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Swap Coordinator:Littletiscrafty (contact)
Swap categories: Artist Trading Card (ATC) 
Number of people in swap:33
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:July 10, 2014
Date items must be sent by:July 29, 2014
Number of swap partners:1

All participants joining will take a RISK on making whatever theme your partner lists in the comments section below. The idea and inspiration for this swap came from another botter @ghostlysun – thank you!

Upon signing up – you will list three ATC themes you would like your partner to make for you in the comments section below.

Examples (but not limited to): Willie Wonka, Wizard of Oz, Vintage, book page, blue colored ATC, alice in wonderland, zombies, angels, rabbits, lions, an ATC with ribbon or lace – possibilities are endless!

Upon assignment – you will pick one of the themes from your partner’s list in the comments section below.

When I am assigning partners and I see that you have NOT listed three items you would like to receive from your partner you will be dropped.

Please keep in mind that this is a RISK and your partner may not be used to making something of your theme. You should not rate down because you do not like your ATC, per Swap-bot rules.

Inappropriate themes will be banned, e.g. racism, sexual misconduct, sexism, etc.

ATC Guidelines:

• Card size 3.5 by 2.5 inches or 6,4 by 8,9 centimeters,

• No sticker slapping. Sticker slapping is just putting stickers on your ATC and nothing else. Stickers should be used as an embellishment or enhancement to your ATC.

• On the back – include your name, date, swapbot ID and swap name.

• Make sure your ATC is well protected for travel


No unrated Newbies

Must have a fully completed profile - one or two paragraphs will not cut it - please check mine for an example.

Must log in at least two days prior to partner assignment or you will be dropped.

No recent 1s or 3s

Must have completed at least 5 Type 3 swaps

This is an international swap.

Since I am listing this as a public swap - I will angel as necessary after you have given your partner the required 1 rating.


Littletiscrafty 06/24/2014 #

My themes:

Wizard of Oz

Beach themed

Pug dog

candycore 06/24/2014 #

I'm glad to see this swap lasted haha.

ContraryHousewife 06/24/2014 #

Well the formatting on that didn't come out well, let's try again.

  1. victorian/elegant

  2. blue water/ocean

  3. cats

Tessssssa 06/24/2014 #

This is a fun swap!

This is my list:

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Steampunk
  3. Ribbons, buttons and lace
Marsha907 06/24/2014 #

Yes bad formatting. For me too. 1. Beach 2.travel 3. Books/reading

Momta3luv2Quilt 06/24/2014 #

1.buttons 2.turtles 3.party

This should be fun!

Beckster 06/24/2014 #

This sounds like fun!

  1. Doberman Pinschers

  2. Frogs

  3. Hand drawn/ painted

Littletiscrafty 06/24/2014 #

These themes sounds exciting! I'm glad you all are excited for this one.

Allegrae 06/24/2014 #
  1. Eggnog.
  2. Butternut squash.
  3. Meat loaf (food, not singer)
sewingmistress 06/24/2014 #
  1. Steampunk 2. Wizard of Oz 3. Space Princess in Japanese Magna style
yvonnecalifornia 06/25/2014 #
  1. Mixed media 2. Handrawn 3. California
Papergirl46 06/26/2014 #
  1. Seattle
  2. Olivia (the pig)
  3. any Sarah Addison Allen book
AZmom875 06/27/2014 #
  1. John Cusack, not a scary scene.

  2. Cats with Crowns or wings

  3. Sunflowers.

Littletiscrafty 06/27/2014 #

Love me some john cusack!

SMackie 06/29/2014 #
  1. Winnie the Pooh and friends..... (any or all)
  2. Family or friends Quote
  3. Coffee
AZmom875 07/ 1/2014 #

I collect john cusack on apc cards too, but didnt want to get to complicated. I hope John never finds out about my obsession and get a restraining order.

CarmicWords 07/ 1/2014 #

My themes:

  1. Supernatural (the TV show - LOVE Dean, just FYI. LOL)

  2. Dolphins

  3. Writing

MiRdLHWY43 07/ 3/2014 #

I SO hope I get to make you a nice meatloaf @Allegrae

I'm always up for some John Cusack! Mmm Mmm almost as tasty as the meatloaf....;)

so if you get me as a partner I'd like

  1. Your artistic interpretation of my profile picture.

  2. Scottish terrier

  3. Anything French," franche fries and franche toast" included. And if you can name that John Cusack movie you get extra hearts from me!

neekahbelle 07/ 3/2014 #

AWESOME swap! :) My wishes: 1. Mixed Media 2. Vintage Witch 3. Heart shaped

creativetempo 07/ 5/2014 #

This sounds so fun. My wishes..

