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About Me

5/08/12 -- Please forgive me if you are a partner and received a message from me saying that I may be running late on a swap. My grandmother died the morning of April 2nd and I'm still a little over whelmed right now, as well as being very, VERY ill. I do not have anyone to keep things running smooth for me, and have not been joining any new swaps as a result, even though I've missed a great many I dearly wanted to be a part of. Again, please forgive me, but I will be doing my absolute best to get things out to everyone and getting back into this, it's just been extremely hard and had I forseen it coming, I wouldn't have gotten into any of this, but all the deadlines were closed before I started getting behind.

Thank you all so very much for your understanding and I apologize again, I just can't seem to get with it yet.

6/27/12 -- I think I am going to be able to start making up the swaps I missed and if I missed any messages in the many I got in the last month and don't respond, I apologize. I'm hoping to be able to get all caught up and bad with a good rating ASAP, so let's see if I can manage it.

I'm Jen. I'm 26, I'm a mom, I'm a wife, I'm a computer and graphics geek, I own my own business, Dragonfyre Creations, and I'm craft crazy.

I love to draw, I love to write, I love to craft, I love photography and I love to cook.

I found this through my friend Cayla and thought I'd try it out because it looked like fun. I love it already!

The Loves of My Life

My Daughter:

My daughter, Lyric, is 7, born in March. She hates her name, even though I love it!, and prefers to be called "Alex", a shortened version of her middle name (which she also hates because that means she's in trouble! lol.). She's a bit of a tom-boy, but can be a girly girl too. She loves Pokemon and Batman, all the superheroes, but she also loves Barbie and dressing up and the Disney Princesses.

She's in 1st grade, on home study and a Girl Scout. She loves animals of all kinds and she loves to craft; wants me to teach her to crochet and says she wants to be an artist ("like you, Mom!") when she gets bigger. Her great-grandma was her favorite person in the world, followed by her new step-daddy who she wrestles with, watches "Family Guy" and other cartoons with, plays video games with, torments and shoots guns with (air softs right now, but to her it's cool!)

My Hubby:

My hubby, Mike, is a truck driver. He's actually my fiance, but even without the paper, which we'll be doing this September if all goes as planned, we have the marriage part covered!

He's an over the road driver, so he's not around much, but he loves it and there are perks. He's also a video game junkie and a bit of a game/Star Wars type geek.

Baby #2: We found out a week before my grandmother died that we have another baby coming. It's had me very sick and unable to function, but now meds seem to have helped at least a bit, so it makes it much nicer.

Baby's due December 3rd, and we aren't finding out sex, we're just doing everything unisex and Winnie the Pooh.


Some Favorite Things


Love dogs, I love cats. I have a major thing for Tigers - LOVE them.

Things I Collect

  • Clowns

  • Gargoyles

  • Teddy Bears

  • Porcelain Masks

  • Old Fashioned Soda Bottles

  • Cookbooks

  • Anything with tigers


  • Dragons - I love them

  • Hearts - I like things with heart designs, especially things with double hearts as that goes with the theme for my wedding in September

  • Fairies - I like dark fairies, like the ones Jessica Galbreth draws

  • Musical Items - Guitars, music sheets & notes, saxophones; anything that has these elements, I like

  • Oriental - I love papers and items with Oriental designs. Letters, color schemes, cherry blossom designs, prints - my favorite type of art has always been Oriental designs, it's just so peaceful and beautiful in it's simplicity


  • Halloween - I like and do up all the holidays because of my daughter and hubby (even when I don't get anything, I always jump into doing it up big for them), but Halloween is mine! Spiders, witches, vampires, skulls - all this dark stuff that I finally have an excuse to have decorating the entire house! I love it.


Colors & Styles

Fave Colors: Blue (Sapphire/Royal Blue is my fave, but light, dark, steely, any blue except powder/baby blue works)

  • Black

Beyond black & blue, I like:

  • Heather grey

  • Dark purples

  • Dark reds

  • Dark greens

Pretty much any color is doable except pink & orange.

Fave Styles:

  • Steampunk - There's just something I love about it, it's a load of contradictions that blend so nicely. I prefer more industrial than Victorian though.

  • Casual

  • Gothic

I'm very much an accessory whore. I love loads of jewelry and sunglasses and belts and such, even though I tend to pick a fave and go minimal, solely with that.


  • Dangly Earrings - Hoops, beaded are cool, love metal ones that jingle with movement.

  • Hemp Bracelets - I make these and love them, the simpler, the better.

