los snacks... como te decía siempre los compramos con Leonor. y las recetas son para compartir un tecito... ojala puedas hacer las de harina tostada... de vdd que son exquisitas. un abrazo

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