  1. Mixed Media 2. Tea 3. Baking/desserts
tonewadventures 07/ 6/2014 #

I was a part of the #1 in this series and it was awesome! This time, my themes are:

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Any quote
  3. Anything with stamps
missxkay 07/ 6/2014 #

Interesting...very interesting. :D

  1. Riddick
  2. Steampunk
  3. Cowboy Bebop
fireyvalkyrie 07/ 7/2014 #

I'm a little hesitant to join this one.... some of them are so specific like John Cusack... but I'm going to anyway if I happen to get that person that I hope my lack of knowledge doesn't get me a 3... here are my favorites anything creepy

sugar skulls


or fairies and gnomes

fireyvalkyrie 07/ 7/2014 #

Btw what's Cowboy Bebop??? Lol I feel so out of it I don't know either one of these things

CreativeChaos 07/ 7/2014 #
  1. Marilyn Monroe
  2. Guy Harvey
  3. Steampunk
AZmom875 07/ 7/2014 #

Just google any idea, including John Cusask, I was in a swap where I didnt know w certain TV show, or a actor, I just googled. I have been many of these called Pick A Theme, PATS and had no idea about the theme. But gee if you get me, you can do sunflowers or cats, that seems easy.

I love Allegrea but the food themes actually seem tougher for my Muse than say DR who, which I have never seen, but I get the idea. So dont stress, I dont dish out 3s.

AZmom875 07/ 7/2014 #

I think If i get allagrea, I am doing a meatloaf, and squash and then I am writing " 2 out of 3 aint bad on her card". hahahahhahahhah!

AZmom875 07/ 7/2014 #

BETTER OFF DEAD, what out for his testycalls, and I want my 2 dollars.

RooBaRoo 07/ 8/2014 #

1.Diary of a Wimpy kid, 2.The Big Bang Theory, 3.Trees (please make the tree/trees the focus!)

RooBaRoo 07/ 8/2014 #

Okkkk ..... I read up "Better off dead" etc, but honestly, it is a PERSON for a theme .. & not even as in "Nelson Mandela", say, who had a philosophy! John Cusack is wanted here ... for his yumminess, which = good looks, right? Just wondering .... If I get partnered .... will it be considered "sticker slapping" .... If I take a 2.5"X3.5" glossy paper photo print of John Cusack .... & draw goofy mustaches on it (& send)?.............. :P

MiRdLHWY43 07/ 8/2014 #

Better off dead is one of my favorite John Cusack movies :) so silly!

fireyvalkyrie 07/ 8/2014 #

Roobaroo you have big bang and diary omy geesh (crossing fingers i dont get) lol... the only computer I have is what I use on my phone so I ml lost for these things...lol... I would kill it if I had to draw these things.. but a tree I can draw... a sunflower I can rock it... meatloaf I can bake a good one hahaha..

Littletiscrafty 07/ 8/2014 #

wow these themes are getting good. I am soooo nervous on a few too I've NEVER done steampunk! Totally out of my comfort zone but that is EXACTLY what this swap is all about. Taking A Risk!

candycore 07/ 9/2014 #
  • Any anime from my list
  • A Turquoise Colored Cat
  • A Fairy
Tessssssa 07/ 9/2014 #

Some of te themes I have never heard of. I think I'm just gonna draw the first image Google gives me about these themes :-D

Littletiscrafty 07/ 9/2014 #

Just and FYI: if anyone has been worried over @candycore being in this I have vouched for her through private PMs. If she does not come through on this I will definitely angel. I will be spending extensive time to go over everyone's profile etc as well as to make sure a theme has been picked.

This is meant to be a fun swap and as such - just have fun with it! We cannot all be experts on all themes! That is what makes it fun and a risk.

I appreciate all of you who have signed on so far!

AZmom875 07/10/2014 #

Hey this swap made it to the top 10.