  • Rings - Small, understated, silver and sapphire.


Favorite Music

Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Pop, Christian, Country, Some Rap. Pretty much anything that sounds good.

Fave artists include Skillet, Times of Grace, Reba, Melissa Etheridge, Jennifer Knapp, Newsboys, Arvil, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Paramore, Tom Petty, loads.


Favorite Books/Authors

I love Edgar Allan Poe. I have his complete works.

  • The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher - An awesome wizardry/fable series about a Chicago wizard and his magical escapades.

  • Anne Rice novels.

Stephen King, Dean Koontz. Tamora Pierce.

I like fantasy, mystery, horror, poetry, some romance.


Favorite Movies

Renaissance Man, Independence Day, Demolition Man, The Fisher King, Guys & Dolls, At War With the Army, Blade 1 & Trinity, The Resident Evil movies, My Best Friend's Wedding, Rhinestone Cowboy, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

I like all movies, except stupid comedy.


Favorite Crafts

I love all kinds of crafts. Makes things crazy since I have to fit it all into a short period of time.

  • Crochet - I've crocheted off and on since I was 6, I love it.

  • Art - Being a graphics geek, computer graphics are awesome, but hand drawing is also way fun for me.

  • Scrapbooking

  • Ceramics

  • Crayon & Candle Making

  • Jewelry Making

  • Sewing

  • Wreath Making

  • Bow Making

All my crafts have multiple outlets, so what seems like very little turns into a lot. I'm also starting to get into Zentangling, just because I can and the effects are cool.


Swap Ideas/Likes

I guess this could be called the wishlist, but whatever you call it, this is the kind of stuff I hope to be able to get swapping.

  • Anything truck driving related

  • Private Swap partner for ATC Zentangled Upper & Lower case A's - Would love to end up with a complete set

  • Crochet Patterns

  • Easy beginner crochet patterns for Kid's items - My daughter wants me to teach her to crochet, and the easier & simpler the pattern, the better!

  • Video game Character Geeky Items - Mario ATC's, drawings, crochet amigurumi, etc

  • Star Wars Geek Items - Same as the video games. Both hubby and baby are hooked!

  • Zentangle Swaps - I'm starting to get into tangling, so I thought it'd be cool to do some kind of a tangling swap

  • Anything with dragons or tigers

  • Letter Swaps

  • Recipe Swaps

  • Nature ATC Swap

  • Holiday Swaps

  • Email Swaps

  • Private Swaps


Swaps I'm Interested In

I'm new, (plus I work three jobs!) so right now I'm a little limited. I'd love to do as much regional (USA/Canada) swapping as possible, postage and customs regs and all that.

  • ATC's.

  • Inchies.

  • Zentangling.

  • Crochet (Granny Squares, hats, stuffed animals/amigurumi, etc.)

  • Bookmarks.

  • Recipes.

  • Jewelry - Bracelets, earrings, beaded, etc.

  • Would love to do some kind of swap that had to do with truck driving.

  • Private Swaps.

As far as all this, I'm the handmade type not the store bought type, so if there is a choice, be warned, that's what you'll be looking at. : - D


Swap Habits & Notable Mentions

I send my swaps out as quick as I can. Some swaps are done before partners are even assigned, some aren't, but all are sent out before the deadline. No swap is marked "Sent" until after I have actually physically placed it in the mail.

I rate the same day I receive a swap in the mail, so no messing around waiting with me.

I try to send extras whenever I can, so filled out profiles help monstrously. If you aren't happy with your swap, I will replace it, no question. I am more than enjoying this and really want to keep it going on a good basis.

Notable Mentions

Thank you to everyone I have had the pleasure of swapping with, but most especially to all of the following. You have made my swap experience absolutely awesome! I'm sure this list will grow by the time I'm through.

  • @BleedingBlack - Private Swap : You put me onto the place and gave me a chance at increasing my rating with a private swap. Thank you, Caye!

  • @LauraM540 - MMMATC Swap : My first swap partner that I received anything from and it more than met my expectations! Thank you, Laura!

  • @unicorn25 - Private Swap : You sent me an awesome package! Thank you, Natalie!



Mamabemus rated for Send 2 State or City PC's #3 on Jun 17, 2012
wreckthisgirl rated for Inchies for Beginners! on May 19, 2012
Comment: I'm really sorry for this rating, I know you're going through a rough time, but on may 8 you said you would have sent the swap soon but as of today, it hasn't been sent yet. I will very happily re-rate when your able to mail something.
Wenturner71 rated for My State ATC on May 16, 2012
Comment: Will re-rate when I receive the ATC.
jmvav rated for Egg Shaped ATC on May 8, 2012
Comment: I'm sorry for this rating. I know you have a difficult time. And you can see that you send, but these swaps end dates are all much later this swap. and you also not reacted to my last message. I'm happy to rerate when I recived something
Response: Thank you!
erickalin rated for Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake on May 3, 2012
Comment: thanks
Response: Glad you got it.
LunaMoody rated for Zentangle Pattern ATC #2 on Apr 27, 2012
Comment: : )
Response: Thank you, Lisa.
Pashanista rated for Colored Dragon ATC Series #1: Red on Apr 26, 2012
Comment: I know your having a tough time right now. But with an open ended date of when you might send right now last contact being 4/22. I will very happily re-rate when your able to mail something.
FreddFudd rated for Wizard of Oz ATC #1 on Apr 23, 2012
Comment: Hi there truckermikeswife. I got an ATC today April 23. Wonder if its the first one you sent. Date on your ATC is March 30? You know what we had the "same" idea for the ATC....lol! Love your red shoes! Thank You for everything and for being my swap partner. Cheers, FreddFudd {:-D
Response: Yes!!!! It finally got there! Probably a lot of us had similar ideas for it, lol. I tried to add lots of elements to it though. Glad you liked it and SO glad you finally got it!
quiltncat rated for Zentangle Pattern ATC #1 on Apr 20, 2012
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Glad you got it.
Comment: Thank you for sending this and letting me know it was going to be late. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to add your name to the back since it also wasn't signed. :)
Response: Oh shoot! I totally thought I did that. No, I don't mind. I'm glad you got it.
tamtamlee rated for Let's Tell About Our Pet's on Apr 18, 2012
Response: Glad you got it!
Comment: thank you for the great ATC :)
Response: Glad you got it and like.
mcduffmichele rated for CHILDREN Easter Card Swap on Apr 14, 2012
Comment: Thanks!
Response: Glad you guys got it, I was worried! I hope Claire liked it!
Comment: Thank you. Very creative how you hid the unused words. Also thanks for the extras. Sorry it took so long to rate. Trying to move back into my house. :)
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! And no worries. My main concern was that it hadn't gotten to you.
glittergirl1791 rated for A Cup of Tea and an Atc!! on Apr 9, 2012
Comment: Jen I'am so sorry about your grandmother.I loved the atc and the teas I drink those kind all the time. the extras were perfect. I love butterflies and ladybugs.Thank you so much.
Response: Thank you, and I'm glad you liked everything. I'm surprised it got to you so fast, but that's great!
tanchyka rated for Follow me on Pinterest! on Apr 8, 2012
Response: Thank you.
unicorn25 rated for CHILDREN Easter Card Swap on Apr 8, 2012
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Hope Brady liked it!
ArtIIArt rated for CHILDREN Easter Card Swap on Apr 5, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the card Trevor was excited to get mail.
Response: Awesome, glad he got it. Hope he liked his stickers.
LuciansMommy rated for CHILDREN Easter Card Swap on Apr 5, 2012
Response: Glad you received it. I hope Lucian enjoyed his stickers.

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Littletiscrafty on Jun 21, 2013:

Flaker has officially declared will not make up any swaps due!

CINDYAC on Oct 6, 2012:

Hi sorry - as you - i have not been on lately, due to work overload etc....my thoughts are witth you over the loss of your grandmother.....hugs

ladydy5 on Apr 4, 2012:

So sorry to hear of your grandmothers' ;passing. You need some time to grieve and I am sure your swappers know that.

BleedingBlack on Apr 2, 2012:

Send tons of thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I'm always just a phone call away if you need anything!

BleedingBlack on Mar 27, 2012:

I keep forgetting you've been really sick. For some reason I thought you had got over it. I'm getting sick again and so is Billy :\ The kids just got over their colds again. Seems endless!! ...And no problem, our swap isnt due to be sent out until April 20th and I can always push it back if need be.

BleedingBlack on Mar 26, 2012:

Hey! Would you be interested in doing Binder Trading Cards? I can barely find anyone that does them! If so we can include them in with our current private swap... we could each do 3.

BleedingBlack on Feb 24, 2012:

Hey! :) Welcome to SB. If you need help with anything on here let me know. I've pretty much got it figured out from years of swapping on other sites.

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