AZmom875 07/10/2014 #

TESSSSSSAAAAA! what if the first image that you google, is John C.... not dressed for company?

Littletiscrafty 07/10/2014 #

I'm really excited about this. I do LOVE John Cusick too and would be excited to make one. A lot of really different Themes here!!

You all rock!

Roseg 07/10/2014 #

This sounds so interesting and fun! Here are my three themes you can choose from...

  1. Cute Pig..Not real looking, I love cute cartoonish looking ones

  2. Hummingbird

  3. Hand Drawn- anything listed in the "Likes" section in my profile

hibiscus 07/10/2014 #

although I like pretty much anything my partner would like to attempt...I do seem to like: 1. steampunk 2. ocean and ocean creatures 3. vintage 20's and 30's travel/people/etc.

NickyNightmare 07/10/2014 #

My three themes:

  1. 'The scream' by Edvard Munch
  2. The movie 'girl interrupted'
  3. Anything related to the show 'pretty little liars'
fireyvalkyrie 07/10/2014 #

okay thanks to candy car I'm signing back up I'm not so nervous and anybody who gets John Cusack from me is getting the Raven

fireyvalkyrie 07/10/2014 #

Sorry autocorrect candycore Not candy car lol

Brettmarie 07/10/2014 #
  1. Doctor who
  2. Vintage
  3. Fairies
rosecoloredglasses 07/10/2014 #
  1. Street Art

  2. Dopey

  3. Upcycling


Littletiscrafty 07/10/2014 #

@rosecoloredglasses - can you define "dopey" a bit more??

What great themes!!! I am scared, excited and happy all rolled up into one!

Joarty1 07/10/2014 #

Hope I've made it!!!! My themes are: 1. Altered famous paintings...2. people with postage stamp heads ...3. Phantom

Littletiscrafty 07/10/2014 #

Just and FYI - I have NOT reviewed everyone's profile = Just @candycore because she contacted me privately and I will allow her in the swap. If she flakes - which I am hoping not - I will angel.

Since it is now in the top ten spot - I am going to take a lot of time to go through profiles. Any recent 1s will be banned etc. I take flaking very seriously.

Thank you.

CarrotsKanFli 07/10/2014 #
  1. Octopus
  2. Creepy & Cute (ex: an adorable zombie, vampire bunny, stuffed animal alien...)
  3. Korean TV Drama (like: "You're All Surrounded", "Coffee Prince", "You're Beautiful", and "Running Man")
breathingoxygen 07/10/2014 #

I love this challenge - what a great idea!

My themes:

1) Greek mythology 2) Altered book paper (painted over, collaged, etc.) 3) Girl Power! (Interpreted any way you see fit)

KathleenHope 07/10/2014 #

Geeze some of these themes sound REALLY difficult! 1) black and white, 2) vintage, 3) butterfly

phillaine 07/10/2014 #

This sounds delightful, fun, and challenging. :)
If you get me as a partner, please design an ATC with one of the following themes (I'm thinking film, literature, music):
1. Edward Scissorhands
2. Classic Fairy Tales (NOT Disney versions, please)
3. Johnny Cash

fallpetals 07/10/2014 #

Oh geez, this sound like alot of, simple but not, lol, lol. Dont know too much about some. Scary.1) fish 2) sea shells 3) plants l

cookingbear 07/10/2014 #

I love Doctor Who, pokemon/anime, and skulls/skeletons (sugar or creepy, I like them all!). I received a great Tardis ATC last time! Oh, and I can vouch for candycore, we just did a very successful private swap.

luvdmb36 07/10/2014 #

Wow. I am going to give it my best shot, but some of these are doozies!! Mine:

  1. The Dave Matthews Band

  2. Abstract art/multimedia art

  3. The Milwaukee Brewers (MLB)

Littletiscrafty 07/11/2014 #

I am currently still reviewing profiles etc.

Littletiscrafty 07/11/2014 #

Ok partners have been assigned.

Please have FUN with this. It's a RISK afterall!!!!!!

Thank you all that have joined.

KathleenHope 07/13/2014 #

I love it when I make an ATC and it's so adorable, I have to make a bunch more like it!

neekahbelle 07/22/2014 #

Can't wait for the next RISK ATC swap!!!! Currently working on my ATC for this swap. :)

candycore 08/ 2/2014 #

I agree =D

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